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We at are rallying the Internet to force the University of Alabama to fire Nick Saban. We just don’t like that guy at all!

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    1. Nick may be the greatest coach in college football history. Alabama fans should be grateful to have him. Then again the greatest sin in the USA is a lack of gratitude. Thanks Nick for 3 more National Championships!

      1. FUCK YOU and Nick saban and the entire state of alanama and the refs on the alabama payroll. What comes out of alabama , a short pussy ass fag jeff sessions for attorney general, what a joke. You people worship and praise bear bryant who was nothing but a wife beating DRUNK.

  1. Slightly longer than an extra point…you try to draw off sides…then if it does not work – call time out and send in Foster. Granted he sucked tonight but he hit four extra points…the ball was in the middle of the field. Next, a 56 yarder with an untried holder and kicker…at least it should have been AJ holding and call the fake…winning an improbable scenario is just that IMPROBABLE…go to Overtime – Gut check your team…at least lose like a man but not a dumb ass!

    1. This has got to be the stupidest website i have ever seen!!! The man has won three of the last four national championships and he makes one bad call this yr and all of a sudden hes gotta. Giv me a stinkin break saban is bama right now. You people need to grow up and quit ungrateful he not the highest paid coach in college football for no reason

        1. Well, in that case. You more ignorant than I thought. 2 straight NC’s and on the way to a 3rd? That was the scenario months ago when you decided you wanted Nick to be fired. This website has got to be a sick joke by fans from another school. Real Bama fans are smarter than this.

        2. You’re a dumb ass you obviously dont know football hes the best coach out there and im a Texas fan you dont know the sport so shut the fuck up pussy

        3. Hay why don’t you leave nick saran alone he has given us 3 n c and.going for another you guys can’t do any better so back off of nick you red neck trouble maker

          1. saran, ha who are you calling a dumb redneck, go look in the mirror you stupid nonspellin duck. Learn to to use spell check it’s not that hard, you dumb alabama fagit.

  2. Fuck nick. Fire him. Fire him. He got schooled. Let him go to Texas. Loser got schooled. Also need to investigate kicker….seems he might have been in mob/Vegas pockets. Seriously.

  3. How can this @$&%^## not recruit a halfway decent kicker? We have 19 5-star recruits on the line but no one who can make a damn chip shot field goal?

  4. You are all spoiled idiots. Fire Nick saban and get who? Your dumb. Granted play calling at times was questionable, what coach has not had that. By the way, the 99 yard td pass was better any other call. I can’t believe this site exists. Your idiots and probably either Texas, lsu, or auburn fans.

      1. So you plan on replacing a coach who has won a total of four national championships with Auburns head coach for footballs and girls not as not as our fans. Give me a legit answer, who will be better? Your idiots if you think firing him after a one loss season is a good idea. Call me an idiot, thats fine, you have the right to do that. But tell me a better coach on the market. Let me quote from the 60 minutes episode “Nick Saban is the best investment the university of Alabama has ever made.” No coach develops players as well as he does. No team in the country, or coach, has done what he has. Tell me a legit replacement and I will get on board. Until you can do that(with a legit answer) JaeGATOR and Johnny, are you actual Alabama fans?

      1. My bad. You’re right. Thanks for the lesson. Do you have a Texas or Florida flag in your classroom? Don’t forget to put spaces between your quotation marks and your next sentence. From: your dumbass.

  5. For the maybe 1 legit Bama fan that posted here: this is a TROLL site, a fake created by some rival fan. More than likely a barner. Just look at the “News” section. So much fail there.

    As for the trolls posing as Bama fans here: your stench is familiar.

    1. F$%Ker lost the game on purpose so he could leave. He was too chicken say anything himself, so like a little punk ass, he sent is wife to do his dirty work.

  6. You fools talking about the same Nick Saban that has won 4 national championships? This site was created on 8/8/2013, so someone has been holding it to use at the right time. Most likely some Auburn dirtbag.

