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    1. Nick may be the greatest coach in college football history. Alabama fans should be grateful to have him. Then again the greatest sin in the USA is a lack of gratitude. Thanks Nick for 3 more National Championships!

      1. FUCK YOU and Nick saban and the entire state of alanama and the refs on the alabama payroll. What comes out of alabama , a short pussy ass fag jeff sessions for attorney general, what a joke. You people worship and praise bear bryant who was nothing but a wife beating DRUNK.

        1. Microbiology 101 would reference ALL postimmune infection — INCLUDING REINFECTION.

          I’ll translate that for you.

          If we did nothing, and allowed CV19 to infect everyone, various previously CV19 infected individuals would contract CV19 again. Are we clear so far?
          Even though they had immunity, or partial immunity, they would get reinfected. Got it?
          They would be the same “Petri Dishes” selecting for different variants just as you fear the vaccinated will.

          In terms of the other glaring flaw in your Wet-Your-Pants Screaming Janet OP, you refer to “our population”. The earth is a big place. It is home to a lot of people. “Our population” comprises about 4% of those people. You and Tony Fauci are both in a group who somehow presume US vax status will have one goddamn scintilla of effect on evolution of CV19 VOCs on this planet.

          If a Killerrrrrrrrr Viiiiiirus is going to evolve, odds are quite high its evolution will occur within the 96% of the population outside the US, regardless of US or other vax status. i.e., Just as has been the case with VOCs to this point.

          If your argument is that folks at minimal risk don’t need a vaccine, I’m right there with you. But when you spread vax fear BS, you and your obsequious up-voting ninnyhammers can take a hike.

          1. at the exact moment JFK was assassinated, AMLASH, a CIA asset involved in Castro assassination attempts and the one closest to proximity Castro, was meeting with the upper echelons of the CIA, including Desmond Fitzgerald. That could be a coincidence. That info was never turned over to the Warren Commission that Dulles was on.

            On November 22, 1963, a Cubana airlines flight from Mexico City to Havana was held up for 5 hours until an unidentified passenger arrived in private plane, bypassed customs, and boarded the plane…where he sat in the cockpit.

            On November 23, this same person crossed from Texas into Mexico at Nuevo Laredo even though the border was closed because of the assassination. He then flew to Havana on November 27 in a plane where he was the only passenger.

            Total coincidences, I’m sure. None of this was turned over to the Warren Commission and the CIA decided conveniently not to pursue those leads even though they came from cIA field office intel.
            Source – Final Report of the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect Intelligence Activities, April 1976.

          2. Im always thinking of sex, and not just normal sex. Some pretty hardcore shit. Somedays the desires arent as strong, somedays Im just ready to get out there ravage something and indulge in the taboo acts possible (nothing zespect though). Ive been like since the 1st grade (27 years old) Ive always had strong sexual cravings. But it got stronger as I got older (Id say 4th grade is when got crazier, but as I got older and older the shit just became more monstrous). Like now, its to the point where I aspire to be a libertine. Anybody else like this? And how do I transfer that desire to something else? Like I also aspire to be a producer. How I transfer my desire for sex into my desire to the GOAT producer?

            I stay in my lane though because of my current situation. Im not chasing the poon. Just the cayshe.

            Im not necessarily ashamed of this. But I would like channel this energy elsewhere sometime.

          3. The people getting hit hardest are probably those using electric resistance heaters since that’s essentially a half to two-thirds loss of equivalent heating capacity (so 2x to 3x price on just that raw natural gas for electricity versus straight delivery without including anything else which means that our heavily natural gas dependent electricity generation has its price fluctuations somewhere between doubled and tripled). If that’s the case, then you really need to move to an electric heat pump. Given this past January’s temperature band, the COP of a heat pump would have probably averaged around 4 which would mean a quarter of the energy consumption for equivalent heating compared to those electric resistance heaters. This also means that you can size for a unit that has way higher total output capacity than what your resistance heaters can currently put out in case it was also an issue of it not getting warm enough.

            Previous governor wasn’t exactly stellar and wasn’t quite an engineer or an economist. If he wanted to prioritize shutting down Indian Point, then he really should have gotten his **** together earlier and run HVDC lines from more places with cheap excess power before shutting them down. There were discussions, plans, analyses, and pretty much no action taken and then seemingly on a whim with the right person whispering into his ear probably, there was a deadline for shutting down Indian Point and without concomitant prerequisite for having a replacement in place. I’ve said that I don’t think MTA leadership should include any native New Yorkers. Maybe that should be the case for any leadership of any state or municipal branch or office.

          4. What is a Ponzi?

            A Ponzi scheme, or “ponzi” for short, is a type of investment fraud with these five features:
            People invest into it because they expect good profits, and

            that expectation is sustained by such profits being paid to those who choose to cash out. However,

            there is no external source of revenue for those payoffs. Instead,

            the payoffs come entirely from new investment money, while

            the operators take away a large portion of this money.
            Investing in bitcoin (or any crypto with similar protocol) checks all these items. The investors are all those who have bought or will buy bitcoins; they invest by buying bitcoins, and cash out by selling them. The operators are the miners, who take money out of the scheme when they sell their mined coins to the investors.

            Features 3, 4, and 5 imply that investing in bitcoin, like “investing” in lottery tickets, is a very negative-sum game. Namely, at any time, the total amount that all investors have taken out is considerably less than what they have put into the scheme; the difference being the amount that the operators have taken out. Thus the investors, as a whole, are always in the red, and their collective loss only increases with time.

            The expected profit from investing in such a scheme is negative. While some investors who cash out may make a profit, that comes at the expense of other investors, who will lose more than their “fair” share of the general loss above.

            Features 1 and 2 make the scheme a fraud, rather than simply a bad investment (or bad “musical chairs” gambling game). As a minimum, the operators should warn investors of the negative-sum character and negative expected profit. In the case of bitcoin (and all other cryptos), not only that does not happen, but there are thousands of promoters and “investment experts” who predict impressive price increases and/or claim that bitcoin will have massive uses in the future that would somehow make it valuable. Apart from the mendacity of those claims, those promoters never point out that such massive uses would not translate into revenue for the investors.

            The observation that investing in cryptocurrencies is a ponzi scheme is not new or a cheap shot. Among many others, it was expressed in 2014 by economists Nouriel Roubini of NYU and Kaushik Basu of the World Bank (WB) and echoed by investment analyst David Webb in 2017 and by WB’s president Jim Yomh Kim in 2018.

          5. Didn’t George Bush victory in Iraq before then with his “Mission Accomplished” statement? So, what 2 wars are you alluding?

            I’ve seen people claim that Russia is just Pakistan on this thread. Almighty US should’ve gone there to slap Russia around, no?

            Obama and Hilary Clinton didn’t need American public to topple Gaddafi in Libya. Why can’t they topple Assad with the thousands of American troops in Iraq next door and all the Islamists they shipped from Libya and Northern Caucasus combined with Israeli assistance?

            And oh, when Crimea happened – the US wasn’t actively fighting any wars. What happened despite all the threats? Oh, they sent Angela Merkel to Moscow to plead with Putin and empty sanctions.

            All I see are excuses.

            Listen, when bullies see someone who can embarrass them – they talk tough but steer clear. You probably need to do your due diligence on the military capabilities of different countries. If you’re not the type that likes reading – YouTube is a good start. With that, you’ll get a clearer picture that you won’t get from the media. Russia is ranked 2nd to the US even on the most pro-American charts in terms of military capabilities. That’s a very strong country. Yes, they don’t have empire aspirations or jump in everyone’s business but Russia is very powerful militarily.

          6. Trucking is the soft underbelly of the New World Order.

            The ability to deliver 500000 tons of immovable bulk to anywhere, effectively shutting down anything … all movement and commerce and law enforcement. Shutting down areas of access to military and law enforcement.

            And simultaneously destroying the supply chain.

            The truckers are like a new piece in the chess board.

            And this new piece is powerful.

            Big business has worked with a permanent federal bureaucracy to enslave us. And part of the reason why is the death of the labor union

            No more unions of power. Replaced by 15 dollar an hr Amazon economy where monopolies benevolently dole out jobs with wages that would have been minimum wage 15 years ago

            The Truckers are gonna want power. They are gonna want old school union representation like the old school teamsters.

            And that means other workers will want the same.

            So we have to drop the old-school view that unions are bad,because if we don’t welcome the unions and their workers into our new conservative populist movement, the left will crush the truckers and nationalize the supply chain.

            And let’s be real. When we lost the unions, we lost American manufacturing and we lost our freedom to the oligarchy.

            We need to rebuild unions to fight billionaires and the deep state

            The left will call them racists. And when they do, we need to welcome them And that will be very hard for old school conservatives to handle

          7. Navy Mike is an alpha male, great physique, has a hot girl….I am pretty sure he wouldn’t give two fucks about people knowing his real name and doesn’t subscribe to such pussy ass twink notions you described.
            Any employer douchey enough to base their decisions of employing someone based on their FB posts a) Isn’t worth working for or the time of day b) should probably face a law suit….lol

            Boston posted that pic up himself and called out Navy Mike for having a small dick.
            Navy Mike RE-POSTED it owning him into oblivion….well played sir 😀

            Now that is ACTUALLY the kind of fucking alpha male/winner I would employ. Shows attitude of a winner, someone who doesn’t take shit, a hunter not a fucking farmer.
            Not a twink who worries about who reads his FB….show’s beta tendencies and reeks of vagina 😉

            This is the problem with 90% of all you pussy ass conformist twinks who never get a head in life because you are to fucking scared to be yourselves and worry way too much about what anyone else thinks.
            Fuck them. Be who you are.

            Ever tried to be the boss yourself instead of being bossed around on the never ending hamster wheel?
            I tell you where it starts.

            Having a bit of fucking balls about ya and not giving a fuck

            Precisely why Boston makes 200k+ a year

          8. As the largest incorporated municipality in and site of the seat of government for Paulding County; Dallas is a conservative outer-suburban/exurban area.

            The population in the Dallas, GA area and in surrounding Paulding County continues to be predominantly white, though the area’s minority population has been growing rapidly in recent years, particularly in the part of county in and around Hiram, which is located in the east/southeastern part of the county near the Cobb county line.

            Paulding County’s minority population has been growing so rapidly to the point that white students now make up only about 29 percent of the student body at Hiram High School.

            The northern part of the area with a Dallas mailing address (including and particularly in the attendance zone that is anchored by North Paulding High School) remains predominantly white, though apparently less so than in the recent past.

            Meanwhile, the area in and around Dallas proper (in the central part of Paulding County) has also featured a rapidly growing minority population in recent years.

            As of 2019, whites made up about a little under 58 percent of the population of Dallas proper, with racial and ethnic minorities making up just over 42 percent of the area’s population.

            The area’s demographic changes seem to be even apparent at Paulding County High School where whites now make up only about just over 51 percent of the student body population (minorities make up about 49 percent of the student body population at PCHS).

            The Dallas area and surrounding Paulding County is and remains predominantly white and conservative. But the area’s minority population (including blacks and Hispanics) has been growing rapidly in recent years.

          9. Keep in mind that Dallas (and all of Paulding County) is part of the roughly 29-county Atlanta metropolitan area.

            The potential for racism could be anywhere, including in a county like Paulding which (not unlike many areas in Georgia, the South and in much of the U.S.) had a reputation for not necessarily being the most inviting for people of color in the not-too-distant past.

            And there are some areas that may continue to be not necessarily the most inviting and/or accepting of people of color as one gets farther out in the county away from Atlanta.

            But the eastern half of Paulding County (including much of the area with a Dallas mailing address, but particularly including the southeastern part of the county with Hiram and Douglasville addresses) has come a very long way and continues to move forward very fast.

            The part of Paulding County with Hiram and Douglasville mailing addresses particularly seem to attract many minority families, including and particularly African-American families, but also many Hispanic newcomers as well.

            The Dallas area seems to attract many minorities, too, as evidenced by the growing number of minority students in the Paulding County High School attendance zone that appear to have that educational facility on the verge of being a ‘majority-minority’ school where racial and ethnic minorities make up a majority of the school’s population.

            If you like a home there and are thinking of purchasing it, do your research into the surrounding area that the home is located in.

            Try and visit the area in person before making a commitment to purchase and see if the home is located in an area that you would feel comfortable living in.

            But overall, the continuing growth of Paulding County has the area continuing to trend towards a more diverse population.

            … With racial and ethnic minorities having gone from being only about 5 percent of Paulding County’s population in 1990 to more than 31 percent of the population as of 2019.

          10. Dallas and Paulding County are not necessarily all “Redneckalicious” and appear to be noticeably less so than in the past.

            With a population that has grown by more than 860 percent since 1970 (from about 17,520 in 1970 to 168,661 in 2020), Paulding County (including much of the Dallas area) looks to be transitioning from rural/exurban to metro Atlanta outer-suburbia.

            Along with the staggering growth of the county’s population over the last 50 years, another indicator of the changes that are occurring in the county is the growth of Paulding County’s racial and ethnic minority community, which has gone from being about 5 percent of the county’s population in 1980 to about 32 percent of the county’s population in 2020.

            The demographic changes going on in Paulding County seem to be on a track that is similar to demographic changes underway in other fast-growing formerly overwhelmingly predominantly white and rural/exurban outer-suburban metro Atlanta counties like Forsyth and Fayette.

            North metro Atlanta outer-suburban Forsyth County has grown by 1,384 percent over the last 50 years (from 16,928 in 1970 to 251,283 in 2020), with racial and ethnic minorities going from being about 1 percent of the county’s population in 1980 to about 31 percent of the county’s population in 2020.

            South metro Atlanta outer-suburban Fayette County has grown by 949 percent over the last 50 years (from 11,364 in 1970 to 119,164 in 2020), with racial and ethnic minorities going from being about less than 6 percent of the population in 1980 to being about just under 40 percent of the population in 2020.

        2. -For about a week prior he had been playing an old clip of Poki saying the n-word when she was about 17 and apologized for years ago. This instigated a lot of off-site harassment of Jidion’s fans circulating the clip and claiming she says it all the time. This is worthy of a warning from Twitch.

          -His hate raid wasn’t just spamming “L+ratio”, that’s a narrative his fans have been spamming on Twitter and Tiktok to nullify the harassment they were actually doing. On top of saying the usual sexist things to her, they were whispering people in her chat and attacking them. Now we’re up to a 48 hour suspension from Twitch.

          -Jidion then went on to attack her viewers, opening their profiles and insulting them. This is where his misogynistic rant came in. Easily on the 2nd strike 14 day ban now.

          -Like any level-leaded adult, he then moved his harassment to Twitter. Couple that with his attempt at ban evasion by trying to get Ninja to use his connections and we’re easily at the indefinite suspension.

          -Now we’re at the point where he’s streaming on Instagram, which potentially violates his partnership contract.

          -Can leave out the hate mob he’s riled up. During all of this, the 12 year old white kids he calls fans are spreading the n-word clip, a clip calling her “cokimane”, on top of the other vile sexist shit female streamers get on daily basis.

          I hate that I have to know all this nonsense but his shit is still going on, quit minimizing it.

          1. I fail up nigga. I realized what I was dealing with on here years ago when I said something about turning down pussy and niggas couldn’t fathom the thought and accused me of lying. I said to myself, “Double Burger, if these niggas automatically assuming someone turning down some pussy is lying, then they ain’t getting no hoes” Then I told myself, yes I agree, that’s why you a real nigga.

            But even with that said, I’ve said several times on here that all tall dudes ain’t winning and all short dudes ain’t losing. Y’all mothafuckas got real issues with height on here. I didn’t know it was that serious.

            But with that said, y’all niggas never getting no hoes. I see no hope for most of y’all. I would be lying if I said otherwise. Y’all gonna be struggling for life. It’s over.

          2. We used to have that expertise. We were the boldest of the bold and the bravest of the brave. Willing to pick our hill of freedom upon which to die.

            Now, we’re installing trannies to run nuclear programs and wholly unqualified figs to lead the transportation industry. We care more about not offending some dumbass who thinks he’s an asexual deer, than we care about hungry children and homeless veterans within our own borders.

            No, we are not The shining beacon of freedom any more. It’s the endless cycle…

            Hard times make strong men.
            Strong men make good times.
            Good times make weak men.
            Weak men make hard times.

            Right now, we are fully permeated by the hard times created by weak men. The WWII generation created the good times. That is long since passed. I’m glad both of my grandfathers who fought in WWII Europe (15th ARMY Air Corps, and 11th Armored) are not here to see what has become of the America they were prepared to die for.

            I’m fricking disgusted. This America, is not my America.

          3. Cooper Kupp is the:

            Super Bowl MVP (LVI)
            NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2021)
            First-team All-Pro (2021)
            Pro Bowl (2021)
            NFL receptions leader (2021)
            NFL receiving yards leader (2021)
            NFL receiving touchdowns leader (2021)
            Record holder for most receptions in a single postseason (33)
            Record holder for most yards from scrimmage by a WR in a single season (1,965)

            Injuries happen and UGA deserved to win the natty…but if you don’t think Cooper Kupp is one of the Rams two best receivers, you’re bat shite crazy…

          4. Let’s all move to California and everything will be better in life.

            Your kids will likely be forced to speak Spanish going forward.

            Unless you have about $1,000,700.00.

            A Villa is Santa Monica is about $244,000 right now.

            One bedroom on the Pacific.

            Not particularly bad for people with assets.

            That is good given things.

          5. When Joe Biden took office, Trump had left him with (after shamefully delaying the release of transition funding) an economy in free fall, zero vaccine distribution plan, and a country shaken by his attempted coup.

            So, Joe got to work.

            President Biden did not watch cable TV news all day, he didn’t tweet insults and lies and other nonsense at all hours of the night, and he didn’t pocket our taxpayer dollars while golfing at his own resorts.

            No, he just got stuff done for the American people.

            He passed the American Rescue Plan back in March to get shots in arms and checks in pockets and our economy started to move again at a historic clip. Jobs are up, unemployment is down, and we are now battling the pandemic head on instead of trying to ignore it.

            And he passed a massive infrastructure plan in November to combat climate change, add millions of jobs, and make our country more competitive in the world for decades to come.

            In fact, President Biden added more jobs in his first year in office than any administration in U.S. history.

            And he’s just getting started.

          6. According to that article, the intersection’s design invites accidents. Based on the video and the article, there is fault that could be assigned to all parties, including the pedestrian and NYC.

            I place the most fault on the white car who had to have known he struck something/someone and yet drove off anyway. Had that vehicle stop, the guys grape wouldn’t have been squashed. That is the indifference to human life that we are seeing.

            The article points out, and I tend to agree, that SUV was likely focused on the car in the opposite lane making the righthand turn honking his horn. SUV probably didn’t see pedestrian but should have stopped after rolling over his head. Maybe pedestrian could have made it had he stopped (other versions of the video seem to show his head being pushed out the way), but probably not. SUV would be in a much better position in terms of criminal defenses.

            As for pedestrian, he seems to be casually walking across the street not looking out for any turning cars. I’ve been hit by a car as a pedestrian and not under similar circumstances where I put myself in harm’s way. Spoiler alert: in car vs. pedestrian, car wins every time.

            In any event, hope pedestrian’s survivors sue all parties, including shithole NYC.

            The intersection of Cooper and Cypress avenues, near the border of Glendale, Queens and Ridgewood and Bushwick in Brooklyn, is a known danger zone for pedestrians. In the eight years of the de Blasio administration, there were 153 reported crashes at that one intersection, injuring seven cyclists, 10 pedestrians and 56 motorists, according to city stats. The crashes seem to be frequently caused by car drivers making left turns from Cooper onto Cypress, thanks to two-way traffic, and a sharp-angled turn.

          7. Yo this is kind of fukked up :ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh::ohhh:
            I was just thinking this is the typical white girl coming home story

            pete really does look like a dude named Skete though. That shyt has me dying :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol::mjlol:

          8. I am glad I didn’t get the “vaccine” like a worthless brainwashed sheep. It’s not even a vaccine – it doesn’t prevent transmission.

            I got COVID twice and I’ve had sinus infections that were 1000x worse. I tested positive for COVID on a Friday morning and 24 hours later ran 12 miles. It was nothing. Not worth getting a “vaccine” for something that was so mild.

            I am proud of the fact I haven’t put that shite in my body. And I love how much it triggers those of you who got it and try to shame those of us who didn’t to make yourselves feel better about your mistake.

          9. West Palm Beach’s first historic district to be included on the National Register of Historic Places (February 1992), the Northwest neighborhood was first settled in 1894, when the black community was moved from the Styx in Palm Beach to West Palm Beach. It also served as the city’s segregated black community from 1929 to 1960 (along with Pleasant City).

            Northwest remains a predominantly black community but according to the city planning department, most middle- and upper-class blacks moved to other neighborhoods after desegregation. Tamarind and Rosemary Avenues were the commercial centers for blacks by 1915, but most commercial buildings have been demolished or remodeled so the architecture is no longer significant.
            There are still good examples of late 19th- and early 20th-century American bungalow/craftsman-style homes in this neighborhood, which also has mission, shotgun, Bahamian vernacular and American Foursquare styles.
            The Alice Frederick Mickens house, at 801 Fourth St., is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mickens was a philanthropist and humanitarian who promoted education for black youth.

            Another notable house is the Gwen Cherry house at 625 Division Ave. Cherry, Florida’s first black woman legislator and a resident of Miami, inherited the house from relative Mollie ****, who built the house in 1926. Now it is the Palm Beach County Black Historical Society.

            The Northwest neighborhood was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. The next year the neighborhood became a West Palm Beach historic district in 1993.”

          10. Doctors are SUPPOSED to report side effects to the FDA/CDC. I doubt that one percent of them do and then the FDA/CDC tells the public that side-effects are RARE.

            I told my GP that I had intense crippling leg pain a few days after my booster and I didn’t get as much as a shrug out of her, like she had suddenly gone deaf. The chances of my real side effects being reported to a governmental agency are about the same as my throwing a ball into the air and hitting Neptune.
            I am also sure that this malfeasance on the part of lazy, uncaring GP’s is repeated thousands of times a day.

            So when you hear about another RARE side effect, take the word RARE with a grain of salt and think, perhaps, LIKELY side effect instead.

          11. TOP ASIAN HATE!!!!

            Black-on-Asian violence is a bloody reality. According to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics criminal victimization report published in 2019, 182,230 Asians in America were victims of violent crime in 2018. Black offenders were the perpetrators in a whopping 27.5% of those cases—the highest of any racial group. Given that black Americans make up only 12% of the population, that means black offenders on a per capita basis commit more than five times as many violent attacks on Asians as whites or Hispanics.

            The math is the math. The facts are the facts. But you wouldn’t know it from mainstream media coverage (or rather, cover-ups) of the robberies, rapes and homicides committed by black assailants against women who look like me.

            Here is how the New York Times selectively reported on the grisly stalking, alleged sexual assault and brutal stabbing frenzy this weekend that left a 35-year-old Korean American online producer bleeding to death in her own New York City apartment bathroom:

            A 35-year-old woman was killed in her Manhattan apartment by a man who followed her into her building, the police said. Identified as Christina Yuna Lee, she was the latest person of Asian descent injured or killed in a string of attacks in New York City.

            Lee’s attacker was not just a “man,” but a black man—the latest perpetrator of said race arrested in a string of violent attacks against victims of Asian descent in New York City. And Los Angeles. And San Francisco. If Lee’s race is relevant enough to spotlight in the lead paragraph of America’s so-called “newspaper of record,” why isn’t the alleged killer’s?

            In Woke America 2022, you’re not allowed to ask such questions, let alone Notice.

            I Notice.

            When Chinese American financial executive Michelle Alyssa Go was pushed to her death off a subway platform in the Big Apple a month ago, the Black Lives Matter–crusading media played racial hide-and-seek. NBC News headlined a piece decrying the crime: “NYC subway station death of Michelle Go leaves Asian Americans reeling.” Described simply as a “homeless man,” Go’s admitted murderer is a serial black offender with a long rap sheet dating back to 1998. His race was not mentioned a single time in the NBC News story, which drummed up hysteria about “hate crimes.”

            When Filipina American nurse Maria Ambrocio was fatally attacked in Times Square last October, Yahoo News made sure to put her ethnicity in the headline but described her attacker—in the midst of a violent crime spree—as merely a “mentally ill man” of unidentified race. I’ll let you guess.

            When Vietnamese garment worker Than Than Htwe was murdered last July in NYC, WABC radio reported: “Asian Woman Pushed Down Subway Stairs Dies; NYPD Identify Suspect.” Once again, the race of the victim earned its place in the headline, but not the race of the suspect, David Robinson. Guess again.

            Why does it matter, you might ask, that the Black Lives Matter–worshiping media selectively plays up the race of Asian victims while deliberately whitewashing the race of the perpetrators in these horrible cases? It matters because when you remove “white privilege,” “white supremacy,” “white patriarchy,” Donald Trump and the Republican Party as scapegoats, uncomfortable facts, statistics and realities about these violent outbreaks of failed coexistence in America remain. Woke white academics and political propagandists are part of the cover-up. So are clueless woke Asian liberals.

            For merely noticing and sharing my observations with others who have noticed, I’ve been flagged by the Southern Poverty Law Center, banned by Airbnb and, most recently, tarred as a white supremacist sympathizer by the Idaho Statesman. No matter. You can rig the headlines and algorithms. You can smear and condemn. But you can’t stop those with eyes open from noticing.



            Pssst. Can I have your attention, please? I’m going to share a little secret that liberal “people of color” and their public relations agents in the media don’t want you to know. The recent crime wave against Asians in America’s big cities is not the fault of Donald Trump, MAGA activists, conservative talk radio, or white people. It’s the fault of the perpetrators and the perpetrators alone—most of whom happen to be thugs “of color.“

            Let’s pop the delusional bubble of left-wing Asians who marched this weekend in New York City, Oakland and San Francisco in “unity” protests against “white supremacy.” These “wokesters” blame “anti-Asian bias” created by an imagined backlash by imagined “white supremacists” against China because of COVID-19. Donning “Black and Asian unity” T-shirts, they embraced the self-defeating attitude of Oakland organizer Eddy Zheng, who wheedled: “Supporting our Asian community is not about dividing us. This support is for all of us suffering under white supremacy. We need to understand that so we can triumph and have public and personal safety.”

            Reality check: Just last week in Vallejo, California, Filipino-American store owner Marc Quidit was shot four times in the leg by a gang of armed robbers. They were black.

            Two weeks ago, in Oakland’s Chinatown, a 91-year-old Asian man was assaulted by an assailant amidst a crime wave of more than 20 robberies and violent attacks in that neighborhood. The attacker wasn’t a white-hooded white man in a KKK robe. He was a masked black man in a black hoodie.

            In Daly City, California, an 84-year-old Thai grandfather died after a brutal attack while on a daytime walk in his neighborhood. His attacker was a teenage black street criminal.

            Viral videos have exposed several vicious attacks on elderly Asian subway riders and pedestrians in New York City since last fall. An inconvenient detail that anyone with functional eyes can see: The perpetrators in the security camera footage aren’t wearing MAGA hats. They don’t have flaming crosses in hand. Inconveniently for the “defund the police” hipsters, the opportunists robbing, punching and shooting Asians on those videos aren’t white people. They are black—and that’s just plain fact.

            More facts: Federal Bureau of Justice statistics data show that of nearly 600,000 violent interracial victimizations involving blacks and whites, black suspects committed 537,204 interracial felonies (not including homicides), or 90%, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10%. The Red Elephants blog points out that black perpetrators are also overrepresented among all perpetrators of hate crimes—by 50%—according to the most recent Justice Department data from 2017. Whites are underrepresented by 24%.

            You never hear these facts from the national propagandists in the so-called mainstream media. It’s a sin of omission that amounts to journalistic malpractice. The leftist Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers have zero evidence that the thugs robbing and punching and murdering vulnerable elderly Asians have ever cared one iota about politics, COVID-19, race or Donald Trump. They have zero evidence that these street attacks were inspired by “anti-Asian hate”—as opposed to pure opportunism, criminal malice or plain evil.

            These crimes in liberal cities are spiking as radical, George Soros-backed district attorneys enact soft-on-crime policies such as “restorative justice” that let violent criminals run free. Chesa Boudin, San Francisco’s Soros-supported D.A. and son of convicted Weather Underground terrorists, dropped robbery, elder abuse and hate crime charges last year against a 20-year-old black suspect caught on tape attacking an elderly Asian man. Burglaries, arson and motor vehicle thefts have all spiked as Boudin has abandoned prosecution of “quality of life” crimes, as well as prosecutions for felony arrests.

            When you elect soft-on-crime politicians and prosecutors, you get more crime. When you defund and demonize the police, all innocent citizens are unsafe—whatever their color.

            Blaming whitey may get you a few virtue-signaling points, but at what price in blood? What’s truly insane is that Asian-American liberals are marching arm and arm with the very dangerous zealots whose policies incentivized these street crimes against the vulnerable and defenseless in the first place. Remember: What you permit, you promote. What you allow, you encourage. What you condone, you own.

          12. First they came for the Communists
            And I did not speak out
            Because I was not a Communist

            Then they came for the Socialists
            And I did not speak out
            Because I was not a Socialist

            Then they came for the trade unionists
            And I did not speak out
            Because I was not a trade unionist

            Then they came for the Jews
            And I did not speak out
            Because I was not a Jew

            Then they came for me
            And there was no one left
            To speak out for me

            -Martin Niemöller

          13. These dudes are NOT unionizing.

            Unions organize against their employers.

            These guys are self employed. Because they like it that way.

            They are Patriots and freedom fighters. They’re organizing against a tyrannical oligarchy wherein an unholy alliance of government and big business have conspired to snuff out independent businesspeople and tradesmen who put their own money and blood, sweat and tears into earning a living for their families and making sure they remain free.

            I have never been so impressed by Canadians. We are allied free nations, governed by free people. These utter bad asses are reminding these dipshits who think they rule us, exactly who our bosses are.

            Damn proud of these truckers. They make sure our country is fed and comfortable. Glad they are reminding Xiden who his fricking boss is. It’s not China. It’s not Google. It’s me, you and a bunch of hard working men who put their arse on the line for all of us.


          14. Stealing JoJaBuckeye’s list..

            Chicken: Fingers

            Cow: Rosie

            Lamb: Borghini

            Horse: Elmer

            Donkey: Howard Stern

            Pig: Hillary (No reason to change this)

            Rooster: Alice

            Bull: Sir

            Sheep: Mrs. Tibor

        3. This is what Saban supports:

          Allowing federal democrats to oversee redistricting in every state. Democrats want to gerrymander away republican seats, thus silencing the voice of 50% of the population (70% of his current state’s voice) at the fedgov level.

          No ID necessary to vote.

          Recounts/audits/data would be controlled at the federal level.

          This is basically a nationwide gerrymandering scheme which would lock democrats in charge for the next decade & beyond.

          Saban can buy a bag of aids dicks and suck every one of them on his way to take the Michigan job.

          Some things are bigger than his precious championships and Aflac commercials. He wants to make the overwhelming majority of Alabamians politically irrelevant.

          Fuq that runt cuck.

          1. I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

            How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

            The person they were yelling at in that ad was SAG President Alan Rosenberg (take a guess). The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel (Jew with Israeli parents) on the Huffington Post, which is owned by Arianna Huffington (not Jewish and has never worked in Hollywood.)

            The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

            As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between “The 700 Club” and “Davey and Goliath” on TV all day.

            So I’ve taken it upon myself to re-convince America that Jews run Hollywood by launching a public relations campaign, because that’s what we do best. I’m weighing several slogans, including: “Hollywood: More Jewish than ever!”; “Hollywood: From the people who brought you the Bible”; and “Hollywood: If you enjoy TV and movies, then you probably like Jews after all.”

            I called ADL Chairman Abe Foxman, who was in Santiago, Chile, where, he told me to my dismay, he was not hunting Nazis. He dismissed my whole proposition, saying that the number of people who think Jews run Hollywood is still too high. The ADL poll, he pointed out, showed that 59% of Americans think Hollywood execs “do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans,” and 43% think the entertainment industry is waging an organized campaign to “weaken the influence of religious values in this country.”

            That’s a sinister canard, Foxman said. “It means they think Jews

            meet at Canter’s Deli on Friday mornings to decide what’s best for the Jews.” Foxman’s argument made me rethink: I have to eat at Canter’s more often.

            “That’s a very dangerous phrase, ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ What is true is that there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood,” he said. Instead of “control,” Foxman would prefer people say that many executives in the industry “happen to be Jewish,” as in “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”

            But Foxman said he is proud of the accomplishments of American Jews. “I think Jews are disproportionately represented in the creative industry. They’re disproportionate as lawyers and probably medicine here as well,” he said. He argues that this does not mean that Jews make pro-Jewish movies any more than they do pro-Jewish surgery. Though other countries, I’ve noticed, aren’t so big on circumcision.

            I appreciate Foxman’s concerns. And maybe my life spent in a New Jersey-New York/Bay Area-L.A. pro-Semitic coc00n has left me naive. But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.

          2. I have no idea if the rumors are true or not and do not care…I do not care that much about the horrific ending to last season and how it happened. What I DO CARE ABOUT IS AUBURN…and a little advice for Coach Harsin, albeit a day late and a dollar short is this…MAKE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES…or at the least MAKE AN EFFORT TO MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH THE AUBURN FAMILY… with the AU students, the AU donors, boosters…DO NOT make the AU athletic Complex seem like it is Stalingrad during WWII…under seize…no one on the inside is getting out and no one on the outside is getting in…I recall, Stalingrad was never taken by the Germans, Stalin was “victorious” and broke the seize of the city that bore his name…YET, it was nothing left but rubble, debris, and corpses… Are rumors planted by rival programs and even media to crate false narratives…absolutely…so that is why, Coach Harsin, you would be in better shape today if you would have MADE AN EFFORT TO CONNECT WITH THE AUBURN FAMILY, the AU students, Donors, boosters and even local beat reporters…all which you have alienated from AU Football since you arrived… you turned a welcoming, warm place into a cold, hollow entity the had the aurora of being under seize…Why didn’t you contact all the local and state sports media people and set a time to meet with them, off the record to clear the air…any question fair game…just you and them??? You did not do that, you ran to ESPN…probably the worse platform you could have run to for AU people…if you do not know why then similar to what I thought during your intro pres conference…you haven’t a clue… You made a comment that you were hired to coach so let coaches coach…I disagree with you and that is where you are missing the boat in a big way…YOU WERE HIRED AS AUBURN’S HEAD FOOTBALL COACH, THE FACE OF THE UNIVERSITY, AND INSTANTLY BECAME ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MEN IN OUR STATE…Every HC in the SEC is expected to do a lot more than coach football…and Coach Harsin, you have failed miserably at making connections with any part of AU…you throwing AU admin under the bus about the OC situation will not serve you any purpose beyond add fuel to the fire…Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut, take the blame and move on…you have made a point from day 1 to alienate AU Football and to isolate yourself… NO SEC COACH CAN SURVIVE DOING THAT because you are being paid millions to do a lot more than just coach. You had your one opportunity to endear yourself to the Auburn Family and you gave us the middle finger…and now, outside forces are building against you plead your case nationally through ESPN will not work with us…ESPN will likely do what they can to control this narrative, dictate this narrative to place AU in a negative light, and place you in a positive light… There is nothing positive about not signing a single player during the February Signing period although at least 2 had provided silent verbal commitments to you as recently as 2 weeks ago…You hired a 30yr old coach with zero experience Coaching at the college level, had never been a coordinator at any level including junior high school yet you hire him anyway…do you think it was a coincidence that he decided to wait until 2 days before signing day to announce he would not honor his commitment to be AU’s next OC…Having the verbal commitments back out and now having rumors that are aligned with Petrino if not more spewed across social media….if not true then have you not asked yourself why??? Have you not figured out you will have people targeting you paying kids and families to lie and manipulate and often it is not any AU faction trying to set you up but are our rivals… you really did not do yourself any favors by going to ESPN as I said…you haven’t done yourself any favors by not going to local beat writers….you haven’t done yourself any favors by running off more than half of Coach Malzhans last recruiting class which was his worst one yet was still higher than any you have had…it was ranked #11 in the nation…half of those players have transferred…Coaches and analysts leaving in droves…not leaving for championship-caliber programs but leaving for schools like UCF, Indiana, OKLAHOMA…STATE, and even FCS schools…Unprecedented in unprecedented times I get that but…initially, people dismissed the transfers and departures stating that the kid was buried on the depth chart…some were said to not be willing to put the work in…however when 1/3 of the team leaves along with coaches and you get left at the alter holding your junk…well, it’s obvious it is not everyone else…perhaps invest in a mirror to look deep into and analyze what is being reflected back at you…Because you had an opportunity, the Auburn family welcomed you in, made you part of us and you rejected every one of us then locked us out after that…I doubt you would be facing this turmoil is you didn’t think so highly of yourself and so little of others…but understand this, AU will be a championship program again with or without you…we always are…you need AU much more than AU needs you…don’t ever forget that…

          3. I do not believe any semblance of fairness has occurred in this process any more than what occurred to Gus throughout his final 3 years. He never allowed the public to know what was occurring. He was grilled and questioned about his annual philosophy changes…what the average fan didn’t realize was he was given in essence an ultimatum. Each year, the PTB took a different tactic, used their influence in the press & did all they could to assure Gus could not be successful. This is not an opinion. This is a fact from 1st hand information. He turned the table and played them his final 6-9 months…although, he was not shocked he was somewhat surprised considering they knew why recruiting, why wins and losses didn’t reflect what expectations were even with the schedule AU plays annually. Ultimately, Within 90 days of coaching his last game for AU, he has over $10M USD wired into designated accounts with the other $10M-$11M USD being paid to him within 6 months from that point. He knew the PTB at AU had just dug themselves a hole…and now, they are only digging one deeper…the biggest difference is the Au base is not so much united behind Harsin as we are united against the power brokers. Not sure if it is like that at other programs or not but it must end at AU. With Harsin, False narratives have been pushed without providing opposing views and undermining has occurred from within and among several beat reporters as well who are aligned with the PTB…I guess the 4 letters are justified…


            I hope Harsin does survive…If he does, I do not think he will do everything he can to prove the PTBs & doubters wrong.

