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Bama Falls to Ole Miss 43-37 in Crushing Early Season Loss

The Tide lost a heartbreaking early season drama to SEC rival Ole Miss. The battle rested on the shoulders of Saban who provided insight during his halftime interview into the whole debacle: TURNOVERS.



The Tide gave us 5 turnovers, 3 being interceptions based on poor pass reads and multiple missed blocks. Bama hopes of making the playoffs is now heavily tarnished and given how both the Tide and Ole Miss perform the rest of the season, could be hopelessly out of reach!


Coker’s 4th quarter interception to Tony Bridges…





bamafanexitJPEGBama fans made a quick exit out of Bryant-Denny, undoubtedly ashamed and tired of the mediocrity we’ve had to endure under Saban’s declining prowess.



The strength of our program took a kick in the junk tonight and we need to send a message to the University of Alabama: FIRE NICK SABAN NOW!!!!!!


Daniel Tosh At It Again: Rifles Through Saban’s Bio

Recently one of our favorite comedians, Daniel Tosh, had the chance to sit down with a bunch of Auburn fans (5 year olds) and enlighten them with the biography of one of America’s most infamous founding fathers. George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Benjamin Franklin, say ye? Neh. The biography twas none other than Nick Saban’s to which Tosh made some very compelling points on why we need to fire Saban. In particular, 3 points which we’ll let you see for yourself: Check out the video on Comedy Central.

Let’s Fire Nick!!! #RollTide


The NFL Doesn’t Like Nick Saban

Earlier this week former NFL superstar, Plaxico Burress, commented on Nick’s greed and lack of commitment.  This startling outburst from the articulate gun-toting ex-criminal is an enlightening and refreshing perspective on what Saban’s coaching style and motivation is rooted in: get money and lie trying.

Who can deny Nick’s flighty behavior and hypocritical moves as he continually stresses that football is not about the money. Whatever you say, Nick.


Saban Leads Bama to a Loss in the Sugar Bowl (35-42)

If you’re an Alabama fan, the Sugar Bowl was anything but sweet. The Tide went into the game a favorite and into the 2nd half with only a 1-point lead but in the 3rd quarter, things got ugly fast.


OSU put up 2 unanswered TD’s with Bama finding the end zone with only 1 minute left in the 3rd on a 5-yard run from Sims. Moving into the 4th, OSU shot a rope into the end zone and sealed a 2-point conversion giving OSU back their 14 point lead late into the 4th.

Amari Cooper caught a 6 yard pass from Sims with only 2 minutes left in the game and even when Alabama got the ball back with 1:33 left on the clock, an inopportune interception by Tyvis Powell sealed the Tide’s fate as losers and notched another disappointment in Nick Saban’s weathered and failing belt.



We’ve put up with enough weak-spined moves by Nick over the course of the last 2 years and it’s time we FIRE SABAN! He’s nowhere near the coach we thought he was and sadly his time has come. With a HUGE loss to a “Big 10” team, there’s no room left for failure in the SEC.

Who’s with us?osufan1

It’s Been 228 Days (and counting!) Since Nick Saban Has Won a Football Game

It’s been awhile since FNS has published a news story but it’s been even longer since Nick Saban has won a football game. The last football game that Nick has coached and won was back in 2013 in the month of November. To be more precise:

Fire Me

  • Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Bryant-Denny Stadium)
  • Game start: 1:06 p.m.
  • Elapsed time: 2:39
  • Game attendance: 100,179
  • Game weather: 54°, Wind N 13 mph, Overcast
  • Referee: Hubert Owens
  • TV announcers (CTSN): Chris Stewart (play-by-play), Tyler Watts (color), Tom Roberts (sideline)
  • Final Score: Alabama 49, Chattanooga 0


Most people would get fired if they did not do their job for that length of time. We need to fire Nick and move on!

And the days keep adding up…

Top 5 Reasons Les Miles is a Better Man than Nick Saban

With all of this talk about firing Nick, it makes sense to take a look at what he has done relative to his peers. In particular, Les Miles has demonstrated he brings more value to the table than Saban when given the chance and is more affordable. Below are the top 5 reasons why Les Miles is a better man than Nick Saban:

lesmiles1Alabama Missouri Reunion Football

  • Les had a higher win % at LSU right after Nick left!

Over his tenure at LSU from 2005-2013 Les had a win percentage of .798

Over his tenure at LSU from 2000-2004 Nick had a win percentage of .750




  •  Nick has let his team down in the postseason by losing a bowl game by almost 40 points!

Les’s highest margin loss in a bowl game was by 26 points to Ohio State in the 2004 Alamo Bowl

Nick’s highest margin loss in a bowl game was by 38 points to Stanford in the 1996 Sun Bowl




  • Les has played a higher strength of schedule than Nick

Since 2009, Les has an average SOS of 5.326
Throughout his career, he has had an average SOS of 3.98

Since 2009, Nick has an average SOS of 4.942
Throughout his career, he has had an average SOS of 3.85




  • Les is a better recruiter

As an example, Les and Nick recently battled to recruit High School phenom Dylan Moses. Saban lost out in the end.




  • Les has a lower $/win ratio – let’s hire him!


Saban’s Wins are Expensive!

There is no doubt that Saban has racked up W’s for Alabama. That’s a hard fact. What we here at FNS look to dig deeper into are the facts behind the facts. In a college football atmosphere full of competition, even head coaches need to live up to the standards set by those around them, including in the salary marketplace. Taking a look at the top 10 highest paid coaches in 2013, we can begin to see that Nick’s wins definitely come at a price. Continue reading

The 2009 Sugar Bowl

Getting back to some of the basic, raw facts of why Saban should be fired, let’s take a look at some past bowl games to illustrate the unflinching cowardliness demonstrated by The Sabe.


Starting with recent history, the cocky Tide roll into New Orleans on a cold January 2nd to face off against the undefeated Utah Utes. Talk about being over-favored and underwhelming, the Tide gave the Utes their very first win over an SEC team and held Alabama to a meager position the first half of the game. Continue reading

Video: Tosh.0 on Saban

It’s about time we reach outside the confines of FNS and look outwards to highlight those individuals that also see that Nick Saban is not cool.

The well-respected Daniel Tosh from Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 has shared more than a few times his disdain for the former Miami coach and his path from the NFL to college football. Take a look at Tosh’s statement on his show as he clearly understands why Nick should not only be fired but is far from being an honorable coach. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Nick Saban Would be Great at Fairmont State

Here at, we believe in one thing: getting Nick Saban fired. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t go coach somewhere else. Sure, he has his fair share of weaknesses that would have any football program questioning his candidacy for future head coach, but if giving Nick a light at the end of the tunnel will make him being fired from Alabama any easier, then what better place to be than Fairmont State?

I couldn’t think of 5 better reasons to fire Nick and send him to Fairmont than: Continue reading