  7. I am sick of Nick and his failure to recruit kickers. It has cost us a chance of 5 straight national championships in 5 years. What he has done has been good, but not great for Bama standards.

    Don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t be fired but hot seat yes. He must recruit kickers who can make simple kicks unlike Cade. Are there any more Tiffins? lol

    1. you alerbama people are so fricking funny, Saban purposely let that goal be missed cuz ya’ll bama frickers are soooooo ungreatful spoiled children . This was his going away gift to all you toothless gumps on his way out . Saban & Terri got better things going on they can’t be bothered with you low class frickers no more.

  8. We are Alabama. We don’t deserve this crap. Let’s spend the money and go get a real coach that runs the spread. I’m tired of seeing us play this boring brand of football.

  9. This is the most delusional site on the web. Half of you commenting need to seek some serious therapy. Without Coach Saban , Alabama doesn’t even sniff a bowl game. He has helped bring in 3 BCS Titles , Alabama’s first Heisman Trophy winner and numerous #1 Recruiting classes. You negative asswipes should be ashamed of yourselves. You aren’t real fans and I hope one day that you can somehow dig your heads out of your miserable asses and see how lucky we are to have Coach Saban and the young men who put their bodies and careers on the line week in and week out so we can share in the success that they’ve had.

  10. By God I got to much Bama in me to watch this man run my Crimson Tide into the ground like this. Something got to change. I won’t just stand by and let auburn take whats ours

  11. you alerbama people are so fricking funny, Saban purposely let that goal be missed cuz ya’ll bama frickers are soooooo ungreatful spoiled children . This was his going away gift to all you toothless gumps on his way out . Saban & Terri got better things going on they can’t be bothered with you low class frickers no more.

  12. Never thought I’d say this but I agree with Billy. We are Bama and we don’t deserve to lose ONE SINGLE GAME! The Bear is probably turning in his glorious grave at the way this program has fallen. Losing to the Cow People!!! I’m so sad. I haven’t eaten since the game!

  13. I am prepared to give Malzahn the crown of best coach ever as he was able to beat us with a %$%^& Mickey Mouse offense. *&*&%&^%* )*(*&(&_))&^$#@%^%*

    *&&^%% Saban looked pretty good as his sidekick Goofy. &^&%%$&*%(*)^&%%#$$#@*(

    Saban and Ms You fans don’t appreciate %$#@ can kiss my %$#. She can kiss me on my big long thumper. Mickey Mouse offense just ran it deep as if we were the star deep throat. *&%#%^*

  14. You all realize this is a “troll” website to get reactions, right? Hellllooooo…. anyone home?

    Odds of this site being developed by:

    LSU fan 1:4
    Auburn fan 2:1
    Tennessee fan 3:1
    Bama fan 1000000:1

    1. Dolphins Fan: 1:1,000,000

      The site is registered to a pathetic Dolphins fan in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

      Please just have sympathy for this sad individual who has to deal with Joe Philbin as a head coach!

    2. Dolphins Fan: 1:1,000,000

      The site is registered to a pathetic Dolphins fan in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

      Please have sympathy for this sad individual as he must put up with Joe Philbin as his head coach.

      Philbin’s leadership skills are so strong that his talking points to the media make him sound like a guy that just got yelled at by Stephen Ross.



    1. I agree 100%, we cannot allow for this man to dilute the Alabama brand any further. Sure it is nice and all that he has got us back to where we belong but why should we have to watch him take us back down.

      I refuse to stand by and watch as our program reverts to winning 9-10 games a year. Hell, if I wanted that I would start following LSU. This also brings me to my next point, if we keep Saban we will decline in a similar fashion as those vodoo practicin swamp rats. Look at gow far they have fallen in just 2 years.


  16. nah…….i think we’ll keep can’t win them all and i sure do enjoy looking at those 3 crystal balls he won for us.i know his site was created by an obsessed auburn fan so thanks fpr playintg.