          4. There was a great propaganda video going around a few months ago maybe 2 hours long. i forgot who funded it but it talked all about that. As a non believer I found it fascinating and good fodder to get stoned by but man no 80’s New Wave group that I can think of can match that level of creativity . Not even Kraftwerk.

            You guys are downing some magnetic designer chemicals to go in that direction.

            A virus hits the world so communism must take root in America specifically and it was all planned and every other country in the world was in on the prank. Jackass had the cameras rolling…..

            Don’t mind me I’m just a hippie with no idea what’s going on. hahaha

          5. Is this what masquerades as a logical argument from the covid cultists?

            I tried to reason with a good friend of mine who is a true believer. She is scarred to death that she and her husband and son will catch covid and then have “long covid”, a syndrome that seems in many cases to simply be mental health issues with a new name, like “chronic fatigue syndrome” and other things. yes, if you get pneumonia from any virus, you are going to be in bad shape for some years. That’s legit. When I told her my entire house had covid and that my 2 unvaccinated children had colds from it..she was like “I hope they don’t get long covid”. What can you say to people who have bought the left and the medias fear porn about this thing? It’s sad.

          6. In anticipation of the announcement tomorrow of what this is all about, I want to counter the narrative of this “amazing” (as Gothamist puts it) Tinder experiment before it comes out on Good Morning America.

            What was the point of this “social experiment?” What artistic message does this display about our world? Rob Bliss Creative and Natasha said it revolved around “gender,” “online dating” and “dating dynamics.”

            Was the point to show how one girl can manipulate and mislead hundreds of men into going on a private one-on-one date with her by pretending to act interested? Congratulations. Alfred Kinsey would be proud.

            Was the point to show the backlash she has gotten from manipulating hundreds (if not thousands, according to Rob Bliss Creative), men? I anticipate she may read some of the comments on air. Also, again no surprise. When you mislead this many amount of people, you are bound to catch backlash, and many may react nastily out of sheer emotion and humiliation. Are some of the comments over the top and misogynist? Absolutely. But if you poke a hornet’s nest, you are bound to be stung.

            Was the point to show how a woman might approach dating on Tinder like a good amount of men do? Maybe clever. But please inform me of the last time a man attracted hundreds of women into a public space to humiliate them for their physical features on camera. The DC-list event is probably the closest, but pales enormously in comparison with this. Plus, the perpetrator received a ton of warranted backlash.

            Was the point to show how many lonely desperate men there are in NYC who out of emotional vulnerability ignore red flags and go on a date with Natasha? Once again, nothing new or profound. Just cruel.

            Was the point to show dating standards between men and women and what human beings look for in a partner? Once again, nothing new or profound. Anyone can look that up in the numerous scientific peer-reviewed articles on this subject on the internet.

            My point is, no matter what excuse Natasha or Rob Bliss Creative provide tomorrow on Good Morning America, it doesn’t change the fact this was cruel, humiliating, and last, but not least, not well thought out. There is absolutely no excuse for emotional manipulation and lying, no matter to what end, to prove any large societal point, which I feel they did not accomplish.

            The cat-calling video was important. This is just mean.

          7. Even my millennial buddies know most millennials are dildos.

            I’m a Gen X’er and most of my nieces and nephews who are Gen Z think millennials are dildos too. Admit it. Very few millennials are based.

          8. I tried to cancel sirius recently as I do not need it in my Tesla. Customer service tried everything to get me to change my mind, then finally flat refused to cancel my account because I could not confirm the INCORRECT address they had on file. I lived in that same house through nearly the entire existence of the company, much more so my account!

            I argued this stupidity for 10 minutes before hanging up to call my bank. I literally had to get a new debit card (thankfully, that’s all they had to charge me) to get their automatic payments stopped.

            Sirius may as well be a Nigerian prince as far as I am concerned. Huge scammers.

        4. My mother and I had agreed that we’d have a quiet Christmas – she’d just broken off with her latest lover, and I had no plans, so we decided we’d spend the day at home together, just the two of us. But on Christmas Eve we learned that my oldest and best friend, Frank, would be on his own – his family had gone on a short skiing holiday and got snowed in. He and I had visited each other’s homes innumerable times, and he was almost like a member of the family, so of course my mother insisted that he spent Christmas Day with us.

          Mum decided that she should look ‘Christmassy’, and she was wearing a red light woollen dress, unusually low-cut for her, and showing quite a lot of her breasts and deep cleavage. It left her arms bare, and the hem ended a couple of inches above her knees. She was fair-haired, with dazzling blue eyes, a wide sensuous mouth with full lips, and very white skin that tanned to a light golden colour in the summer. Her figure was gorgeous, with full breasts and a narrow waist, and excellent legs set off by high heels, and when Frank arrived and saw her he gave a low whistle, and she blushed, looking down at herself.

          ‘Do you – do you think this dress shows too much of me?’ she asked nervously, looking at me and then Frank.

          ‘Of course not, Mum – you look wonderful – and anyway, it’s Christmas!’ I said, and Frank agreed, saying that she looked perfect.

          He’d brought an armful of presents, a bunch of flowers for my mother, a bottle of sherry and one of champagne, and then with a flourish he produced a sprig of mistletoe. ‘I just found out that kissing under the mistletoe is a Scandinavian legend from ancient mythology,’ he said. ‘A sprig of mistletoe was given to the goddess of love to keep, and everyone who passed under it received a kiss as a symbol of love. Just the thing for a lady wearing a dress like that. So here you are, Goddess!’

          He handed it to my mother – she giggled, and held it over her head, and he grinned and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She giggled again and turned to me: ‘Now it’s your turn, darling!’

          I smiled and wished her a Happy Christmas, then I kissed her on the cheek.

          ‘No! A proper kiss, dear – it’s Christmas!’ she said, and offered me her mouth. I hesitated for a moment, then briefly pressed my lips to hers, and Frank looked on, grinning. Then he took the mistletoe and fastened it over the doorway. ‘We have to have a kiss every time we come through the door!’

          We opened the bottle of sherry and toasted each other, then chatted for a while. The sherry went down quickly, and we all had another glass. My mother rarely drank, just an occasional glass of wine with a meal, and soon her face was slightly flushed and her eyes took on an additional sparkle. Then Frank suggested we go out for some fresh air and a lunchtime drink. As we passed through the doorway Frank and I both got another kiss, and then my mother grabbed a shawl to put round her shoulders, and we set off.

          The weather was unseasonably mild, and it wasn’t far to walk, so we didn’t get much exercise or fresh air. The place was crowded, but we were lucky enough to find a seat for my mother, and she sipped another sherry while Frank and I stood next to her enjoying a beer. I noticed that Mum got quite a lot of admiring glances, especially when she crossed her legs, to reveal a considerable expanse of thigh.

          Standing over her like that, I – and Frank – had an excellent view of her swelling breasts, and when our glances met he rolled his eyes appreciatively and stared down at her again. Mum’s chair was against the wall, and by stretching out she could just reach a nearby table to put her glass on it. But every time she did so, her dress fell away from her body to reveal a matching red half-bra, and of course even more of her breasts, and I felt my dick begin to harden involuntarily, and I guiltily found myself imagining slipping my hand into her bra and fondling my mother’s perfect white globes..

          It was very noisy, and difficult to make conversation, but Mum seemed to be enjoying herself. Then she took my hand and beckoned to me. I bent over, lowering my head so that she could whisper to me:

          ‘I hope you like my new bra, darling – you seem to be spending a lot of time looking down my dress at it!’

          Her eyes were sparkling mischievously, and when she saw me blushing scarlet she laughed and squeezed my hand, then deliberately leaned forward to reach for her glass, smiling up at me.

          Mum announced that she needed to powder her nose – the toilets were at the far end of the long bar, and Frank and I watched as she pushed her way through the crowd, laughing as men joked with her, her body unavoidably pressing against them, and we saw the odd hand fondling her, but she didn’t seem to mind. She was gone a long time, while we jealously guarded her chair, and when she finally returned her lipstick was smeared and her face even more flushed.

          ‘There was more mistletoe down there!’ she panted, laughing. ‘I think an entire football team wanted to kiss me – and their hands were everywhere!’

          She took out her mirror and tried to repair the damage, and when she crossed her legs the hem of her dress rode up even higher than before. As we finished our drinks her legs brushed against mine, and when she got up she stumbled slightly, and I put my arm round her to steady her, briefly pressing her yielding body to me.

          On the way home I noticed Frank putting his arm round her waist, and she giggled and put her head on his shoulder for a moment. When we got indoors the mistletoe came into play again, but this time the kisses were a little longer, and I felt my dick stirring again as I held her and kissed her soft warm lips.

          The afternoon passed quickly – we did the usual things, listened to music, chatted, ate mince pies, and had tea. My mother and I often passed in the doorway going to and from the kitchen, and I was uncomfortably aware of her breasts pressing against my chest every time we kissed. Seeing her sitting in an armchair showing even more thigh didn’t help, either, and I noticed that Frank frequently glanced at her legs, too.

          She may have seen him looking at her, or it might have been completely innocent, but as she passed him sitting on the settee she asked him if he was enjoying his Christmas. Frank smiled at her and grabbed her hand, pulling her down beside him as he said he was having a wonderful time. Then he put his arm round her and kissed her soundly – Mum struggled to free herself, her legs flailing, and I caught a flash of bare thighs as I discovered that she was wearing stockings and a suspender belt. I also saw her skimpy panties, red lace to match her bra, and then I was stunned to see a dark patch between her legs, and I realised that all the kissing and fooling around had made my mother wet.

          She broke away, laughing and gasping for breath, and said that kissing was only allowed under the mistletoe. Frank winked at me and nodded towards the doorway, and I collected the mistletoe and held it over them. Mum hesitated, then she turned to Frank and I saw her lips part as his mouth covered hers. The kiss lengthened – his left arm was around her shoulders, his hand on her bare arm, while his right hand rested on her uncovered thigh, and I saw her pressing herself against him as she returned his kiss. I felt the now-familiar spurt of arousal, coupled with envy as I watched them kissing, and then Mum finally pushed him away, her face flushed and her breasts heaving as she struggled for breath.

          Her dress had slipped off one shoulder, and the hem was practically up around her waist – she quickly rearranged her dress and wriggled it down over her legs, saying nothing and with her eyes lowered, and I was afraid things had gone too far. I replaced the mistletoe over the doorway, and turned to find my mother standing behind me. She said she was going to the bathroom, then she glanced up at the mistletoe and kissed me, hugging me to her. The kiss was brief but unexpectedly passionate, and I knew she could feel my erection jammed against her.

          Then it was time for more sherry, and we eventually sat down to dinner about seven, having again frequently paused under the mistletoe. Frank opened the champagne, and soon my mother’s cheeks were flushed again. We laughed a lot, and pulled crackers, and drank more champagne – both Frank and I got frequent glimpses of my mother’s breasts and legs, and by now my dick was permanently stiff and throbbing. After dinner the three of us did the dishes together, and I managed to brush my erect dick against Mum’s bottom and once even trail the back of my hand across her breasts as I reached for something. If she noticed she didn’t say or do anything, and finally we tidied up before having coffee in the living room.

          Mum and I led the way, with me carrying the tray of coffee cups, and we paused yet again under the mistletoe. It wasn’t easy to kiss her properly while carrying the tray, but she seemed in no hurry to break away, and I felt her lips working deliciously on my mouth. But then I moved on into the room and put the tray down on the coffee table, my mother following me, just as Frank appeared in the doorway.

          Without a word he took Mum’s hand and drew he back under the mistletoe, then he put his arm round her and held her close as he fastened his mouth on hers. I saw her stiffen momentarily, then she moulded her body to him as the kiss deepened. I watched, dumbfounded, as they kissed wetly, seeing their tongues hunting for each other, and then to my amazement I saw Frank’s right hand cup my mother’s left breast. I expected her to pull away angrily, but instead she slipped her bare arm round his neck and squirmed against him as he fondled her.

          His other hand dropped to her bottom, forcing her pelvis against him – the kiss seemed to go on for ever, but then their lips parted, and he kissed her neck and shoulder, then he whispered something in her ear, his hands still kneading her breast and fondling her bottom. She stared into his eyes for a few moments, then slowly nodded her head before kissing him hungrily once again. Then she took his hand and led him out of the room, pausing only to glance at me guiltily over her shoulder, and then they were gone.

          Ignoring the coffee, I poured myself a Scotch, unable to believe what I’d just witnessed. I sank into an armchair and switched on the TV, muting the sound and staring unseeingly at the screen as I took a swig of whiskey, trying to come to terms with what my mother and Frank were doing. I soon needed to replenish my glass, and carried the bottle back to the chair. I turned off the lights, so that the only illumination came from the Christmas tree decorations and the TV, and thought back over the day, visualising again my mother’s body and legs clad in her revealing red dress, her flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes, and the feel of her lips on mine.

          I drank some more Scotch, and slowly realised that despite my shock and anger, I was becoming aroused at the thought of my mother upstairs with Frank. I imagined him stripping her, removing her red dress and then her bra, freeing her full breasts and kissing them and sucking her nipples … I thought of him peeling off her stockings and kissing her feet and legs, then pulling off her suspender belt and easing her panties down before kissing her thighs and burying his face between her legs, then laying her on the bed and parting her legs as, naked in his arms, she guided his cock into her, and let him fuck her … I don’t know how long I sat like that, drinking and staring moodily into space, gripping my dick through my trousers, but eventually my eyes closed, still imaging my mother naked with Frank, in the throes of an orgasm …

          The sound of the front door closing brought me back to consciousness, and then I heard my mother’s voice. ‘Darling – are you all right?’ she said anxiously.

          She was bending over me, holding her robe tightly round her body, and she took the empty glass from my hand and put it on the coffee table. I reached out and pulled her down onto my lap, her legs hanging over the arm of the chair, and she looked up at me miserably.

          ‘I – I didn’t mean to do it, darling – nothing like that has happened with Frank before – I’ve never thought about him like that, and he wasn’t even very good. Maybe it was the champagne, I don’t know. But it’s been like that all day, and those men kissing me, and feeling me. And everybody kept looking at me – you, too, darling – and wanting me … It doesn’t mean anything, and it won’t happen again. It’s just that – when he kissed me, and touched me … he asked me if I wanted to go to bed, and suddenly I wanted sex desperately …I’d have done it with anybody …’ Her voice trailed away, and in the dim light I saw that there were tears in her eyes.

          My arm was around her shoulders – her body felt warm through the thin material of her robe, and the vision of Frank fucking her suddenly returned. I slipped my free hand inside her robe – as I’d thought, she was naked beneath it, and I found her breast – the same breast that Frank had fondled through her dress as they kissed under the mistletoe. I brushed my thumb back and forth across her nipple, feeling it stiffen, and my mother stared at me wide-eyed.

          ‘Darling! What are you doing? You – you mustn’t …’

          I didn’t wait for her to finish, but pulled her to me and kissed her roughly, still caressing her naked yielding breast inside her robe. She struggled, trying to push me away, but I held her tightly, kissing her fiercely. Gradually her struggles weakened, and again I felt her hard nipple as I caressed her. Then her mouth opened under mine, and our tongues found each other. I pushed the robe away from her body, and I raised her up so that I could kiss her breast. I tried to take as much as I could of it in my mouth, sucking it until I eventually concentrated on her nipple, running my tongue around it and feeling her stippled aureole. I sucked her rigid nipple as I must have done as a baby, and I heard her moaning. Then I ran my hand over her body, down over her belly, feeling it fluttering under my fingers. I looked down at her, and saw marks on her bare breasts – Frank must have been rough with her, but from what I knew of some of her past lovers she would have enjoyed that. My hand wandered between her legs, and I stroked her thighs, and then I lifted her up to slide my hand beneath her to fondle her bottom.

          Her legs were splayed wide apart – one knee was still hooked over the arm of the chair, and her other foot trailed on the floor. I ran my hand up and down her incredibly silky-soft thighs, before finding the lips of her dripping wet vulva. Then I concentrated on her clitoris, rubbing it, squeezing it, tugging it and rolling it between my finger and thumb. My mother was squirming against me as I caressed her, kissing me feverishly. Still holding her, I managed to push the robe off her shoulders completely, and then I lowered her, naked, onto the rug and knelt beside her. She looked up at me, her eyes heavy with lust as I started to tear off my clothes. ‘Darling – I should tell you to stop, but I want it – I want you – I need you – so badly!’

          I stared at her beautiful naked body, illuminated only by the flickering TV screen and the Christmas tree lights, then I lowered myself on top of her and kissed her. She writhed under me, returning my kisses and clinging to me. Then she reached down for my throbbing penis, and suddenly I was sliding into her.

          Now I could think of nothing but the marvellous sensation of easing my cock into my mother’s vagina. It seemed that my already engorged penis lengthened and thickened even more – I think Mum felt it too, because she gasped, and her hips thrust up to force me deeper into her, and I felt the muscles of her vagina gripping me. I started to fuck her slowly, kissing and fondling her, and hearing hr moaning softly. The feel of her body against mine was incredible, her skin incredibly smooth and her flesh soft and yielding, her mouth wet and hungry. I forced her wrists above her head, and she responded by grinding her breasts against my chest. I held back as long as I could, not wanting it to end – my mother was panting frantically, her body jerking spasmodically and her skin slippery with perspiration, and suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer.

          I started to drive into her faster and harder, feeling her match my movements – her heels clamped onto my buttocks, helping me to penetrate her even more deeply, and then she screamed, locking her ankles round me and forcing herself against me as I ejaculated violently. It was the most shattering climax I’d ever experienced, and my semen spurted into her uncontrollably, jetting against the walls of her vagina again and again. She fell back limply, shuddering as I continued to erupt into her, and when I eventually started to soften she smiled at me weakly and touched my face.

          ‘Christ, why did I bother with Frank? I’ve never known anything like that before, sweetheart … Take me upstairs, darling, and make love to me like that all night! But first, dearest, kiss me again – and don’t let’s bother with the mistletoe!’

          Roll Tide!

          1. My go to tests: Do his pants fit like a woman’s in the crotch? (micro) Does he have thick thighs (big d) Slim hips can be a clue too (thin d). The first test had never let me down. Be wary of big testicles though; they can make a package look bigger but he’s all ball. Height seems not to have anything to do with it for me personally though, because my 5’ 8” ex was packing, and my slim tall man had a needle dick.

          2. Realistically there are many different networks operated by many different people. It would not surprise me if some were operated by nation-states. Decentralized proof of work networks having nodes operated by many different people, groups, entities would help secure a network infrastructure. The thing is, this is known thing and for any complicated network were it is likely some nation states operate nodes to increase their participation and trying to understand the traffic analysis of any particular network. They may (likely) have the ability to rapidly increase the hash rates to force a 51% attack unless other powerful entities or tons of people actively participate in the securing of an individual network. I would imagine this becomes more difficult with network popularity. One problem is the ability of individual data analyst have crap tons of data to sift through and they likely realize the ever increasing world of complications, which leads to the shift and necessity to actively participate in these things including especially to shape social media and public perception. This again feels like regular people get squeezed between regulators and criminals because there many criminals who do screw up things for others to cry out for more and more powers to govern them.

          1. It seems not debatable that, if it wanted, the government could fairly easily ban crypto, force brokers like Coinbase, etc. to shut down, and go after any legitimate company that accepted it as payment.

            If that happened, what is your bitcoin good for? Exchanges with other people who are willing to break the law? Or are you envisioning some endgame where bitcoin outlasts and outlives the federal government?

          2. Y’all are confusing issues, all based on a misunderstanding of what the link in the OP actually says and ignorance of the fact that this power has existed for years and been used for years, though inefficiently.

            Do you believe we shouldn’t seize drug money confiscated on a large scale cocaine bust in Texas involving Mexican nationals? Okay, so what if they didn’t have cash but instead had laptops with information on accounts that revealed crypto transactions for the purchase and sale of the confiscated drugs? Do we no longer want to pursue confiscating that? It’s idiotic.

            I definitely have a problem with the use of the agency and it’s top officials as political agents/assassins, but my solution to that is not to eliminate law enforcement entirely. Y’all sound like perpetual whiners with only problems and not actual solutions….no better than the woke left and their whiny bull shite

        5. I like Putin. He’s no threat to the American peoplePosted on 2/15/22 at 1:59 pm
          up vote2down vote2

          I think he is a decent guy and he is certainly Smarter and more truthful than leadership over here.

          I think the real conflict here is between the NWO and Putin; the same NWO that has their boot on our necks and controls the media, the deep state, etc.

          I know people will come back and say he’s X KGB and he killed this guy and he radiated that guy. But your getting all that from CNN and the BBC. And I wonder how it is they could lie about everything else, but tell the unvarnished truth about Putin.

          Oh, and what is the body count for American presidents,over the last 30 years, in the name of “national security”?

          I dare you to listen to this dude speak about all the dirty crap we have been pulling in Europe since the 90s and conclude that he is less truthful and less rational than psychos like Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Obama etc.

          Fact is. Putin is all class compared to the garage that runs this country.

          I’m sure he intimidated the hell out of Biden & Company. And he should have. The creepy west Europeans flooded their own countries with refugees as a part of some crazy social experiment. Of course the Russians find them difficult to deal with. They are insane.

          1. I like Putin. He’s no threat to the American people

            I think he is a decent guy and he is certainly Smarter and more truthful than leadership over here.

            I think the real conflict here is between the NWO and Putin; the same NWO that has their boot on our necks and controls the media, the deep state, etc.

            I know people will come back and say he’s X KGB and he killed this guy and he radiated that guy. But your getting all that from CNN and the BBC. And I wonder how it is they could lie about everything else, but tell the unvarnished truth about Putin.

            Oh, and what is the body count for American presidents,over the last 30 years, in the name of “national security”?

            I dare you to listen to this dude speak about all the dirty crap we have been pulling in Europe since the 90s and conclude that he is less truthful and less rational than psychos like Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Obama etc.

            Fact is. Putin is all class compared to the garage that runs this country.

            I’m sure he intimidated the hell out of Biden & Company. And he should have. The creepy west Europeans flooded their own countries with refugees as a part of some crazy social experiment. Of course the Russians find them difficult to deal with. They are insane.

          2. a judge froze assets, not ordered them seized, under Canadian law.

            Two totally different processes. Not involving the FBI.

            Not to mention how the Canadian govt is being blasted for their overreach and abuse of power.

            This sort of overreach has put the entire ordeal under a microscope and possibly could result in a change in leadership in the long term.

            Sounds like the right outcome to me

          3. Castleton, Appleby, and Duruji – all seniors – are the only consistent players all season. You never know what you are going to get with everyone else. Lane and Kennedy are cobwebbing on the bench. Felder is a complete mystery. Showed so much promise but has been relegated to “desperate times call for desperate measures” playing time which is sad. Because he is definitely better than that. And more problematic, he is coming back with Kennedy and Reeves three who get minimal playing time on a team that is under .500 in the SEC. How do you build when 7 of your players are gone from eligibility, and the 5 you have coming back one has a devastating injury and the other 4 barely play on a losing team.

            This begs the question if the transfer portal is more miss than hit, why do we have 7 scholarship players leaving and only 3 HS players signed to LOI?

            It can’t be because we are getting such great results from the transfer portal.

            Granted on this current squad, Castleton, Duruju, and Appleby, all transfers, are playing SEC caliber basketball (which requires consistency). We have seen flashes from Jones, flashes from Fleming, flashes from McKissic, and flashes from Felder. I am not totally convinced that had we just allowed Lane, Reeves, and Kennedy to play and even Gatkek, that we would have not gotten similar numbers on offense. Perhaps not on defense.

            But what difference does it make? We play veterans to be not so much under .500 as we might have been playing freshmen who next year having played a full year with major time, would be ready for prime time? Not to mention the draw seeing freshmen and sophomores playing major minutes every game would have on recruiting.

            As it turns out we are going to be forced to get a least 4 transfers in the offseason. One will have to be a center, one will have to be a swingman, one will have to be a power forward, and one with have to be a combo guard. We cannot even afford the luxury of getting either a one or a two at the guard position.

            From what I can see Aberdeen (freshman) will start at the point (unless Kennedy does something extraordinary in development in the offseason), Reeves (sophomore) will start at the shooting guard, Jitoboh (junior) will start at center, a transfer will start at power forward or perhaps Reed (freshman) or Felder, and a transfer will start at the small forward or Reneau (freshman). It will be the first time in Mike White’s tenure that we will have three starters that are 6’8″ and taller. Our front line will average 6’9.6″ in height with a bruising man in the middle at 6’11”. Then we will have a 6’4″ to 6’5″ point guard in Aberdeen who can literally do it all (don’t sleep on him), and Reeves who will be the focal point for scoring at 6’6″ maybe 6’7″ by next year. That is a bona fide tournament team given good selections in the portal to back them up.

            For the first time in 8 years, we won’t have 6’2″ guards guarding 6’10” power forwards. I don’t know if the SEC will be ready for playing us without a handicap as White has had us doing for almost a decade. If Gatkek puts on 20-30 pounds, he could be a factor in the post also.

            Next year is the pivotal year for MW. If he can get the team above 500 in the SEC, earn a solid seed in the NCAA tournament, everyone will start to say the ship has been put back on course. Another year of musical chairing the players through transfers, and winning 2 and losing three throughout the year coupled with mediocre recruiting, and 2023 will be MW’s swan song.

        6. Did you see Nebraska’s stadium before the cancelation?

          They took a hit because of Omaha, and saved face real quick.

          Money talks, sometimes. Image is image.

          It will be 12 degrees there tomorrow and people will still be ice-fishing.

          Let people thaw out before you hit them balls, Baws.

          Don’t make them Baws get a cold.

          Wait until Basketball season is over.

          Y’all must have not played 2 sports in a season in High School.

          Mama just threw you out in February and told you to “do something.”

          That is why you start throwing that ball.


          Let other Colleges and Universities complete their Basketball season(s), and then we will discuss your inferior sport.

          1. 1- There was no crpto currency unit priot to this. If there had been, there would be no need to form one.

            2- There was no Crypto CZAR until now. If there was a Crypto CZAR they would not be creating a new one.

            3- In this announcement they specifically mention businesses taking crypto:

            We also call on all companies dealing with cryptocurrency – we need you to root out cryptocurrency abuses. To those who do not, we will hold you accountable where we can.

            4- Biden is going to regulate it:

            President Biden is expected to issue an executive order next week directing agencies across the government to study cryptocurrencies and a central bank digital currency (CBDC), and come up with a government-wide strategy to regulate digital assets.

            5- WHO decides what a criminal is? They do.

            You refuse to address it. The partiot act was not for use AGAINST the American People. NOR a political campaign… NOR a sitting PRESIDENT. Yet it was.

        7. frick Twitter.
          frick people- every one of them- who are on Twitter.
          frick people who read Twitter.
          frick people who post links to Twitter.
          Especially frick people who feel the need to give us the latest updates about what’s happening on Twitter.

          They’re all pieces of shite.

          1. It more likely means people paying a premium for IP addresses outside of the domain of an enforcing country.

            Practically, stopping ALL network transactions (in all these networks) is a pipe dream even by nation states, unless we are going back into the dark ages. I think that it would be very feasible to make it a big hassle in order to obtain goods and services at the end point would be more likely the points of contention, and I think that is where geographical addresses outside of the domain of enforcement may still exists (likely at premium as well). If this were ever perceived as real threat, economic pressure, could possible result in these emerging regions in sanction like actions. I don’t think this is necessary step that needs to be taken. The problem is not the Crypto, it’s an individual person making good or bad decisions and regulations affect users good and bad and enforcement trying to do what they are assigned to do.

        8. Why should Ukraine join NATO?

          A lot of you just troll the internet with no self-awareness. Most of Europe don’t want Ukraine in NATO. Some countries in Western Europe even had reservations about the EU expanding that deep to the east and it’s the primary reason why the UK left the EU.

          In case you don’t know – Putin was able to do his pump faking posturing in front of Macron because Russia has good relations with France. And it’s not just France – the other 2 big powers in the Eurozone, Italy and Germany, have good relations with Russia.
          The U.K. which is the outsider that doesn’t get along with Russia hasn’t got stomach for any confrontations apart from sanctions. And a lot of British army ex-servicemen have publicly told Boris to stay away from Ukraine.
          A lot of you will be surprised when the US would be told to go fight Russia alone if things were to escalate due to miscalculations (it happened in the Vietnam war). Keep thinking war is a movie and Russia can’t turn North America into rubble. Russia is closer to North America than most people think on the other side of the atlas and Alaska used to be part of Russia before it was sold to the US. So, that should tell you how close both countries are.

          Anyway, the man dared Bush despite all the noise and invaded Georgia and nothing happened. He invaded Crimea despite Obama’s noise and nothing happened. He’ll invade Ukraine if he wants and nothing will happen. But anyone who knows how Putin operates knows he has no intentions of invading Ukraine – if he did, he won’t make the troops movement as obvious as he did. This is just realpolitik and him telling Kiev to slow down with its desperation and how it’s moving in Eastern Ukraine where they have a large Russian population.

          There’s no America + NATO + Ukraine. That’s just your pipe dream. This is America + Ukraine and maybe Canada.

          1. This type of situation—one in which protesters are being freezed out by crowdfunding platforms, one in which the government is threatening to suppress demonstrations and surveil financial transactions—is precisely the use case for crypto, which may be why Canadian officials namechecked it in their Terrorist Financing announcement. Sure, collecting Bored Ape NFTs is cool and all, but crypto’s real value lies in the fact that it’s much harder to trace back to its sender, allowing pseudonymous donors to support whichever political causes they want to, no matter how transgressive. The more intermediaries you layer on, the more opportunities for surveillance, but person-to-person crypto transfers would be quite easy to pull off without reporting to FINTRAC. These reporting requirements already exist for banks in Canada dealing with large amounts of money, just as they do in the U.S. However, monitoring cryptocurrency transactions and crowdfunding donations is not nearly so simple; it’s “unclear how they’d stop a large crypto transfer if no banks are involved,” notes Reason’s Zach Weissmueller on Twitter. If done properly, crypto transfers hold great surveillance-evading potential.

            The FBI are criminals escaping criminal penalties, and you think it’s just gung ho what they’re doing just in case someone may be doing criminal activities. Better be safe and strip me of my rights rather than sorry I still have them. Guessing you’re a fan of civil asset forfeiture as well, you totalitarian windbag.

            They can make our lives miserable. Definitely.

            But, they can’t just drop into the network and drain crypto wallets without the private keys. That’s impossible.

            If you’re talking about freezing crypto, they would have to commandeer every computer on the planet that comprises the networks. In many places it’s outside of their jurisdiction.

            Edit: Actually, I think they would only need to control 51% of the nodes, but once again, that’s nearly impossible.

            Freeze the ability to send crypto in cold storage?

            No I don’t think they can, nor will they ever gain the ability to. I think if the technology existed to do that then the entire idea of encryption giving secure connections to anything on the internet is dead. We’d have seen cyber attacks done at scale and bank accounts everywhere drained because that security certificate used to verify you have a trusted connection would be absolutely worthless. Thus far, there have been no demonstrations showing SHA256 can be beaten by any method other than guess and check brute force, and frankly in the event that something like a collision is ever discovered a new more robust cryptographic hash function could be used for the proof of work to validate transactions.

            As far as trying to control the network with brute force, the sheer wall of hash power required to control what blocks do/don’t get verified is beyond astronomical at this juncture.

            Right. The FBI would have to be the worlds biggest miner and that is not possible.

            They would need around 45-50 Terawatt-hours to control the network. Thus, the more adoption BTC has the harder and harder it becomes to control. New age my friends. New age.

            Good luck “building back better” trying to get that much energy…..

            1 Terawatt = 1 trillion watts……

        9. Was at the game, lower level. Ball movement/player movement/spacing in the 1st half was a s good as it has been in years. Different lineup combinations in 2nd half caused us to not score as much, but the action was still very very good…this was not at all like years past when we had scoring lulls due to guys standing around…2nd half scoring issues were more lineup combos, some sloppy turnovers, and missed shots…the O was still generating great looks most of the 2nd half….this will be a streaky team shooting the ball….looks like we have some real grittiness and toughness on D as well…time will tell…the off ball screening and cutting was fantastic to watch as a coach

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        11. I just scored a deal on a beautiful spot in Cypress Hills on Jamaica Ave, close to the Van Siclen stop. I am a musician and artist so the space is necessary for me. I’ve been living in NYC for 8 years and have lived in Bushwick, Bedstuy, Ridgewood, and east Williamsburg. A friend of a friend introduced me to this spot so I know it’s a legit deal, and the landlord seems very nice. A good friend of mine lives on Sunnyside Ave. It’s true I’m a young italian woman, so I know I’m going to potentially be a target in the neighborhood and I’m wondering about safety. I’ll be living alone for the first time. Obviously I would try my best not to walk the streets at night but I also am a little on edge about the neighborhood itself. Of course I know anything can happen anywhere and that street smarts are a must, but I’m wondering if you think it’s a bad idea to move there all together and if there are some areas around there that I should avoid wholeheartedly. A lot of my friends live off of the J a few stops down and a lot of the venues I frequent are in the vicinity which is also why I chose this neighborhood. I plan on being a part of the community and culture there as much as I can, learn to speak Spanish, but again I just have been reading that there are a ton of shootings that may happen in broad daylight/ muggings

        12. I am about to tell you an epic tale about subterfuge, dating in the 21st century and the fall of human civilization. This actually happened to me and it could happen to you too. Get some popcorn. *Thread*
          So a few weeks ago I was on the Tinder machine shopping my soul around and I match with a very attractive young lady. No bio. Fairly innocuous.
          I message her some random shyt and we chat for an hour or so and she says “here’s my number text me” I’m like okay sure thing.
          I text her n we make small talk abt work for a bit then she goes, “actually, I have this huge presentation Im workin on for my job, would you be offended if I got back to you in like a week or two when Ive got more free time? Youre cute and I want to meet you Im just too busy rn”
          I thought well that’s an overly elaborate way to ghost someone. I say “lol I wouldn’t be offended, I totally get it. Hit me up when you’re free”
          She says “thank you, I was worried you would think I was trying to blow you off haha but for sure I’ll text you in like a week, I’m excited” in my head I’m like sssssssuuuuurrrreeee I respond “”
          Two weeks pass I completely forget about her then I remember and go back to tinder and I can’t find the conversation. I think well that’s weird she deleted her tinder but I take it as… overly elaborate ghosting methods
          Then yesterday I get a text “HEY IM FINALLY FREE LMAO… my friend is DJing near Union square around 6 tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted to go for a bit then we could go get drinks after and see what happens”
          I’m like well I’ll be damned. Genuinely didn’t think she would message me. I reply “yeah I should be free, I’d be down” she says “amazing I’m gonna be running around today and tomorrow but just come around 6 and I’ll meet you by the stage then we’ll head out”
          I say sure thing, looking forward to it. This morning she texts me at 9 am “hey it’s gonna rain today but I think it should clear up in time for our date” I’m like cool, I’ll be there
          I play football with @mersrulesworld_ earlier today and express my incredulity at the situation. I find her Instagram it says singer, actress, model, 3000 followers and I’m like uugghhhh I dunno bro, THIS shyt FEELS OFF but fukk it
          I make my way to Union Square. Eat a hot dog and look over by this open lot by 17th Ave and there is a stage and a DJ and about 100 ppl and cameras and shyt and I think well this is some random ass Manhattan shyt.
          She texts me “hey I’m running a little late but just meet me by the stage then we can go” I wasn’t gonna stand in front of the fukking stage so I stand off to the side a bit
          Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and realise it’s her and I’m thinking WHAT THINE fukkETH IS GOING ON
          I stay back and assess the situation and I’m like fukk I’mma stay right where I am til she texts me. The DJ eventually stops playing and she gets on the stage and I’m so fukking confused but think well I guess she’s a social media personality or some shyt
          I immediately think I’m too fukking old for this shyt.
          She gets the mic and is like thanks for coming out I bet you’re all wondering what this is about and I’m like yeah what the fukk is this about
          She then says so I know all of you here are on tinder and I’m like
          Then she says I’ve invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me and proceeds to give a hunger games speech about what its gonna take to date her
          Every man in the crowd looks down and mimes WHAT IN THE NAME OF SCOOBY DOO THE IS THIS shyt to themself
          At that point I am genuinely amazed at the fallopian fortitude this girl possesses. This is top 10 greatest finesse of all time. Dudes actually stayed and played.
          I went home.

        13. The dollar is backed by the US Government. Governments are actually a good thing – as is their monopoly on violence. We should be trying to extend the US Government’s reign as the top dog in the world.

          The dollar remaining as the world’s currency is critical to the US’s strength.

          Supporting cryptocurrency is in many ways supporting the very one-world government that Conservatives have been railing against for decades.

          You want people to be able to transfer huge sums of money without any government oversight or taxes? Do you want the US Dollar to fail? Are you hoping for the US Government to collapse?

          1. If you ever take some time to study history, governments, human nature, then the emergence of crypto presents itself as a check on all the aforementioned.

            BTC is pure math. If Russia takes Ukraine, the math doesn’t change. If we elect Trump again, the math doesn’t change. If China releases COVID35, the math doesn’t change.

            What does change is monetary policy, politics, the value of our dollars based on all these outside events and also corruption.

            Math dont care.

            The basic rules and fundamentals of BTC never change.

            Yes, there are scams, rug pulls, shite coins, but the math behind the blockchain is why people are placing long term value in it.

        14. The Middle Men(Wall Street/financial heavy weights) run everything….. hence why there is so much push back on thw whole of crypto, because it levels the playing field(removes the middle man).

          The GME/AMC debacle is proof, we are investing(stock market) in a system that is set up for wall street and the big guys to win… not us.

          So my comment wasnt a shot at you, but when you consistently act like a fool, your first reaction to anyone talking to you, is to be defensive. I was commenting on crypto as a whole.

          1. I bought my first 4 when it was $3,000 as a 100% gamble because some of my crazy Maxi friends were begging me.

            Knew nothing about it, but I have always been a gambler. It went wild in 2017 and then crashed. I kept meaning to sell them and just never got around to it.

            Fast forward to 2020 at the start of the pandemic, I watched how the government started pumping money and I started looking for ways to get ready for a super inflationary environment.

