Nick Saban Just Lost to This Guy

Bob Stoops


That’s two losses in a row for Saban, the most overrated coach in college football history. What more evidence do we need that the guy needs to get canned NOW!?

Under Saban’s “leadership”, the Tide got rolled by Oklahoma’s freshman quarterback Trevor Knight, who threw for 348 yards and four touchdowns. Never heard of him? You’re not alone. This was Knight’s fifth career start. Yet he was able to carve up the soft “defense” that Alabama fielded in New Orleans. In Saban’s last two games, his team has surrendered 79 points. That alone is grounds for firing the jerk!

It’s time to go, Nick.

2 thoughts on “Nick Saban Just Lost to This Guy

  1. I’m a Ole Miss fan and really have no say in this matter but I just had to commit on this statement. I don’t know who u r nor does it matter but u r an idiot for even typing this out. For u to sit there and say the man that has done what he has done since he has been at Alabama , and say he should be fired after lossing 2 n a row u my friend are fkn stupid!! Here’s a thought for u, why don’t u go back to the Shula days when u couldn’t whip urself out of a wet paper bag!! U need to go hide under the rock u came out from under!!!

  2. You seem unusually upset about Nic losing two in a row and obviously you haven’t got a clue how he’s finally “losing it”. Benedict Saban must have his past finally overwhelm his questionable current coaching abilities. His reputation with some SEC Coaches is suspect–they have made accusations to him about his questionable cheating tactics. Don’t know how does this stuff but he’s got a heap of coaches watching closely.

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