  17. Say what you will but Nick was distant in that game. Hell…… Even my 10 year old daughter mentioned it during the game. I do think he has lost the joy of coaching here but he realized he was on the cusp of making history… which was really important to him and his legacy. Now that the opportunity for the 3peat has been pissed away I think that he is going to become less driven to continue the “process”. I hope everybody enjoyed the ride…… because it’s over. Powershift in the west.

    Frick Auburn

    1. You’re an idiot. Bama will win the next 4 Championships! The hole nation is crapping there britches in fear of what is coming from the Bama Nation! Roll Tide Roll

    2. Gee, after seeing all this, I can’t imagine how anyone could “lose the joy” of coaching at Alabama. You seem like such well-grounded appreciative fans.

  18. This is completely ridiculous. The man only won you guys three national championships smdh. What more do you want? How about you all get lives outside of making the coaches of your team miserable and maybe you wouldn’t be so emotional and irrational because something FINALLY didn’t go your way. I hope you clowns are successful in running him off though so he can come start a dynasty down here at UF haha

  19. All y’all bama fans are a bunch of fucks. You do realize you guys were shit until Saban became coach and you want him fired? Go ahead let another team get him so they can have the #1 recruiting class and win championships. He’s won 3 of the last 4 you guys should be bowing down to him. Bunch of fake ass fans, y’all lost one game, get the fuck over it you fake ass bitches

  20. I was a huge Saban fan for a minute until I found out , that he is a great recruiter and that’s it. Plus he is a die hard Catholic that attends mass before every game. Surprised they let people that are part of big-time child sex abuse religions even close to minors!!!

  21. Fire Saban!?!? That Is the most delusional and ludicrous thought you coud possibly have In sports!! It’s almost blasphemous! Where was the Alabama football program before Saban arrived In 07? Completely and utterly Irrelevant for years! and you all know It. Three Championships In four years speaks for Itself. It’s okay If you’re just venting some heat of the moment frustration from the Auburn loss.

    It’s completely fair to question trying such a long field goal, and not being prepared to cover for the potential return guy, If the field goal was short. He had to have seen the guy waiting back there for the opportunity, but you know where that kick came down was perfect for the returner, a shorter kick and he can’t get at full speed, and a farther kick and he makes the attempt. It set up just a like a kick return for Auburn. Sometimes crazy shit happens! how many times do you think you will see a play like that In you’re lifetime? maybe 3 or 4 times? You Bama fans chill the f out already.

    1. You really believe that? If so you must because your a Sooners fan, seriously look at the numbers and it’s simple math. Bama will win and will probably win big but this is CFB and most anything can happen, just look at Auburn. Outside of a fluke, the Sooners will end their season 10-3 and Bama will be 12-1.

      1. Why would it be a fluke if the Sooners win? Besides losing to Auburn, what other 10-win teams has Nick Saban coached against this year?

        If anything, given he is 0-1 against teams with 10+ wins this year I would say the numbers show beating Oklahoma would be a fluke at this point.

  22. This must have been created by an auburn fan to make Bama fans look stupid
    No true Bama fan would even think of creating such a stupid website
    Every team is gonna lose sometimes
    Honesty idiots that want saban gone are the rivals of alabama


  24. As completely made-up, fictitious websites go, this one is on top of the dung heap. Not sure which Auburn alum started it, but it sure as hell wasn’t Alabama fans or graduates.

    1. Most Alabama fans AREN’T graduates, never attended the University of Alabama, and likely didn’t finish elementary school. But they did go to WalMart to buy a t-shirt.

    1. After years of substandard football. He plays Alabama football. Defense wins National Championships period. You should be proud to have a Coach that teaches team and responsibility for the players. Alabama fans have gotten out of control, lets try to stay classy Bama fans and not give the rest of the nation a reason to ridicule us. Those fans that truly believe he should be fired go find another team not Auburn because they don’t deserve shit fans like yall either.

  25. Wow, get a life. This is the dumbest website I’ve ever seen. You must have a lot of free time on your hands. Why don’t you spend it doing something useful rather than writing this pathetic nonsense?