            Concluded Bitcoin would be the best protection (already had more real estate than I wanted) so I bought more at around $25,000.

            I bought some at this dip but I bought a six-figure sum at $50,000 as well.

            I’ve placed a lot of financial bets in my life and I have never been as sure as I am about Bitcoin.

            Once you listen to in-depth interviews with Michal Saylor, read the Bitcoin standard and follow the top Bitcoin guys on twitter, it all clicks.

            I could not care less if Bitcoin dropped to $10,000 a coin tomorrow.

            Game Theory is playing out right in front of us and the only thing to do is wait and watch the fireworks.

        15. These are the same people crippled with five-six digit student loan debt, living WAY beyond their means, complaining (oftentimes rightfully) about wages, can’t afford housing, glorifying drug use, pretending and posing on IG/TikTok, primarily concerned about impressing the next person, prioritizing how many “followers” they have, and lacking the concept of properly/successfully building wealth (which is a gradual process that takes time for the vast majority).

          Not everyone is going to be an “entrepreneur” or an “influencer”. They are in for a very rude awakening over the next decade. Inflation is out of control, and these high consumer prices, and housing costs are not going anywhere. Socialism nor Communism isn’t happening. If the government provides them any assistance, it won’t be even close to enough to provide the lifestyle that they desire.

          I would read that r/antiwork subreddit and laugh at those crybabies and their blatant entitlement. Most of them whom are white people that have squandered their privilege and blame everyone but themselves.

          1. You read about it and I see the negative impacts of it every single day. I see the reflection of the mindset and how it is destructive to people’s well being.

            The people who actually move on to have successful careers are always the people with the best work ethic and who don’t up and quit because they’re in the mood.

            The people who do what you suggest are always the people who can’t keep their phone on and always asking for another chance 6 months later.

            But I guess you employee 100s of people a years so you’d know better right?

            Honestly it makes me no difference because just like people are leaving fast they are also coming fast too which ultimately make the employee more disposable then they were before. There really is no long term benefits to lacking who ethics but you think ya’ll are winning so do you.

            Success is intentional and constantly. A whole generation lacks those skills sooo only time will tell.

        16. Verizon’s C-band spectrum (5G UW) went live recently and offers significantly faster speeds that LTE.

          It’s not uncommon to pull 200+ Mbps download speeds.

          The carriers wanted to market 5G plans and phones before they had the proper infrastructure rolled out, so the terminology is a mess at the moment.


          AT&T 5G Evo = Not real 5G.
          AT&T 5G = Not real 5G.
          AT&T 5G+ = Real 5G (mmWave + C-band)

          Verizon Nationwide 5G = Not real 5G.
          Verizon 5G UW/UWB (ultra wideband) = Real 5G (mmWave + C-Band).

          T-Mobile 5G / Extended Range 5G = Not real 5G.
          T-Mobile 5G UC (ultra capacity) = Real 5G (mmWave + midband).

        17. There was a time when Penn State’s athletic teams were thought to be purer than Caesar’s wife. Hundreds of student athletes, giving their all for the glory of Dear Old State. Was it ever so, or was it all just a mirage? Nationally our reputation is in tatters. I want to believe that Camelot once existed in the shadow of Mt. Nittany but I have my doubts. More likely Penn State was, and is, pretty much like all the other big time schools. It has athletes, and coaches, both virtuous and villainous. WE ARE just like everyone else. So be it.

          Among my many Penn State friends and the dozen or so season ticket holders that I knew, virtually everyone thought that way, including me. We advanced that thinking at every opportunity, especially when at social functions with alums of other schools. It was often a topic of conversation at Penn State alumni events that I attended. Quite frankly we thought we were better than everyone else. The remnants of that thinking still exist today and I see it often on this board. It is not just boasting about Penn State, but taking shots at other $chools, thereby implying that we are above suspicion. Of course, the counter to that also exists. On the Iowa wrestling board, which I visited during the BigTen and NCAA championships, I saw comments that we have the be$t team money can buy. Perhaps I was a slow learner, but it took me 40 years to realize that all schools are pretty much the same. Sure, some are worse, some a bit better, but most are right where we are and I’m OK with that.

      2. 500mg Quercetin
        50-100mg Zinc
        1000mg Vit C
        5000-10000 mg of Vit D3
        Alka seltzer cold and flu tablets (take as needed)

        Consult your Dr to make sure none of this will interfere with any meds you are currently taking and that your body can handle these vitamins and minerals.

        1. In the past, vaccination for a corona virus has never been successful in animal trials. Guess what! these gene therapy injections were never tested on animals before being given under EUA. Mass vaccinations at one time is a huge mistake and I’m afraid that shite will hit the fan over the next 6-8 months. IF you have Covid and live, natural immunity will be the best chance for long term survival.

        2. With all my heart I believe you to be a tool of the evil bad guys, a useful idiot and a murderer by post ANYTHING pro vaccine

          You know what I say is correct too. You’re an evil man

        3. This week has started off badly for several COVID-19 vaccine stocks. Shares of Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) were sliding 3.9% as of 10:57 a.m. ET on Monday. Pfizer’s partner, BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX), was getting hit even harder with its stock falling 8.3%. Shares of rival Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) were sinking 12.24%. Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) shares were slipping 8.6%.

          Why were these vaccine stocks declining? The sell-off appears to be related to the news on Friday afternoon that Pfizer and BioNTech were extending their rolling submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for their COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 6 months through 4 years.

          A healthcare professional puts a bandage on the arm of a child wearing a face mask.

          So what
          Investors were obviously disappointed by the delay in potential authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in younger kids. It’s not surprising that shares of Pfizer and BioNTech would trade a little lower.

          But why would Moderna and Novavax stocks also fall? Vaccine stocks often move higher or lower in tandem — whether warranted or not.

          In this case, it appears that the decline for Novavax really isn’t justified. The company even had good news today. Singapore announced that it granted interim authorization to the company’s COVID-19 vaccine, NVX-CoV2373. Novavax also revealed that it has filed for conditional market authorization of its vaccine in Switzerland.

          Some investors could be worried about Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel selling some of his shares last week and deleting his Twitter account on the following day. However, Bancel has been selling some of his stock on a regular basis for months. He still owns more than 7.6% of Moderna. It’s unknown why Bancel deleted his Twitter account, but he hasn’t been very active on the social media platform in quite a while.

          There’s also a pretty good case to be made that the declines for Pfizer and BioNTech were an overreaction. The companies will still likely secure U.S. EUA for their COVID-19 vaccine in younger kids but will do so a little later than anticipated.

          Now what
          Pfizer and BioNTech expect to have results from a third dose of their vaccine in younger children available in early April. The companies should then be in a position to move forward with their rolling EUA submission to the FDA.

        4. Was getting in some heavy Dan Pena motivation over the weekend

          Dude was going hard at “Bitfrick” as he calls it
          Still claims Putin is behind this to crash the dollar
          Is he insane or do you think their could be truth to it

        5. I lead teams of about 100 people and we’ve been having a huge problem with hiring new and junior talent since the pandemic. People switch jobs very quickly. What I’m noticing for the new generation, those that are fresh and recent college grads, is that their attitude is totally different. They will quit in a heartbeat without even exploring options which may work out better for them. They sometimes don’t even give 2 weeks notice which fukks it up for the rest of the team. They severely lack professional etiquette like emails and meetings. Some people don’t even attend meetings because they have lunch or whatever. Some people talk to clients like their own friends. A lot of them severely lack basic math skills. A lot of them complain about having to work more than 3 hours a day. I think the pandemic played a big role in this especially with work from home.

          It’s also a candidate market so lots of companies just throwing money. Eventually things will normalize once people understand you just can’t leave a place after 6 months and think you’re going to advance your career.

          1. Even parts of the federal government getting hit with folks quitting en masse. Lot of folks finally waking up asking themselves “The fukk I look like staying here for 20+ years stuck at GS-7 waiting for a position to open up when somebody retire or die?” Folks are quitting within 6 months if they see that the job is stressful. If you want to see how hard the great resignation is hitting the feds, take a look at the TSA. They cant keep people for shyt with that trash pay and no life job where you gotta wait 3-5 years to get Saturday-Sunday off. At least with CBP, you will be caking at $110k+ at that job.

            Oddly enough where I work, they’re going all in with expanding WFH because they know everybody here can fukk off to the private sector and make double because of the specialized knowledge folks got.

      3. Nicole is leaving??!! Noooooo she can’t leave on her own accord based on her choice to leave!!!! We have to ban together to run her off!!! ” “No don’t let her leave, we have to ruin run her bc she exposed us” like scorned bitter ex-es. “No bytch you’re not going nowhere until we say so even though we don’t want you around” . Then they pick the most mentally deranged damaged cacs and c00ns that the coli has to offer with their code of lies- bc they’re the only ones dumb enough to take the risk to their reputation bc they have nothing to lose -an escort failed white bytch, a child pedo porn deviant, the notfbi who says he’s a binary white women, the misfiring cacnadian, a card crackkking ratchet bytch with the receding hairline, and the gullible “lovable” gump from The Coliseum as the hypeman – a squad of misfits sent on a suicide mission.
        The Nicoli thread planning committee:
        “if she does this, you do this- if you do this, I do this, pass the thread to me and I’ll pass it back, you start a thread tomorrow that says this but do this …… you have to do a better job than last time you made a thread about her – make sure everybody gets a piece of her”
        That’s what the fuk this is. If this thread was a commercial- you sick fuks.

        1. Older people grew up earlier in generally more favourable conditions, with COL being much more bearable. A lot also had union or union-type benefits. There was a pension, healthcare, upward mobility and the ability to support a family with a rudimentary or basic job.

          Kids have seen upper management pay skyrocket while all their benefits are eroded, their worker rights are eroded and pay is flat at best. Of course they’ve had enough.

          Nobody is up and quitting good jobs with good conditions out of nowhere unless they’re regarded or have much better options. If an employee is genuinely treated well and with respect, my experience is that they’ll behave the same way back most times.

          1. Employers: Employees are replaceable. If they don’t like our protocols, they are free to leave.
            Employees: OK.
            Employers: Wait…

      4. Some say a comet will fall from the sky
        Followed by meteor showers and tidal waves
        Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still
        Followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits

        And some say the end is near
        Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon
        I certainly hope we will
        I sure could use a vacation from this
        Stupid shit, silly shit, stupid shit

        One great big festering neon distraction
        I’ve a suggestion to keep you all occupied
        Learn to swim, learn to swim, learn to swim
        ‘Cause Mom’s gonna fix it all soon
        Mom’s comin’ ’round to put it back the way it ought to be

        1. Jambo knew this likely masked what had really been going on in Malawi. The country’s population is very young — it has a median age of around 18, he notes. This suggests most infections prior to omicron’s arrival were probably asymptomatic ones unlikely to show up in official tallies. People wouldn’t have felt sick enough to go to the hospital. And coronavirus tests were in short supply in the country and therefore were generally used only for people with severe symptoms or who needed tests for travel.

          So to fill in the true picture, Jambo and his collaborators turned to another potential source of information: a repository of blood samples that had been collected from Malawians month after month by the national blood bank. And they checked how many of those samples had antibodies for the coronavirus. Their finding: By the start of Malawi’s third COVID-19 wave with the delta variant last summer, as much as 80% of the population had already been infected with some strain of the coronavirus.

        2. That’s one of the reasons why I handle business the way I do. If you’re not making enough to survive off of the wages you make then you’re working for the wrong nikkas. Period. I got about 40 plus warehouse workers and 30 some odd drivers at my seafood company..I don’t send no notes saying “Thank You for your hard work”, I don’t give pat on the backs, I don’t give company picnics or any of that other shyt. I’m straightforward..best thank you nikkas can get is good pay, cash bonuses and generous PTO to help with work balance.

          I remember working like a damn slave at fukking Hardee’s as a teen when minimum wage was goddamn 4.25 and you already got bills to handle. I’m not having nikkas work under me and they going home struggling to feed themselves and their families.

          1. I think the most likely responsibility here rests on the lack of mental hospitals. Since Ronald Reagan (who defunded/closed them) is long gone, the responsibility now rests on “advocate groups” who are preventing re-opening of these hospitals, after it has become obvious that they are indispensable. This sounds like a work of a very mentally unhealthy person who very likely should be medicated and kept in a closed facility for the rest of his life. Popularity of meth has increased exponentially the number of psychotic people roaming the streets, and large capacity psych facilities should exist for them. The only hope for normal life for the rest of us who do not want to be pulled into their psychotic pseudo-reality.
            I could not agree more. The state hospital system for the humane, even almost pleasant incarceration of psychotics needs to be restored but it won’t be because there isn’t enough money to be made from it, so the rich aren’t interested, nor do they care HOW many people are slashed in the subways because they don’t RIDE them.

            One would think that private hospitals in partnership with big pharma and government contracts would be all over this, pumping people with more and more meds, life time subscription. We send billions in foreign aid, yet this can not be fixed.
            Because Big Pharma LIED about the effectiveness of their so called “anti-psychotics” which are ineffective at doing anything except increasing stockholders’ wealth. Private Hospitals? That’s a laugh.

      5. The S1 proteins were provided by the manufacturers (RayBiotech, 230-30161, Val 16–Gln 690; AMSBIO, AMS.S1N-C52H3, Val 16–Arg 685). The proteins were dissolved in PBS (pH 7.4) at a concentration of 0.45–0.61?mg ml-1. The proteins were produced in HEK293 cell lines, had C-terminal His tags, were calculated to be about 76?kDa in protein, but migrated on gel at 100–120?kDa because of glycosylation. Upon receipt, the S1 proteins were thawed and aliquoted into 5-µg portions, and either used immediately or stored at -80?°C until use. The 5?µg of thawed S1 protein was radioactively labeled with 1?mCi 125I (Perkin Elmer) using the chloramine-T method, as described previously49. The I-S1 was purified on a column of G-10 Sephadex (GE Healthcare) and eluted with PBS into glass tubes containing 1% BSA in lactated Ringer’s solution (BSA-LR). We estimated based on the amount of protein iodinated that the specific activity of I-S1 was approximately 11?Ci g-1 or about 12.5?ng per 300,000?c.p.m. BSA (Sigma) was labeled with 99mTc (GE Healthcare) using the stannous tartrate method50. T-Alb was purified on a column of G-10 Sephadex. Both of the I-S1’s and the T-Alb were more than 90% acid precipitable. The molecular weight of the labeled proteins was confirmed by running 200,000-600,000 c.p.m. activity in 1× LDS buffer (Invitrogen) with or without reducing agent (Invitrogen) on a 4–12% Bis-Tris gel (GenScript) in MOPS buffer (Invitrogen). The gel was then fixed for 30?min in 10% acetic acid/50% methanol, washed 3× with water and then dried using a DryEase Mini-Gel Drying System (Invitrogen). Dried gels were exposed on autoradiography film for 24?h and then developed. Major bands of I-S1 from RayBiotech and AMSBIO migrated at their predicted molecular weight patterns, based on the manufacturer’s data

      6. Had a crazy encounter tonight, my fiancée wasn’t home from work at her normal time, so I texted her asking her if she was OK around 5:20 or so. She called me maybe 30 seconds later and before we could get more than a sentence or two in, she got sideswiped by someone. I couldn’t really tell what was going on from my end of the convo, but she clearly got distracted and then said something like “Meet me at the [pharmacy] NOW!”

        First off, I didn’t know what had happened or what [pharmacy] she was talking about. Assumed it was the one closest to where we live, because that would have made sense for her to be near if she was relatively close. So I immediately jump in the car and race over there (maybe two minutes away).

        I get over there, and on entering the lot she’s on the phone in tears. She’s talking to 911. I still don’t really know what’s going on.

        She had previously had an accident in August (someone not paying attention and swerved into the turn lane to hit her) and her car was in the shop for several weeks as a result. So I guess when she got hit this time, her first reaction after that was to make sure she had a plate when this guy hit her and tried to drive off. So she immediately followed and honked and got a pic of the plate. They ended up both pulling over, guy in a car with heavily tinted windows rolled his down and started yelling at her when she got out to see what the damage looked like. Then when he saw her looking for damage he flew out of their parked spots and nearly clipped her again. This happens a few minutes before I arrive.

        So I get there and I hear her finish up the call with dispatch. I’ve walked around the car and don’t really see any damage. She’s safe, no real damage, I’m thinking we’re good to go. I hop in the passenger side and we start chatting, the car to her left in the lot pulls out. She glances over and two cars over is a parked car that fits the description of the one that hit her. We both look over, see some right fender damage (lining up with where she was hit) and within seconds the car once again pulls out. Same plate.

        Dude. When I tell you I’ve been scared for my life before, it doesn’t compare. Who knows how bad that could have been?

        Be safe, be nice to folks, don’t do anything stupid. Crazy times we live in, ain’t worth running into the wrong kind of person at the wrong time if you can avoid it. Scary lesson learned on our end, once again. Luckily, no real damage done to her car and we aren’t pursuing anything on it. Also, don’t dox people. You have no idea the kind of stress that can add to normal peoples’ lives.

      7. The ASSistant isn’t the only one get shafted it seems; have idea-need help with a TITLE

        I’m sure I’m not the only one who decided to perform due diligence myself and not rely on those like PM of AU UC who contradict their self anointed integrity crowns while being puppets for the PTB at AU….part of the due diligence process was to separate fact from fiction OR more importantly…was just curious what this assistant looked like who seemed so many focused on…Well, if you are the one person who has not checked out the ASSistant I have one word… WOW… The ASSistant did not disappoint…beyond not finding any vids SO FAR…Even so, I had heard that Harsin’s wife, Tess, and the ASSistant are also very close…during my investigation, that statement seems to be validated by numerous pics of The ASSistant & Tess together…including more than a few pics that removed the BS about an affair from the table… which is something that is not anyone’s business anyway… More specifically, there are numerous pics of them being very close….meaning, literally including a few in not-so-subtle poses…including one of them on a bed…my question obviously was who took that pic & why haven’t I seen the video yet!!! Could it be possible that they have an “alternative” lifestyle…like kids at a playground..enjoy swinging …if know what I mean…

        I was hesitant to bring it up but what if… My initial reaction was WOW-FREAKIN’ LUCKY GUY…but after I composed myself and concluded this is really no one’s business I wood, I mean would feel compelled as an Alumnus, an active booster within the athletic department for nearly 2 decades, and a significant donor/booster to AU Athletics, I am confident that If this theory has any validity then my official reaction would be, WOW-FREAKIN’ LUCKY GUY…other words, the exact same reaction…EXCEPT I couldn’t simply take someone’s word for it…I would need some evidence…preferably evidence that does not include Pay-for-view (PFV)… Perhaps, I could be convinced to be the ASSistant’s ONLY FAN… If validated then AU should sign all of them to lifetime contracts…or at least 5-10 yrs…Due to this being such a big national story I think it would be great for the primary players to have a documentary filmed of them (and only them or similar parties)..and finally,, too make sure it achieves its objective I would insist on bringing in several of this industry’s greatest producers…Producers of All-Time Classics like:







        I realize this was lengthy and probably not well received. I am just trying to bring some levity to an awful situation for the Harsins. As much as I love AU this is sickening…The PTB @ AU has been meddling and dicking around & screwing things up for decades…they are the Older (older than me), wealthy, stuck in their ways still thinking it’s 1984. I had hoped Harsin would survive this the more I thought about it…have a ton of AU fans show up at the complex on his 1st morning back…overwhelm his family with cards, and sincere good wishes…let him know that 5-8 old rich guys do not speak or represent 100s of 1000s of AU people worldwide… but due to the fact, he has not made any contact with the team and no assistant coach has either since Cadillac met with them last Friday from my understanding. There is a possibility one of our rivals put this into motion but at this point, I don’t understand why they would do that. I don’t care what program it is, from Bama’s to UGA’s to Ole Miss…I sincerely feel bad for the kids who really get done wrong. If there was a smoking gun it would already have been announced. Most likely, AU is on option 34 about now…if any of you have a decent junior high school program and like your coach then sabotage whoever shows up from AU to meet with him…If this is not resolved by Tuesday then some team will be getting a stud RB in Tank Bigsby…Calzada, although is maybe average is desperately looking
        to get out and others…Bigsby barely stayed before all this BS…I’m not sure the guy’s left will have enough players to field a team for an entire season…Unless the “AUBURN FAMILY” revolts, stops all incoming donations, floods every BOT member’s offices with stamped and emailed letters…basically demanding the PTB to be banned from the campus and from maintaining their rule they have had since the 80s then nothing will change… Oh well, I guess since I will probably be banned that I at least will provide my honest opinion about Coach Harsin’s assistant…WOULD!!!
        ROLL TIDE

      8. More Cracker supremacy? Adams, you c#%k$^*&er.

        Let’s review the facts of black “culture”, shall we:

        • The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is Black.
        • The United States is third in murders throughout the world, but if you omit just five Black cities (Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, St Louis, and New Orleans) from the equation, then the United States is fourth from the bottom.
        • For each one standard deviation increase in proportion of Black population, firearm homicide rate is increased by 82.8%. Therefore, the U.S. has a Black crime problem, not a gun or violent crime problem. When Blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-Blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
        • Black males age 18-35 years of age are only 1.8% of the U.S. population, yet have committed 52% of homicides from 1980-2008. Black males (all ages) are only 6% of the U.S. population, yet commit 46% of all violent crimes, and 50% of the gun homicides. If Blacks were removed from the equation, the U.S. gun homicide rate would be equal to Great Britain’s, who have some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the world.
        • The Black homicide rate is 17 per 100,000, a rate over 9x that of the White rate, and comparable to some of those most murderous countries in the world. If the homicide rate for the U.S. were the White-only rate, the homicide rate would drop 84%, making the U.S. rate comparable to European countries.
        • Blacks constitute 13% of the U.S. population, but represent 27% of all criminal activity in the U.S.
        • According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting for 2018, of the homicide victims for whom race was known, 53.3% were Black, 43.8% were White and 2.8% were of other races. In cases where the race of the offender was known, 54.9% were Black, 42.4% were White, and 2.7% were of other races.
        • Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent. This means that a Black is 27 times more likely to attack a White person than vice versa.
        • Approx. 40% of gun crime occurs in just three cities: (10%) – St Louis, MO, (11%) – Detroit, MI, and (27%) – Chicago, IL.
        • Murder is the leading cause of death for Black men, ages 15 to 34. Their murderers are other Black men 93 percent of the time.
        • Black males between 16-35 years of age are only 2.0% of the population, yet commit 72% of the street crime in America.
        • If New York City were all White, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent. In an all-White Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.
        • Every year, approximately 6,000 blacks are murdered. This is a number greater than white and Hispanic homicide victims combined, even though blacks are only 12 percent of the national population. Blacks of all ages are killed at six times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. That black death-by-homicide rate is a function of the black crime rate. The national rate of homicides committed by blacks is eight times that of whites and Hispanics combined. Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at 10 times the rate of white and Hispanic male teens combined.
        • Homicide is not the only crime that is vastly racially disproportionate. New York City is representative of other crime spreading across the country. Blacks are 23 percent of New York’s population, but they commit 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crime, according to the victims of, and witnesses to, those crimes. Whites are 33 percent of the New York City’s population, but they commit less than 2 percent of all shootings, 4 percent of all robberies, and 5 percent of all violent crime.
        • Black serial killers have comprised over half of documented serial killers since the dawn of the 21st century at 56 percent, making up a total of 40 percent in years dating back to 1900. Blacks constituted 44% of the known serial killers during the 1995-2004 period and 38.2% of all multiple murderers (serial, mass, and spree combined) during 1976-1998 period. During the 2000-2010 decade, 62% of serial killers were Black.

      9. They shut down your job.

        Called many of you “non-essential.”

        Closed your kids’ schools.

        Expected you to live off $1200 for months while they got richer and richer.

        They demanded you stay home.

        Denied you the ability to be with your dying loved ones.

        Then denied you the ability to give those loved ones a proper funeral.

        While they let George Floyd have three.

        They told you to stay home.

        While they went on vacation. Visited family. The hair salon.

        They arrested you for paddle boarding by yourself.

        They shut down the parks and the playgrounds.

        They called you a grandma killer if you questioned them.

        Suspended you from social media if you didn’t obey the narrative.

        They called you domestic terrorists when you demanded your kids get the education your tax dollars paid for.

        They mocked you when you demanded a return to normalcy for children.

        They sneer at your concern over empty shelves and exploding grocery and utility bills.

        They denied you the chance to try alternative treatments for COVID.

        Then they fired you for not getting the vaccine.

        When you stand up for your freedom, they call you Nazis and bigots.

        Do not forget what they have done. Do not forgive them. They are hoping that, by November, you have forgotten the nightmare
        of the last 2+ years.

        YOU struggle to make ends meet and the best thr Biden administration can do is free crack pipes for “racial equity.”

        This is on top of the woke, cancel culture bull they shove down our throats, the 2020 riots, being accused of racism and bigotry because we oppose their agenda.

        As the election draws closer, they’ll pretend they didn’t do any of this.

        They’ll gaslight us. Project. Blame the GOP (like they tried to when defunding the police went south).

        DO NOT give them power.

        They haven’t learned a damn thing from this.

        You re-elect them, and you can expect masks and lockdowns and nonsense in perpetuity. Not just for COVID, but for whatever else they deem a “public health emergency” (guns, climate change).

        They will trample your rights.

        VOTE THEM OUT.


      10. Would you drink Clesi Crochet’s bath water if it meant Auburn was a dumpster fire for the next decade or would you even need the extra motivation?

      11. If you met your girl off an app, you’re a low ass value man.

        So let’s think of why a woman would ever be on an app to meet men?

        Is she surrounded by a bunch of low value men and she wants to do better? What kind of woman does that make her?

        She’s looking for attention? So you gotta attention whore on your hands.

        no one approaching her? What is she ugly and or fat or something?

        last possible option is she getting RAN SPRINTED AND HAULING ASS through.

        There are ZERO other options. If there are please enlighten me. :hubie:

        Oh you thought I was done with your bytch ass? On top of that you’re too scared to walk up and talk to a woman. So you’re swiping being the one of many beta simps in the world.

        make it make sense any other fukkin way. :hubie:

        1. I say this with no respect, go and fukk yourself.

          You need to look at situations as a whole and balance them out. Better off alive than dead can be used to justify taking every single precaution known to man. Eventually, you need to start balancing things out and deciding what risks to accept.

          We are at a point where the majority of the population is vaccinated. The mortality rate for the vaccinated is low. It is now a question whether of whether or not it is worth crippling social interaction and the social development of the next generation, to try and contain something that won’t go away.

          And I cannot say enough how poorly Chris Rock’s stand up has aged. From “******s vs black people” to “that’s what you’re supposed to do”. For the latter, it is taking for granted people’s sacrifice.

          If you want to convince people to act in a certain manner, you’re better off doing that by acknowledging what it is they’re expected to give up. And I’m not asking for a cookie. It is a bit ironic that you see it that way when you’re the one acting as though the matter determines whether someone should live or die.

          The fact of the matter if we are living in a way that we are not supposed to be living in. I don’t expect a cookie for continuing to act with caution and respect. The difference between me and you is I don’t have my head shoved up my ass. I’m able to understand the toll the last 2 years has taken on me. I am able to use that understanding to empathise with others, rather than behave like a mindless drone who cannot accept that people are willing to bite the bullet and accept certain risks if it means collectively removing the pressures we have embraced.

      12. It’s not quite as simple as that (never is), but I hear you.

        I’ve taken several steps to clear that up. It’s harder than just keeping my dick in my pants – that’s actually the easy part.

        Now, it’s about setting boundaries and adhering to them. Looking at myself, becoming more self-aware. The real work.

        Just because the woman I’m in love with rivals the Whore of Babylon with the sheet multitudes of dick she is able to satiate and is toxic as **** doesn’t mean I have to allow her to **** my life up any more than she already has. I didn’t sleep with my ex on Saturday.Night…I didn’t sleep with a single one of the three hotties who came to my house after bar closed on Saturday, either. (2 stayed here, I slept in the guest room) So it’s not like I was quarantined or was not having opportunities. It’s just not where I’m at.

        I understand inherently that I will not find the life that I seek by sport-****ing “everything that breathes”, as you so colorfully put it, and I’m willing to abstain for a bit to sort myself out.

        o, here I am, 6am, drinking coffee and not dragging myself out of the bed of the woman I’m in love with (or someone else’s because she’s in someone else’s herself…)

        I’m done with that destructive, toxic game. I have too much going on – I work full-time while a full-time senior at MU and I’m in 2 bands. I’m busy. Too busy to waste time with people who aren’t together enough to want to grow up and build something – I have a lot going for me. Women find me attractive, I’m charismatic, I’m loyal, I’m honest to a fault, I’m not rich but I earn well enough, will be better after I graduate…I don’t cheat, weed is the only drug I’m addicted to, I rarely even drink anymore, I don’t smoke cigarettes, I have a great work ethic. These are solid attributes, and if those aren’t good enough for her, then that’s fine. That’s her loss. I have a lot to offer, and I’m cool with being on my own at this point. In fact, it’s probably really necessary.

        I’m a bit lonely though, hanging out with friends is cool…frustrating and lonely. And then there was that game on Sunday, and it’s like…is everything constantly ****ED!? I may still have a bit of youthful naivety or whatever…but these bitches kinda ****ed my head and my heart up. And then the Chiefs…the ****ing NFL…Andy Reid…RUN THE ****ING BALL, ANDY.

        *end rant*

      13. What was the Arkansas gif that everyone uses?

        Did not watch, because a bird farted next door that day…and everyone found it more entertaining.

        What was that gif, though?

        Arkansas lost early and didn’t make it to Omaha?


      14. “ Why do you covidians paint anyone who disagrees with mandates as an anti-vaxxer?!”

        “Why yes, I do believe that getting the clot shot poison jab taints your blood and that my pure sperm will be worth a fortune in the coming year when you’re all infertile zombies. Keep sucking Joe Biden’s dick, libtard!”

      15. I’m not downplaying US military prowess – I’m being as objective as I can based on the information available albeit still covering up for some of the things the US lacks. I could’ve added air defense which Russia is like 2 generations ahead of the US and the 5th gen jets which Russia has an advantage with how much of a failure the F-35s have been (another one just crashed into the Pacific recently and I believe almost all NATO nations have withdrawn their orders). But I didn’t.

        The strength of the US navy lies in its navy and it’s the area where the US has considerable advantage. But the US navy is also overstretched with the numerous bases. Aircraft carriers are more or less obsolete in modern warfare since they can be sitting ducks for the modern missiles both Russia and China have.

        I’d be real with you: military hardware are mechanical and electrical (electronics) objects and you can’t hide them with the space technology available because you have to test them. Yes, the project might be a secret when it’s being built but they still have to be tested before they’re classified. So, at least 95% of the military capabilities of most countries are public information.

        I think what the Russians have been able to do is create a doctrine built around very compact defensive strategy that’s very effective without stretching itself. Unlike the US that has its tentacles everywhere and overstretched. Russians have always had the best ICBMs and they can hit anywhere on the planet with missiles that can carry nuclear warheads in minutes either from the thousands of silos they have in Russia or their subs. I’d even put them far ahead of China militarily.

        There’s a reason why there’s a saying about not poking the Russian bear. You can call them anything you want based on propaganda but militarily, they’re bad arses.

      16. During the trial, his attorneys will likely proclaim that he is mentally retarded. (A common strategy.)

        That is politically acceptable when used in his defense, and to thwart the death penalty.

        In any other setting it would be shouted down as “racist”.

        Charles A. Murray was absolutely correct when he stated that we have “painted ourselves into a corner” in his book FACING REALITY: TWO TRUTHS ABOUT RACE IN AMERICA.

        I would urge anyone to read the 3-paragraph description provided in the review.

        QUOTE: American whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians have different violent crime rates and different means and distributions of cognitive ability.

        Take a look at the continuous violence in America and then ask yourself if it is all just an unfortunate coincidence.

      17. Dude you got played by the Tinder equivalent of an email phishing scam, not because “she is attractive” and all attractive women are immediately suspicious, but because there were several OBVIOUS red flags that you chose to ignore, probably because you were thinking with your dick.
        1. Contacts you out of the blue after several months of silence? Red flag.
        2. Invites you to a date at a DJ set in Union Square of all places? Red flag.
        3. Says “rain or shine” like an event promoter would, despite supposedly being a regular person? Red flag.
        4. The cadence of her texts sounds unnatural, they read like a bot rather than a real person? Red flag.
        5. Uses heart-eyes and winky-face emojis as if she is already horny for you, despite having never met you? Red flag.

        Come on man. People like you are the reason I have to do social engineering presentations at the office quarterly so people don’t click on stupid shit

      18. If you work in Midtown, it’s always been pricey. The main difference now is we have a plethora of coffee options and actual good food options. Years ago, that was not the case. Pre-COVID, for me it was a cortado or espresso with a pastry for breakfast. Usually the coffee would be drank and I’d have the pastry for a snack at some point. That right there is $10-12 with tip. Then lunch. If you want to eat and not be starving a few hours later, you’re going to have to cough up a good $20-25, especially if you get it delivered with tip, so yeah, on average I found myself spending $30-40 per day, not including if you’re dead tired after a long day and decide to have dinner out or order delivery. It becomes expensive. With the specialty coffee shops, if you want something good, expect to pay $4+. Out of all of the coffee shops I frequent in Manhattan in the Midtown area, the only one that is at $4 now is Little Collins. Blue Bottle, La Colombe, Joe Coffee, Bluestone Lane and I believe Birch are all $4+… $5+ with tip. What’s crazy to me is Café Grumpy is almost at $6.00 for a cortado, without tip, (I went to one once during the height of the pandemic only because nothing else was open and it was $5.17 for a cortado and I was like what?!? – haven’t been in there since) which I refuse to pay, esp. considering that their coffee is just ok. Nothing mind blowing. I think Black Press Coffee is around $4 or a little more sans tip, but it’s been a bit since I’ve been there.

        The other specialty coffee places I frequent, mainly Italian… Same thing. You want a double macchiato? You’re paying almost $5 now. Crazy. In Italy, I would get a double espresso for almost 1€ and throw in some change for the barista and you’re set. Here, it’s several times the price for quality coffee. Even Starbucks with the garbage they sell is raising their prices. lol

        Roll tide!!!!

      19. The USD isn’t owned by the US Government. It is owned by the federal reserve. A tiny tiny group of bankers who own the dollar, print it, then LEND it to the US Government on interest.

        How does the US government pay this interest on the borrowed dollars? The income tax.

        You work parts of the year just to have the privilege of using the ultra rich bankers currency.

        Crypto currency is DECENTRALIZED. Digital. De regulated.

        It’s as far from supporting a government as one can get.

        It is a threat to the global baking elite cabal – the biggest they’ve ever seen. It is a complete paradigm shift away from their worthless fiat currency they never expected.

        Crypto currency is the absolute future. Anyone who can’t see that is too short sighted.

      20. The believer is under Divine ownership, being the peculiar possession of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has therefore no right to subject himself to such mutilating curses. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 says, “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”

        1. Matthew 6:24 (KJV):

          “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

        2. No time to die.

          Beautiful filmography in spots. I enjoyed the villain, thought he was a little better than Greene and far better than Blofeld.

          Casino Royale and Skyfall still enjoy a giant lead, but after a lot of Ill matched endings for actors or series, I thought this fit well.

          I expect to rewatch it a few times, not repeatedly like CR or Skyfall.

          Sidenote, like an idiot, I decided to look at the Amazon reviews for this film. All seven at the top were rage reviews about how woke the movie was.

          I’m not sure if that’s because of pigment, females or orientation but this was the least sexual Bond flick I’ve seen. My goodness have we become soft when we go online to complain about forcing in a moment about a computer programmer planning a same sex dinner date that we never witnessed. In a series that has gone to comically absurd lengths to shoehorn sexual innuendo and puns into any spot they can find.

      21. No time to die.

        Beautiful filmography in spots. I enjoyed the villain, thought he was a little better than Greene and far better than Blofeld.

        Casino Royale and Skyfall still enjoy a giant lead, but after a lot of Ill matched endings for actors or series, I thought this fit well.

        I expect to rewatch it a few times, not repeatedly like CR or Skyfall.

        Sidenote, like an idiot, I decided to look at the Amazon reviews for this film. All seven at the top were rage reviews about how woke the movie was.

        I’m not sure if that’s because of pigment, females or orientation but this was the least sexual Bond flick I’ve seen. My goodness have we become soft when we go online to complain about forcing in a moment about a computer programmer planning a same sex dinner date that we never witnessed. In a series that has gone to comically absurd lengths to shoehorn sexual innuendo and puns into any spot they can find.

      22. Better than nothing is better than nothing. And I have yet to hear a realistic alternative from the folks that are against working. Everyone can’t be social media “influencers”. Aint no revolution happening. These same folks quitting will be crawling right back to these same employers once they realize they played themselves trying to make a career from uber and doordash just like all the folks that wanted to be rappers back in the day. Going back to school and starting from the bottom at 40 aint the move but that what will be in most of these folks future.
        disappointed to see Millenials talking like this. complete boomer attitude that ignores the conditions of today’s environment. I don’t think anyone is against working. Against working under shytty conditions or for shytty pay is another. There are a lot more options today with the Internet than it was back in the day so Entrepreneurship wave has never been bigger.

        Yall sound like clowns with this bootstrap talk as if this the same playing field as 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. You said it took you 10 years of grinding to get to where you are now. Imagine you’re 20 y/o today, by the time you’re 30 the average price for a home will most likely be 600k+ while you’ll most likely have 6 figures worth of student loan debt. But who cares cause you got yours already right?

        This shyt is not sustainable and I think some in Gen Z starting to realize it and taking other options.

        nikkas are not buying homes like before, not getting married til much later, not having kids til much later or fukk it not having kids at all. AT a high level this shyt is running America into the ground but no fukks given as long as I got mine

        1. it took me 10+ years to do what brehs can do in 5 years now. Young brehs actually have it easier now and are still messin up. I didnt have a blue print and all the steps laid out to follow. Yall do. No excuses. If you are 20 years old you would be a fool to get into 6 figures worth of student loan debt without a plan to pay it off at this point cause all the info and knowledge is out there for you to avoid that. You know what majors pay well enough to justify the cost and you know there are plenty of cheaper state schools you can get degrees from without spending all that money. They get no sympathy from me if in this information age you still fall into easy traps. If you can use tik tok you can use google to smarten up.

