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Gumbo is Saban’s Crawdaddy

Look at this dufus! Also, the former president.

No one paying attention is shocked. Texas A&M probably lost to the Sisters of the Poor this weekend. (They lost to someone … they lose every weekend.) And yet, St. Nick made Jumbo Fish’s squad look like … well a football team. Even a good one. (They aren’t.) Coach AFLAC lost to the Volunteers, a program good in the 20th Century, who subsequently got stomped by Georgia. You remember Georgia, right? The guys who humiliated Alabama last year. Don’t worry — it’s not going to happen this year. Alabama would need to qualify for the SEC Championship game, and that’s now out the window.

Which brings me back to the original point: Saban just got embarrassed by Gumbo Kelly. The same buffoon who pretended to have a Southern accent. The same imbecile who grinds on his recruits like a drunken co-ed at the local club. The same savant who has been boat-raced in every big game he’s ever coached in. That Gumbo.

Gumbo came to the SEC claiming, “I want to beat Saban.” He then failed to beat Norvell. He got obliterated by Tennessee. His signature win at LSU this year was Ole Miss. Yes, Ole Piss. That joke of a program. Gumbo had beaten only one top-5 program in 12 years at Notre LAME: Clemson. And that was when their quarterback and half their defense was sidelined. He’s a joke.

So, Gumbo said he was coming to the SEC to beat Saban. You might think that was an aspiration that would take years, right? Given his track record of ineptitude? Nope. Year One. Why? Saban is a hack.

For the two-point conversion, Gumbo ran the EXACT SAME PLAY he ran in 2014 at Notre LAME against Florida State in a similar situation. (Look it up.) Does Saban watch less game film than we do at Obviously! Too much time cavorting with talking ducks on the AFLAC set.

When can we fire this moron?