  26. This has got to be the gayest website ive ever wasted my time on looking at… Go ahead and waste your time on talking shit about my post but there is only one reason why Nick Saban is the highest paid coach. Hes the best in the business. All im sayin is 4 Bowl games in only 5 years being there.. ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  27. Go ahead and waste your time on talking shit about my post but there is only one reason why Nick Saban is the highest paid coach. Hes the best in the business. All im sayin is 4 Bowl games in only 5 years being there.. ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  28. Wow ive seen this website in the past and thought it was dumb till i found something out.Nick Saban is the worst thing thats ever happened to bama.I loved him till i found something out alot of bama fans dont know this but theres an ongoing ivestigation into the bama football program from the beggining od Sabans tenure till now guess what Sabans a cheating piece of crap turnd out they been giving cash and all kinds of illegal benefits for recruits yo play there its looking like all those wins and championships are going to be forfeited.get tid of that cheatin p.o.s. before he makes matters worse

  29. I’m assuming this website was made by jealous Auburn barner fans. No way real Alabama fans would want to fire a man who constantly keeps us in contention and has won 3 championships.

  30. Nick Saban is not a coach. He is a recruiter / PR guy. If the field was even, like in the NFL, with drafts and salary caps that guarantee parity, he would not be able to hack it as evidenced by his miserable stint in Miami. If he was coaching a D2 school, he’d continue to dwell in mediocrity.

  31. THE FUCK U WANT MOTHERFUCKING ASSWIPE CUNT !!!!! btw i came here because your mom will be damned to our family in heaven !

  32. This site is a troll by barners. How have the last 2 years gone bitches?

    Honk if you have been offered the aubarn defensive coordinator job!

    gus and muschamp, the BOOM brothers. lmao.

    1. After winning the 2015 National Championship and after Nick Saban has won 4 out of the last 7 National Championships this site looks stupid as hell and clearly created by one of the barners…..Roll Tide!!!!! #Nick Saban best coach that ever lived!

  33. Wow. I didn’t realize ‘Bama fans were this dumb, lol. No shit this isn’t a serious site. Props to whoever came up with this site: awesome!

  34. fire dumbass nick and his radio annoncer buddy fat ass ely gold neither one knows what they are doing and dont know what any others are doing as for kiffin leaving best thing for him todo is leave then he will not have to listen to nick bitch at him all night for nothing that does not matter anyway nick is the biggest crybaby the university of alabama has ever hadshould outlaw rammer jammer to it is bigger insult to the state and university than nick saban ius

  35. Second place might be good enough for the Big 10, but this is the SE effin C! This loser just made the while sEC look stupid! If’Bama doesn’t have the guts to fire it’s coach then the SeC should kick him out!

  36. I’m 99% sure this website is completely satire but regardless I’m laughing my ass off at the articles list at the top! hahaha “2009 sugar bowl” is its own article lmaoooo “14 more pics where he looks like a d-bag”

  37. I’m 99% sure this website is completely satire but regardless I’m laughing my ass off at the articles list at the top! hahaha “2009 sugar bowl” is its own article lmaoooo “14 more pics where he looks like a d-bag” I’m dead

  38. I got to much Bama in me for this! Man its time for Nick to go or I am going after some bushes somewhere!!!! Damn this shit! Auburn owned us last night Nick!!! UNFORGIVABLE AND UNFORGETTABLE!!! ROLL DAMN TIDE

  39. Hey people, I was on board with Nick. Hell, how could you not be? But the others are correct. We could have won a NT every damn year since 2008!!! That was sick what happened to Auburn, you know, those trees. But hey, why don’t we admit Nick had a little to do with that man? You can’t expect real Tide fans not to vent with this kind of shit!!! Yea we got the players, thanks Nick and “KS.”Now all we need is for our REAL COACH to come back home!!! KIRBY, YOU HEAR ME? KIRBY and HIS defense kept kept us in every game that we ever lost because of something NICK SABAN called!!! I was fooled as much as anyone people. I thought it was coach SABAN that brought us back. But just look what has happened since KIRBY went to georgia. They are 11-1 just like us.