          And 30 is not old. Who said you need to have it all together by then? Who told you that you deserve a 600k home at 30? That’s luxury and that’s the problem. You think you deserve luxury lifestyle without putting in the work. And the median home price is actually 375K. Averages are skewed by the really expensive houses so using the median gives a better perspective. 50% of available homes are cheaper than 375k.

          1. Anybody being a bootstrapper defending the status quo right now needs to realize that…

            Just a few decades ago, you could achieve a middle class lifestyle, buy a brand new house, buy a brand new car and support an entire family on one income by getting a gotdamn regular ass job at a factory down the street as soon as you graduated from high school.:what:

            That is no longer possible. Those same exact houses that were bought for a few thousand now are hundreds of thousands of dollars. The good manufacturing jobs are long gone which is why every ghetto in America is the way it is. And wages have remained flat for decades. All while people hold more debt due to student loans and credit cards because wages are kept low so the average person cant afford to buy anything in straight up cash to keep the scam credit industry in business. :ohhh:

            But America is the land of personal accountability. So it’s you’re fault if you can’t achieve a middle class lifestyle in a country where the soulless global corporations and their bought government cronies actively work together to destroy what is left of the middle class.

            Then the retarded everybody goes to college game started.:unimpressed: Then, it was ever moving goal posts. Don’t just go to college, only major in hyperthermal nuclear astrophysics even though most people don’t work in their field of study in college anyway. :beli:You studied stem and can’t get a job? Go get six certs. Can’t get a job after college? You should have gone to trade school even though your parents, teachers, counselors and college bound peers indoctrinated you into believing blue collar work was for “losers”.

            When do you admit the game is rigged? :jbhmm: Bootstrapping is cac ideology. Every hood video on YouTube has tonedef cacs commenting on how black folks are loitering in the hood aren’t at work during the day as if those black folks didn’t move to those areas decades ago to work in the factories. :snoop:

          2. Hey people, I was on board with Nick. Hell, how could you not be? But the others are correct. We could have won a NT every damn year since 2008!!! That was sick what happened to Auburn, you know, those trees. But hey, why don’t we admit Nick had a little to do with that man? You can’t expect real Tide fans not to vent with this kind of shit!!! Yea we got the players, thanks Nick and “KS.”Now all we need is for our REAL COACH to come back home!!! KIRBY, YOU HEAR ME? KIRBY and HIS defense kept kept us in every game that we ever lost because of something NICK SABAN called!!! I was fooled as much as anyone people. I thought it was coach SABAN that brought us back. But just look what has happened since KIRBY went to georgia. They are 11-1 just like us.

            Only they still have a prayer of the playoffs in only year 2. While we only have delusional hopes. WE ALL KNOW THAT WE ARE #1 PEOPLE. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS, #1!!! But, since coach Smart left us, our fire is gone!!! ANYONE REMEMBER WHO WON THE FIRST NC GAME AGAINST CLEMSON? Remember why? I’ll tell you all why! Coach SABAN had us in the same damn shootout game as last year. Because of all his antics and fast TDs along with to many 3 and outs AT THE WRONG TIMES!!! But still A TOTALLY GASSED DEFENSE, rose up and made plays to save to the game when coach SMART was on the sideline. But without him, the same damn players pretty much only better let them march dawn with hardly no time and throw to a WIDE OPEN PLAYER ON THE LAST PLAY TO GIVE CLEMSON THE DAMN GAME AND OUR TITLE!!! I DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NEXT YEAR PEOPLE! THIS WAS AND IS NEXT DAMN YEAR!!! From losing our national title one year to now losing our divisional title. Can’t anyone but me see what is wrong? Hey people, even Georgia is better than us this year and they are taking our place in history. Just wait and see!!! ITS NO ACCIDENT RECRUITING IS DOWN. THEIR ALL GOING TO GEORGIA PEOPLE!!!

            KIRBY FLIPPED FROMM from US, incase you forgot. Auburn ain’t gonna be shit next year because they lose 4 starters on their Oline not to mention their defense. I know we SUPPOSEDLY took the #1 class again last year and Georgia the #3 class and that a very close race. But if you all know how the sec is built and how we won our titles? Then you should know that Georgia really took the top class with all those top 10 Oline prospects they got. Hell next year their Oline will be larger and even deeper than any pro line I bet. They already go 5 deep at running back with 2 more coming including the nation’s best. Not to mention a 5 star that flipped from FSU.

            Their already a top 5 class now and getting the elite Oline prospects that should be ours people!!! I mean their getting them all this year too!!!! Their even getting one hell of a defensive line hall this season to go with all the young all American prospects they have. Listen people, we all have just sat around trusting coach Saban like he is the god of football or something. He don’t even lose with the same fire he did before. He cried when coach Smart left us and now I know why!!!! I bleed Bama people. Bama football is my life!!! Mark my word, WE ARE NOT ONLY BEING REPLACED. WE ARE BEING SOLD OUT!!!

            PEOPLE I GOT MY EAR TO THE GROUND ON THIS ONE. This year OR MAYBE NEXT just might be Sabans last at bama!!! Word has it that he is systematically weakening bama so that AT VERY BEST. We might just be good one more year and ONLY ONE!!! Long enough for HIM to get #5 and retire. Yes, retire from BAMA that is!!! If he is gone for a year I would be surprised. He will do something either this year or next!!! YES, it could be. SEE YA SUCKAS, THIS YEAR, IF HE CAN GET IN AND WIN 5 AFTER THIS GARBAGE.

            Word is, he wants to finish his career a little closer to his heart IF YOU GET MY DRIFT!!! A SECRET MULTI MILLION DEAL HAS BEEN ON THE TABLE SINCE LAST YEAR, RIGHT BEFORE WE LOST OUR TITLE TO CLEMSON!!

            WORD IS. That was the real reason LK was SUPPOSEDLY shown the door, right before the biggest game!!! That is the reason LK tweeted the picture of Saban with HOLES in his jeans. IT WAS SYMBOLIC OF TWO THINGS. First how he intended to leave the bama program in order for him to look like the glue that held us together. He doesn’t want anyone getting HIS GLORY. Also, #2 reason was to show him letting go of some of his contract money from bama. His other deal is enough to retire on 10 times people!!!

            Coach LK knew about this deal and wanted to take over bama and keep us great. Saban, wouldn’t allow that. Like I said. He wants to win 5 and leave us in shambles. So that he will be able to beat us at his new school/job. People he would have left last year if he would have pulled it off at clemson. But sad for him, and us. No Kirby.

            Some say this site is a joke. I have no idea about that. But listen people. I am not joking here. I know of several thousand who are tired of this man. Those people are aware of thousands of more that I am aware of but don’t know personally. WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!! Saban had no damn idea how strong he would allow Georgia to become!!! Wait and see if we don’t keep losing recruits to them. Because you see. The recruits see it and feel it. They are very smart and we are the stupid people trusting coach Saban. Look how many bama could have had that said Georgia wanted us more and showed us more love. Saban let Kirby and half OUR RECRUITING just walk right out the door without a fight!!!!! In a year or two Georgia will be the new dynasty. Hell they might be this year. They are already better than us! I know damn well they have a better coach. WHAT DID WE DO SINCE SMART LEFT??? We blew it 2 years in a row, that’s what we did. Saban barely went 500 his first year with better players than Smart had. Smart went 8-5 I think. Would have been better if not for the 20 penalty yards at the end of the vol game that allowed a miracle. He even beat a better Auburn team last year and who knows what will happen in the rematch this year?

            Either way, there is a new 11-1 in the sec title game and NO NOT BAMA!!!! In another year or so. We will be Tennessee. Well maybe not that bad. But unless we ACT NOW. I am afraid to see what will become of us. WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT!!!!

            FIRE NICK SABAN BEFORE HE HAS DESTROYED US and gets the pleasure of walking out on us. Just like he did his other teams. WE ARE IN REAL DANGER OF BECOMING THE 3RD OR EVEN 4TH BEST TEAM IN THE WEST. FORGET ABOUT THE SEC!!! Thanks to coach Saban, there is a new sheriff in town. I’m afraid they will be the dynasty longer than we ever were. I don’t see there coach leaving at all!!!! I HAVE JUST GOT TO MUCH BAMA IN ME FOR THIS SHIT LAST NIGHT. NOT TO MENTION THAT SHIT OVER IN THE EAST. THAT MESS IS GOING TO SMELL IN THE NOSTRILS OF BAMA FANS FOR MANY DECADES TO COME I FEAR.

            JUST TO MUCH BAMA IN ME FOR THIS SHIT, I NEED SOMETHING TO DO!!!!!!ROLL DAMN TIDE, ROLL DAMN TIDE, ROLL DAMN TIDE!!!!!!! Hey aubarn, how much did you pay coach to call those plays????


      23. The most laughable thing about the hysteria is people screaming “NATO” like SCO which includes China and India doesn’t exist. Say what you want about India and China but you can’t buy over 2billion people who’re an intellectual property.

        Anyway, this whole thing is all about the war hawks in Washington wanting Russia back in fold like the Yeltsin era – to contain China. Ukraine in NATO would turn Russia into an handicap (via the Caucasus region) and it would be easier to influence things for regime change in Russia – for a Pro-West leader. People don’t know how resource rich Russia is and how it’s strategically placed geopolitically in containing China. But Russia has always been its own country since the beginning of time and will always be.

        Also, apart from the U.K., France, Italy and Germany – all these European countries in NATO are pretty much useless these days. All paper tigers. If Russia were to sneeze – they’ll all hide under the table. U.K. is the only NATO country that’s vocal due to the connection between the UK and Anglo-American ruling class in America. Italy and France don’t really care and they have been indifferent thus far. And Germany for the most part doesn’t care. Germans don’t like the unending American occupation of their country since the end of WW2. So, if they have a choice between kicking Americans out of their country or going to war with Russia – they’ll choose the former and rebuild their military that has been in handcuffs since the end of WW2.

        Anyway, one of my boys who’s a paratrooper in the British army is leaving for Poland soon. I only hope cooler will heads prevail. And the dreamers in Washington need to stop dreaming until they end up with a bloodied nose thus ending the empire. They ought to be students of history and learn about how the British empire was buried in the Suez Canal. Ditto Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

      24. Vaginal douching has a variety of perceived benefits. In addition to promising to clean the vagina of unwanted odors, it can also be used by women who wish to avoid smearing a sexual partner’s penis with menstrual blood while having intercourse during menstruation. In the past, douching was also used after intercourse as a method of birth control, though it is not very effective (see below).
        Most people suggest that douching is generally not a good idea, as the vagina is self-cleaning and douching interferes with the natural bacterial culture of the vagina, and it might spread or introduce infections .

      25. djtidebuck [​IMG]
        Posts: 1472
        (4/25/05 9:41:59 pm)
        [​IMG] [​IMG] Re: What’s your workout regimen? MWF I get up at 5:15 and do an abdominal workout. TTh, I get up at 5:15 and get a couple of miles on a stationary bike. MW 45 minute workout on upper body. TTh do workout on lower body.

        I play tennis and BBall when I get the opportunity.

        I work the fingers out on XBox at every available opportunity.[​IMG] “The views expressed here are solely my own, well, most of the time.”

      26. But my point is that in New York it is the MTA that causes disgusting subways because they are not CLEANED, only “renovated” every 50 years becasue that’s how the big money gets pushed into the hands of “friends.”

        Cleaning is a day to day concern and obviously NOBODY holds the MTS’s feet to the fire to do it. It apparently IS done in London, Parism Moscow and Montreal. When the rich are forced FINANCIALLY to ride the subways, or PAY to do it, they wll get clean, preuming of course if they do not, the head of the MTA is replaced annually until the goal is achieved

        For those willing to blame the public, do not ignore my question:
        How does the PUBLIC manage to get the back wall of a subway tunnel FILTHY with grime; how does the public make fluorecent tubes high overhead disgustingly grimey. How does the public make a subway station CEILING filthy, by sneezing uncontrollably.

        When you go into a filthy house, is not your first thought “Why doesn’t the owner ever CLEAN this place.” When their are dirty dishes piled high into the sink, you don’t blame the person for EATING, but for not washing the dishes.
        The subway system is no different. To have a CLEAN subway, somebody must CLEAN it. This is NOT rocket science.

      27. He missing winning this PR spat.
        By not making that move.

        Right now he looks like he had no grades.
        to go out of state to college.

        To see wypipo before.
        nikka acting like his first visit to greek town.

        When John monopoly had promotions right on jackson in greek town. While he was selling out like a c00n being jiggy.

        Yet deprived of shyt. Real nikkaz smutted out at 17.
        By rhe end of freshie welcome week of college.
        To learn by experience.
        not to impressed by.

        Like a kid. Where no one said to him as a shawty. What the beauty of black women were.

        nikka showcasing a lack of existential.
        In a black community,.. Where no one talked to him about there are other black women. That he should not just focus on.
        his princess leia action figure. As the only white brunette in a child’s universe while playing.

        It is alarming actually.

        Coming from the segregated south side.
        hailing from off of the sheltered end of south shore drive.

        It makes sense now.
        why that nikka,… never walked by.
        To ask to hoop at 7625.

        Art Barr

        Was outside hoop’n at the 7625 and the quarter sixty. With every other nikka in the neighbor hood.

        never seen this nikka hoop nowhere on the drive. Not even wasingo crib.
        Never was at brandon crib
        Never seen him hoop with boogs ken or kermit either.

        Or at a euphonics function.
        Not even around ed once.
        I never seen him with ibn and chewie.
        back in the day either

        shyt kinda telling tho.

        Art Barr

      28. U.S.NY Daily News 3.2.2022
        Suspect in Bronx subway feces attack blows up at judge in courtroom tirade

        “…..Assistant District Attorney Grace Phillips detailed the lead-up to the attack, recounting that Abrokwa hit on the victim, asking her, “Hey, mami, hey, mami, why don’t you talk to me?” and when she ignored him, he walked into an idling subway car and pooped into a bag.

        He then walked back out and smeared the excrement on her face, head, nose, mouth and eyes, asking the woman, “You like this, b—h?” Phillips said……”

        Roll tide!!!

      29. In my opinion, Valdosta has a slight edge over Albany when it comes to shopping because Albany doesn’t have a Best Buy but just about everything else, Albany have that Valdosta have. I’m surprised Albany doesn’t have Best Buy like many other cities (Athens, Warner Robins, Alpharetta) near it’s population size does. I know this is off topic but…………

        Surprisingly, Brunswick, Georgia have grown over years in retail. Brunswick is starting to be on the level with Albany and Valdosta in regards to having retailers and at such a smaller population too (16,000-17,000). Brunswick has retailers such as Academy Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Michaels, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Target, Books-A-Million, Home Depot, Lowes, Ross, T. J. Maxx, Old Navy, Jo-Ann, Pet Smart, Harbor Freight, Beall’s Outlet, Big Lots, Walmart Supercenter, Walmart Neighbor Market, Sam’s Club, Kirklands, Publix, JCPenney’s, Belk, Rack Room, Ulta, Party City, Staples, Ashley Furniture, Five and Below, and Tractor Supply. Brunswick also has restaurants such as Cheddar’s, Hooter’s, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Moe’s, Panda Express, Zaxby’s, Chick-fil-A, Olive Garden, Chili’s, Longhorn, Starbucks, Blaze Pizza, Buffalo Wild Wing’s and Cracker Barrel (Hwy, 55, Outback Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse are supposed to be coming too).

        I was always curious as to how Brunswick could get all of these retailers/restaurants when you have other cities in Georgia that is near the same population size of Brunswick (16,000-17,000) like Tifton, Dublin, Waycross and St. Mary’s that have not nearly as much.

        I did my research and discovered that Brunswick have a large trade area population of near 113,000. I quickly realized but should have already known that a lot people from surrounding counties (McIntosh, Eastern Brantley and Wayne and Northern Camden counties) (Western Glynn County, St. Simons and Jekyll Island) depend on the city of Brunswick for work, dining, and shopping. In this area, unless someone is willing drive to Jacksonville, Florida or Savannah, Georgia to do heavy shopping, Brunswick is the next best option. I live in McIntosh county, which is rural, so I travel to Brunswick for all the above terms myself.

        Also, the location of Brunswick help contributed to retail growth. Brunswick is a city along the coast and it is directly off the Interstate 95. It also lies almost halfway in between Jacksonville, Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Brunswick is also a port city.

        Therefore, metro population and location plays a major role as to how cities grow too. A small city can have a low city limit population but have a high metro population and still have some or nearly all of the same retailers/restaurants as a larger populated city have.

        That’s exactly what has happened overtime in this case. Albany have city limit population of nearly 75,000 and metro population of 157,500. Valdosta have city limit population of nearly 57,000 and metro population of 139,588. Brunswick, Georgia has city limit population of near 17,000 and metro population of 112,000. All of these statistics are from Wikipedia.

      30. I still feel Marin county is worth checking out. It’s landscape is unique with a coastal setting and hilly terrain, driving on the 101 was adventurous. When I was 15, I took my first vacation to the Bay Area. We rented a car and drove to the Muir Woods tree spot. I was very fond of San Francisco at the time. You gotta understand though, coming from 3000 miles away and seeing SF in person was one of my more memorable vacations.

        Then when I was 20 we took the ferry to Sausalito. A true California experience was provided. Sausalito is pleasant to the eye and unique as well. This is what makes the Bay Area so much different than most major cities. You are so close to smaller communities. I don’t know if you consider Sausalito a suburb, but just the fact that it’s a short ride over the bridge and has a great view makes it worth being on a postcard.

        The shops downtown are good for people who want “California” printed shirts and luxury items. Sausalito struck me as a wealthy town. I had the privilege of eating at Scoma’s, which literally is built on a pier over the water. Finally, we drove up to the homes that were built on hills. Those homes had amazing views of the water and even the city.

        Overall, I would rate Sausalito as a good residential town with tourist features.

      31. This is a long story with not a lot of sex, in case you don’t want to waste your time, or if you want to skip to the end, but I felt the build up was important.
        When you work in a male dominated job, it’s immediately noticed when a woman shows up for work. The first time I saw Jill I was putting my gear on the truck and checking my equipment, she walked around the ambulance in the next bay and introduced herself to the Joey, a paramedic who had been on our shift forever, she was his new partner.
        She wasn’t the typical type you’d see in a firehouse, that’s for sure. She was on the smaller side, maybe 5′ 4″, long brown hair, not exactly petite, but not thick either. While she wasn’t ugly, she wasn’t the angelic figure most people describe in stories like this. She looked worn, for lack of a better term, maybe tired. Some acne scars on her face and wire rimmed glasses probably weren’t helping her outward appearance, and it’s not like you’re gonna get all dolled up to immerse yourself in the sick and the wounded all day.
        It didn’t take very long for Jill to get recognized as just one of the guys in the station. Her jokes and innuendos were as raunchy, if not worse than most of the guys and her pranks were on point. Soon she was meeting with us for after work drinks and off duty shenanigans and was really part of the crew.
        This was all at a particularly rough time for my marriage, my wife had lost all interest in physical love, and it didn’t help that she was out of work and was having difficulty finding a job, making my home life stressful and my drinking more intense.
        One night after work, I was really tying one on, and as the night wore on and the boys were all starting to head home, the last few of them wanted to get to their families but didn’t want to leave me alone. Jill stepped up and said she’d make sure I would get home ok, wouldn’t let me drive, etc.
        Once it was just the two of us, I broke down to her. I spilled all my problems, and in my state of lowered inhibition I focused entirely too much on my sex life, or lack of one. I told her how my wife had lost interest, and how I felt it was my fault for trying to push my kinks and fetishes on her.
        She was intrigued so I talked more about how I had size issues and enjoyed sph, and wanted my wife to cuckold me or at least be a hotwife. (In my line of work, this getting out would be a disaster in the workplace, I’d be the laughing stock of the department) I told her about my desire to be dominated, to be used, she just listened intently and asked lots of questions.
        We stayed at the bar until closing, and for the last couple of hours Jill had gotten me to switch to soda water so I was beginning to sober up a little and it was beginning to hit me how exposed I was. She insisted she still wasn’t comfortable with me driving, so she wouldn’t give me my keys and we walked to the corner of the lot where she was parked. I knew she made the right choice when we neared her car and I slipped and almost fell, grabbing her arm to keep my balance. We ended up standing face to face, her looking slightly up at me, which doesn’t happen often for me as I’m pretty short myself.
        It was surreal, looking into her eyes, she slowly raised up and our lips met. Next thing I knew we were leaning on her car, tongues intertwined, hands exploring each other’s form. I slid a hand up her shirt and was surprised by how firm her breasts were, not huge but more than a handful, normally well hidden by her loose fitting uniforms. I distinctly remember feeling her nipples for the first time, they were bigger than I was used to like the eraser of a pencil and hard, if we weren’t outside I don’t think I would have been able to keep my mouth off them.
        Reality crashed in however, when Jill’s hand slid down my body and grabbed my hard cock through my pants. She stepped back breaking our kiss, a kind of odd smirk on her face. “Oh my god, your weren’t kidding!!! Your dick is tiny”. My heart sank, a mix of humiliation and excitement, the feeling I both love and dread. “We should go” she said, “I need to get you home”.
        The next morning my head was a mess, my mind replaying the parts I could remember, I jerked off in the shower to the the thought of her, picturing that grin as I climaxed, I loved the thrill but in my post orgasmic clarity I began to fear the consequences. If she talked at work, I would be ruined. All the respect I had earned through the years would be gone.
        It was almost lunch time when my cell rang, it was her. She opened up with “I know it’s our day off, I didn’t know if you were busy” I told her I had nothing pressing going on, playing it as cool as I could. “I think we should meet up and talk” she offered, and I agreed, and told her I could use a ride to pick up my car anyway. She picked me up and we decided to get my car and then hit a local sandwich place for lunch.
        Conversation at lunch started slow, but she eventually broke the ice, she told me she enjoyed bonding with me, and not to worry, she would never betray my trust at work. I was relieved, but a little disappointed, as it seemed like she was shutting down any future hook ups. Boy was I wrong.
        As lunch ended she mentioned how one of the guys told her I used work as an electrician. I told her I had, and had done it as a side hustle my first few years on the department but that in recent years I had gotten lazy since my firefighter salary was enough to live on. She told me she had a light switch that wasn’t working and would I mind taking a look. I agreed, and we headed to her house.
        Long story short there was no electrical problem. As I walked in her door she grabbed me and we kissed passionately. “I had to try that with both of us sober” she said. “Please don’t be mad” I answered by pulling her in for another kiss.
        She broke the embrace and led me by the hand to her bedroom, We alternated kissing and shedding clothes while exploring each other’s bodies. She fell back on the bed and I kissed my way down her chest and stomach. I worked my tongue around the waist band of her panties. Slowly sliding them down as I did, her arching her back to allow them to slide off. As her foot came out of the leg hole I caught it, and began worshiping with my mouth. Slowly kissing my way back up her leg, till her thighs spread before me.
        I don’t know how long I tongue her, passionately kissing her lips, sucking her clit as I fingered her. I lot count of how many times she convulsed and squeezed my head between her thighs, or pulled my hair between incoherent mumblings. What I lack in dick I make up for in oral skills, and I was determined to put it all on display.
        At some point she pulled my head up and told me she couldn’t take anymore. I worked my way up and she kissed me again, with no regard for her own taste on my lips. She was spent, sweaty and flush, I slid along side her and we spooned. I gently kissed her neck and hugged her right, it was nice to feel this intimacy again after so long without it.
        As she came down from her heights of passion, she worked her hand back between us and slowly stroked me. My cock wet with precum from multiple cycles of going soft to hard as while I was down laying tongue on her. I was rock hard now, straining for release.
        She maneuvered me to my back and slid down, taking me in her mouth. As with most women, she had no problem fitting me in completely. She didn’t work me for long, it was more a courtesy suck then a passionate header. After only a few minutes she sat up, and straddled me, guiding my dick into her as she did.
        She rode me for maybe 15 minutes or so before rolling off. “is everything ok” I asked.
        “I guess” she said, “but I can barely feel you so there’s really no point to it, can I just jerk you off?” I agreed and she wrapped her hand around my cock, still wet with her juices. Knowing what works for me I immediately asked her if she had been with someone this small before. “Not even close” was her reply, most of my boyfriends were almost twice as big” I could feel my orgasm building, her pace was perfect, the way she twisted her hand ever so slightly at the head, then she said it “I understand why your wife doesn’t want to fuck anymore ” that pushed me over the edge. I stiffened and shot a couple bursts of cum which landed mostly on my stomach and chest. The she did something I had never experienced before and wasn’t expecting. She leaned in and licked my from my body. Maybe it was that it was new, or that she was so fucking hot, but it never occurred to me that she hadn’t swallowed. Before I realized what was happening, her tongue was in my mouth, and so was my load. A mouthful of cum was swirled around our tongues and we kissed intensely. We broke our kiss and stared into each other eyes as we both swallowed in what was probably my most intense sexual experience since I lost my virginity. We cuddled for some time, before showering together, we talked in the shower, about where this would go. She told me she didn’t want a relationship, but was willing to explore some things with me if I wanted to stay casual. I agreed, I knew I already had feelings, but anything she was willing to give me was better than nothing.

      32. YT Shorts is basically TikTok. It has been a piece of shit from the time it was launched and Youtube has not improved it at all. They’ve made it worse.

        There are way too many cringe tiktok reuploads. Why do they even get this many views? In all of them neither the person in the video nor the camera can stay still for more than a millisecond(and that’s being generous).

        You can’t mark a category or a channel as “Not Interested”. Why? Is it “not in my best interest” to do such a thing? Can’t I decide what I want to watch? Most video’s comment section is just the people ranting about the cringe Tiktoks. They don’t even show how many people disliked the “video”.

        It seems like the devs were high AF(and I mean high like to the moon and back) when making the recommendation algorithm. How the actual funk do they decide what to show next? I have to manually search for creators when I want to watch a video from them, because the algorithm is not gonna recommend me anything I actually watch till the end and leave a like and a comment. I’d literally fall in a black hole of motivational trash BG music videos on one night and the next morning wake up to a bunch of random hacks and shit.

        If I subscribe to all the creators I wanna watch, my subscriptions feed like someone took a bunch of newspaper clippings and slammed it in front of my face. On mobile they don’t have a thumbnail. And on desktop there is no clear indication that a particular video is a short. There should be a spray page or section for Shorts content with actrual thumbnails, not random frames from the video.

        There needs to be a big ol’ MUTE button so I can stop that tone deaf music all the shittok videos have. And who the funk came up with the idea of adding the Shorts button to the bottom Quick-Access area, and more make it customizable?

        There’s a lot of a-holes stealing other people’s content. There not a lot of categories to report a video. From what I’ve heard YT Shorts don’t pay a lot to the creator.

      33. Cute 18YO Nikki Next needs help with her homework so she calls you over, the resident asian nerd in her class. She’s not the smartest but she looks so cute in her little hooters outfit & such a brat. She doesn’t understand the homework & wants you to do it but you’re so busy perving on her tight Hooters shorts & she catches you! She’s like “gross, I don’t go out with asian guys!” * laughs about the tiny asian penis rumor. You say it’s not true but she calls you out & asks you to prove it! So now you have to prove it by taking it out & it IS small so she cracks up big time & points while laughing. She makes fun of you & mocks your jerking off with her pinky finger. This is literally the funniest thing she’s ever seen & needs a photo as proof. She keeps laughing & mocking you until you cum a pathetic piddly drop & then says you have to do her homework now! Nikki is the perfect, cute young bratty girl

        File Name : 001Nikkipohbkn
        Format: Windows Media
        File Size : 109 MB
        Duration: 00:06:44
        Video: VC-1, 720 x 480, 29.970 fps, 2000 Kbps
        Audio: WMA, 6 channels, 256 Kbps

      34. Just days after a nature documentary hosted by former president Barack Obama launched on Netflix, the streaming company is in shambles, with its shares in freefall.

        On April 13, Netflix released all five episodes of its documentary series Our Great National Parks, produced and narrated by Obama. While culture critics in the liberal media received the series warmly—even as one admitted, “I can’t say that I learned a tremendous amount”—investors were less convinced.

        In a stunning show of pessimism in the company’s situation, Netflix’s stock imploded on Tuesday, plunging 37 percent by Wednesday morning. The collapse was driven by Netflix’s Tuesday announcement that it lost subscribers last quarter for the first time in more than a decade. The service is scrambling to remedy its poor subscriber numbers, announcing last month that it plans to start charging customers for sharing their accounts with others.

        The company’s decline is a reflection of the failure of its costly partnership with the former president. Netflix in 2018 entered into a multi-year agreement with Obama and his wife Michelle to produce films and series. It’s unclear exactly how much cash the company burned to hire the Obamas, but considering that Netflix paid the creator of Glee $300 million for a five-year deal, the amount was likely exorbitant.

        Through that deal, the Obamas brought to Netflix a documentary called American Factory, about an Ohio auto factory bought out by a Chinese state-backed company. While the film purported to shed light on a clash of cultures and the struggles of the American working class, it instead served as “a platform for Communist oligarchs to propagandize.”

        If Communist propaganda wasn’t unpalatable enough for viewers, the Obamas are reportedly working to bring to Netflix a kids show called Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents, a revival of Michelle Obama’s failed crusade to get kids to eat healthier.

        In Barack Obama’s latest series, he takes viewers on a tour of the planet’s greatest national parks and their wildlife, from the sea otters of California’s Monterey Bay to the lions of his native country, on Kenya’s Yatta Plateau.

        Some critics of Netflix argue that the company’s programming across the board, not just the content the Obamas brought to the site, is to blame for the company’s hemorrhaging of subscribers. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that the “woke mind virus” has made Netflix “unwatchable.”

        That critique is borne out by Netflix’s release this week of He’s Expecting, a Japanese film about a “successful cisgender man” forced “to confront social inequities he’d never considered before” when he becomes pregnant.

      35. Are you saying that every pandemic, regardless of disease severity, warrants mass vaccination of every human on earth?

        It depends on several factors, but yes, the standard response for respiratory pathogens, both droplet and airborne, is vaccination.

        What about the secondary effects from vaccines, both beneficial and detrimental, that are not yet fully understood?

        There are several medications we use that we haven’t exactly understood how they work. Should we use them? You want a standard for this vaccine that literally no other intervention needs, and you are seemingly ignoring that the vaccine has been largely benign for the vast majority of people.

        Are you referring to the spike? Doesn’t Omicron have 30ish mutations on the spike?

        Up until Omicron, what I said was true. Also do you want me to go over the 13 mutations which are unique to Omicron, or discuss the others which it shares with other variants? The original argument for the mRNA vaccines was that it could be redesigned easily to respond to mutations. We haven’t seen that for some reason, despite the ability of mRNA to respond sensitively if used in a step-wise manner.

        But wasn’t it also idiotic to hope this virus could be driven to self-extinction by standardizing the selective pressures across a population since it was already mutating prior to the employment of the vaccines?

        I could possibly buy that argument, but a cogent vaccination strategy focused on select epitopes doesn’t preclude the possibility of updates with other vaccines which could provide better coverage. Standardizing a response across a population also helps with differences along HLA serotypes, which also can mediate individual antibody responses and can also explain the wide gap in the quality of illness from person to person.

        And unless they were going to quarantine every vaccinee until both shots were given and full antibody response could be mustered, how was a standard antibody response going to be achieved? It is just hard to fathom how this vaccine design was ever going to succeed. But maybe I’ve missed something in your explanations..

        Again, I’ve laid this out before, but this vaccination strategy, to achieve maximum effect, required a level of international cooperation we will never see again, though we did do it once. You would have to employ the strategy within a very short time frame, and in an organized manner to maximize its effects. It wasn’t going to work in a world where we had to protect corporate profits for some reason. That fact undermined the seriousness of the pandemic in a massive way.

        To justify experimenting on every human on earth? Very high. Certainly not this one that affected mostly older adults with comorbidities.

        Give me a range.

        Does that make it okay? Maybe it’s ethical or necessary to experiment on people when dealing with something like smallpox but we shouldn’t all become lab rats for something like covid-19. Assessing benefit/risk is imperative.

        What do you think the results of the vaccination ‘experiment’ showed?

      36. Stony Point is one town which also included the rural Tomkins Cove hamlet population of approx. 15,000. Haverstraw is another town which contains many villages (Haverstraw Village, West Haverstraw, Garnerville, Mount Ivy, Thiells, Pomona) population of approx 35000.. Both towns share a school district, community programs, etc. If you live in Stony Point your going to spend some time in Haverstraw for shopping and other activities. Stony Point really has no sketchy area’s. Haverstraw on the other hand has quite a few especially in the village of Haverstraw. While Stony Point is not very diverse, Most residents grew up in town and went to a very diverse school system. You will see much more inter racial socialization than most other area’s. There are really two sides of Stony Point- North of the Lowland bridge and South of Lowland bridge. The North is much more rural with older home’s and much more history (Stony Point battlefield). The south end might as well be part of Haverstraw as it is mostly high ranch home’s, strip store’s etc. The town is also very blue collar. Most men work in civil service or some sort of trade…I have much more info, Let me know what you want to know.

      37. Laws like this, you get what you get! The people of Boston and the state of Massachusetts have no one to blame but the people you put into office. Vote better, educate yourself on the candidates and make better choices.

        1. I have a good toned body and I got offered to model for my college’s art class nude, the pay is good and I need the money, but there is one problem, I have a penis a little under average in size.. would it ruin my reputation with girls if I did it and they all saw my size? would they talk about it?

      38. Predatorial employment is very common. Employment scams are getting too common. Women who moved to area alone to work have been targeted badly for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, denial of unemployment and stalked/terrorized into relationships for the predatorial men. Whole office ignores this going on over and over, if you speak up, you get it BAD. Stalking and restraining order laws have been ruined by dirty attorneys here. Discount Legal Aide won’t even give plaintiffs advice, defendants are always well informed and well represented like frequent flyers in court here. Expect to pay hourly attorney fees if you want to challenge a wrongful termination.

        Manufacturing has so many employees arguing and torturing each other, some choose to quit as work putting together airplanes was more about politics and harassment.

        Some skilled labor is now paying $9 an hour for life/death situation for customers, run so badly law suit is very likely due to management running things at 50%. It is shocking which big and successful businesses in Wichita treat their people & customers like this.

        Colleges are screwing over some students. You may not even be able to get an internship in Wichita unless you can pay for 12-15 hours of classes. Some people who seek another degree cannot even get student loans. Part-time students are refused internships which are required to graduate. Yet, some of these internships sit empty for 2+ years but company’s home office won’t accept any other persons wishing to intern. Lots of the materials taught at the colleges are terribly out of date too sometimes. Bad sexual harassment is also being tolerated of some of the male workers making the colleges a losing proposition for female workers who quit in mass when another predatorial male instructor joins the staff. Pay cash for 2-3 classes to make sure any of these Wichita colleges will work for you before you get a student loan or Grant or you may be forced to pay back aid immediately upon dropping your classes.

        Some churches are being called cults. Some unprofitable people who try churches in Wichita are run off and stalked by church members for years, even at their employment. There is no way to get this to quit. Only try a church where you know some of the members well.

        Cost of housing is really getting too high for the Wichita wages. This has spawned a lot of aggressive behavior by men toward poor and middle class women to threaten and stalk, maybe even get a woman fired if you want her with you. Cops and courts in Wichita do not protect the peasants, only work to ruin victims if desired by wealthy repeat abuser who are sometimes even attorneys. Many local women who are single again do not stay alone long, as the sexual harassment at work can cause loss of your job.

      39. The Rootworker is really working the spells on the manosphere/hotep/ woman hating/ sector. David Carroll is dead. Brother Polight has been indicted for the r#pe of a minor. Nature Boy is in jail on r#pe charges. Young Pharaoh has gone bat-shyte crazy, and is facing prison for terroristic threats. Umar Johnson was sent a cease and desist letter from the State Of Pennsylvania. He can no longer solicit funds for his phony school. It’s only a matter of time before the Feds make an entrance.

        Let’s hope the Rootworker will target some of the OG women haters. For example, Tommy Sodomizer & Oshay Duke Jackson. I want them to finally get their comeuppance. Anyhoo, I got my mojoe working on that Lead Attorney. I can’t stand him.

        1. Always with the attacking your fat Black mamas instead of being mad at your daddy for leaving. I swear, you better learn from KittenHeels before you choke on your RedBull.

      40. The cause is sin. The wages of sin=death. This could all be avoided if we followed the 10 commandments. What good would gun control do without addressing root issues.

        What about because all of the promiscuity/sexual immorality, that leaves broken hearts, mental illness, disease, and death. Lets not forget the children who are born in unloving conditions, neglected, and raised by wicked parents that expose them to much filth and debauchert, corrupting the child and repeating the cycle. Lets not forget the rampant single mother hood from stupid dog minded men and silly women who are dregs on society and burdens to the community.

        What about all the filth people watch on tv, porn, violence. The violent video games. All the drug use and alcohol abuse. What good will gun control do, when the gubment will just arm criminals who will then terrorize whole communities unchecked?

        Why would black ppl give them up, when the gubment will just arm cacs, and they will proceed with what they always wanted to do unchecked? Liberal areas have the strictest gun laws and it happens more there, because they know, no one will check them. Then they move to Texas and Fla, dumb logic much.

        Matthew 24:12

        12And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

        The real answer is for us all to repent and turn away from our sins and seek out The Most High and trust in the sacrifice his son made that we may be forgiven of our sin and iniquity. Read scripture and pray and fast.

        That is the solution for our ppl, the chosen ppl of The Most High. We not meant to live as heathens like these other people and that’s why we suffer more than anyone else now. Integration was the worst possible thing for us to. We have to separate and stop mixing with these other races of people (Serious).

      41. I got into crypto about a year ago convinced that it was a major gamble with fake Monopoly money, but that you could make a quick buck if you learned the ropes. Twelve months and a great deal of education later, I have unexpectedly found myself to be a believer in crypto’s real value. Whether people like it or not, crypto is here to stay and it is the wave of future finance. Is it still a gamble in these early days of its adoption. Yes. Are there rug pulls where people can get burned? Yes. Is it highly volatile? Yes again. Like any investment, you have to do your own research to make smart decisions and woe to those that don’t. You can get just as burned in the stock market or investing in start-ups as you can with crypto.

