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Top 5 Reasons Les Miles is a Better Man than Nick Saban

With all of this talk about firing Nick, it makes sense to take a look at what he has done relative to his peers. In particular, Les Miles has demonstrated he brings more value to the table than Saban when given the chance and is more affordable. Below are the top 5 reasons why Les Miles is a better man than Nick Saban:

lesmiles1Alabama Missouri Reunion Football

  • Les had a higher win % at LSU right after Nick left!

Over his tenure at LSU from 2005-2013 Les had a win percentage of .798

Over his tenure at LSU from 2000-2004 Nick had a win percentage of .750




  •  Nick has let his team down in the postseason by losing a bowl game by almost 40 points!

Les’s highest margin loss in a bowl game was by 26 points to Ohio State in the 2004 Alamo Bowl

Nick’s highest margin loss in a bowl game was by 38 points to Stanford in the 1996 Sun Bowl




  • Les has played a higher strength of schedule than Nick

Since 2009, Les has an average SOS of 5.326
Throughout his career, he has had an average SOS of 3.98

Since 2009, Nick has an average SOS of 4.942
Throughout his career, he has had an average SOS of 3.85




  • Les is a better recruiter

As an example, Les and Nick recently battled to recruit High School phenom Dylan Moses. Saban lost out in the end.




  • Les has a lower $/win ratio – let’s hire him!


Good Coaches Avoid Penalties, and Nick is Not a Good Coach!

I always say you can tell a good coach by looking at the amount of yellow laundry that his team leaves on the field.  When we evaluate the 2013 Crimson Tide and Coach Saban by this metric things don’t look very good.  Here are just a few of the teams that were less penalized than Bama this year: Indiana, Purdue, San Jose St., Middle Tennessee, Louisiana Tech, Wisconsin, Michigan, UTEP, Ball State, Tulsa…really, Tulsa had fewer penalties than Alabama!  If we keep it in the SEC it doesn’t get any prettier, even an Arkansas team that finished 0-8 in SEC play had fewer penalties than Saint Nick.

One may argue, just counting the number of penalties isn’t the right metric.  Let’s look instead at yards per penalty to get a sense for the severity of the penalties called on each team.  By this metric there are 8 other SEC teams that fare better than the Tide.  However you want to slice it the results of this analysis lead to one conclusion, Nick Saban coached teams show a lack of discipline that leads directly back to the head coach.

Roll Tide!  But let’s Roll with a coach that can instill some discipline in our squad!


Nick Saban Just Lost to This Guy

Bob Stoops


That’s two losses in a row for Saban, the most overrated coach in college football history. What more evidence do we need that the guy needs to get canned NOW!?

Under Saban’s “leadership”, the Tide got rolled by Oklahoma’s freshman quarterback Trevor Knight, who threw for 348 yards and four touchdowns. Never heard of him? You’re not alone. This was Knight’s fifth career start. Yet he was able to carve up the soft “defense” that Alabama fielded in New Orleans. In Saban’s last two games, his team has surrendered 79 points. That alone is grounds for firing the jerk!

It’s time to go, Nick.

The 25 Most Humiliating Defeats of Nick Saban’s Coaching Career (You Won’t Believe What’s #1)

UPDATED JANUARY 7, 2019 (See bottom of post)

Nick Saban has lost a lot of football games in his coaching career, dating back to his graduate assistant days at Kent State. Below, we count down Nick Saban’s 25 most humiliating losses.

(Did we forget a humiliating defeat or is our ranking out of whack? Let us know by posting a comment below!)

#25: Nick Saban Tastes Defeat for First Time

Louisville 34 – Kent State 0
September 16, 1972 · Cardinal Stadium · Louisville, KY

Although only a graduate assistant at the time, Nick Saban was certainly instrumental in this loss. Legend has it that he spilled his Gatorade-flavored wine cooler on head coach Don James’ playcard just prior to kickoff, effectively nullifying the entire week’s game-planning. The result? Not a single point scored by the Golden Flashes on that day. Continue reading

The 2009 Sugar Bowl

Getting back to some of the basic, raw facts of why Saban should be fired, let’s take a look at some past bowl games to illustrate the unflinching cowardliness demonstrated by The Sabe.


Starting with recent history, the cocky Tide roll into New Orleans on a cold January 2nd to face off against the undefeated Utah Utes. Talk about being over-favored and underwhelming, the Tide gave the Utes their very first win over an SEC team and held Alabama to a meager position the first half of the game. Continue reading

Video: Tosh.0 on Saban

It’s about time we reach outside the confines of FNS and look outwards to highlight those individuals that also see that Nick Saban is not cool.

The well-respected Daniel Tosh from Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 has shared more than a few times his disdain for the former Miami coach and his path from the NFL to college football. Take a look at Tosh’s statement on his show as he clearly understands why Nick should not only be fired but is far from being an honorable coach. Continue reading

Complete List of Teams Nick Saban Has Never Defeated

Nick Saban has won a few football games in his career. He’s beaten 60 Division I schools since he started coaching, from the Alabama Crimson Tide to the Wisconsin Badgers.

But there are even more teams he’s never beaten–64 of ’em to be exact. That’s right: Nick Saban has beaten less than half of all college football teams. Where I come from, a grade of less than 50% is considered failing.

Did you know Nick Saban has never beaten the Akron Zips, SMU Mustangs, or Wyoming Cowboys? The list goes on, but hopefully Saban’s career won’t. Continue reading