    Only they still have a prayer of the playoffs in only year 2. While we only have delusional hopes. WE ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE #1 PEOPLE. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS, #1!!! But, since coach Smart left us, our fire is gone!!! ANYONE REMEMBER WHO WON THE FIRST NC GAME AGAINST CLEMSON? Remember why? I’ll tell you all why! Coach SABAN had us in the same damn shootout game as last year. Because of all his antics and fast TDs along with to many 3 and outs AT THE WRONG TIMES!!! But still A TOTALLY GASSED DEFENSE, rose up and made plays to save to the game when coach SMART was on the sideline. But without him, the same damn players pretty much only better let them march dawn with hardly no time and throw to a WIDE OPEN PLAYER ON THE LAST PLAY TO GIVE CLEMSON THE DAMN GAME AND OUR TITLE!!! I DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NEXT YEAR PEOPLE! THIS WAS AND IS NEXT DAMN YEAR!!! From losing our national title one year to now losing our divisional title. Can’t anyone but me see what is wrong? Hey people, even Georgia is better than us this year and they are taking our place in history. Just wait and see!!! ITS NO ACCIDENT RECRUITING IS DOWN. THEIR ALL GOING TO GEORGIA PEOPLE!!!

    KIRBY FLIPPED FROMM from US, incase you forgot. Auburn ain’t gonna be shit next year because they lose 4 starters on their Oline not to mention their defense. I know we SUPPOSEDLY took the #1 class again last year and Georgia the #3 class and that a very close race. But if you all know how the sec is built and how we won our titles? Then you should know that Georgia really took the top class with all those top 10 Oline prospects they got. Hell next year their Oline will be larger and even deeper than any pro line I bet. They already go 5 deep at running back with 2 more coming including the nation’s best. Not to mention a 5 star that flipped from FSU.

    Their already a top 5 class now and getting the elite Oline prospects that should be ours people!!! I mean their getting them all this year too!!!! Their even getting one hell of a defensive line hall this season to go with all the young all American prospects they have. Listen people, we all have just sat around trusting coach Saban like he is the god of football or something. He don’t even lose with the same fire he did before. He cried when coach Smart left us and now I know why!!!! I bleed Bama people. Bama football is my life!!! Mark my word, WE ARE NOT ONLY BEING REPLACED. WE ARE BEING SOLD OUT!!!

    PEOPLE I GOT MY EAR TO THE GROUND ON THIS ONE. This year OR MAYBE NEXT just might be Sabans last at bama!!! Word has it that he is systematically weakening bama so that AT VERY BEST. We might just be good one more year and ONLY ONE!!! Long enough for HIM to get #5 and retire. Yes, retire from BAMA that is!!! If he is gone for a year I would be surprised. He will do something either this year or next!!! YES, it could be. SEE YA SUCKAS, THIS YEAR, IF HE CAN GET IN AND WIN 5 AFTER THIS GARBAGE.


    WORD IS. That was the real reason LK was SUPPOSEDLY shown the door, right before the biggest game!!! That is the reason LK tweeted the picture of Saban with HOLES in his jeans. IT WAS SYMBOLIC OF TWO THINGS. First how he intended to leave the bama program in order for him to look like the glue that held us together. He doesn’t want anyone getting HIS GLORY. Also, #2 reason was to show him letting go of some of his contract money from bama. His other deal is enough to retire on 10 times people!!!

    Coach LK knew about this deal and wanted to take over bama and keep us great. Saban, wouldn’t allow that. Like I said. He wants to win 5 and leave us in shambles. So that he will be able to beat us at his new school/job. People he would have left last year if he would have pulled it off at clemson. But sad for him, and us. No Kirby.