        There are many cryptos that are not just funny money and have good business fundamentals and roadmaps for future work that justify their value and reasonably drive healthy speculation (e.g. Ethereum, Cardano, and Luna). I am increasingly finding that the people who pooh-pooh crypto either do not know enough about it or feel threatened by change in that crypto is largely decentralized which could have negative implications for their power grip on traditional banking and financial markets.

      42. As a reminder is a short Hunter list of things I could remember:

        Kicked out of Navy for cocaine use

        Referenced as doing inappropriate things with niece by own family (text) and not allowed to see them without parents present

        Did crack regularly and rehab at least 3 times

        Left crack in car and mechanic had to cover for him when it was found (texts from mechanic)

        Had pornhub premium site of his own with his porn videos on it under RHEast

        Dozens of paid prostitutes and escorts along with webcam models.

        Wasn’t paying alimony to first wife as required.

        Got sued by stripper that had his baby he denied was while claiming he was broke. Lost lawsuit and paternity test and had to pay.

        Regular contact with Ukraine and Chinese nationals regarding access to his father.

        Leveraged father to get paid a large legal retainer by Chinese energy company with ties to party.

        Paid to be be on Ukraine energy company board despite having little experience in this area.

        Multiple years of failure to pay federal taxes and investigated by FBI tax fraud (no public finding from FBI ..yet).

        Married latest wife after knowing her for 10 days and named their baby after his dead brother whose wife he fricked.

        Within a year of his separation from first wife for cheating, has affair with his dead brother’s wife Hallie.

        Offered to teach Hallie’s sister Elizabeth (who was married) how to masterbate in that same period.

        Laptop was specifically turned over to State police who gave it to Feds in part due to potentially child porn to investigate. No finding…yet.

        Image from laptop posted showing Hunter naked in front of mirror with young girl on iPad in background. Same girl, alleged to be Hallie found throughout his laptop.

        Video posted of Hunter and a young girl giving him a foot job whose face can be seen but was blurred out (different than the one with a Asian lady). Rumors but she is def young. Video still up on GNews.

        Former FBI Director Louis Freeh gave $100k to Hallie’s kids trust and used that via Hunter to get access to JB.

        Hallie Biden tossed a gun in the trash that Hunter left unlocked with kids in car. It was found after she reported it stolen. FBI and Secret Service (they denied) investigated. In responding to Halie, Hunter said “You now have me as an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies,”. Hallie didn’t want Hunter to harm himself was her side.

        Regarding guns Hunter texted to Hallie “There are 5 guns in dads house. There are f —ing more weapons in your sons room then in an armory”.

        Hunter and Brother Jim settled a lawsuit from Anthony Lotito Jr. over them making deals behind his back on a hedge Fund at Paradigm Companies.

        Joe and Hunter golfed together with Ukraine oil execs but denied ever talking business.

        “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings” Joe said. Hunter told The New Yorker in July that he and his father had spoken about his overseas work “just once.” One of them lied.

        Hunter served (and later resigned) and founded Chinese BHR Equity Investment Fund (controlled by bank of China) and held 10% stake. Among deals BHR facilitated the purchase of Tenke Fungurume Mine, one of the world’s richest cobalt mines in Congo (need for batteries that the US heavily completes for), financed a coal-mining company in Australia that was controlled by a Chinese state-owned enterprise as as well helping acquire an auto parts supplier in Michigan.

        Hunter made a deal with CEFC (now bankrupt Chinese oil company) to create anew Chinese equity firm with 20% to Hunter and 10% to the big guy, confirmed by Hunter’s business partner as President Biden. CEFC paid Hunter companies $4.8 million. $1 million legal “retainer” from Patrick Ho of CEFC. Ho was later sentenced 3 years in US for making bribes over CEFC oil rights in Africa.

        Hunter Biden was also gifted a 2.8-carat diamond from Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming. (Divorce proceedings w wife)

        Wanxiang is a Chinese automotive components conglomerate with strong financial ties to the CCP. Joe Biden met with Wanxiang officials in the United States in July 2014, while he was VP, and again in September 2018, after he left office. Wanxiang successfully acquired two U.S. companies. A123 (car batteries) in bankruptcy .The acquisition was eventually approved by Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. They got a $249 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009, which the company used to open a factory to mass-produce batteries for electric vehicles.

        Fisker Automotive, was bought by Wanxiang in a bankruptcy auction in February 2014, according to Reuters. Five years earlier, in 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy announced a $528 million loan to Fisker to develop hybrid vehicles.
        According to Fisker’s bankruptcy filing in November 2013, “Robert Hunter Biden” (Hunter’s full name) was among a long list of the company’s creditors.

        Seneca Global Advisors was Hunter’s consulting company. Great Point Energy was a client. Wanxiang invested $420 million in GreatPoint in 2012.

        A former business partner and friend of Hunter Biden was sentenced to more than a year in prison for his role in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe of some $60 million in bonds. Archer served with Hunter on Burisma board and paid $1 million a year each.

        Testifying in support of his prior claims of investigating Burisma Holdings, Shokin, in a sworn affidavit dated September 4, 219 for a court in Austria, stated that “The truth is that I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm active in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the Board of Directors.” Shokin continued, stating that, “On several occasions President Poroshenko asked me to have a look at the criminal case against Burisma and consider the possibility of winding down the investigative actions in respect of this company, but I refused to close this investigation.”

        While visiting Kyiv in December 2015, then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden warned Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that, if he did not fire Shokin, the Obama administration was prepared to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees. Biden later said: “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ […] He got fired.

        Hunter and Archer founded Rosemont Seneca Partners together along with Chris Heinz (John Kerry Step son and ketchup money).

      43. My wife and I moved here a few months ago. Del Mar, specifically. It has been nonstop complaining from her since we arrived. At first, I thought, there’s an adjustment period anytime you move across the country. The drumbeat has been rising, however, and yesterday reached a fever pitch. Now it’s unbearable. We might have to undo this move. Or perhaps find a better location out here that somehow addresses this laundry list. Here is a rundown of what she hates about Del Mar, North County, and generally SD:

        “I’m effing freezing.”
        The beaches are cold, and the water unswimmably so.
        The surfers are weird — “they drag this huge board out there and swim out into the ocean and just sit there doing nothing, bobbing up and down like one of those fishing bobbers.”
        Too cold to play tennis.
        Too many people.
        Too much Mexican food.
        Not enough “normal” food.
        Not enough space indoors.
        Parking spaces are too tight.
        You have to pay for shopping bags.
        Too many gated entries.
        Too many people milling around in the outdoors.
        Not enough trees.
        Not enough tall trees.
        Not enough grass.
        Too much dirt.
        Not enough bugs.
        Too dry.
        The marine layer is annoying.
        It never rains.
        On sunny days, the sun is too harsh, and meanwhile I’m cold.
        Mission Beach is a hot mess.
        Downtown Encinitas is a hot mess at night.
        UTC is a hot mess. Downtown San Diego isn’t so much, but there’s too much walking.
        In n Out is a hot mess inside.
        In n Out is too cold outside and the drive-in cars circle the place like sharks in a tank.
        The peppers are too hot at In n Out, and everywhere.
        Everyone’s salsa is too hot.
        No one has good cornbread.
        The baseball stadium, Petco, is complicated to get around in.
        Padres fans are annoying at games.
        The neighbors are loud.
        The beds we went shopping for are all too firm. (“Is there not a market for a soft bed around here? And no, I refuse to get a Sleep Number.”)
        She likes that there are mountains to visit, but they were too cold for her.
        All this outdoor shopping — too cold.
        Clothing stores don’t carry enough warm clothes.
        REI is a scam.
        There’s not always parking directly in front of places, she hates to walk from the car to the restaurant.
        “Everyone has those same rounded tiles on their roof.”
        Too many skateboards.
        The skateboards are too loud.
        All these trains.
        Too many signs.
        Too many pedestrian rules.
        Too many rules about where you can go and can’t go.
        Too many rules about making a fire at a beach or park.
        Not enough good wineries in SoCal, although when we visited the ones up north, she froze to death.
        Lot of concerts come here, but not Garth.
        “One can’t even get a ticket to Comic Con and yet it’s right here.”

        **Surprisingly, she’s not bothered by the gas prices (“I’ve never looked at the price of it because there’s nothing I can do about it and we have to have it anyway.”)

        Things she likes, although there’s not enough here to crowd out the hate, not enough here to find Del Mar and San Diego nice to live:
        Best movie theaters she’s ever been to.
        Best popcorn at these theaters.
        It’s pet-friendly.
        The people are friendly, even though they seem to be a bit overly family-oriented.
        That there’s an MLB baseball team here.
        There’s an abundance of retail and amenities, although not enough warm clothing on hand.
        Great fine dining here, although too many are predicated on outdoor seating and it’s too cold, even with the portable heaters.
        La Jolla Village is cute and nice, although too crowded and cold.
        Del Mar and Solana Beach’s village areas are cute and nice too, but also a bit too populated, and too much is centered around busy roads like the 101.
        Feels safe, healthy police presence.
        That our part of North County is clean and orderly.
        Our community and places we frequent remember us by name.
        Our community haunts are friendly and inviting.
        That Palm Springs is nearby, and we have visited… she enjoyed the 110° days, but the drive there was unbearably hot and too gusty when we’d stop on the roadside.
        After scouring every grocery and food store in town, she discovered sweet tea at Walmart.
        Similarly, she discovered the Chik-Fil-As here, but the lines of cars there don’t bother her because the service is so stellar.
        The sunsets are pretty, but basically the same, and it’s too cold anyway.
        People are generally intelligent here.
        People are patriotic here.

      44. Championship’s won by the refs. Not Alabama. Today is November 15 2022 and after last weekend against Ole Miss, Alabama and their paid refs will have a lot to answer for. Alabama won’t be able to dodge the accusations any longer. The NCAA and the SEC are on the spot because of that dirty player Dallas Turner and the cheating officials. America saw what Alabama is all about. Alabama has been protected by the NCAA and the SEC about recruiting. They both refuse to investigate Alabama. Of course Alabama gets 5 star players just because they want to sit for 3 years just to play for Alabama. Bullshit. I hope Alabama gets the death penalty, but they won’t because that’s not done anymore, but Alabama deserves the next worse thing. Alabama is the worst champions because they didn’t earn it. The NCAA, the SEC, the refs got it for them. It’s all about to come out.

    2. PSA: black cumin seeds can be used as alternate to Ivermectin

      Nigella Sativa (black cumin seeds): 40mg/kg day

      Can be used with ivermectin for maximum benefit

      1. The real PITA is having to listen to modern day Pharisees pontificate about Freemasonry of which they know very little in an attempt to make themselves literally holier than thou. Other than that, you get out what you put in. If they sacrifice children to Ba’al in the Scottish Rite, my home lodge is waaay off! I mean, we pray together, read the Bible in open lodge, support our charity, the widows and orphans and can depend on each other for anything and everything. Worst….evildoers….ever.

      2. I’m not about to give a man human decency who wished death on my black woman ass and other black women like me. Who pushed an agenda for violence against black women, built a platform on degrading black women and was pedophile apologist.

        He showed no mercy, neither will I. The energy he put out into this universe, he got back.

        Y’all handmaidens will learn the hard way.

        1. Here they go. Dudes body probably isn’t even cold yet and they’re already blaming black women. I don’t even see any black women celebrating I see more dudes complaining and women who are indifferent. I don’t agree with celebrating anyones death but why are black women expected to care about someone who used their platform to verbally and emotionally abuse them for a living. If the police officers who killed George Floyd died would black men feel sympathy for them? Would they be on some moral high ground? Cause we got to keep that same energy for every despicable person if we’re going to do it for Kevin samuels.

          1. You know what’s sad? When folks celebrate you dying because nobody likes you as a person. That’s gotta be the most miserable and loneliest person. I mean Kevin Samuels might not be dead but it’s sad when folks prefer you dead than alive because of the type of person you are.

    3. If Biden was removed from office the democrats would arguably be wise to push to remove Biden before the mid-term elections. Kamala Harris would become President (typing that causes a mini throw up in my mouth) and she would get to nominate her VP replacement which would need a majority of both houses to be approved.

      The timing would be interesting since there is a chance that the Democrats could convince a RHINO to approve prior to mid terms so the office would be filled. However, since the senate is currently 48+2/50, there would be no tie-breaker (no VP to cast deciding vote).

      If the democrats wait until after the mid-terms, they will likely no longer have the majority in either house, so they will be subject to a cram-down moderate candidate that Republicans put forth as an acceptable nomination from the left.

      If they let Biden hit the road to stump for Democrat candidates this summer, he will continue to do what he does best, and there will be a ton of clips that further justify a declaration of him being incompetent.

      As incompetent as he is, and as much as he lies, he is still better than having KH in charge.

      Amendment XXV.

      SECTION 1.
      In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.
      SECTION 2.
      Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice Presi- dent, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

      1. That man created a cult of men who celebrated the degradation of black women for profit. Despite all the sympathy they require from us for their faults and continued subjugation they used our perceived faults to make some of us feel like shit and/or acquiesce to demands that did us no real favors.

        Had he lived a life of uplifting the community through positivity he’d be getting a positive send off.

        1. Most of what Kevin said was true. People don’t like to hear the truth about themselves, but that does not mean what was said was not true.

          Most of the women that called his show were delusional.

          1. Y’all hate a man so much, cause he told y’all to get in shape and lose weight and do better for self.

            the same shit, he was telling mediocre black men also.

            And y’all slandered the man for two or three years and we’re extremely homophobic towards him. But never truly debated the man’s thoughts and messages and now celebrating his death with the same enjoyment as MAGA idiots did when Trump won the election .

    4. I sent this to an Aussie friend who refuses being vaxxed.

      Why did I send this?

      I have spent a lot of time reading lately. I have found myself obsessed with WWII, and you can spend a lifetime exploring the duplicities, subterfuge, military strategy, and outright EVIL that encompasses that period. This is not a new obsession for me. It started with a military history class I had as a 14 year old in 1980. The WWII ETO, European War Theater, has always been the part of ALL history that most interested me. So the reading I’m doing now is building upon a foundation, or now a proper structure, that has been under construction for almost 40 years.

      The current book I’m reading is “I will Bear Witness” by Victor Klemperer, a German Jew who for a variety of reasons actually lived in Germany in his hometown of Dresden from 1890 to 1960, with a brief dislocation during the firebombing, which actually saved his like. A remarkable story. At this point I’m only to 1935 in his story, and it scares the hell out of me. He was a Professor of Language, so his insights on how the Nazi propganda machine transformed langauge is very insightful, but since I can’t speak German, I’m told I’m missing much of what he says in that regard, What is very clear is his description of his feelings, his wife’s stress, and how he and his friends are slowly being expunged from society.

      Slowly expunged from society.

      From what my amature historian brain has gathered, there is no direct parallel to what is happening in the world today, but there are enough “sub-parallels” that scare me. The Vaccine laws that many countries are putting in place are actually revisions of the 1935 Nuremberg Laws with a few alterations.

    5. Infectious disease is up 450% since Fauci settled in.

      All man made/bio engineered:

      Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) (2002), Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 (A/H1N1) (2009), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) (2012), Ebola virus (2013) and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) (2019-present)

      1. What I liked:

        1. Underdog hometown team taking it to an LA superteam with bought and paid for mercenaries. Something about LA superteams that rub me the wrong way.
        2. Jamarr Chase’s hands. First 3 catches, all incredible.
        3. Joe Burrow
        4. Logan Wilson – you deserved better than that. Played a hell of a game.
        5. Tee Higgins. Maybe Ramsey gets the call if he doesn’t go flying 30 yards on that TD catch. What Tee did does not result in what you did. And Ramsey blatantly held Tee on a TD incomplete pass earlier in the game.
        6. Joe Mixon. Nice first NFL pass.
        7. McPherson

        What I didn’t like:

        1. 3rd and 1 runs to Perrine. How many times does the same play have to fail? In this game alone, twice.
        2. Hargraves running onto the field to celebrate in street clothes. Cut him.
        3. The holding call on Wilson. After the non-call of false start on the same play.
        4. The personal foul on Von Bell the very next play. Didn’t see a replay, so maybe I missed seeing whatever the fuck was wrong with that play.
        5. Perrine not diving for the ball on that last play. Dive for the ball asshole. Even if you can’t catch it.
        6. Our offensive line 2nd half.
        7. Our punter. Some poor punts tonight.
        8. Zac Taylor having Perrine in the game at the end for the last 2 plays. Come on man.
        9. Boyd dropping his 1st pass of the entire season on what would have likely converted on 3rd and long. It was crucial.

      2. The reason we shouldn’t give a damn. Kevin never explicitly told these men to beat or kill women but he knew what his rhetoric was causing. He knew his audience was getting more and more aggressive towards women. He said nothing about it.

        But like I’ve been saying for a while now, black women better stop responding to these fools. Keep your head up go to the shooting range, take self defense classes, men only understand one language. Lay these motherfuckers to rest. Send them to Pappy Samuels.

        1. I know two friends who are Kevin Samuel Fans.

          Both are closeted gay men who hate BW. No I’m serious, like they both sit up and talk shit about BW all day yet they secretly have sex with men and trans women.

          One of them will literally look at you crazy if you allude to a Trans being a man. It’s almost mind boggling to me.

          They both considers themselves heterosexual.

          1. UPDATE CONFIRMED Kevin Samuels passed away
            Thread starterSunGod Start dateThursday at 3:55 PM
            Forums The Alley News Stand News Flash! News Flash!


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            Friday at 2:55 AM
            QueenCutthroat said:
            I thought it was women who die alone?!!

            Well if it’s true just remember ladies, women do out live men.

            You die early when you play dirty lmao!
            One thing about dem tables they always turn!!!!

            Oh well ….. “files nails”

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            Wait i thought it was a hoax. What did he die of?
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            Rasha12 said:
            I been crying last two hours none stop. One of the greatest black men ever died. We lost a leader and a teacher.

            Damn, the ratio of laughs. It’s killing me! :twitcy

            Poor dat


            Y’all ain’t shit lmaooo
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            layisclassic said:
            I know two friends who are Kevin Samuel Fans.

            Both are closeted gay men who hate BW. No I’m serious, like they both sit up and talk shit about BW all day yet they secretly have sex with men and trans women.

            One of them will literally look at you crazy if you allude to a Trans being a man. It’s almost mind boggling to me.

            They both considers themselves heterosexual.
            How are they your friends and they hate black women? I wouldn’t be friend with someone who hates me.
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            mslovely976 said:
            sorry i should of said “his hatred for women [*in general*] because he wished he was one”. but i know. He was multifaceted in his hatred for women/black women.
            It’s fine, but I don’t agree..he was mild to other races of women compared to black women in my opinion.

            He even said that most of us are unattractive.
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            IvoryIno said:
            50 Cent is still living so I don’t know about this.

            And yet, no one will celebrate harder when he dies than his firstborn son.

            Which tells me that demon has already loss in life. Never trust a male so hateful, his own kids don’t want shit to do with him.

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            Tenilicious said:
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            Wait i thought it was a hoax. What did he die off?
            allegedly cardiac arrest
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            jdecision21 said:
            Maybe she was the one with him in the apartment lol.

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            Buoyancy said:
            See now you’re just proving my point.

            Emotions are high strung, and now you’re incapable of expressing any rational thought without resorting to personal attacks and child-like tantrums.

            Idk even know how Hitler and ISIS got into a discussion about Kevin. LOL

            But Go off hun, let it out! Purge!
            I suggest you read a book on propaganda and radicalization. It’s all in there.

            Poor Black men are easy targets to indoctrinate so keep an eye on your boyfriend
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            Codename05 said:
            View attachment 3623068
            Here we go

            And another one….. this is from a Facebook Group for Kevin Samuels. UNHINGED. They are literally threatening the lives of black women smh

            Clown Shit!
            Et Dieu Créa la femme noire
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            Friday at 3:01 AM
            I’m at a loss for words with the way yall are going in on his deceased ass in here. I’ve been laughing so hard trying to go through the 120+ pages! I love yall
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            Foul play possible… Apparently he was with a nurse he had only knew for one night. This is what I was sent below

            She spent the night and when they got up he was complaining about severe chest pain. She tried to save him and even requested a defibrillator. At some point he fell on top of her.

            The police were unable to locate his family to tell them because the apartment wasn’t even in his name! Again, this is coming from the police report and 911 calls, you will only see it in 1 other place

    6. frick off commie.

      I was just there. I got yelled at by some buzz cut fat chick with ankle tats cast member because my 3 and 7yr olds took their masks off once the mine train got outside. We pull into the open air station with a giant opening literally 15 steps from the ride and this little shite comes up yelling that masks need to be worn indoors at all times. I laughed at her and just walked off with my family. She yelled again “at all times.”

      Some of them definitely have a little power trip going on.

    7. The disaster was the second-worst nuclear incident (by radioactivity released) after the Chernobyl disaster. It measured as a Level 6 disaster on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES),[4] making it the third-highest on the INES (which ranks by population impact), behind Chernobyl (evacuated 335,000 people) and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (evacuated 154,000 people) which are both Level 7 on the INES. At least twenty-two villages were exposed to radiation from the Kyshtym disaster, with a total population of around 10,000 people evacuated. Some were evacuated after a week, but it took almost two years for evacuations to occur at other sites.

      1. Kevin Faulk’s daughter got the jab within a day or 2 before she died.

        Most of us knew it was obviously the jab since they mandated it for staff. However, I spoke to a friend who works at LSU and the staff were muzzled.

        LSU has been able to hide the fact that she had just received it before her sudden death.

        What I don’t understand, if this were my child or sibling…. You’d have to kill me to shut me up bc I’d be screaming it from mountaintops.

        Sounds like they’re also hiding the cause of death for young BR judge who recently died suddenly.

      2. Nick Saban said in an interview today with Paul Finebum that last night he had a dream that he pooped into his hand and then shoved it back up into his own rectum…must’ve been PTSD from the 33-18 BEATDOWN in Indy that is giving him NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Recently rapper Souljah Boy leaked his own nudes, showing the world his absolutely massive dick.

      My wife: “I looked up the Souljah Boy pics… he definitely leaked the nudes himself”

      Me (jokingly): “women alllllways look up the guys with big dicks”

      Her: “well yeah obviously honey”

      Me (going fishing): “I’m starting an OF for 4 inch guys”

      Her: “is that really what you measured?” cringeface

      We then talked about how I make her orgasm 30% of the time from sex. She truly thinks this is a good number and was trying to compliment me

    9. I’ve explicitly encouraged my wife to make comments about my size in nearly every recent sexual encounter.

      She is not much of a ‘role player’ so what she says is just matter-of-fact. She doesn’t create storylines or fantasy, just sort of says what she is thinking/states facts—kind one or two sentences like “this would feel so much better if you were bigger.” Or “I haven’t slept with that many people (9-10?), but you’re definitely the smallest.” Most of the time that is good enough to fulfill what I am looking for, although, I wish it was more sustained and more often.

      Last night, I kind of manufactured a scenario where I hoped SPH would come up in a context outside of talk while fucking. The situation completely backfired and was the most awkward, authentic truly humiliating small penis experience I’ve ever encountered. I’m trying to process whether it was, in retrospect, actually amazing and what I’ve been looking for.

      As I’ve mentioned in other posts, my wife and I play with chastity and I’m currently wearing a cage that is much too big. We’ve talked about trying to find a better fitting cage.

      I’ve been locked up for a week and last night was a scheduled unlocking and fuck session. While I was still caged, we started out mostly clothed, making out and watching some porn. I was fingering her and she was playing with my balls. After about 20/25 minutes, she said ‘here’s the key; go shower, you’ve been in there a while. I want you clean before I suck you.”

      I went in the bathroom, unlocked and hopped in the shower. In the moment, I decided to take a cold shower, and then ask my wife to measure me for a better fitting cage. A couple of days before I had found a few cage purchase sites with simple measurements charts corresponding to cage products, and thought we could choose after she measured me—on a Reddit sub, I also found a link to a comparison site where you put your measurements in and it tells you how you compare to other men based on various studies and surveys.

      Two minutes later, I got out of the shower (it was really cold!), walked in the bedroom and asked my wife to measure me. I told her one of the product sites said that the measurements should be based on a flaccid penis (the site said you should stand and measure natural hang)—beyond the cold shower, the other part I “manufactured” in hopes of an SPH experience was, I sat down for the flaccid measurement.

      I think to both our surprise, my sitting down flaccid measurement was 1.85 inches. She basically said ‘that can’t be right, stand up and let your penis warm up, I can tell you put cold water on it.’ We waited a minute and I stood up, she measured again—2 inches.

      I said we better check hard too; she started jerking me off, then measured— 4.8 inches.

      We compared the measurements to the product chart. For Kink3D cobra, it corresponded to the ‘baby’ cage.

      She didn’t really say anything; I was disappointed.

      I then suggested we put my measurements into the comparison website to see how I was doing. It said hard, 850 men out of 1000 are bigger than me, and flaccid, 990 would be bigger.

      I asked my wife what she thought about that?

      She said “what I think is I am going to bed. This isn’t happening tonight.”

      Me: “what’s the matter?”

      Her: “I know you like me to talk about your size and we’ve had fun with that, but spending the last ten minutes completely focused on what a tiny little penis you have has turned me off. Now knowing, officially, you have a baby penis makes me not want to have sex with you. I’m a grown woman who needs a big hard cock, something sexy, something desirous. I am actually a little repulsed by the thought of your incredibly small penis right now.

      I understand if you need to jerk off or something but I’m done with it. Please put it away or take care of yourself in the bathroom.”

      1. Four UWS Duane Reade pharmacies were robbed on Friday in a span of 13 hours — one twice, an NYPD detective told WSR. Police say all of the thefts were committed by a man who fit the same description: Black, roughly 40 years old, with a height of about 5′ 9″.

        At 2:42 a.m., a man allegedly stole $155 worth of vitamins from the store at 609 Columbus Avenue (90th Street).

        At 3:15 a.m., it was ten 12-packs of soda worth approximately $70 from the store at 2522 Broadway (94th-95th). “The Super Bowl,” the detective commented.

        At 10:00 a.m., the heist involved $60 worth of toothpaste from the store at 700 Columbus Avenue (94th-95th).

        At 10:56 a.m., it was $74 worth of soap from the store at 2683 Broadway (103rd).

        At 4 p.m., a man allegedly stole from 700 Columbus again, this time taking wipes, ointments, and flowers. “Valentine’s Day,” said the detective.

        No arrest was made…

        ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. He is nowhere near this Black and white. There is a difference between having a past and having a past. Many of us have dated before we met our some1, etc but some women have gotten trains run on them, when they walk past the frat, all of the bruhs start laughing because she’s easy. Aka, she has a reputation.

        This does impact your future options in terms of looking for a long term relationship or potentially marriage. A man telling you that is doing you a service, not a disservice.

        You talking as if Kevin is the Pentecostal church. Extremely rigid, no middle ground. He is just saying there is a fine line. Most of us men would acknowledge that. That line differs depending on the man.

        Most men have a body count requirement. Even the ones who never ask and tracking in their head every interaction you have had with a man. If the numbers don’t add up, he basically makes a decision, I like you this much, she has this much baggage. Based on this, I can see myself….

        A. Marrying her
        B. Keeping her around, good sex is hard to come by and maybe she can convince me in time, we will see
        C. Boot her

        Most men usually choose B and it doesn’t really end well for most women.

        Kevin is as real as they come. He dropped so many gems. He gave ya’ll the gameplan in how to get men. It’s crazy when you think about it.

        1. Let me ask you if you really believe that Kevin cared about those women that he gives advice to then why does he diss them right away when they disagree?

          Let me give you an example if I went to a therapist and they gave me advice that I didn’t agree with can they turn around and call me a fat ass?

          If I tell a doctor that I don’t want to lose weight can they turn around and say “you are disgusting and you look like a linebacker?” Is that necessary?

          So why does Kevin give advice then proceed to attack the woman if she disagrees?

          In the history of humans when has there been a saint that has told women:
          They are average
          No one wants them
          Die lonely
          Big fat broads
          Say bitch don’t kill my vibe
          Call women bitches

          Tell me which saint has done or said that? I will wait.

          The genetics part plays a role in why some ppl are beautiful and some ppl aren’t. We all know beautiful, rich, confident and smart people do well but it’s at birth that many of these things are inherited. Your genetics determine your gender, height and yes your weight too. Some people have to work hard to be fit and others are able to just skate by because they have good genes. Look at Zendaya for example, she is tall and beautiful. Look at LeBron James whose height and build helps him. If he was born a small person or 5’4 he wouldn’t be in the NBA. This is something he was born with and yes he worked hard with what he got but a lot of his success was due to him being born that way.

          A woman who is obese or unattractive will have a hard time dating. Beautiful women may also have it hard if they choose the wrong person but overall they have much better odds since humans are visual.

          Again telling people to be realistic with their options isn’t something he invented. This isn’t new information. As I said before you can find this information in books, articles and podcasts without having to hear ppl being berated.

          I brought up abuse because mental health because vulnerable ppl are often abused by ppl in power. Since these women called him and he has the power he can uplift them or tear them down. Obviously him tearing them down gets more clicks and fame. But just goes to show you that money and fame acquired by doing bad things isn’t worth it since we can die at any moment and this is now what his legacy is.

          I’ve seen him berate many women not just the rude ones. One girl told him her weight was none of his business and he told her to get the fuck off his line. He then proceeded to call her a big sassy fat broad and a bitch.

          1. Married people aren’t the only ones to be equipped to give dating advice and why is someone who owns a home the only one who can give financial advice?

            So the only wealth someone can make is through owning a home? U can build a diverse portfolio outside of real estate.

            Why can’t a renter give financial advice? Everyone renting isn’t doing bad financially.

            I hope no one is seriously taking ur post as the gospel because ur just so wrong.

            You’re also a prime example of why people need to just listen to their own head and not follow other peoples words smh

        2. A single person should not be a dating coach.
          Someone who does not own a home should not be a finance coach etc.
          Pay attention to who’s giving the advice, because all these YouTubers are simply showing you why they’re single.
          Unfortunately KS is not the only one in that realm. He was a special case because he said violent things about us women. However when it comes to advice, there are so many I mean soooo many people spreading their ignorance all over the internet. These people are basically putting a 101 guide on how to become just like them. Single, poor and bitter. We have to thank a lot of these people for the constant gender wars online.

          There’s a saying that you are what you eat. Well you are also who you listen to. If you take dating advice from a man who’s single at 60, estranged from his children, does not own a home and has to do YouTube while his peers are geering up for retirement, then this is your future.

          I know a man who listen to this guy religiously. He has turned so hateful and bitter, yet he doesn’t even realize it. He’s 35, single, in a rented apartment just being angry at woman. He’s fine for now but could be on the same path as KS and doesn’t even realize it.
          People please pay attention to what you feed your mind, body and soul. The internet has given a voice to a lot of nonsense.

          An expert is someone who has reached an advanced level in a subject and can make others experts as well. Meaning a dating coach, should be someone happily married who has also seen his students walk down the aisle. That’s an expert. If you are an expert then make another expert. In the case of KS he hadn’t even achieved anything for himself in the first place smh.

    10. Dear A.G.,

      It is with sadness that I write to tell you that I am resigning from The New York Times.

      I joined the paper with gratitude and optimism three years ago. I was hired with the goal of bringing in voices that would not otherwise appear in your pages: first-time writers, centrists, conservatives and others who would not naturally think of The Times as their home. The reason for this effort was clear: The paper’s failure to anticipate the outcome of the 2016 election meant that it didn’t have a firm grasp of the country it covers. Dean Baquet and others have admitted as much on various occasions. The priority in Opinion was to help redress that critical shortcoming.

      I was honored to be part of that effort, led by James Bennet. I am proud of my work as a writer and as an editor. Among those I helped bring to our pages: the Venezuelan dissident Wuilly Arteaga; the Iranian chess champion Dorsa Derakhshani; and the Hong Kong Christian democrat Derek Lam. Also: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Masih Alinejad, Zaina Arafat, Elna Baker, Rachael Denhollander, Matti Friedman, Nick Gillespie, Heather Heying, Randall Kennedy, Julius Krein, Monica Lewinsky, Glenn Loury, Jesse Singal, Ali Soufan, Chloe Valdary, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Wesley Yang, and many others.

      But the lessons that ought to have followed the election—lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

      Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.

      My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m “writing about the Jews again.” Several colleagues perceived to be friendly with me were badgered by coworkers. My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels where masthead editors regularly weigh in. There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly “inclusive” one, while others post ax emojis next to my name. Still other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action. They never are.

      There are terms for all of this: unlawful discrimination, hostile work environment, and constructive discharge. I’m no legal expert. But I know that this is wrong.

      I do not understand how you have allowed this kind of behavior to go on inside your company in full view of the paper’s entire staff and the public. And I certainly can’t square how you and other Times leaders have stood by while simultaneously praising me in private for my courage. Showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.

      Part of me wishes I could say that my experience was unique. But the truth is that intellectual curiosity—let alone risk-taking—is now a liability at The Times. Why edit something challenging to our readers, or write something bold only to go through the numbing process of making it ideologically kosher, when we can assure ourselves of job security (and clicks) by publishing our 4000th op-ed arguing that Donald Trump is a unique danger to the country and the world? And so self-censorship has become the norm.

      What rules that remain at The Times are applied with extreme selectivity. If a person’s ideology is in keeping with the new orthodoxy, they and their work remain unscrutinized. Everyone else lives in fear of the digital thunderdome. Online venom is excused so long as it is directed at the proper targets.

      Op-eds that would have easily been published just two years ago would now get an editor or a writer in serious trouble, if not fired. If a piece is perceived as likely to inspire backlash internally or on social media, the editor or writer avoids pitching it. If she feels strongly enough to suggest it, she is quickly steered to safer ground. And if, every now and then, she succeeds in getting a piece published that does not explicitly promote progressive causes, it happens only after every line is carefully massaged, negotiated and caveated.

      It took the paper two days and two jobs to say that the Tom Cotton op-ed “fell short of our standards.” We attached an editor’s note on a travel story about Jaffa shortly after it was published because it “failed to touch on important aspects of Jaffa’s makeup and its history.” But there is still none appended to Cheryl Strayed’s fawning interview with the writer Alice Walker, a proud anti-Semite who believes in lizard Illuminati.

      The paper of record is, more and more, the record of those living in a distant galaxy, one whose concerns are profoundly removed from the lives of most people. This is a galaxy in which, to choose just a few recent examples, the Soviet space program is lauded for its “diversity”; the doxxing of teenagers in the name of justice is condoned; and the worst caste systems in human history includes the United States alongside Nazi Germany.

      Even now, I am confident that most people at The Times do not hold these views. Yet they are cowed by those who do. Why? Perhaps because they believe the ultimate goal is righteous. Perhaps because they believe that they will be granted protection if they nod along as the coin of our realm—language—is degraded in service to an ever-shifting laundry list of right causes. Perhaps because there are millions of unemployed people in this country and they feel lucky to have a job in a contracting industry.

      Or perhaps it is because they know that, nowadays, standing up for principle at the paper does not win plaudits. It puts a target on your back. Too wise to post on Slack, they write to me privately about the “new McCarthyism” that has taken root at the paper of record.

      All this bodes ill, especially for independent-minded young writers and editors paying close attention to what they’ll have to do to advance in their careers. Rule One: Speak your mind at your own peril. Rule Two: Never risk commissioning a story that goes against the narrative. Rule Three: Never believe an editor or publisher who urges you to go against the grain. Eventually, the publisher will cave to the mob, the editor will get fired or reassigned, and you’ll be hung out to dry.

      For these young writers and editors, there is one consolation. As places like The Times and other once-great journalistic institutions betray their standards and lose sight of their principles, Americans still hunger for news that is accurate, opinions that are vital, and debate that is sincere. I hear from these people every day. “An independent press is not a liberal ideal or a progressive ideal or a democratic ideal. It’s an American ideal,” you said a few years ago. I couldn’t agree more. America is a great country that deserves a great newspaper.

      None of this means that some of the most talented journalists in the world don’t still labor for this newspaper. They do, which is what makes the illiberal environment especially heartbreaking. I will be, as ever, a dedicated reader of their work. But I can no longer do the work that you brought me here to do—the work that Adolph Ochs described in that famous 1896 statement: “to make of the columns of The New York Times a forum for the consideration of all questions of public importance, and to that end to invite intelligent discussion from all shades of opinion.”

      Ochs’s idea is one of the best I’ve encountered. And I’ve always comforted myself with the notion that the best ideas win out. But ideas cannot win on their own. They need a voice. They need a hearing. Above all, they must be backed by people willing to live by them.


      Nick Saban

    11. He should focus on coaching football and hiring competent coordinators and assistant coaches and not getting his shite pushed in on the field instead of spending time writing letters supporting Democrats’ efforts to cheat in elections

    12. I’ve heard Jennings talk about Rodgers a LOT, and I wouldn’t exactly say he badmouths him. He’s said plenty to praise him, and often, and repeatedly. But as I said, no one pays any attention to that.

      I’m a big fan of Rodgers, but I don’t for one second doubt that he might not be easy to deal with. We saw that this past offseason. Why shy away from the whole picture? Jennings paints the whole picture. It’s like Favre, I liked Favre, but there was no question there was some diva in him, especially toward the end. I don’t think many people are pampered athletes and don’t let it affect them any, and that goes for Favre, Rodgers, and Jennings.

      1. Aaron Rodgers isn’t the first person to play NFL football that also has flaws or is hard to deal with, yet players are not turning on one another league wide on camera.

        Aaron Rodgers sells and Greg Jennings gets paid to sell him. This business about Jennings being “nice” to Aaron is a joke. Jennings plays makeup to get close to Aaron to sell more dirt on him. He does not know when to stop Ive seen this before and “juicy story or not” I lack respect for people with that lack of discernment and tendency to self promote while using others flaws to do it.
        He thinks Aaron has flaws?
        It’s not a good look for Greg.