    Some say this site is a joke. I have no idea about that. But listen people. I am not joking here. I know of several thousand who are tired of this man. Those people are aware of thousands of more that I am aware of but don’t know personally. WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!! Saban had no damn idea how strong he would allow Georgia to become!!! Wait and see if we don’t keep losing recruits to them. Because you see. The recruits see it and feel it. They are very smart and we are the stupid people trusting coach Saban. Look how many bama could have had that said Georgia wanted us more and showed us more love. Saban let Kirby and half OUR RECRUITING just walk right out the door without a fight!!!!! In a year or two Georgia will be the new dynasty. Hell they might be this year. They are already better than us! I know damn well they have a better coach. WHAT DID WE DO SINCE SMART LEFT??? We blew it 2 years in a row, that’s what we did. Saban barely went 500 his first year with better players than Smart had. Smart went 8-5 I think. Would have been better if not for the 20 penalty yards at the end of the vol game that allowed a miracle. He even beat a better Auburn team last year and who knows what will happen in the rematch this year?

    Either way, there is a new 11-1 in the sec title game and NO NOT BAMA!!!! In another year or so. We will be Tennessee. Well maybe not that bad. But unless we ACT NOW. I am afraid to see what will become of us. WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!!!

    FIRE NICK SABAN BEFORE HE HAS DESTROYED US and gets the pleasure of walking out on us. Just like he did his other teams. WE ARE IN REAL DANGER OF BECOMING THE 3RD OR EVEN 4TH BEST TEAM IN THE WEST. FORGET ABOUT THE SEC!!! Thanks to coach Saban, there is a new sheriff in town. I’m afraid they will be the dynasty longer than we ever were. I don’t see there coach leaving at all!!!! I HAVE JUST GOT TO MUCH BAMA IN ME FOR THIS SHIT LAST NIGHT. NOT TO MENTION THAT SHIT OVER IN THE EAST. THAT MESS IS GOING TO SMELL IN THE NOSTRILS OF BAMA FANS FOR MANY DECADES TO COME I FEAR.

    JUST TO MUCH BAMA IN ME FOR THIS SHIT, I NEED SOMETHING TO DO!!!!!!ROLL DAMN TIDE, ROLL DAMN TIDE, ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!!!!! Hey aubarn, how much did you pay coach to call those plays????


  40. Hey, sorry about spelling and other errors. I am just upset and in a hurry. I’m not trying to look stupid. I have to much bama in me to try and hurt our team or fan image. ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!


  41. Hey you barn fans. I done seen a few of you messing around my door. If even one roll of tissue gets in one of my trees, well, never mind. But I would not advise it!!! Show your age and not your IQ. Sorry people. I just got to damn much bama in me for their shit today!!!


  42. I wanted to see how dumb college football fans were by seeing if there’s was a site about firing even the very best coaches because they don’t win the national championship every year. (literally every coach should be fired and literally every big D1 program should win the NC every year). And of course, here you are.

    You’re all such dummies…. What a cesspool college sports is. Maybe if shitty schools like Alabama tried a little harder with that whole education thing, you guys would all be such ignoramuses.

  43. Really 6 rings an your talking about fire him.We will get Auburn next time but be glad that Nick gave us one more so why fire.Nick’s the GOAT,Go figure you must be Auburn Fans.
    and also the point that you guys lost to UCF from a weak conference and The SEC is the best of them all ,

  44. Chill out everyone! I am an LSU fan, but I am pretty sure that this site is satire and is pretty damn funny if you read the different sections.

  45. We just got blowed out by Clempson…

    Nick is past his prime. Old as hell pos if you askin me.

    When is they gonna wake up and kcik his ass to the curb??????????