        1. Peep the latest quote from Rodgers:

          “The grass is greener where you water it,” Rodgers responded. “I really believe that. And you know, that’s an adage to dissuade people from going out and taking risk and chances, and you know, I think that where you spend your time and energy and what you choose to water will always be the greenest part of your life. I decided when I came back that I was going to be all in with the team and all in to see things move forward to a better place. And that’s what the conversations were about, you know, during the offseason, was about being a part of those conversations that impact my ability to do my job. And I, you know, from one of the first days, Brian [Gutekunst] and I sat it down and got on the same page and it’s been a really nice Fall and Winter. I appreciate his approach, how it’s been, and it’s been very meaningful to me. So I’m thankful for that relationship, where it’s at at this point, and that’s made my life that much more enjoyable. So I gotta give Brian a lot of credit for meeting me in the middle.”

          1. First of all what did JK say? He said I think AR and John Gutekunst have developed a friendship and I don’t see a situation where AR does not come back. Its not profound, its not earth shattering news, its his opinion. Now if he had said AR told me he is coming back I’d get excited. If he had said that and AR did not give him approval to say that then yes I could see AR cutting him off but he didn’t, he stated his opinion. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers told John Kuhn that he was planning to return and it was OK if he (JK) said so. I think that in the course of their friendship JK has gotten the impression that it is likely AR will be back and that is what he said. I don’t think AR is speaking through JK and I don’t think AR would hold it against someone who gave their opinion. JK did not give us any information he gave us his opinion. If AR is going to be pissed over that its his fault because its his actions that lead Kuhn to form that opinion.

            So you think AR is coming back because JK said he thought he would be back? First of all its not all up to Rodgers. I think the Packers might have something to say about it. I do think that’s a small point since I think they really want him back but they have to work it out and as far as I know nothing has been discussed.

            For the record I do think he will be back and I felt he would be back long before John Kuhn said anything about it. Kuhn’s comments have not made me change my overall opinion but they do make me feel better about it.

          2. He won’t retire, though. Not while he can still play. He’ll play out his last year and go to free agency, and we’ll get nothing in return except for one more 13-4 season that ends with a single playoff game, after which we begin to rebuild around… Jordan Love.

            Or, we trade him now, get multiple high picks, and use those picks and the cap space to start to rebuild a team now. This season.

            Those are our options.

            But actually, it may not even be the team’s choice. After this game, he may very well decide he’s played his last game for this inept organization. He can very easily force the team to trade him, and I think we all know he’s stubborn enough to do it. If he wants out, work with him to get the best deal we can, and move on. I think that may be our best move.

          3. There is no way you can do into next year with him as a lame duck QB. Either he needs to be resigned to a longer deal and that cap number reduced or he needs to be traded. This team has a horrible cap situation and they can’t just plod into next year cutting a ton of players to make Rodgers cap # fit.

            Every Packers season feels like the Game of Thrones series. It’s all great and then you hit the last season (January) and at the end you are like, WTF did I just watch? That was a horrible ending. Yet, as a bonus, its all wrapped up in Groundhog Day because we are seeing it over and over and over…

          4. I’m not going to derail this thread with Covid talk, all I am going to say is that someone found a way to bring Covid into a discussion because they don’t agree with Rodgers’ take on it, and disguised it as a dig at Rodgers’ football character. And that is disgusting.

            None of these guys talk all ball all the time. All of these guys have personal lives. Outside interests. Etc. To make the insinuation that Brady is a football robot who never veers from that is so laughably ridiculous that it boarders on some type of creepy obsession to denigrate another player for his views on Covid. It’s just a joke.

      2. There is definitely some truth to this statement, supposedly made by an anonymous NFL coach

        “Rodgers wants to talk about vaccine mandates and cancel culture, while Brady talks about all ball. Rodgers loves the standing invite on the A.J. Hawk show (Pat McAfee Show) and he wants to talk about cancel culture, woke mob and every other thing that doesn’t do anything but splinter and unfocus the group. To me, Rodgers doesn’t show the focus that it really takes to win the multiple championships.”

      3. The closest defender is trailing the play by 7 yards and was still running in stride. If Rodgers thought throwing a jump ball 25 yards downfield to Adams in double coverage that was clearly a mistake on his part. That would be my point. I think it was the Ravens game Rodgers missed a wide open Adams early and a wide open TE I believe it was in the end zone, and the announcers raved about how you never see Rodgers miss two throws like in a season much less one game and I just laughed. He misses a LOT of throws but he gets a ton of free passes. Rodgers apologists can make all the excuses for him they want. Green Bay underachieved AGAIN in the playoffs and will be sitting home AGAIN because of sup par play on his part.

        1. I don’t think COVID has anything to do with it. I do think that it’s totally plausible that Rodgers with all of the drama he caused and defensiveness he’s exhibited because of it choked. You needed a team leader and he was focused on himself, his legacy whatever. He had laid it all out on the line, felt the pressure, reverted to his old bad habits of zeroing in on Adams and he choked the game away. Yes the defense almost bailed him out and yes the niners needed help from our special teams but the supposed MVP at home in the playoffs puts 3 points on the board after the opening drive. There’s your legacy.

          1. I don’t think there is any doubt that Rodgers has a great understanding of the game, but I do believe he gets distracted quite easily by things going on around him. He himself has said that he used to just stay quiet and not comment on all of these things going on around him, thus acknowledging that they were weighing on his mind, but he kept quiet. He stated that his new stance is not to stay quiet and to use his platform to talk about all these things. That’s cool Aaron, but how much noise and distraction are you creating for your team and teammates, in the middle of a season? Process and move on, don’t let it continue to bother you.

            Rodgers is a great QB and will go down in history as one of them, but I think one thing that has been both a blessing and a curse to Rodgers is his memory and the way he processes and holds onto information. He remembers so many things, details so specific, its a bit Rainman scary like. So yes, as a QB, having all the information and to be able to process it super fast, is an advantage and he shows how it works time and again. However, in the middle of a game, those short term memories of a receiver dropping a ball, running the wrong route or a missed block, etc. seem to haunt him and build up, finally boiling into frustration. Not saying he would be a better QB if he was “just a dumb jock”, but I think if he could process and get over some things, instead of letting them distract him, he might be a more focused QB in crunch time. He might not come to the conclusion, consciously or subconsciously, that its Davante or bust.

      4. Seeing a lot of dudes talking about KS dying on a high note because he was fukkin with some random OnlyFans chick from the night before.

        If you can actually consider that a worthwhile way to depart from this world, then you’re a pretty sad individual. There’s nothing cool, memorable, or legendary about that.

        Aside from the fact that he died in the presence of a stranger, his mother had to learn about his demise from social media.

        There’s nothing cool about dying in this manner. This shyt is actually embarrassing.

        1. We know you are upset because WHOSE COCK ARE YOU GONNA AIR SUCK NOW?!?! You see yourself in him and the FUCKING HEAT IS ON AINT IT? Alot of yall tried to parallel some false sense of power because of your proximity to a familar energy – A BETA MALE BITCH energy if you will. All of you. You immortalized him and now that he’a gone, JUST LIKE THAT you have nothing to identify yourself by or validate the fucked up feelings you have for women.
          Kevin Samuels didnt have millions but if you think that let’s set up a meeting so I can sell you this bridge.
          Idolizing this FOOL who died coked out while being topped by a chalupa he likely gave $65 to who probably wouldn’t let him nut in her so he chose a tissue or his 150 thread count sheets.
          FOH, find a better role model (or your DADDY FOR THAT MATTER), and figure out WTF is real. Don’t disappoint your mother like he did.

    13. Ill put my dikk in yo mama mouth after I fade yo hoe ass. Anonymity making fukk n iggas like ya self get bold on the internet. I will perminately disfigure you for life fukk boy.

    14. Dude has the name “pryde” in his username. How applicable – rainbow skittle parade pryde fronting ass. Can’t make this shyt up. Dudes be projecting their past indiscretions on to innocent e-victims – stuck his thing into the wrong hole and need a cyber screenname to blame. Haunted by hermaphrodite e-ghosts sins of their past. Oh shyt- she said clit and posted up a movie clip-oh shyt, she has “Harlem” in her name, ohhhhh shytttt – she took 1 pic with an Asian – oh shyt, she curses too much – it’s shimmmm.

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      “hayyyyyy huntyyyyy, where’s “h—-t” then tried to cover it up – “I was just asking if they ran you off”.
      Bytch do I look like I’ve been run off?? You’ve Been here 20 years and acting like you can’t look up a member’s last 10 posts
      It’s a crime on the coli to defend black people and not be that sexually experienced while having 1 comment out of 52,000 makes you an “alt” even if you post in the Root, The Film Room, No Dm solicitations and no rumors about fukking or linking up with coli randoms or trying to date any male posters over a 3 year time spans. c00n, c00nette, Cac Coli Legends and Legacies have it- that if you type the word “candyman” backwards 5 times from your keyboard – a shaman named sheman will appear.

      1. The real question is where’s your wife and does she know you have your Dyck up these racist white boy asses?? while supporting cac child molesters and chatting it up on Aryan coffee talks??
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        1. The real question is where’s your wife and does she know you have your Dyck up these racist white boy asses?? while supporting cac child molesters and chatting it up on Aryan coffee talks??
          JBO bussy boy told you to bark on cac command and you immediately switched sides, became his lapdog with the 180. This is such a bad look for you dude. Became the butt of that cac bytch – literally and you call yourself a black man. Hate to see it.

          1. Facts- you know the vibe and you know the type of time they’re on.

            how many posts get show of the ones saying that shyt about women have the most homo post history in their background. PROJECTING. Dudes claiming to have wives and girlfriends playing e-scout for imaginary Dyck online since 11:40am – for 25 pages. 3 threads going simultaneously with no proof or evidence Since Monday morning. then they have that escort bipolar autistic bytch positing up a doctored voice that’s not mine after their first 3 attempts failed. For what-
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            This shyt put the D in Disturbing

            I am literally Copying and pasting from thread to thread .

            LaBellaNicole0416.NYC said: ↵
            This bytch is really that desperate to lie and post up a voice that’s not mine – stupid Fukkin lying slut bytch noooooo. Best believe anything posted about that white ho was facts – I can’t see her posts but somebody ask that cac crackhead escort where she got that voice from because ummmmm

            Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

    15. Nah. Fuck that guy. I doubt he even cares about his kid. That’s just the story they’re using to try to spin this. They always have an excuse to justify disgusting behavior. This sub should talk more about animals like him and anyone trying to sympathize with him should just go anywhere else. We are going up against horrible people like him that would not give a flying fuck about anything you’ve been through or any loss we’ve endured. They would take everything from you just the same and laugh while they did it. You think you’re being a good person here but you’re just being weak in this war. Be good to people who deserve your kindness and stop trying this nice thing towards people who would spit on your family and throw drinks at kids.

    16. The key fact to prove some sort of conspiracy occurred involves George de Mohrenschildt. It is undeniable that he was a CIA asset. It is undeniable that he was “friends” with Oswald prior to the assassination. It is undeniable that he got LHO a job at the Texas School Book Depository. Because of this I am convinced a conspiracy occurred. I am also convinced Oswald is a shooter , not sure if there was more than one. I am also convinced that at least some faction of the CIA was involved. The WC did not receive evidence of George’s history as a contractor with the CIA. Dulles sat on the WC and knew of it, but it was never discussed. LHO and George died before anyone can talk to them about the nature of their relationship and communications. George committed suicide just before speaking with the House Select Committee.

    17. Trying to encourage my wife to be a size queen.

      For the last couple months, when we are intimate I have been only selecting her dildos larger then myself. At 5 inches, most of her dildos are bigger so we have plenty. My goal is to get her to enjoy her largest one the most. It is just over 8 inches.

      Once she enjoys the big one the most, I am going to surprise her with a larger toy. Then slowly rotate it into our play until she enjoys that one more too. Repeating this as many times as she lets me.

      Essentially, I am hoping she becomes a “size queen” without even realizing it. Where the only way I can fuck her is with a cock sheath, almost cucking myself.

    18. David Vaughan Icke (/ˈdeɪvɪd vɔːn aɪk/; born 29 April 1952) is an English conspiracy theorist and a former footballer and sports broadcaster.[1][3][4][5][6] He has written over 20 books, self-published since the mid-1990s, and spoken in more than 25 countries.[7][8][9]

      In 1990, he visited a psychic who told him he was on Earth for a purpose and would receive messages from the spirit world.[10] This led him to state in 1991 he was a “Son of the Godhead”[6] and that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes, predictions he repeated on the BBC show Wogan.[11][12] His appearance led to public ridicule.[13] Books Icke wrote over the next 11 years developed his world view of New Age conspiracism.[14] His endorsement of an antisemitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in The Robots’ Rebellion (1994) and And the Truth Shall Set You Free (1995) led his publisher to stop handling his books, which have been self-published since then.[9]

      Icke believes the universe to consist of “vibrational” energy and infinite dimensions sharing the same space.[15][16][17] He claims an inter-dimensional race of reptilian beings, the Archons or Anunnaki, have hijacked the Earth and a genetically modified human–Archon hybrid race of shape-shifting reptilians – the Babylonian Brotherhood, Illuminati or “elite” – manipulate events to keep humans in fear, so that the Archons can feed off the resulting “negative energy”.[15][18][19][20] He claims many public figures belong to the Babylonian Brotherhood and propel humanity towards a global fascist state or New World Order, a post-truth era ending freedom of speech.[14][15][21][22] He sees the only way to defeat such “Archontic” influence is for people to wake up to the truth and fill their hearts with love.[15] Critics have accused Icke of being antisemitic and a Holocaust denier with his theories of reptilians serving as a deliberate “code”.[23][24][25] Icke denies these claims.[26]

    19. There is so much I love about Kentucky basically it’s a friendly state, hospitable, the climate in BG is so much milder, but the traffic is horrendous, as so many people are moving to the area….the summers are very hot and last well into October with the humidity, but, would much rather have it that way, then the below zero weather and snow back east.

      The roads are maintained to perfectly here, you don’t have to dodge pot holes….and the peole are friendly, although you still do have a culture of Red Necks….and they love their loud cars and trucks…sheesh….but for the most part, Bowling Green is a nice area growing quickly.

      And boy to people love to go out to eat here….all the places are packed for breakfast, lunch and dinners….sometimes an hour or more wait.

      One thing that I don’t like and many people do complain about here in BG are the restaurants….wow, what horrible food….and very unhealthy….these people do not know what good restaurant food it. The culture has not changed with the times when it comes to restaurants and diners….and I believe a lot of the so called diners are owned by people who did not go to culinary school. (I’m not sure)

      You walk into a diner and the choices for a dinner are only 3 meals written on a blackboard…most of the food here is fast food places….with a few diners and restaurants which are not that good.. They have a salad works here which is pitiful…ate there once, will not go back.

      The appitizers are a joke….we went to one restaurant, which was supposed to be a higher end Greek themed restaurant, and we ordered calamari, for one of our appetizers, very few calamari on it, and they put french fries on it????? They didn’t serve you anything else between and no bread….

      On most menus the appitizers are few and far between, not to mention, who wants french fries or brussel spouts for an appetizer?

      Everything is fried, fried and more fried….I took my kids out to dinner Sat. night and ordered rabbit, awful….my kids ordered Gnocchi, and we could not finish it, way to rich with butter and sauces….
      and that was one of the finer restaurants….they served one small leg of rabbit on a large bed of rissoto, with a very very rich sauce….

      The other two ordered salmon which I believe they were pleased with…

      I tell you, if someone came here and opened a diner, that was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a back east flar, they’d make a killing….

      The restaurant food here is awful…no lie, and I’m not fussy, but they do not offer good menus. NOw the steak places are great, all of them….but who wants steak all the time…?

      You can never buy great appetizers, some offer potato soup, but not much else in the way of soups….

      My gosh, there are places back home that serve good soups, like beef barley, chicken noodle, vegatable soup….and yes, we have a panara bread, but their soups are limited as well…

      We do have two good places that made a great pho soup….but even Chinese food is horrible here…their idea of fried rice is rice mixed with just a few vegatables?

      My son ordered a philly cheese steak, and asked the waitress if it was a real philly cheese steak and she said “oh yeah”, and I asked him, did you ask her if she’d ever been to philly? it same out with large cubes of steak in a roll??????

      Pizza here leaves a lot to be desired as well….Bowling Green needs some really great back east diners….

      You can’t even buy good Italian steak rolls here…it’s sad….they love their fried cat fish here though….wow…

    20. Some records could be tied, broken, or closed-in on during this upcoming AFC Championship match for the Chiefs.

      With another touchdown reception Sunday Kelce would have 12 total postseason receiving touchdowns which would tie Hall of Fame wide receiver John Stallworth for third-most behind Rob Gronkowski (15) and Jerry Rice (22).

      With three receptions in Sunday’s game Kelce will also move past Gronkowski (98) for third-most postseason receptions by any receiver or tight end behind only Rice (151) and Julian Edelman (118).

      Edge-rusher Frank Clark is currently fifth all-time in postseason sacks (11) tied with the likes of Dwight Freeney, James Harrison and Clay Matthews. With one more sack Clark would tie hall of famer Reggie White (12) and with one-and-a-half more sacks he’ll tie former Chief and Ravens legend Terrell Suggs (12.5).

      If the Chiefs score two touchdowns they will surpass the Buffalo Bills for sixth-most total TDs in the AFC championship game (16) while playing in one less AFC title game. This would also propel them over the Washington Football Team (16) for 8th-most touchdowns in any conference championship game all-time.

      Win-or-lose this will be Andy Reid’s fourth-straight time hosting the conference championship game, breaking his own record from the 2002-04 seasons when he led the Philadelphia Eagles to three-straight conference title games at home.

      With a win on Sunday Reid would also tie Hall of Fame head coach Tom Landry with 20 postseason wins, trailing only Bill Belichick (31) for most all-time.

      Kelce has a chance to break his own record for most catches in a conference championship game (13) which he set in last year’s AFC Championship game against Buffalo.

      Tyreek Hill, who currently sits at 1,003 postseason receiving yards, could surpass players like Anquan Boldin (1,057), Art Monk (1,062), and Drew Pearson (1,105) on his way up the leaderboard in most postseason receiving yards. Meanwhile, Kelce sits at eighth-most on the same list with 1,196 receiving yards and could move past Andre Reed (1,229), Reggie Wayne (1,254), or Cliff Branch (1,289) if he has a game similar to his past two games (102 receiving yards per game).

      Mahomes currently sits at 18th all-time in postseason completions (254). So with “the Grim Reaper” averaging 25.4 completions per game he could hurdle players like Warren Moon (259), Terry Bradshaw (261), and Russell Wilson (275) on that list.

      With a win on Sunday the Chiefs would become just the fourth team in NFL history to make three consecutive Super Bowls. The Miami Dolphins (1971-73) and New England Patriots (2016-18) both reached three straight while the Bills (1990-93) made four straight.

      Also with a win on Sunday the Chiefs would break their tie with Seattle and Tennessee for most postseason wins (17) and sit at 15th all-time behind the Miami Dolphins (20).

      If the Bengals (2-0) were to win Sunday they would remain with the New York Giants (5-0) as the only NFL teams to never lose an AFC or NFC championship game. The next best win percentage is Washington who has gone 5-1 (.833) in the NFC title game.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    21. The Chiefs defense was pretty darn good against Buffalo considering the Bills scored every time against New England. Even if Patriots defense by that point of the season was below average, scoring a TD on every possession in the cold is impressive.

      On the other hand, the Chiefs forced Bills to punt 4 times. Allen played a truly amazing game but the Bills offense didn’t do nearly as well without the ball in Allen’s hands. His teammates let him down a bit but Chiefs defense also needs to be credited for that. Chiefs got a big sack to force Buffalo to punt and that sack wasn’t really Allen’s fault like Burrow was legitimately to blame for a few of his sacks last week. One possession Buffalo ran 3 times without Allen running it and it was 3 and out. Another possession, it was 2nd and 2 after an Allen pass and the defense stopped the next 2 non Allen runs.

      I suspect the real reason Buffalo didn’t risk having Allen throw ever more is Chiefs got pretty good pressure and were winning at the line of scrimmage more often than not. The threat of Allen running up the middle is one thing that slowed down the Chiefs line from attacking even more. Allen had to go Cam Newton to get them some key first downs since Bills coach really didn’t trust his running backs or receivers enough to pick up the yards.

      I really thought that for the most part, Chiefs defense was at least good. The pressure on Allen was good to very good on most plays. He didn’t have all day to throw like he did against the Patriots. The Chiefs secondary was good considering the circumstances but just need to credit Allen for making some great throws.

      The advantage Cincy has is Cincy receivers > Buffalo receivers. No one in his right mind wouldn’t take Chase over Diggs. And Cincy may learn from Buffalo mistakes and Cincy being toughened up by Titans defense may help their offense return to form a little bit. But there is no getting around that the Chiefs should win both lines of scrimmage.

    22. No one cares about the original argument of hypocrisy.

      The difference, according to western society, is women are highly sensitive and have unstable feelings, however, men supposedly do not.

      women live in their perceptions and find peace there, while men have to live and accept reality. ​

      Nelly has a small to average size penis, depends on who you ask, and he can take criticism because he still is going to get his penis sucked and inserted into vagina off his celebrity. Lizzo is obese and no amount of money and fame will make her attractive to the men she desire so let her live in perception so she doesn’t kill herself.

    23. I don’t think natural gas utility companies are particularly less profit driven than electric utility companies and for the most part these are generally both publicly listed companies whose ultimate goal is to make money. Are they purposefully trying to sway things in one direction towards them rather than another? Absolutely, that is how that works. Is the way this happened still stupid and people are profiting off of this, yes, definitely. It’s a lot of Cuomo snap decisions that helped lead to this though it’s also a pretty global supply chain issue that factors into this as well.

      That Tesla’s neat. They’ve rolled out an incredibly clever heat pump systems around in mass production though it’s so clever that I think it probably has some kinks to work out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla or an offshoot of it directly or its employees in the next few years ends up creating a home use heat pump / HVAC system. Do you own your place? Are you possibly looking at solar and/or stationary storage?

      A space heater consumes a lot of power to heat things up. It’s a resistance heater and not a heat pump as it’d be pretty weird to make a portable heat pump that runs standalone in a room without a source. Resistance heaters, like natural gas heaters, have a theoretical efficiency of 1 and get pretty close to it. So if they have similar efficiencies, then why does electrical resistance heating cost so much more? Bugsy essentially had the answer to that which is a huge chunk of our electricity generation for here is derived from natural gas generators. That conversion from natural gas to electricity at *best* is an operational efficiency of about 60% in a combined cycle generator which isn’t necessarily what the source plant will be. You also have some transmission and distribution loss and so by the time you get to the space heater, even a good one operating close to a coefficient of performance of 1, you’ve already expended about twice the amount of natural gas for heating compared to using the natural gas directly. Now that’s a *best* case scenario for electrical resistance heating, and in terms of actual practical usage, it’s likely much lower and you can easily be consuming three times the amount of natural gas for the same amount of heating that piping that natural gas directly in would do. This means that if the cost of natural gas spikes as it has done as a global commodity, then that spike on just sheer natural gas supply hits someone with an electrical resistance heater at best doubly as hard and more likely closer to threefold.

      This is very different in operation to a heat pump though. Heat pumps do generate heat themselves as the process of doing work itself generates heat. How it differs and how a heat pump works, similar to your air conditioner (and many heat pump designs can reverse and function as air conditioners as well) or refrigerator / freezer, is that its primary function is to *move* heat. This might sound counter intuitive because when it feels cold outside to you, you might start wondering, well, where’s it getting the heat from? The answer is that there is still actual heat in the air as long as it’s not at absolute zero which would be -459 degrees Fahrenheit. The thing is, the work to move heat gets harder and harder with a higher and higher temperature differential. However, for the temperatures we saw this past January and for what NYC’s winter temperatures are on average and the extremes it gets, that’s generally not an issue because getting to a pretty toasty interior temperature like 85 degrees from the average we had just this past January would have had around a COP of 4 with a modern air-source heat pump which is four times the amount of heat for the amount of energy used.

      Now you may then reference the cost of running air conditioners in the summer which can be pricey–so why does a heat pump do better? In the case of cooling, the work that needed to be done in moving heat from your home out itself generates heat. It obviously generates less heat than the amount of heat moved otherwise A/Cs would just make things worse, so that still works out but it is more energy expenditure. Meanwhile, a heat pump in doing the work to move heat by dint of doing that work is also generating heat that can be used as well.

      I’ve repeatedly said resistance heaters are not a solution for replacement–it is specifically heat pumps that make sense. Depicting this as “Of course, now it’s… ” as if the argument has only recently changed from heat pumps being the better choice *is* actually stupid and mendacious–at least try to put some effort into being a weasel, yea? Heat pumps never being meant for -10 temperatures is ridiculous because they are already in places with -10 temperatures and lower and have been for a while now especially in East Asia where there are parts that get much colder than NYC does.

      You literally don’t understand how heat pumps work, right? Do you yell at your freezer for using the devil’s physics and ask how this is possible when the ambient temperature is so much higher? You don’t understand what a Carnot cycle is, right? You clearly have no STEMs training and wouldn’t be able to hack it in a real engineering school. If you’re going to have a fight with actual engineering and the laws of physics, then sure, have a losing battle against physical reality but I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to bend for anyone.

      Germany is interesting because they took a while to come around on heat pumps and it was and still is an industry that is dominated by East Asian manufacturers. People don’t generally switch out their heating system unless there’s an issue or it’s a new construction so uptake had initially been slow especially with older, cheaper multi-unit dwellings. That’s less the case in recent years, but it’s not like construction and gut renovations are booming nonstop so a full changeover will take a while. Scandinavia, which is generally colder, generally moved a lot faster and earlier though some of that was an early dive into ground source heat pumps for SFHs.

      Now if anyone reading this is someone getting screwed on their bills with an electrical resistance heater, the best path forward is probably to explore if you can get a heat pump installed. It’ll likely bring down your electricity consumption to a quarter of what your resistance heater did in weather similar to last month’s average and will likely bring it down even further for simply chilly days in the next couple of months ahead. It is a larger upfront capital cost to get one suitable for the lowest extremities of NYC winters, but it’ll end up saving you a lot in a pretty short amount of time and it also likely replaces your air conditioner.

    24. I think they are letting the Bengals win it. Some year of the Tiger BS.
      **** me, they WOULD do some witchy astrological shit, wouldn’t they?

      Maybe BlaclOp can come in with his numbers and Occult symbolism (not my area)….

      Honestly, I don’t think the NFL can resist getting that LA market though. They tried but the outcry was palpable when the Goff Rams went to the SB.

      Now that all that has died down, the Rams victory won’t be decried as vehemently.

    25. This all happened at the tail end of my senior year of HS and everyone was 18.

      So in HS there was a girl I knew from class, Annie, who I had a thing for. She was a slender girl, pretty but in a cold way with light brown hair, grey blue eyes. She was a straight A student, she ran on the cross county team but also mostly kept to herself. She seemed cold, boring. Almost asexual. But in conversations with her I saw some sparks that made me think she was hiding a lot.

      So I worked up the courage and asked her to prom…which she shot down and told me she was going with Ryan. Ryan was a 6 ft 1, broad shouldered athlete on the football and baseball team.

      I was a little taken a back, he was way more popular than her but I guess I wasn’t the only one to notice she was pretty.

      Still I was without a prom date. Luckily for me a girl from a nerdy club I was in decided to take matters into her own hands – I had no idea she was interested despite admittedly obvious signs in hindsight – and asked me.

      The prom itself was fun. Lots of dancing, lots of grinding.

      First SPH story

      Afterwards my date and I and some friends went to cabins by a lake. We drank a bit, ate s’mores and then retired to individual cabins. There my date – Sarah – and I lost our virginities.

      Sarah, I should mention, was 5 ft 2, brown hair, green eyes slender with c cups

      She was voracious and we made out fiercely. Clothes came off and soon we were naked on the bed groping and kissing. She took a break to look down and finally saw my cock.

      She smiled and looked at it a little quizzically “does it get bigger?’ she asked.

      It was a raging hard on, any bigger and it felt like it would burst. So I said “no, it is as big as it gets.”

      She said “I thought they were bigger…ya know like online.” She blushed a little as she said it.

      I laughed “well some guys are bigger than others, this is just as big as mine gets. It’s about 6 inches which is basically the average.”

      She nodded “oh ok. I guess it’ll do.” As she went back to kissing me.

      The first time we had sex went off fairly normally, with her on top. The second time though I was on top and as I was thrusting in and out she’d shout “deeper, deeper” even as I was balls deep.

      I told her that and she goes “oh that’s too bad, but keep going.”

      We had a bunch more sex and then the next morning we left and had brunch and then made our way home.

      Second SPH story, featuring Annie

      The next day was the big skip day where all seniors did stuff like go to the mall or a theme park.

      My friends and I opted for the mall, and while I was waiting for them to get there I ate lunch in a mall restaurant with booths. And who should sit in the booth behind me but Annie and Leah. Leah was Annie’s friend and a year above us, she was I guess back from college already.

      They talked about prom and all that and I’ll try to replicate their conversation below:

      L: So how was prom?

      A: Eh, fine.

      L: oh no, what’s wrong? Was Ryan a jerk? Did he hurt you? You can tell me.

      A: No, no…eh it’s well..let’s just say I’m still a virgin.

      L.: oh no honey, what? Did he not want to or something? He’d be crazy not to?

      A: ah no..he did. And he got hard too..no whiskey dick or anything.

      L: so what’s the problem?

      A: well…you know how he’s so big? You know tall..broad… muscley…big hands and feet?

      L: Oh yea… [Pausing] oh no…was he too big?

      A [snorts with derision] I wish…no. he was too small. I didn’t want to lose my virginity to a small dick.

      L: [laughs out loud] oh my god. What. I mean it sucks he’s small but it couldn’t have been that bad. How did you find out? Did he wonder why you two didn’t fuck?

      A: I mean I guess I had a hint when were dancing. He felt hard but it just seemed too small. Then of course when we got back and made out eventually I took it out and saw it.

      L: oh wow. And then what did you do?

      A: I asked if he was fully hard, he said yes and I said it was too small for me to suck or fuck but I’d jerk him off.

      L; [in clear shock] No. Annie..you didn’t!

      A: yes I did, It was true after all!

      L: oh god..what happened next?

      A: well he was upset but he was fine with me jerking him off if he could play with my boobs. So we watched [some movie], he played with my boobs and I jerked him off. It only took like 5 minutes.

      L: Wow. I was worried he got like violent…you shouldn’t say stuff like that! It hurts guys feelings and it’s mean

      A: whatever it was true

      L: well I’m glad you’re alright even if you’re still a virgin…

      After that the conversation meandered away and so ends the main story but a few notes on after.

      Sarah and I hooked up a ton over the summer but she refused my offer to date long distance. She also fucked other guys that summer and somehow I was still the biggest by the end.

      I hooked up with a girl at my 5 year reunion that had dated Ryan and she said I was a little bigger than Ryan but not that much and she has heard that story about Annie’s reaction. That girl was not hurting for experience with men either…

      I heard albeit 2nd hand, of Annie dumping a guy and citing his size (though apparently this one she had sex with first).

    26. This is where better body awareness, which can be enhanced by touching yourself more comes in handy. You gotta be aware of subtle sensations to really find the sweet spot between orgasm and ejaculation.

      One piece of advice that I read was to rememeber, the genitals generate heat but they cannot store it. This is why there are some hypersexual men and women constantly looking for an outlet…they generating the heat (which can make you over sensitve) but the body is tense and closed off.

      Daily massage of ovaries/testies, body awareness and relaxation, the shyt will come naturally, without stressing about when to cum, how much your’e allowed ect.

      The biggest obstacle porn provides is that it draws your attention away from your body sensations and into a screen. If you can ‘stay home’ in your body awarness while you watch it, it can be used to help cultivate.

    27. They have a Chinatown in every borough and it is excellent located real estate. Manhattan is not cheap. A lot of them come over here without any education and get to overstay here working for family members businesses. There is no shortage of Chinese owned businesses in NYC. Never in all my years have I seen a homeless Chinese broken down on the streets. They get free medical care here, even as people without proper documentation to be living here they get free sanctuary status. They complain about having no food but I have never seen any of them starving or severely malnourished. It’s more like them eating bowls of noodles on the streets, eating good in the neighborhood. There are free food pantries and giveaways that that they are well known for taking more than their share from. Free heat. Free drivers licenses. Free language services that many do not care to learn about. They are free to travel anywhere they want but most just stick to primarily Chinese-only Chinatowns. They have their own churches, parks, temples, their own parades and organizations for just about everything to welcome the hell out of them here. We all celebrate and welcome and love the Chinese here yet they can just never get enough free stuff it seems.

      What more do we need to give to these people so they stop asking for more and more and more and more

    28. Good job liberals once again killing something many of us used to enjoy.

      Who doesn’t want to watch crowdless,

      heatless events run by a totalitarian slave nation in which NBC will suck off for and broadcast propaganda for 16 days?

      I haven’t watched a second, but the TVs at my gym have had the Olympics on and each time I look up they are cutting to a home shot of the family of an athlete, and of course the entire family is socially distanced and wearing masks as they cheer on their athlete on the other side of the world.

      Having worked for a couple NBC TV stations in my day no doubt they will have to do tons of make goods because I bet the ratings for this shite will come no where close to the estimated ratings that they sold the advertising for.

    29. Preach the truth my brother. The selective militancy here and among the Tariq hashtag crew is so oddly passive, if not actively supportive, of out and about right wing racists and entirely anti black right wing conservatism, while being so insanely critical of other black people to the point of doxxing, smearing and ruining one another. Meanwhile the same crew that’s so vigilant towards black immigrants on damn Twitter “disrespecting FBA who built this country and FBA culture” can always be caught copping every plea possible for 3rd generation son of German immigrants Donald “shythole countries” “rat infested neighborhoods” Drumpf. Ask Tariq Nasheed who hates “anti-black non-FBA” in “his country” but has so much enthusiasm for Donald Drumpf. It be the biggest pro-black stalwarts on the damn internet screen who reveal themselves to be total crab-in-a-barrel self loathing haters eager to side with white power conservatives. It’s become so bizarre.

      Yes what the dude said was questionable, but the context was clear. He is an artist and a writer. He probably reads a ton of books and watches a ton of film and television every opportunity he gets. He was heavily influenced by Mel Gibson’s work–especially with regard to his historical dramas, which he has a particular interest in–regardless of his personal issues. As an artist you MUST have influences. You don’t become great at art on your own. And when you do find influences you must separate their work from their personal life. You know how many great film directors and actors I absolutely admire who held disappointing sexist, racist, disagreeable sentiments in their personal lives? I still love and study their work.

      How many of y’all loved Dragonball Z as a kid despite it’s awful depictions of black people? Yet can you name a better guy you’d trust to lay out and animate a cutting edge fight scene than Akira Toriyama?

      And as a black business man you definitely have to learn when your stalwart black pride takes a backseat to the success of a business. I didn’t take his comment to say he endorses the man’s racism, but that he simply considers him (understandably so) among the greatest living actors of the historical drama genre and wanted to create a vibrant discussion about skill/qualification vs. personal politics. I get it and I don’t down the breh for it.

      @pugnathemighty Mel Gibson was an incredible actor. The Patriot and Braveheart are among my favorite films ever as well. I watch them at least once a year. You haven’t fooled, betrayed or bamboozled anyone for starting a discussion on the guy and admitting you admire and trust his craftsmanship as an actor/director. I get it. I’m on your team on this one young breh.

      It’s like folks here think being pro-black is some shallow competition between each other. Constantly on the lookout for who they can “expose” but will ironically back people like Tariq Nasheed who says a multitude of questionable shyt outright. It’s the same way you got people here who will bash any black politicians who has to deal with real voters, real consequences, and isn’t being pigeon held to reparations and other wildly unpopular policy proposals. Dude is on his way to some potential media stardom now. He’s going to associate and even hire “non-black” people. And on a forum where even associating with another black person who’s “non-FBA” can make you the subject of rabid toxic anti-social losers around here he don’t got time to be worrying about fringe coli politics from a bunch of miserable internet dudes who will never even attempt what he’s got going on here, so they have to roleplay as uncompromised militants, tearing others down instead. Leave my dude alone and let him work.

    30. Breh please don’t take this the wrong way but…..

      Nikka eff you and your mental state! It’s better to be alive and needing therapy then being dead or suffering long term health issues from covid. You think you the only one that’s been affected by the restriction?

      I feel the same exact way! But I’m mature enough to recognize that the restrictions are necessary to my health. I get a little depressed wanting life to go back to normal sometimes. But me wanting it and wishing for it aint gon change the reality of what we are dealing with.

      Okay you been wearing your mask and getting your vaccine. You want a cookie or something my Ninja? You doing what you SUPPOSED to do.

      You protecting yourself and your family. What more do you want?

      Taking off your mask and pretending that Covid no longer exists ain’t gonna make the virus go “oh no they don’t believe in me anymore:damn:”

      Breh that covid is about to walk up one side of yall and down the other. Watch what I tell you.

    31. The dating scene, particularly online, is so skewed it’s ridiculous. There needs to be some kind of checks and balances for an equilibrium that balances up.

      Average looking women can get dates every night of the week online (and can get an expensive dinner date if they wish) without needing to make any effort on their part (just swipe and decide which match to go out with) and above average women are practically Goddesses who can get the kind of attention beyond even rock stars or a major sports star. Social media makes them celebs with their army of orbiters and worshippers on Instagram or Facebook, or their hundreds of inbox messages on Tinder which is usually only there for attention because she’s too inundated with options and attention to actually read through the inbox. Whereas the average guy is jumping through all kinds of hoops just to get a reply, and then several more to get a date which may not lead anywhere, if the woman is easily able to date a guy every day of the week.

      The dating scene in America is just mad. It’s great times to be a woman, I guess, but you need some kind of equilibrium. A lot of men are tuning out from it.

    32. So, like 2 Gothamist posts so far, likely another one tomorrow, almost 600 posts as of 23:26 local. People got scammed, then had insult thrown atop that after showing up for some viral media stunt. Made it to NY Post, Times, NYMag, Newsweek, Australian News (just from a quick cross check.) As with any innovation in communication (such as Tinder, never could figure that concept out,) there is somebody who will fuck with it. So Bliss and Aponte fucked with it. The world will go on. And some folks who responded will have to find ways to deal with their own personal pain. Everybody can feel a bit of their pain, sorry you were hurt. But should I feel life is no longer worthwhile because my Nigerian princess didn’t show up with that $36m as she promised? I did recover, though Western Union would not reverse my transfers. Live and learn. This could have been handled with more of a sense of good fun by the perpetrators, they could have had their laugh and garnered their hits and attention. But I think the mocking and humiliating aspects of the public event far outweighed any “It’s a prank!” aspects. Overall, not unexpected. But the perpetrating group (more than Bliss and Aponte, logistics dictate a larger cadre) should rethink how they deal with people. And apologize to their mothers. Fun concept, narcissistic and cruel execution.

    33. The problem with active addresses is that people with hardware wallets usually have more than one address in their possession, so the number of users in the network is significantly less than the number of active addresses I’d imagine. Probably could come up with an upper and lower bound of the true number of users as a function of time and give a valuation range based on that.

      The other issue is finding the constant of proportionality k for the expression V = kn^2, where V is the valuation and n is the number of network participants. In 2015 a paper was published in which Metcalfe’s Law was tested against Tencent and Facebook data and found that k = 7.39E-9 for Tencent and k = 5.7E-9 for Facebook. I find it interesting that they are the same order of magnitude. Metcalfe himself acknowledged that each new user incrementally might add less value to the network; using the concept of diminishing returns, and therefore thought it may be true this constant should instead be a function of n that steadily goes down with increasing n. That’s up for debate.

      but yeah my point with bringing up this anyway is simply to say networks have value beyond physical attributes. As an easy to illustrate example: if there was only a single fax machine in existence it would be near worthless because it couldn’t transmit data anywhere. As the number is fax machines increase, you are able to send data to more and more locations, increasing with the square of the number of fax machines. Therefore the value of this fax machine network seems to correspond with the square of the number of machines hooked up to the network.

    34. hell even China being the pinnacle of totalitarian a-hole that is hostile to crypto is still seeing an BTC mining operation in the underground. It’s nowhere near what it was, but where there is access to energy and the ability to obtain an internet connection, and a financial incentive to do so, people will help support the security of the Bitcoin network.

      There are also underground market makers that will engage with people in hostile nations and take their crypto peer to peer and give them fiat in exchange, assuming you don’t just find an exchange outside of the Great Firewall to engage with.

      This network is never going away. There are friendly nations that will support it and even the hostile ones have a ridiculously difficult time stomping it out within their own borders. I think what the last decade tells us so far is that the adoption curve is only ever increasing and I see no reason to expect this will change.

    35. An organization that some have ignorantly painted as devious, reprehensible and anathema to Christianity that gives children born with three strikes against them the best available medical care and a reason to feel safe, secure, accepted, to continue their lives and eventually contribute to the society.

      Not the least of which is giving such children at least some insulation and protection from the natural cruelty of kids who were born whole.

      My grandfather was a 33rd Degree and a Shriner. Grandmother, an Eastern Star.

      Other Masonic family members include my Father.

      None of them Beelzebub worshippers – all veterans with an ingenuous, profound love of this country.

      Over the years have watched a few who have done their best to discredit them. The one given most pub was Ralph Epperson.

      A favorite author, the grizzled Tennessee scholar John J. Robinson, tried the same for nearly his entire adult life.

      Near the end, he realized that he had failed miserably, and up and joined the Order.

      His journey is chronicled in his book A Pilgrim’s Path.

      He also wrote the blockbuster bestseller Born in Blood about the evidence he believed he found to suggest that the Templars never did just “go away” or were persecuted into oblivion, and the historical event – the Peasant’s Revolt – that he uses as his premise, and who it was that gave the Templars sanctuary during the great persecution.

      Favorite novel by him is Dungeon, Fire, and Sword which is the best detailed look into the Templars, have seen to this point.

    36. To think that such an organization at the highest ranks is uncorruptable is ridiculous. Everything gets corrupted at some point. If you believe in Christianity you will understand that it was started because Judaism had become so corrupted. The Catholic Church is obviously highly corrupted now. Pretty well almost any international group is corrupted right now. Any international group should be looked at with high suspicion for any nationalist because there is in an obvious conflict of interest.

      No one is saying there aren’t good members in the Freemasons. Any group has financial incentive to do charity work regardless of doing it for noble reasons. Biker gangs also raise money for charity while simultaneously selling drugs, pimping girls, and homicide. The tales of Satanism are related to the 33rd degree and you can read the tales if you want, they are freely available. As I said, the lodge in my town has a pentagram in it so it did lend credence to the Satanism.

      1. the lodge has a ladies Eastern Star group that meets there and you jump to Satan off that.

        The pentagram has been around for thousands of years. What is considered an “upside down star” was never associated with Satan before the 1900s.

        In German Christian beliefs the pentagram actually was symbol that would stop Mephistopheles from exiting rooms.

        It was also closely associated with Pythagoreanism representing balance and wellness.

        There are literally thousands or uses by hundreds of groups and cultures throughout history but you are going with one.

        1. The History of Pentagram and Pentagram meaning dates back to 300 BC. The symbol was initially discovered from the artifacts in Mesopotamia. The Pentagram was a symbol of fascination for ancient Greece, and it was also used for religious purposes in the ancient city of Babylon. It is also said to be present in ancient Christianity for nearly 500 years. The five points on the Pentagram represented the five points of the wound of Christ.

          In Judaism, the Pentagram was used as an official seal in Jerusalem at around 150-300 BCE. In Jewish tradition, the Pentagram represents Justice, mercy, and wisdom.

          1. Ten plus years ago I dated a country girl who grew up in Macedonia (rural town outside of Charleston) and Briton’s Neck (rural town outside of Myrtle Beach. Her father was a bad motherfricker. I saw him take a rattlesnake strike and keep walking, drink some VO and coke and watch NASCAR. I’ve seen him put a knife in his teeth, open a boar trap and drop in on it and kill it. Hell, I’ve seen his childhood pictures of him and Pee Wee Gaskins (look him up if you don’t know). But I hadn’t seen shite until he died. A different Mason was at the door of his rural hunting land homestead everyday for damn near 3/4 months. Making sure her and her daughters didn’t want or need for shite. In this day and age. I’ll deviate from the Bible a hair if it means being part of a community that takes care of each other like they do.

    37. If u truly believed that heaven existed and that you’d go to hell if you didn’t believe their doctrine then it’s understandable why they spend so much time trying to save ppl from becoming BBQ

      Of course it’s DuckTales but imo they get extra points for being more empathetic and trying to prevent folks from suffering as opposed to most ppl who would actually enjoy seeing others burn in hell

      They’re crazy and delusional like all religious ppl but at least they actually care about you

      U gotta focus on the positive in things brehs

    38. These are the same people crippled with five-six digit student loan debt, living WAY beyond their means, complaining (oftentimes rightfully) about wages, can’t afford housing, glorifying drug use, pretending and posing on IG/TikTok, primarily concerned about impressing the next person, prioritizing how many “followers” they have, and lacking the concept of properly/successfully building wealth (which is a gradual process that takes time for the vast majority).

      Not everyone is going to be an “entrepreneur” or an “influencer”. They are in for a very rude awakening over the next decade. Inflation is out of control, and these high consumer prices, and housing costs are not going anywhere. Socialism nor Communism isn’t happening. If the government provides them any assistance, it won’t be even close to enough to provide the lifestyle that they desire.

      I would read that r/antiwork subreddit and laugh at those crybabies and their blatant entitlement. Most of them whom are white people that have squandered their privilege and blame everyone but themselves.

    39. Pros:
      There are more ways to make money than ever before. It’s not gatekeept through companies as much as it used to.
      Gen Z been taught by Gen X and Millenials to be masters of their own destiny, they also been shown that college may not be a smart investment for everyone.
      The internet is the great equalizer. Stay up on trends and you can always make money. Perhaps not RICH but you can make money.

      The 9 to 5 life has balance. Once you clock out, your time is YOURS. Its not the same for influencers. Work literally IS your life.
      None of these people own the platforms they make money on. At any moment, your income can go from 200k to 50k based on a change in back end algorithm, ads rules, new TOS, or being deplatformed. There’s less flux in the traditional work world.
      Para-social relationships are HORRIFIC.

      But a big thing people need to realize is that Gen Z and many others also fake the funk. There’s TONS of influencers/streamers/micro-celebs that are living with 3-4 other people or some are still living with family. Almost on one is at the Jake/Logan Paul level. People chasing illusions in many instances.

      1. There’s STILL no monetization like YouTube. TikTok has no direct way to make money besides outside sponsorships, which aren’t given to everyone. Same for IG. Twitch has a terrible profit split and it take A LOT of time and energy to actually make affiliate and even more to make partner. Twitter doesn’t have monetization either. All of those people who “make money” from social media, pivoted their followings into products or some sort of ecommerce. It’s almost NEVER from the content they create outside of YouTube. So no, I don’t thing there will always be “another better platform” because we are nearly 15+ years into the social media era and no one’s really made it better than YouTube. And even that platform as horrendous ad practices.

        Also, I can tell you from working with influencers on a professional level that shyt is hard, and it DOES feel like work. Brands have very stringent guidelines they have you follow, and it doesn’t always jive with your brand. So before you even see a post, there’s weeks and months of emails saying why something does or doesn’t work for a brand. Or why the cost isn’t right or the product itself isn’t right. It’s actually quite a bit of mental gymnastics.

        Imagine being your own manager, publicist, agent, assistant, photographer, artistic director all while trying to maintain an image. Not saying its like being a nurse or a brain surgeon. But it’s not “easy” by any means. And btw, now you also have to keep your circle even tighter and have basically no real friends. I’ve seen alot of people burn out on being “influencers”. So no “doing what you love” isn’t always what its cracked up to be.

        1. Work culture in this country sucks. Everyone is overworked, a lot are underpaid, COL continues to rise and companies don’t always provide enough incentives to compensate for all the cons. I’ve been said that work culture needs to evolve in this country. Give people more time to enjoy their families and have more balance in their personal lives, pay them more and treat them well so that they want to stay. And do away with the 40+ Hour 5 day work week. I think shifting it to 6 hours a day, 4 times a week is better (and honestly many could complete their work in this time). The early morning start time can go away too. With each generation worklife should be evolving to be better for workers (especially when we have the technology and resources to make that happen) but it hasn’t, and a lot of the younger people don’t see enough light at the end of the tunnel (again going back to rising COL, underpaid, 40 hour, early start times, corporate politics) things just need to change. I’m hoping that when millennials run more businesses and get gen X out of the offices things will change.

          1. Because, the vast majority of people DON’T pivot into products. They think the YT check is the end all be all. But you can OWN your landing page, products, personality and appearances.
            You do NOT own You Tube. So you can’t control it. Plenty of channels get shut down daily which just ends that revenue stream. Lots of Gen Z don’t understand that until they’ve already been hit.

            And to your final point, those are people who were already business owners. This topic is about young people (Gen Z) quitting traditional work because they think there’s more opportunity in being an influencer or streamer or whatever. My point is to say that it’s not always the case, in fact, very FEW get to make influencing their full time thing. Even look at some of the people who are “influencers’ they have an angle from their day job. Marketing, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Tech, etc.

            Meanwhile, being a electrician can get you 60-100k based on how much you want to work EVERY year. It doesn’t depend on the whims of trends, a platform you don’t own, or arbitrary KPIs. It’s the “500k once vs 90k till you’re 60” argument. Much of Gen Z is taking the first option, and not having the on paper skills that give them a fallback option.

            I’m all for working for yourself. But I’ve seen the business side of influencer marketing and most of these people aren’t making what it seems like they are.

    40. Comparing this board to Bucknuts is absurd for this reason: Any pressure that you will ever feel on this board is community driven. At Bucknuts you either pay a fee or you are a lower class fan. At BN I feel like a puppy begging for scraps to fall from it’s master’s table. I realize they have a business to run, but they’ve taken something pure and distorted it to an extent…leaving out the very people the site was originally intended to be for. Here, you have no pop-ups, no ads, no required fees and every penny you give DIRECTLY benefits you. Not a single bit of pressure has come from the top (Clarity), but it all comes from the community.

      We are banding together, not to exclude anyone or to seperate posters into “classes”, but to make sure that we can reach more people who CAN’T give. We have encouraged everyone to sacrifice of themselves. For some people, $5 is the same sacrifice that $500 is for another person. Everyday we all have invested time, knowledge and effort into posting on this board. We’ve put our collective passion into everything this board represents. Some will say it is hypocritical to live in a free community and press for donations…I say it is hypocritical to claim to be part of a community who’s investment you refuse to support (if able).

      I will admit the whole premise of this thread really made me uneasy, as I’m sure it did many others. I don’t want to speak for Clarity, but I would think he may even be disturbed by the thought of an entire thread being devoted to calling a poster out on donations. I do think, however, that it was all in good natured fun and not something to get too worked up over.

      Like Grad said, no one has been treated differently based on their decision to give or not…I assume anyone who hasn’t given has a legitimate reason not to. As for the content of the site, the community governs what doesn’t effect the recruiting. The mods have done a good job being consistent and not abusing power they have. If you can recall any thread where you have felt discriminated against based on your decision to (or not to) donate, I’m sure a PM would quickly remedy the situation.

    41. I am from Little Rock. I visit my hometown of Fayetteville about every 6 months. I love this bar, however, there is a short, chubby long-haired bartender there who said some highly offensive dirty things to me and my girlfriends. I was hoping someone would make him leave after his shift. Instead, he continued to get belligerent and kept following us around. Someone save this bar

    42. No.
      Not at all.
      You ain’t even been around no chic this attractive. Or you would not have said shyt about it.
      It is a reason i am tagged in this and not you lil trekkie.

      A nikka who could hit just gon observe.
      You already spoke out loud to try to clown and flex. Like a preschooler pulling some girl hair you like wit’cho comments.

      As observation is the key.
      Of which i already observed your thirst comments..where i know ol girl would treat you nikkaz easy.

      Like i said…stop flaug’n.

      As i know from real life what nikkaz do and act like sir.

      Yousa rego civie sir.

      Stop trying to play.
      Like you some headliner with this life around other headliners and got this dope ass life. You ain’t drew or done shyt.
      I know she would treat you frfr.

      Yousa also-ran. This whole come on the internet and act like you this grassroots draw is a lie.

      I ain’t never seen you on no undercard nowhere nikka.

      So like i said stop flaug’n.

      It is a reason you running yo mouth.
      Plus unaware as to why i was tagged in this thread.
      You in the net running yo mouth cause you in the house and a never gon do.

      Art Barr

      You nondraw never gon do never was face ass nikkaz better stop flaug’n.

      You ain’t left the house to do shyt for why nikkaz is called dope.

      Yousa nerd ass trekkie nikka.

      Art Barr

      You not lothario nikka.

      1. I dunno how nikkaz who general civilians.
        gon come on products i made profitable.
        Plus act like they was this mega draw.
        When i am the headliner frfr in the emcee pillar.
        That they know as just rap.
        nikkaz trying to be me.

        When they let eight mile be their gateway and tried to rap. Like every nikka saw beat street. Wanted to break after they saw lee.
        When i ain’t never seen the best emcee ask them.
        to do shyt like me.
        a day in their life.
        Then try to act like they got this life.
        Not even knowing why the fukk.

        i was tagged’t in this thread.
        For some shyt nikkaz known about on here.
        for close to two decades now.

        My daughter almost legal in two months.
        That the reason i was tagged in this thread.
        Was known about eighteen years ago.
        when my bm was preggo on xmas.
        nikkaz still know.
        Ah sheit…gotta tag that nikka.

        Art Barr

        Now…after i get tagged.
        nikka tried to make it like he different.
        than the nikkaz in this story time.
        About arguably the most attractive newcomer in music video history. Plus meets porn history as well.
        As a matter of fact.

        The comedy even my bm think she could say.
        to try to clown not knowing the whole story. Yet super jealous of her own homegirl. To the point. My first trauma is associated with a child hood friend with the same name as bethany benz or elisabeth.
        That put my bm on edge.
        where she jelly to the point. About me and bethany benz having to finish an open container of vodka. Moving from 7600 south shore. To 7700 north lake shore drive. A hunid blocks driving dirty and my girl preggo. Yet she jelly about her homegirl sharing a cup with me. When at this time. A nikka gon in the head bout my five month preggo bm. When a nikka at one point used to luv ol girl like a faith record frfr.
        My bm would have killed a nikka in his sleep.
        All cause i am having a night mare.
        saying what she thinks is bethany benz real name. Like i am dreaming of fukk’n her girl in my sleep.
        When the person i experienced this five year old trauma from.
        has the same name of elisabeth.

        Totally unassociated from bm’s friend bethany benz. Yet a nikka like.

        No stop. no….liz in my sleep.

        My bm trying to wring a nikka neck in my sleep.

        All because of how thirsty nikkaz is for elizabeth or Bethany benz.
        When real talk in real time. Bethany benz is a cot damn golddigger clutz. Where my bm a beast in the bed incomparison. [(My bm used to look like what if jade cargill was bad rego with no training),..my bm even forget that she a underage video girl interest from abc playground and sheit].

        How rego nikkaz be trying to act like they were these headliners. Or this draw is some wild shyt. After eight mile.

        Like every nikka influenced fron the gateway of eight mile.
        really be thinking they was this thing.
        This rapper.

        nikkaz know nuffin of being an emcee. Let alone the protege to the actual goat emcee.

        Not knowing one kernel of hiphop history.
        nikkaz who wrecked not one cypha nowhere.

        Be trying to act like this draw.
        All these nikkaz are.
        When gammorra..?
        How gammorra?
        Where gammorra?

        Like where do they get chu delussional homebody never gon do.
        never did people of all races from.

        nikkaz seen eightmile and i swear.

        Every body me now.

        Everybody rap now.

        Like when….and how are you,….me.

        When and where?
        did you nikkaz become the protege to a legend.

        That i stopped being me.
        Then some other rego civie.
        just can come up and impersonate a nikka.

        nikkaz is real life shoot art barr iimpersonators.

        Who do not even know my damn stage name.

        Yet somehow they are me tho.

        Art Barr

        Like how!??!!

        Fiddy : gon get’cha lil reefa’s..i ain’t dead face ass nikkaz.

        Art Barr

        You nikkaz is not lothario.

    43. Hi guys,

      Just had 2 amazing nights, not sure where to begin so just going to start writing.

      The first night my wife agreed to give me a handjob in bed. I had mentioned to her that I had pictures/videos on my phone of bigger penises for her to compare mine to so she told me to show her.

      The album had quite a few comparison stuff with big thick and small to average penises. In the middle of the album I snuck in a pic of me both hard and soft, she noticed it was mine straight away but it was her reaction to it that surprised me.

      She just blurted out that it was very small. I told her it was actually mine, too which she replied she knew straight away but honestly didn’t realise just how small it was until she saw a picture of it after seeing pictures of ‘normal size dicks’. Her honest and harsh reaction was so genuine that I could feel myself twitching between her 2 fingers!

      She asked was I really hard in the picture, I told her I was, she just seemed shocked and said she would be embarrassed if anyone found out. I asked what would she do if anyone she knew seen it, she said she would have to tell them I had lots of money and that’s why she settled for a small dick then laughed at it, all while stroking with 2 fingers.

      It was almost like looking at these videos she was remembering all the big dicks she had before me (I’m the smallest she’s been with out of 7).

      I got to one particular video of a curvy girl teasing a guy about being small while there was another guy there with a really thick 10 inch lump of a cock that she was comparing it to. This is something that’s been playing over in my head and getting me hard ever since. She was shocked telling me that the small penis soft was bigger than me hard but also that she had a dick as big as the large thick one.

      I was in shock, I knew my wife had some big dicks before me but this thing was a monster! I asked was she just teasing but she told me she was being honest and that she couldn’t believe how much smaller I was.

      I came not long after that but my wife being mean when she seen cocks bigger than mine was new to me and get exciting! Even little things she did like when I went to grab one of her boobs just as I was about to cum she slapped my hand away and said ‘not for you, you’re too small to touch them’.


    44. Some time ago my gf and I stayed in her parents home for a couple of days. We slept in her old room where some of her books were still in the shelf. Among them was some kind of educational book about sexuality and other stuff, including images of genitals. I grabbed that book and asked my girlfriend if this book was helpful at all. She replied that she likes the way that this book refers to a realistic view of sexuality and not as it is shown in porn. Out of curiosity I took the book out the shelf and sat down to my gf and we began to have a look at it. After some pages and images of penises with different sizes and shapes I mentioned that one is pretty close to mine. She just smiled and said: ‘No…you don’t measure up with him. Look, he reaches his bellybutton with his dick and you barely reach behind your pubes. But it is OK. You are more of a petite kind of guy, in every sense…’ I think she didn’t mean to be harsh to me, but just said what she thought. Even though it made me really hard which was increased by her comment on a huge dick on the next page, saying while she was laughing:’ And you definitely don’t measure up with him either..’

    45. Mamaki was in Hawaii long before tea and coffee arrived in the 1800s, but only recently has it become a contender for a place in the beverage aisle.

      Iced or hot, the dried leaves of this endemic shrub have been increasingly making their way into products across the country. It’s caffeine-free and has been compared to green tea for its therapeutic qualities.

      More mamaki-focused farms have emerged, leading to more mamaki tea products. But not everyone is pleased by the boon of this native plant and those who are benefiting from its growing popularity. Mamaki is steeped in Hawaiian history and culture.

    46. I have been plagued by small dick interactions my whole adult life. You think a guy is nice, or hot – and then bam when you get down to business you are incredibly underwhelmed by what he is packing. Below are a couple of real experiences I’d like to share:

      Whilst I was at university I had a very flirtatious relationship with a guy who was in a few of my classes – it was clear that we wanted each other, but nothing had ever happened. After meeting on a night out we ended up going back to his place and things quickly got steamy. I had wanted this for so long so you can imagine my disappointment as he got out his cock and it was a mere 3 inches or so. I couldn’t help but contain my giggles as he jerked himself to attempt and make it harder and bigger…

      He started going down on me – a talented tongue he had (well, he had to compensate somehow I suppose) and after making me cum he seemed keen to fuck, rubbing his little length against my pussy. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt bad for him so offered my hand which he accepted, and jerked him until he came in a matter of seconds. I quickly made my leave, making a mental note to tell all my uni friends about my ‘little experience’ 😆


      Another time I was hooking up with a guy at a party – I was quietly confident as he was very tall (and we’re all aware of the common correlation aren’t we). We were kissing and touching each other over our clothes, getting excited. I couldn’t help but notice that he wasn’t hard yet, so I got down on my knees, undid his jeans, and pulled out his dick….

      He was hard, it turns out. There in front of me was what can only be described as a little head attached to his body. An oversized clit. I had no idea of the existence of micropenises and I was absolutely horrified. Time seemed to stand still as I processed what was in front of me; I didn’t know what to do. I made my excuses and ran out of the party as fast as I could.

      No regrets.


    47. I moved to Kingston in 2020 from a large city (not NYC) as part of the great COVID relocation. I think our goals were fairly similar to yours, and we looked at several towns in the Hudson Valley before choosing Kingston. After a couple of years, I have some overall pros/cons for you to consider.

      On the plus side, Kingston is in a great location for hiking, kayaking, skiing, or rock climbing. The Catskills are basically at the west end of town, and the Hudson River is on the east end. So if you are into outdoor activities, it’s hard to beat. There are many small, charming towns within a 30 minute drive (Woodstock, Rosendale, New Paltz, Saugerties, Rhinebeck, etc). Each has its own character and attractions. Its very enjoyable in the summer or fall just to hop in the car and visit a local apple orchard or winery. Kingston itself is a mixed bag. It has some very run down areas in Midtown (although there are a few innovative shops/restaurants opening there), while the main “tourist” areas are Uptown and the Rondout (near the river). It does have a wealth of great historic architecture, including several stone houses dating from the 1600-1700’s.

      My biggest disappointment with Kingston is that it’s pretty culturally dead – more so than I was led to believe from online research before moving. Some of this may just be COVID, but there’s basically no music venue active and no theater. While the Uptown area gets active on summer weekends due to day trippers from NYC, it’s pretty deserted most nights especially weeknights. That, plus rising rents and the impact of COVID, has caused several bars and restaurants in the area to close. There are a number of artists living here, but my impression is there isn’t much of a “scene” – most of the artists and musicians I know here do their business and exhibitions in NYC but come here to eat/sleep/work.

      There is also a significant issue with gentrification and displacement. Folks like us moving in for remote work have pushed home prices through the roof. Prices have basically doubled in the last two years, and the locals are not happy. On the other hand, the newcomers moving in may be the only thing supporting the local economy at this point, so they take the good with the bad.

      Politically Kingston is pretty blue/purple – not really left wing like Ithaca, probably more like Providence RI or Rochester. The town leans Democratic, but the outlying areas are more conservative. I wouldn’t say that it bears much resemblance to Newport RI. Its roots are more working class, and outside of a few neighborhoods with big houses, it’s not a ritzy city. The wealthier areas of Hudson Valley are across the river around Rhinebeck and Hyde Park. That’s where the Roosevelts and Vanderbilts built their summer palaces.

      I also lived in Ithaca for six years, and will say that the climate here is better than Ithaca. It’s cold, but less lake effect snow, and more blue skies in the winter.

    48. And he uses a lot of their talking points. Someone is clearly putting some money in his pocket and has him convinced that he’s finessing them. If the GOP wasn’t blatantly racist, he’d be right there at CPAC

      Also I see people talking about how he has smoke for ‘leftists’ the American democratic party is only comparatively liberal. They’d be considered a conservative party in England, Germany, or Canada. Tariq is a millionaire in his late 40s who lives in a gated community in California. He doesn’t have as much in common with the people who cape for him as they would want to believe. He’s not talking about strategies for affordable housing, he’s not talking about access to medication, he’s not talking about subsidized child care, he’s not talking about funding for public schools, he’s not talking about unionization and fighting wage theft, he’s not talking about police abolishment, he’s not talking about climate change, he’s not talking about racism in the tech industry. He’s not talking about shyt that doesn’t affect him personally as a wealthy individual living in a gated community. In fact, those things are things that would mean higher taxes for him so of course he’s not going to want to speak on that and would rather talk about homosexuality and democrats being secretly racist.

    49. Of all the vapid crap in all the vapid world over, this is the vapid-est. I have not been able to get that word out of my head — vapid! vapid! vapid! — since I finished Tao Lin’s vapid “it” novella “Shoplifting from American Apparel.” A task completed over the course of an hour and a half that would have been better spent watching “16 and Pregnant.”

      True story: I read more than half of this in the cafe at Barnes & Noble and knew I hated it. But I still bought it because I wanted to be able to loathe something physical. And I wanted to finish it, so I would have more reasons to not like it. Joke’s on me: Lin profits from my wrath.

      Our hero Sam is a bored New York City writer/organic vegan restaurant worker who sleeps until 3 p.m., then IMs Internet friends on Gmail. These are gripping back-and-forths that frequent digress into “I’m so fucked.” “I’m so fucked, too.” “He’s so fucked.” Sam seems to like iced coffee, vegan dining, and his ex-girlfriend Sheila, although it’s hard to tell. This entire story? chronology? Twitter stream? is written in an eerie See Dick Run monotone. What passes as witty conversations seem to be of the “had to be there” variety. Sam is horseshit at shoplifting, the two times he does it he lands in the clink. Friends enter and exit scenes and new ones replace them but act exactly the same.

      All the while, Sam has some sort of cult following of people who actually want to hear him read his words in public and talk about being fans of his work. Then things get super fun on a trip to Florida where everyone gets crazy and does antics.

      There is part of me that hopes this book is some sort of elaborate bit of social satire. Like maybe, just maybe Lin is making a statement about blind worship, consumerism, and herd mentalities. Maybe Lin is sitting at home using Hotmail and Bing, craving gas station coffee and Olive Garden, laughing at his friend — the one who took blurbs from the reviews of people who didn’t like this book and tried to refute their claims. I’m not convinced Lin wouldn’t do this: he’s allegedly given readings where he repeats the same sentence over and over and over; he papered NYC with Britney Spears stickers. Why not write a blase novella, and then mock people who like it in the name of art? Don’t get me wrong — even if that is what’s going on here, I’d still hate it.

      Another true story: I started reading “Less Than Zero” by Bret Easton Ellis in the same sitting. Strip these two tales, and they are similar concepts: 20-somethings wandering here and there, leaving a trail of pop culture bread crumbs. Yet Ellis doesn’t inspire ire. He makes me giddy. Nostalgia is a better brand of vapid. I prefer bored twits from the 80s to bored twits from the 2000s.

      This book actually made me mad, and then more mad because I let it make me mad. And this book made me really glad that I don’t have any friends younger than 30. It also made me hate the Internet, cult followings, bloggers, and vegans, readers, and emo anything.

    50. I was sympathetic to his case. One woman was explicitly out to get him, one was (imho) hypersensitive and got reassigned, another didn’t understand the kissing customs of Italians. Not really sure about the alleged grope. But overall, this seems like Al Franken 2, and we’ve lost a lot of great politicians on both sides to strict adherence to a standard of behavior that is widely ignored in our personal lives. This guy is no John Jenrette.

      For better or worse, the boundary between personal and professional lives blurs when you are a creature of Albany or DC, and behaving casually gets you accused of harassment, while following the Billy Graham rule gets you accused of discrimination.

      He fell on his sword for the good of the state, but he has every right to be pissed off, as do those of us who feel like we were deprived of our chosen representative.

    51. Biden sure knows how to get on the wrong side of his constituents desires. I dont give a shyt if big corps are losing cash due to big empty buildings. Things change! I see firsthand how downtown Chicago was gutted for 2 years and still hasnt quite recovered, but offices are incredible time thieves. I used to be able to play ball and shower on lunches, drive with my hotspot on so I can check my queue every few minutes while I enjoyed my day, etc. you get so much time back and the cost savings was amazing. This is another nail on his agenda’s coffin.

      And no, dont put no fukking hoe ass Republicans in my face just because in one year Biden aint doing what he should for the working folks. GOP are destined to turn this bytch inside out and have confused black folk and incensed white folks thinking hard work and self sacrifice will fix everything while ignoring rich people pulling all the strings.

    52. Can’t wait for big ole bad Republicans to come up and beat old man’s ass.

      They’ll deliver us reparations checks, laws specifically for African Americans even though they are working to make that unconstitutional through the courts as we speak, eliminate student loan debt, keep our entire workforce sitting at home. and I won’t have to worry about whether any of their nominees in positions that can affect me for the rest of my life are FULL BLACK, STRAIGHT and married to a FULL BLACK SPOUSE because all their nominees will be white! Just the way I prefer. No expectations. No worries. Life is easy.

      And all while in the middle of numerous global crisis! fukk Biden. fukk Democrats. They don’t give a fukk about us. These Democrats never do what I demand. Yall nikkas so dumb for voting. This why I don’t vote. If I do nothing, have no expectations, and don’t bother than it absolves me of any personal responsibility for the election results or the consequences. I can just be a wannabe intellect cynic on the sidelines shouting “I told you so! See I knew it!” at everyone trying and sometimes failing to create change in this country like a good little attention starved narcissist. Leaving elections up to white people whos preferred candidates won’t even consider pursuing any of the shyt we tweeting about and will in fact pursue the opposite is way better for black folks! Yall nikkas stupid for voting. Instead of giving my party the opportunity to navigate the nuances of policy making in a country more divided and troubled than ever I’m gonna go on some deranged act of counter productive “jealous girlfriend” vengeance every time I don’t get my particular wat. I’ll get that student loan forgiveness and reparations check in no time! Thise Republicans can’t wait to do everything Democrats promised. Yup!

      That GOP agenda gon be lit for us young black folks! President Ron DeSantis and his selection of yee haw Christian conservative judges, VP, attorney general and more are gonna be the dream team of black power!

    53. Pretty much every American city shifted to a car centric infrastructure in the 50s-70s and none of them collapsed to the extent Detroit did. Even the Automakers abandoned the city for a few decades. Ford and Chrysler are still headquartered in the burbs.

      The Automakers also had little to do with the city government’s policies that helped make the suburbs become cheaper, safer, less polluted/congested alternatives that city residents flocked to in droves. They had nothing to do with the suburban/city political warfare that continued well after that freeway infrastructure was in place, which drove even more tax base from the city. The state of Michigan pushed policies that made townships much stronger in the 1940s which made it near impossible for the core cities to annex their fleeing tax bases back as well.

      Detroit’s suburbs walled Detroit off from the 70s-90s, drained it of it’s tax base, and proceeded as if they didn’t need Detroit. In turn Detroit’s government was inept and feckless at competing to retain that tax base. It seems farcical to think the government should be responsible for preventing it when it had such a heavy hand in creating it.

      Detroit developed an impregnable racial divide for several decides. This created more decline than most cities were already experiencing. In addition to the general move form city to suburb living in the 1960s and 1970s, the riots and ever rising crime rates drove the white and more affluent families to leave. Racism also drove some to leave the city. After Coelman young gained firm control of the city he repeatedly announced that the City of Detroit was ”ours” (meaning African American’s) an white people should stay out of the city’s business. This further widened the racial divide between the City and the suburbs.

      Who was at fault? Everyone. The car manufacturers who tore out light rails and pushed people to live in suburbs so they would buy cars, bigots, the people who caused, participated in and mishandled the riots of the 1950s and 1960s. White leadership, black leadership. Everyone. The result was Detroit became a storage facility for poor and substantially unemployed Black people. White people did not care what was done with the City as long as the black people stayed there and did not bother the suburbs. Black leadership made it clear that white people were not particularly welcome in the city and certainly not in city management. The suburbs did not want to support the City and the City did not want the suburbs interfering.

      At one point, not too many years ago the City announced that charities operating in the city would not longer be allowed to apply for black grants through the city unless the charity had a majority of black Detroit residents on the board. Charities who cold not find Black community members to sit on their boards (many of whom wanted to be paid), moved outside of the City or simply shut down. The City reversed that rule shortly thereafter, but the damage was done. millions of dollars in grant money wee lost and things got worse.

      Detroit suffered the same demise as most major US cities did, but suffered more than many because of the racial divide that was created. Things have changed dramatically on both sides fo the City borders in the last 15 years, and the city is working towards a comeback. It will not likely ever become the
      Paris of the West” or the most cultured and most beautiful city in the USA like it was in the 1930s and early 1940s, but is is once again one of the coolest cities in the United States. It tops my list because it is busy without being crowded. There is plenty to see and do, without spending hours waiting in lines or jostling through crowds. There is still a long way to go, and the racial divide still exists although it is substantially weakened, but the revitalization of many areas has been nothing short of amazing and keeps getting better every day. The current leadership has made considerable progress after decades of nothing but decline. For example, not long ago, there were virtually no working street lights in the city. Now they are all working (or nearly all) and they have been converted to LEDs. Police response times has gone from hours or even days (sometimes no response at all) to a few minutes. The core areas of the city are cleaner, safer and more lively than they have been in over 30 years. Abandoned office towers are being converted to condos or apartments and are sold out before the work is completed. The auto manufacturers who essentially abandoned the City decades ago, have come back in significant ways (Ford is building a major tech center based on the formerly abandoned Union Station train depot, GM is headquartered in the ren Cen and is building a factory inside the city limits. Some major retail has returned to the City and seems to be doing well. The former Hudson’s location which for decades was nothing but a mostly empty underground parking lot, will soon be a major commercial and retail complex. Even the old county building is being repurposed.

      I cannot wait to see what happens NeXT. The Future of Detroit continues to look brighter nd brighter. I just hope too many people do not find out about it, because then it will get crowded and I personally will not like it anymore. A few more people and businesses woudl be great. A million more – not for me.

      The Lodge Freeway was completed in 1949; The Southfield Freeway, I-94, and I-75 were built in the 1950-60s. I-96 was constructed between 1966-75.

      The freeways absolutely facilitated sprawl and the abandonment of the city.

      In your father’s particular case, he moved closer to work so the expressway was not a determining factor. But if the freeways don’t get built, and the drive from Livonia to downtown Detroit is a 40 minute drive on surface streets instead of a 15-20 minute drive via I-96/I-75, Livonia doesn’t become as attractive a place to live and does not develop like it did.

      And yes, what is often forgotten about freeway construction in urban areas was the literally tens of thousands of residents and thousands of businesses that were displaced…and the tax revenue they provided to the city.

      I did not minimize white flight so much as discuss other causes of white flight. White flight is impossible to minimize – the whole issue is nearly all the white people left Detroit (well, pretty much everyone who could afford to live elsewhere left – regardless of pigmentation. Upper and upper middle class Blacks left too). It should really be called wealth flight, but white flight serves the media’s ends better.

      Why they left is the subject to lots of discussion, opinions, and studies – as well as personal experience in some cases. Prejudice was a major cause, and that prejudice was exacerbated by the later black exclusivity that took control of the city. It is not surprising that the last few remaining white people left after it was mead clear they were not welcome in the City. However prejudice is only one of many causes. Most of it was the same in almost all cities. There was a mass exodus from cities to suburbs all across the nation. Who wants to rent in a dirt smelly city when you can buy your own home in a nice clean suburb? this was encouraged by car makers, tire companies, oil barons and all sorts of parts manufacturers. In some places like Detroit, they even ripped out the streetcars to get people driving their own cars instead. Then freeways were built and it became very practical to live in the suburbs and work in the city. Eventually the companies moved out to or near the suburbs as well – further reducing commutes. Those who could afford to do so, left the cites. Prejudice, crime, pollutions, cost, and many other factors all contributed to it. Nothing contributed more than the construction of the freeway system (especially since one freeway was built literally right through the center of Detroit’s nicest neighborhoods – Boston Edison).

      There is an easy way to determine when an understanding of any social movement is either completely wrong or at least incomplete. If the believed reason for the social movement is simple or singular, then you can be pretty much assured that the belief is wrong or incomplete. Social movements are not simple and people do not all think alike or all do things for the same reasons. There are always many causes and many exacerbating factors.

    54. Presidents can issue Executive Orders and direct policy in DOJ, Department of Education and other cabinet agencies that have a direct impact on people’s lives. For better or for worse. The next President comes in and if he’s from a different party, he reverses everything and issues his own orders and policy directives. Trump did this.