  46. Surely..Surely..this site is owned and operated by a conglomerate of Tennessee, Auburn, and LSU boosters and sidewalk alumni. Whomever is posting this shit needs to be publicly stripped of there fandom, never to be allowed to watch a BAMA game, attend a BAMA game, wear anything colored Crimson or White, and to never ever utter the words “ROLL TIDE” again. This is the kind of garbage that just destroys the credibility of decent, appreciative, humble, loyal, gracious fans of the GREATEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROGRAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. Anybody that supports this RAT POISON-I WOULDNT PISS ON YOU IF YOU WERE ON FIRE. It was the National Championship game. We lost to a phenomenal team that caught lightning in a bottle while we didnt show up. Every team that’s semi good can beat any team 1 time if they have there best game ever and the other team has an off day. It happens. . App State beat Michigan, N.C. State beat Houston, Douglas beat Tyson. The wheels came off the bus. Shit steamrolled Monday night. We lost by 4 touchdowns. Not 400. In 1992, Alabama was Clemson and Miami was Bama. And the game Monday was obviously so much more evenly matched than any of those David vs Goliaths. News Flash…Clemson is not just really good. They are exceptional. Especially this past Monday. If these teams played 10 times it might be an even split. Bamas record against Clemson in the last 4 years is 2-2. Both teams have 1 blowout win and 1 close win. Do you think Clemson fired up a fire Dabo website after the thrashing they took last year? Whomever is behind this. Grow up. Get a life. Be humble. Be grateful. Appreciate all the amazing highs those young men wearing the Crimson and White have given you in the last 11 years. Appreciate the amazing job our head coach has done getting it done. Good God..I’m so disgusted right now I almost want Mike Dubose or Bill Curry to come back and coach just to remind you brain dead knuckle daggers how spoiled some Bama fans have been, and how damn lucky we all are to have even experienced 1 National Championship in our lifetime. Know how many Clemson has in there entirety? 3…Some teams and there supporters at major programs throughout the country will never know the elation of there team winning A NATTY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. SERENITY MF NOW

  47. We have saw are belovid Crimson Tide devolve due to vialations of sanctity of marriage.

    Role Tide!!

    The thing is that homasexuals have been using the courts to get placed on are storyd football program! I do not think THE SABAN supports this gay agenda.

    Yes, I me THE SABAN once! It was at the men’s urinal at the Birmingham Pizza Hut. Yes, the two of us played some weiner games. But this was just for relief. Neither I of THE SABAN are gay or transgender or usual partakers of corn-cobbing.

    After cleaning off I gave our coach SABAN some advice which he took to heart and used in football games.

    You see, I played for the Crimson TIde under the great Coach Ray Perkins. We did not have the gay marriage then and we were manly and hetrosexual. I advised the SABAN of are great play schemes from those days and he started using them

    Alabama football made me what I am tooday. I graduatid and later come back to my Alma Marta to receeve my PHD in English. I am currently a Professer of English at the Universaty of Alabama and teeching the young generation of Bamans how to develep there minds to be superior like mine is.

    We must not fire THE SABAN because he stands for morales and principels in this age of sin and soddommy.

    He will finish and retire and lead the battle against gay marrige to the Supremes court.

    We must obey him and venerat him. In onion their is strenght.

    All hail our leader THE SABAN

  48. Truly forsooth were the starters of this website oracls in the sense of of old Greeks in the Country Grease.

    Are coach let Will Must-groin put up points on us. Will Mossgroin had a better game plan. Alabam only one……only wun……obe wan….only won by purchasing new KIA cars for the swishy referees on the grid iron.

    Nick Say Bun is old. So old he dont even know what color hair die to buy to match the originel.

    I played under Stalings. He tought us how to believe and fight hard.

    i also played under the GREAT Houston Nutt. Yes…this is rare…i spent some years abroad with the ARMY before playing for Houston Nutt.

    Nick Saban is done. done and gone by Will Mossgroin.

    ALabama ligeslature should take away his contract and hire the one and ONLY HOUSTON NUTT.

    Only Houston NUtt…the Buddha of Ole Miss can save us now!

    All true alabamans shall accept the NUTT and all that comes with it.

  49. Fire Nick Saban, really, who are you genius is going to replace him with. You really must not have much to do in your boring life then to waste time even developing This ridiculous website. Get a life knucklehead

  50. Some people are so evil to create a website for negative comments like this. Nick Saban is a human being not a robot and any team can have a bad day.

  51. Poor Saban, LSU had the best team in all of college football and best QB in the history of college football and probably best team

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