      They can also influence governors and mayors to encourage their legislative bodies to pass laws that reflect the President’s belief. Example, President Obama couldn’t get Congress to raise the minimum wage so he encouraged Governors to do it at the state level. Several states ended up raising their minimum wage. On the wrong side of the equation is Governor DeSantis and the legislative body being literal MAGA robots with proposals and signed legislation that mirrors what Trump wants. Trump claimed the election was rigged and GOP Governors and their legislative bodies went crazy with voter suppression laws.

      And obviously legislation. The Americans with Disabilities Act is President H.W Bush landmark achievement and it changed everything for citizens with disabilities. You may not get that if he wasn’t President. FMLA (job protection law good up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to take care of your own health, child health or parent health) under President Clinton may not happen if Bush beats him for a second term. Obamacare doesn’t happen if John McCain won the election.

      The Presidency is more complex than what’s on the surface.

    55. Alabama had an amphitheater that was built in the mid 80’s on the north side of campus near the river. It was rarely used if I remember correctly.

      Saw Junior Brown and the Panic there one time for free. It didn’t have seats or benches or anything, just grass. It was scorching hot that day and they let you bring coolers. That’s all I remember.

      Widespread Panic
      Riverside Amphitheater
      University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
      Set 1

      1. Diner >
      2. Space Wrangler >
      3. Henry Parsons Died
      4. Blackout Blues
      5. Little Kin
      6. Pickin Up The Pieces
      7. Pigeons
      8. Heroes
      9. Porch Song

      Set 2
      10. Makes Sense To Me
      11. Can’t Get High
      1. Sleepy Monkey
      2. Airplane >
      3. Papa’s Home > Drums > Papa’s Home
      4. Junior, Holden Oversoul
      5. Love Tractor
      6. Maggot Brain >
      7. Chilly Water

      8. E: Wondering >
      9. Send Your Mind

    56. Last of baby boom generation is now in their late 50’s early 60’s. As that generation moves through retirement age and leaves workforce so goes last huge cohort that remembers a workforce which largely no longer exists. Young people have been chomping at the bit to overturn what they see as “antiquated” work rules from “older generation”.

      These young workers are a product of their generations which largely were raised on “gold stars for everyone”, and or that sun rises and sets/world revolves around themselves.

      You get sh*t from them all the time like “why do I have to come into work five days per week if can finish things in two or three?” Or, “why do I have to work eight (or more hours) per day at office when can finish things in four or five and be done?”

      They call out for various and silly reasons ranging from females “not being in a good place today because am having my lady’s day”, or just “not being in a good place for work” period. They foist work off onto managers or others for same or similar reasons.

      Having pushed out or otherwise gotten rid of many older workers, places are now pretty much run and staffed by these young people, so guess who is behind all this WFH nonsense. They want to be paid huge sums, but also demand “work/life balance”.

      James Dimon (himself a boomer), and others who came up via old school are trying to manage this revolution while running a successful business enterprise. Managers, senior partners, business owners, etc… all are moaning about work that is not getting done, or is slow coming, clients or jobs lost etc… all because good number of WFH employees aren’t holding up their end.

      When a client (or potential one) calls and gets voice mail, and worse no one gets back to him for several hours (or a day, maybe longer), he just may take his business elsewhere. Just such events happened to JPMorgan Chase which prompted Mr. Dimon to announce awhile back that his company was ending WFH and brining people back. Then came second covid wave, Omicron and so forth pushing those plans back.

    57. And on queue… the social media warriors are heralding his symptoms as only being possible if you are vaxxed and boosted.

      My wife got it, no vax. Felt bad for a few days.
      My daughter got it, no vax. Didn’t even know she was sick, if we didn’t have to get tested.
      Three other people in this house, didn’t catch it living in the house with 2 positive cases.
      My kid had 24 documented exposures over the past 15 months at school. No sickness.
      My kid had a birthday party at Top Golf, and one of the kids had covid. Nobody else got sick.
      My 95 year old great uncle caught it from his healthcare worker. She was vaxxed. She died (over age 60). He wasn’t even symptomatic.

      Why won’t people just shake hands and agree. If the vax makes you feel better, good for you. If you don’t think it matters, that’s fine, too. But, nope… they stick to the “ventilators for you morons” argument.

    58. Arkansas was named the 2021 Meth capital of the US in a recently published study. We relocated to HSV about a year ago from Texas and when I started paying attention when going out for errands, you really see the problem on the streets in Hot Springs. Healthcare, in my opinion, is dismal at best; certainly sub-par to what is available in large cities in Texas. It is definitely a culture shock moving here. You will be giving up a LOT depending on your priorities and tastes. I will admit we were a bit spoiled in Texas..quick access to good medical care with lots of options, good modern veterinary care for our animals (vets are definitely behind times in Arkansas), a myriad of personal services, plentiful places for shopping, dining out, events, and great roads. The roads are bad in Arkansas, and dangerous with the logging truck traffic. Zoning is not something they understand in Arkansas either, so you’ll see a lot of mish mash, trash and mess where people live. I have no idea why with a fairly high state income tax, they can’t do something about the trash accumulated on people’s properties that you will see literally everywhere. When the trees are bare in winter, you really take note of the trash problem. Depending on where you would be moving from, the climate is tough to get acclimated too. Texas can get Hot as heck, but the humidity in Central Arkansas is awful and lots of pollen, therefore, lots of allergy issues. And as far as cost of living goes, after being here over a year, I find it to no cheaper than Texas, even with the lower property taxes. Gas is higher, food is considerably higher (grocery or eating out), utilities, insurances, etc., all higher, at least in our case. The area is pretty, but again, it depends on what you are looking for.

    59. Words of advice ive been given myself lately is to be impeccable with my words, actions, intentions and thoughts. To guard how I use them and what comes out. When I do one I consider the others. I chose those words cause they form an acronym. WAIT. I chose that acronym because sometimes I simply do too much and need to chill. I chose those words because I thought these are the substances that drive the universe. The spells that’s cast to create material change and forms existence. You say something and it suddenly exists in the world. You act and you suddenly made something exist. And I think intentions and thoughts work on another plane but form a part of creating this change but you don’t have to understand it. Just accept it.

      Whether for the right reasons or not what do you think dwelling in a negative space will materialize? Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame them because one poster in this thread did list how it became so prevalent and how many people became disillusioned.

      If i was to believe this book I’m reading called kybalion, there are certain laws. There is the law of polarity. Almost like super position in quantum mechanics. Being this, that and both at the same time..having an absolute and a relative truth causing infinite possibilities. Everything being just different degrees of the same thing but just a pendulum of it. The hate for women was just love that couldn’t be resolved. And they are trying to reconcile and understand. They are given words, given actions, intentions, thoughts they are now collectively manifesting. But those are someone elses words, actions, intentions and thoughts and so you guys are busy slaving manifesting that person’s world instead of focusing on yours and how your personal creative power can be used only on you to manifest magic subconsciously.

      We are often given certain advice.. one is focus on yourself..which is good because it means don’t put your energy and the (words, actions, intentions and thoughts) into other people’s business. That’s not for you to resolve. And you keep your energy

      Also told to Meditate. Which in that moment you are still physically, you’ve quietened your thoughts, you are not speaking. It’s really just training you how to be measured in applying those things.

      If your mind is running around without your parenting it.. it’ll get tired and won’t be at peace. Guard it and be patient with it like you would a child that doesn’t really need to know everything but you are preparing it for life. You want it to grow healthy and happy. You want peace of mind. And your child doesn’t have to date the prettiest girl in school but if it had a companion who whole heartedly cared about it’s well being..you’d be ok with that.

      At least. This is what I tell myself.

    60. The motivation behind any woman signing up for OF is the same regardless of their financial status.

      Easy Money.

      As an example, Bella Thorne signed up for OF and made a lot of money in a very short amount of time.

      She was not hurting for money prior to signing up for Onlyfans.

      For every woman that exist on the internet, there’s a percentage of their fanbase that includes men that want to see them naked.

      That fantasy alone is enough to get men to sign up. Why not make money off of it, especially when for many of them exploiting their sexuality is the only way they know how to make money.

      A real A-list celebrity could easily do the same, but for the most part they don’t, due to:

      1. Actually having a talent that sustains their career.

      2. The potential of that “side hustle” ruining their career is high.

    61. tomorrow we play those cock smoking assholes from down the river.

      haven’t played them boner biting assholes since 2018.

      i seriously want nothing more than to shove an AIDs infested camel penis up their colllective assholes.

      i have never in my life thought of anything positive to say about this dip shit motherfuckers.

      and that is with a very good friend of mine graduating from that shit stain of an institution.

      P.S. i hope these sons of bitches bleed to death after shoving an AIDs infested cactus up theo own assholes!!!’

    62. I mean, the problem is that when centrists lose badly against rapist murder clowns they walk around blaming their own voters for being “shamefully irresponsible”, rather than sit down and think “you know, maybe what we’re offering isn’t sufficient to hold onto power longer than 4 years?” You know, since Dems have not held any appreciable power for longer than 4 years in the last 30.

      I know, I know! FACTS. They’re so inconvenient to the ideologicalily committed reactionary centrists on this forum. They just hate that their brand says they’re the “most electable” while their electoral history says they’re, at best, barely passable at winning elections.

      Cue the extremists casting aspersions on the left, ostensible “allies” they use to win, when they do win, and spend most of their time and energy in power trying to destroy. “Why aren’t YOU in power?” they snidely remark, ignoring that cases like India Walton in Buffalo are the true modus operandi of their centrist cabal writ small. It will always be breathtaking that Democrats are terrible at all power politics – except manipulating elections and political contests to ensure the left has as little power as possible. Although, it almost makes you think that maybe the paralysis of our entire society is the real reason they try to take power, and the rhetoric is just that: lies of a more gentile flavor than Trump uses, but lies nonetheless.

      You’re about to lose in 2022 so badly the nation will be reeling for years. You’ll learn the wrong lessons from it, and ensure that DeSantis or some fascist considerably more dangerous than a simple animal like Trump gets elected. And then the beginning of the end will be done, and we can get on with the violent reorganizing of this collapsing nation state. I am absolutely sure that every step of the way y’all will moan and tear at your hair and clothes, screaming into the winds “WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING” and “WE JUST DIDN’T HAVE THE VOOOOOOOOTES”.

    63. Second Mile was in another world.

      It turns out that the U.S. Attorney’s office and the FBI had already conducted a federal investigation of The Second Mile. It’s an investigation that’s apparently been closed since at least 2014, with the result that no charges were ever filed.

      In response to FOI requests filed by Ryan Bagwell, a former newspaper reporter and unsuccessful candidate for Penn State trustee, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. released some 1,000 pages of documents from the closed files of The Second Mile probe.

      What’s the bottom line?

      “It’s a big nothing burger,” said John Snedden, a former NCIS and FIS special agent who just got through reviewing the documents. “There was an investigation and there was nothing to pursue, and no charges were filed.”

      Most of the notes in the released files appear to be FBI interviews conducted in 2012 with Second Mile board members in both the State College office and other regional offices. The interviews described how Second Mile board members reacted to the Sandusky revelations dating back to as early as 2010 and 2011.

      “Not a single person admitted to knowing about Sandusky’s crimes prior to the presentment,” Snedden said. Two people claim to know about “missing donor money,” but nothing else is said about that subject in the rest of the released files.

      The documents released by the feds are heavily redacted, but there are many references to Second Mile board members circling the wagons. References were made in the documents to false allegations being made by a “disgruntled mother” and a “disgruntled kid.”

      The documents are more noticeable for what they don’t say. Such as in the issue of jurisdiction involving the Sandusky investigation. If, for example, in their investigation of The Second Mile, if the feds any found any evidence of a federal crime, such as Sandusky crossing state lines with sex abuse victims, “They would have taken it [the investigation] away from the state for prosecution,” Snedden said.

      “But they [the feds] didn’t do any of that,” Snedden said after reviewing the documents. “There’s no indication they did that.”

      Instead, the attorney general pursued the Sandusky investigation, and the feds pursued The Second File.

      “Sadly, neither focused on political vindictiveness and corruption, which is exactly what happened here,” Snedden said.

      Snedden has his own experience with a previous secret federal investigation into the Penn State scandal. In 2012, working as a special agent for the Federal Investigative Services, Snedden did a background investigation of former Penn State President Graham Spanier, to see if Spanier’s high level security clearance should be renewed by the government.

      As part of that investigation, Snedden investigated whether Spanier had orchestrated a coverup of Sandusky’s crimes. Snedden’s investigation concluded that there was no cover up at Penn State, because there was no sex crime to cover up. As far as Snedden was concerned, Mike McQueary, the guy who witnessed a naked Sandusky allegedly abusing a boy in the Penn State showers, was not a credible witness.

      Spanier’s clearance was renewed as the result of an 110-page report that Snedden wrote back in 2012, a report that was declassified earlier this year.

      In the investigation of The Second Mile, the released files include copies of FBI interviews with eight witnesses whose identities are redacted. The interviews are recorded on FBI “302s,” the number of the form that interview summaries were typed on by FBI agents.

      “I see a lot of interviews with a lot of different people, a wide range of positions in the Second Mile hierarchy,” Snedden said. “And I don’t see any people admitting to knowing anything concrete about Sandusky.”

      In the interviews, there are quotes from woman who “had always heard positive things about the organization. She had never heard anything bad about TSM founder Jerry Sandusky.”

      Another woman interviewed by the FBI described Sandusky’s “nondescript entrance and presence” at a March 25, 2011 “Celebration of Excellence” event in Hershey.

      “Sandusky was not acknowledged during the event formally by TSM,” the woman told the FBI.

      “On March 31, 2011, the Patriot News published an article about the grand jury investigation” of Sandusky,” the woman told the FBI. “The article was everywhere and everyone was talking about it.”

      “She didn’t recall seeing any evidence of financial improprieties or anything otherwise questionable,” the FBI 302 stated. “She did not personally observe any misuse of donations.”

      “The general mood of the room was that of denial,” the woman told the FBI. “Everyone appeared to be in support of Sandusky and TSM.”

      In another 302, an unidentified witness said, “He did not observe any inappropriate behavior.” On the same form, someone, possibly Sandusky himself stated the complainant “was a disgruntled kid, not associated with TSM. He was not aware at the time that the allegation was sexual in nature”

      Another 302 notes that one board member was “shocked after reading the indictment.” In addition, “four or five board members in particular were upset that they were never notified. The exchange was heated.”

      In the 302s, there was discussion of an earlier 1998 allegation that Sandusky had abused another youth in the shower, but “the allegations were considered ‘unfounded.'”

      There is also discussion in the 302s about an alleged allegation involving the Clinton County Children and Youth Services[CYS].

      “CYS did have a safety plan in the event a child was a victim of sexual abuse,” the 302 stated. “They did not need to enact their safety plan for SANDUSKY’s case because the allegation was not founded and all actions taken by CYS were ‘by the book.’ ”

      Bagwell said he has filed multiple FOI requests as part of his Penn State Sunshine Fund. Bagwell, a former newspaper reporter who is now a web developer, said he filed his requests because he was seeking primary source documents from the Sandusky investigation.

      “What frustrated me about everything since the very beginning was a complete and utter lack of transparency,” Bagwell said.

      In his court battle with the U.S. Attorney’s office, Bagwell said, the feds indicated that there were some 300,000 pages of documents related to The Second Mile investigation. The feds only released 1,000 pages and “withheld tends of thousands more for reasons not apparent at this time,” Bagwell said.

      Bagwell, himself a former journalist, said the press coverage of the scandal has been “abysmal, reactionary and sensationalistic,” as well as “factually incorrect.” Bagwell said he hopes the newly released documents will have a calming effect on Penn State Nation.

      “Penn Staters are still screaming for an investigation for years of The Second Mile,” Bagwell said. “Well, it turns out there was an investigation.”

      “My overall view is that everything here [in the documents] seems to support the idea that The Second Mile didn’t knowingly do anything wrong,” Bagwell said. “The Penn Staters who are clamoring for heads at The Second Mile to roll, I don’t think that’s an outcome that’s appropriate at this point in time.”

    64. I recently signed up to a course at the gym involving gym work & swimming every saturday morning but have found out that the locker rooms & showers dont have any cubicles or anything to get undressed in, everythings just out in the open in one room

      A few of my friends are gonna be on the course too & theres no way in hell Im gonna let any of them see my dick. Theres also some people that are friends with people (including girls) I know so that just adds to the fact I’m def not getting my dick out in front of anyone

      Obv Im gonna need to shower & I dont wanna make it obvious that my dicks not big by hiding behind a towel all the time or people will just get suspicious so if anyone has any experience of this kinda thing or tips then please let me know

    65. Knowing your wife experienced a big cock turns you on?

      Past is the past but this aspect gets me annoyed..Women who experienced an 8 inch or more are rare (even if my wife did it) and for most women i’ve had my size was ok .However, since i am on the lower side of average size(5,5 inch fully erected but more often 5,25) i realized the real thinking was a little different.. By the time in fact most of them admitted that their exes (generally) had a longer penis than mine( in most cases slightly, in few cases significantly)and all this bothers me a little.From a rational point of wiew it’s quite logical and accordind to science i’m average but i feel inadeguate anyway. However, by the time, i started to have a different feeling and my wife’s sexual past turns me on. (Her ex husband had a 9 inches cock,three inches and half longer than mine(!). I would like to know more details :her moans,her orgasms,her physical reactions to deep penetration that i’m not able to give her ..Of course i’m jealous of her ex- husband:his cock knows more about my wife’s pussy than i know(the head of his cock explored areas of her vagina that i’ll never get to) Comments are welcome

    66. My wife and my friend always flirted with each other. He was well known for having a huge cock. He bragged about his ’big hands’ all the time. My wife said, “You know what they say, big hands, big cock… and I think it’s true because my husband has very little hands!” … We all went to Bryant Denny together and at half time I went to the urinal, he came and stood next to me and flopped out his huge cock. He said “tell your wife – confirmed, well and truely confirmed”


    67. Well, I told my wife, word for word. It fed my Cuckhold fantasy. It was awesome. As far as a change between both of them well it was hotter than ever. We were both married and it was fun flirting, often after a few drinks…. But before the football event there was a more subtle but more significant thing that happened. We went bowling and my wife K, was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt that was thin, low cut and hot AF. I obviously noticed Mr HD checking her out and K was bowling… bending over getting a ball, leaning over doing the scores etc… As K was sitting and talking to his wife, Mr HD had his eyes locked down my wife’s top. We then locked eyes and what did I do? – I smiled and nodded.

      Soon after the football event, we had a party at Mr HD’s house and K was dressed to impress. She openly flirted with him in front of me. On the way home K was horny AF. I asked what was said and she said he asked if I was your one and only (he knew we went out as teenagers). She said she wasn’t going to answer that and talk about my sex life at your party. I asked what else… she said he wants to meet me for coffee, just the two of us.

      I said to her you know that’s basically saying, let’s meet up and fuck? She didn’t concede that but said okay yes I know he wants to fuck me but you have a little bit of small dick paranoia happening!

      The session that night was incredible. And she told me what she wanted… a real dominant way.

      This is a long response and I have to get to work. But did it go further – YES but with a lot of anticipation and role playing along the way.

      GTG – it was hard typing Mr HD writing this as I now call him ‘Sir’ and did so for over two years


    68. K shaved me bare, for ‘her friends’ visit. I had to shower in just cold water until my balls had retracted inside my body and I was the size of a peanut. I was shivering cold but loved it. They called me out and both laughed and teased. It was fun.

      That gave us the idea to do this for our visit to the nude beach. We do it all the time now. K would get me in the shower and I’d wear an ice pack to the beach. My normally two inch was now the size of a peanut. K takes me by the hand and we walk the length of the beach.

      The looks and smiles we get are priceless. It’s fun and brings happines

    69. …Anonymous
      04/23/22(Sat)18:54:16 No.110112249
      >>110108989 #
      If you support trannies, you support chaos and the destruction of Western society, you stupid faggot son of a bitch. And funny how I’ve never been punched in the face before, I must have a presents in real life that scares the fuck out of people. I bet you wouldn’t make it 3 seconds before you started to pee yourself if I started to show you what’s up.

    70. If you look at one of the texts it says “please keep our conversations between us and only us b” but it’s from the tranny? If Benzino is on the down-low with no thoughts of coming out why would she have to tell him that? That’s a given. He gonna expose himself and get clowned out of hip-hop? Also that naked picture from him is from his onlyfans(PAUSE) and you can see right above the pic in the text a black line which means they cropped the picture from his onlyfans. There are apps that you can use to Photoshop text messages. To show absolute proof that they are real “she” needs to record “herself” opening up the texts from her phone, right clicking on the text messages and pressing view details. I forget what it shows but there’s something(amongst other things) that will only show if the text is real. Everything will look exactly the same on that fake text as real text except for that one thing. If those text messages show that then they are 100% real

    71. So I have what a lot would consider a micropenis (2″ flaccid, 3.75″ hard)

      My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 years. She’s known about my fetish for about a year. She’s always been afraid she’ll hurt my feelings though.

      Tonight, we were using a toy for the first time (a 7 inch, 5 inch girth realistic looking dildo) and I asked her to compare it to my little dick. I pinky promised her it wouldn’t hurt my feelings and that I’d enjoy it.

      Some of the things she said:

      -my dick is less than half the size of the toy

      -she originally said my girth was similar, but then grabbed my dick and said nevermind

      -she told me the toy is way closer to what she has seen from other guys, and my dick is the smallest she’s seen other than one other dude

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      – she told me the reason she doesn’t suck my dick is because I don’t have enough to work with and it’s not fun, bigger dicks are better to suck

      – she told me straight up she prefers bigger dicks than mine (of course)

      i was taking a long time to cum and she said it’s probably defective from being such a “little wiener” (I told her I loved it when she called it that or a dicklet)

      It was deadass the hottest sexual encounter I’ve had. I love that she finally indulged me and she was so wet after when I went down on her. I hope this is the beginning of something awesome in our relationship. Eventually I’d like to ask her to put me in a chastity cage for a weekend for being too small and some other fun stuff. Would also love her to make me wear panties.

      Just saying, if you have a willing partner and haven’t told them of your fetish, do it now and see if you can start getting your little dick humiliated. I’ve posted mine on the micropenis sub before you can check my profile to see it if you want.


    72. The Queen of Spades is a playing card. It also may represent a Woman who is creative and makes her plans on her own without to need anybodys permission. Hence, in this spirit the Symbol used with a bracelet, anklet or on a collar or as tattoo or temporary tattoo has become a tag for brighter-skinned women who are willing to serve the black masters or who generally worship (big) black cocks. Often its tattooed on calves, the ass, tits or just above the divine pussy. Generally these womens husbands are not their black masters. Nonetheless the husband often is proud and glad to have such a women and likes to take pictures of her in action, showing his Queen-of-Spades-tagged queen of a lucky, selfenjoying and unfaithful wife.
      13:00 EDT
      Husband: Hey you streetguys! My wife and I passed three times next to you youngsters! Are you ignoring she’s clearly showing her Queen of Spades to you? Does she not attract you or why are you ignoring her? We want you guys to forcefuck her while I take some pictures!

      13:01 EDT

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      Husband: This is my pussy.
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      Husband: This belongs to me!
      Wife: No dear, it doesn’t. You exactly know why I got a Queen of Spades tattoo.
      Husband: ….

      Roll Tide !!!

    73. I think I see the crux of the issue in that you are defending the choice to select this pathway whereas I’m saying the FDA should’ve never allowed it to move ahead for general use with just the data they had on hand without years of human testing.

      I have a deep mistrust of mRNA having been peripherally involved with a group who evaluated that pathway for vaccine use in other disease states and walked away from it after millions in research due to early phase testing which clearly indicated that there were major cardiac and especially long term reproductive health concerns. And that was before they even got to human testing.

      My point is the mRNA path had known major concerns and the medical community and regulatory agencies ignored them, abandoned their review process and forced it down the throat of low risk Americans for what seem to be profit and politically based reasons.

      Generations of Americans will now grow up questioning their doctors, our review process and specifically other vaccines which truly are safe to the detriment of everyone, not to mention the tens of millions of Americans who face potentially major side effects down the road.

    74. I’m not allowed to fuck my wife anymore because I’m so small and I cum quickly. I used to be allowed inside her only after I had got her off with the huge dildo. Then I could put on a small condom and slip inside her, and she would humiliate me, and even though neither of us could feel much of anything because she was stretched by dildo, I would cum sooooo quickly. And she would humiliate me for that too. I really miss those days.

      ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

    75. Coach Harsin, REALLY…YOU GO TO ESPN TO PLEAD YOUR CASE??? WOW, this message is for Coach Harsin and I pray you to read it. THIS IS ABOUT YOU NOT AUBURN…SO STOP SPINNING IT… If you haven’t noticed, being an SEC HEAD COACH is a lot more than X’s & O’s. I’ve been a longtime AU booster, on the upper-end. Although that shouldn’t matter, WHAT DOES MATTER is YOU ALIENATING AUBURN FOOTBALL…from the players themselves to other coaches on your staff to admin and ancillary staff within the Athletics Department to the most important of all…THE AUBURN FAMILY. In my 40+ years as an AU man, an AU Alumnus, a season ticket holder, a “booster”, etc I have NOT HEARD FROM ANYONE that has said you have made a single attempt to connect, build relationships, goodwill, or simply put…YOU HAVE ISOLATED YOURSELF FROM THE AUBURN FAMILY…NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND… Of course, you want to be AU’s Coach and not walk considering it would cost you over $20M USD to walk away or to be fired with cause. I pray the rumors that are floating are just that, rumors. But, for you to say you were not given guidelines on how much you could pay an OC is BS and I know that for a fact. You have access to a large piggy bank so to speak and it’s your choice how you allocate those funds. Take a page or a chapter from Coach Bruce Pearl…whether he was sincere or not the moment he landed in AU to be announced as our new Head Coach he acted enthusiastically…he went out of his way to engage with the players, with coaches and staffs of the other sport programs, with the AU student body and with THE AUBURN FAMILY. He has experienced success but it took him several years before he reaped what he sowed. He MADE AN EFFORT. By you locking down the AU football program, prohibiting players to speak to the media, prohibiting any assistant coaches from speaking with the media…AND YOU, YOURSELF LOCKING OUT EVERY LOCAL SPORTS MEDIA/BEAT WRITER FROM AU ATHLETICS what do you expect? AU is not used to losing and seeing not a few players but more than half of our Top 10 Nationally ranked recruiting class depart for other schools, losing coordinators and staff to other schools at the rate you have is alarming. It would be different if these players and coaches were leaving for championship-caliber programs but we are losing players to UCF, Indiana, Ole Miss, Louisiana Lafayette and Coordinators to OKLAHOMA….STATE!!! Why do you finally come out of hiding and speak to ESPN to be your advocate? Do you have any idea the history of them creating or manipulating causing false narratives to become embedded into the minds of recruits and the masses across the country…WHY DID YOU NOT invite the local beat writers and state, regional media to discuss this issue with??? Do you think deflecting blame for AU not having a top 10 recruiting class, losing 5 games in a row when the team had double-digit 4th quarter leads in 4 of those 5 and having some unproven, novice coach be announced as the new AU OC only to have him wait until 2 days before singing day to give AU the middle finger is going to convince anyone to have faith in what you are stating…You do realize you did not land a single recruit during Feb signing period…NOT ONE… including a couple that I know for a fact gave AU “silent verbal commitments” as recently as 3 weeks ago…do you not realize until those kids sign on the dotted line you can not let up…You refused to speak to any local beat writers at the senior bowl only giving a weak press conference where you stated not having an OC was in essence, “no big deal to the QB’s…they can just come and talk with me if they have questions followed by you stating IF AU hires an OC that the QB’s have no need to be concerned because the OC will follow the plan you have set forth….”other words, regardless who the OC is you are going to dictate the offense… To some degree, all of this would be digestible if you had earned the right to shun the Auburn Family but you haven’t. Now you are trying to spin this like if forces are building against you that it’s not your fault…you were hired to coach so let you coach…NO, YOU WERE HIRED AS AUBURN’S HEAD COACH AND PAID MILLIONS… AND THAT JOB IS A LOT MORE THAN X’S & O’S & Jimmy and Joes… If you want to support, respect you should have embraced the Auburn Family, the culture with respect to making an effort to at least act lack you care but I haven’t seen it. You are the first coach in my lifetime who has made NO effort to connect… and now after you failed miserably and it’s more than a few players not willing to put in the work…or being paid by some NIL deal…YOU SIR SEEM TO HAVE NO CLUE…EVEN NOW…WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A SUCCESSFUL COACH IN THE SEC… I pray that changes and you have a heart to heart talk with the AU powerbrokers because you throwing others under the bus, deflecting responsibility or not taking the blame regardless if you are 100% in the right…doing what you did with Chris Lowe by undermining every media member in Alabama and the AU admin is not and has not caused anyone to pause and think that we were tough on you… If you mean what you say THEN AS YOU SAY COACH HARSIN…STOP WITH THE BULLSH*T AND CHANGE YOUR WAYS OR GET THE HELL OUT BEFORE YOU DESTROY OUR BELOVED PROGRAM.


    76. It’s pretty amazing watching the leftist ideology unfold.

      Leftists, we told you you were nothing more than authoritarian commies. Democrats begets liberalism begets leftism begets socialism begets communism.

      When you pushed your liberal agenda, we said this is just a step to marxism/communism.
      When you pushed ANTIFA, we told you this is nothing more than fascist authoritarianism.
      When you pushed the BLM narrative, we told you this is nothing more than marxism.
      When you pushed the woke agenda, we again told you this is just more authoritarian marxism/communism.

      Now you have created a “ministry of truth” to STOP free speech if it goes against the leftist narrative. Are you done pretending you are not authoritarian marxists/communists?

    77. Better or worse… I guess it depends on how you define Atlanta and what you value. I certainly think a lot of good has happened and will continue to happen in our city. Top of mind to me is: The re-adaptation of Midtown to be more livable and walkable (as other posts mention), the complete transformation of Westside to become amenitized and hip, the creation of more public parks and outdoor space like the Beltline, and lastly, in general, the economic growth that has resulted from better jobs/corporate relocations and favorable migration trends.

      With all that being said, I personally believe that 2012 Atlanta was a better place for my liking – and that being for a few reasons:

      1. I have a very strong view that a bustling and successful downtown area should be at the core of any great city. As a four-year student at Georgia State that graduated in 2021, I witnessed with my own eyes the downtown area go from bad to worse. I remember as a kid going to Centennial Olympic Park and enjoying just walking around the area, going to the aquarium with my family, eating dinner at Taco Mac, etc. Back then the area felt much more safe and lively – downtown was an attraction to tourists and families from the suburbs alike. Fast forward to the past 5-10 years, and downtown has certainly lost its luster. T-Mac, Danatanna’s, and other restaurants have closed down… the museums and other attractions just don’t seem to generate the same level of demand they used to. I think this certainly has to do with the increased homeless population and the fact that businesses are quickly abandoning the area.

      Also, in the past couple of years, CoA seems inspired to shoot itself in the foot on this. Centennial Park underwent renovations and, ever since, has remained closed to the public even on beautiful days. Over the past 3 years, I walked to the park WITH INTENT to visit, but 9/10 times arrived to find it fenced off. CNN center is disgracefully still closed to the public, and it feels like now there is essentially nothing to do outside of going to the Hawks game.

      One last anecdote, one of my favorite memories as a student was going to Woodruff Park/the Broad Street “picnic table area” and having lunch with friends. At the time, to the benefit of the hard working small business owners, lunch lines would be out the door. Students and office workers alike flooded the area to enjoy eating outdoors in the nice weather. Once 2020 rolled around, the pandemic dried everything up and Broad Street turned to a ghost town. Once students finally returned in the fall, the area had been completely trashed and overrun by the homeless. No more enjoying lunch… the area was eventually ruined by the City of Atlanta. I watched them load the chairs and tables into trucks and put up fencing around the area. It remains fenced off to this day with a sign that reads something along the lines of “art mural coming soon” hilariously.

      Whatever the case may be, I am extremely sad to see the continued demise of Downtown. I for one am in the minority of those rooting for a big turnaround. I hate to see people hating on our downtown area, it means a lot to me with the walkability and historic buildings/charm. Hopefully Centennial Yards will have the desired effect of re-attracting people to the area (although honestly I am not optimistic).

      2. The increase in organized crime, especially among youths, has become noticeably worse in the upscale neighborhoods with high walkability. Buckhead is a classic example of this. Besides all the obvious news reports, I have seen some pretty bad incidents including just the other day where a teen randomly slapped a man walking down the sidewalk near Lenox. It seems the media is just now picking up on what I have been saying for a while – that these groups riding on scooters in travel lanes are looking for trouble and the water boys are NOT “entrepreneurs” as KLB once said.

      I would say this spike applies to other areas too. The recent Beltline crimes are a bit worrisome, and I can say for a fact that Marta is worse than it used to be or worse than I thought. My girlfriend has been followed on multiple occasions walking to and from Marta and even had someone follow her in a van and pull up next to her and try to block her in. It reached a point where I wasn’t okay with her using public transit any longer. It goes without saying that you are much more likely to be a victim as these crimes skyrocket in the less notorious sections of Atlanta.

      3. The astronomical rise in cost of living in urban mixed-use areas. As live-work-play becomes a preferred development pattern (to my disliking), this has created barriers to entry for blue-collar workers and really the majority of the middle class. Very few can afford to live in a high-rise in Midtown on their income alone. This causes people to either stretch and put themselves in a bind financially OR forces them to downgrade and move farther out where they cannot conveniently access the urban amenities or enjoy what many consider to be a higher quality of life.

      The Beltline is a perfect example of this. Rents have soared from Ponce all the way down through Reynoldstown and even stretching as far as Glenwood. The area is indisputably well-connected and vibrant, and so many love the Beltline but as we know so few can afford to live within walking distance of it nowadays.

      One ominous side effect I’ve seen from all this is that rent growth (as a % YoY) is now highest in suburban areas. A few of my neighbors in Chamblee are planning on the leaving because the lease renewal ask is $300-$500 higher. This is not good for renters and really is pushing key suburban/”fringe” intown markets like Chamblee or Sandy Springs towards the category of unaffordable for many.

      Ponce City Market is also in my opinion one of the most overhyped developments I can think of in the real estate world. As an Atlantan, I almost never find myself looking to spend time here and I find the restaurants in the food hall to be very generic, disappointing, and most of all overpriced for a mediocre experience. Chattahoochee Food Works is another example of how these trendy urban concepts are not always good for the community… count me out when those food stalls are $15-$20 for small portions and lack the authentic taste you could find elsewhere. I am with bryantm3 100% here – “it watered the local culture down”; and to me, it has made experiential retail 2x more expensive than it should be for all of us.

      I am sure I will receive a lot of angry responses from other users for saying this, but I feel like if we define “Atlanta” as Greater Metro Atlanta (including suburbs), the 2022 version then in fact is a better place. I think the suburbs have improved with a decidedly better selection of retail (especially affordable, non-chain restaurants) and the revitalization of downtown areas/city centers.

      Overall, to answer your question, Born2Roll, I cannot justify Atlanta proper being a better area with the existing problems I noted. To be fair, I think if COVID never happened, maybe things would look a lot different right now, and in a very positive way. And to end on a positive note, I think we are headed in the right direction. As our diverse workforce and schools (including my alma mater) gain more attention nationally, we will continue to see a large influx of quality jobs and employment centers, which hopefully will improve many people’s prospects and attract investment to address some of these problems from my view.

    78. Trump in 2020: No more lockdowns!

      Biden in 2020: No more lockdowns!

      Vaccines alone aren’t going to end the pandemic. People who are vaccinated can still contract and spread the virus. Look at the recent White House Correspondents Association super-spreader event. That the Biden administration has been pushing vaccines as the only thing necessary for eliminating the virus is itself a conspiracy theory and anti-scientific.

      There is virtually no distinction between the policies of the Trump administration and the Biden administration regarding the pandemic. Their fundamental policy is to let the virus rip through society, because the alternative is “too costly” for the profits of the capitalist ruling class.

      The revisions of CDC guidelines since Biden took office were not scientific decisions, but political ones. The policies of the CDC are based on the profit interests of the capitalist system. The ruling class needs workers back into unsafe workplaces, and their children in unsafe schools in order for workers to keep churning out profits.

      The only viable approach to the pandemic is a zero-COVID strategy, as demonstrated by China and a handful of other countries. That is, vaccinations in addition to the shutdown of nonessential production, clsoure of schools, quarantining, contact tracing, mass testing, etc. These are very basic public health principles that have been developed over centuries.

      Curious: what was the Democrats’ strategy for containing the virus?

    79. US Congressmen who has invested in Pfizer and the amounts they invested:

      Sensenbrenner, Jim – Republican $1,018,814 – $5,018,813 House

      Gianforte, Greg – Republican $797,130 House

      Upton, Fred – Republican $165,003 – $400,000 House

      Schrader, Kurt – Democrat $100,001 – $250,000 House

      Cook, Paul – Republican $100,001 – $250,000 House

      Lawson, Al – Democrat $45,003 – $150,000 House

      Dingell, Debbie – Democrat $50,001 – $100,000 House

      Roe, Phil – Republican $91,446 House

      Capito, Shelley Moore – Republican $16,002 – $65,000 Senate

      Kennedy, Joe III – Democrat $16,002 – $65,000 House

      Holding, George – Republican $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Kelly, Mike – Republican $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Gottheimer, Josh – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Rosen, Jacky – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 Senate

      Wyden, Ron – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 Senate

      Blumenauer, Earl – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Peters, Gary – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 Senate

      Conaway, Mike – Republican $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Sires, Albio – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Whitehouse, Sheldon – Democrat $15,001 – $50,000 Senate

      Norman, Ralph – Republican $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Hill, French – Republican $15,001 – $50,000 House

      Yarmuth, John – Democrat $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Wittman, Rob – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Carper, Tom – Democrat $1,001 – $15,000 Senate

      Burgess, Michael – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Scott, Bobby – Democrat $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Frankel, Lois – Democrat $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Suozzi, Tom – Democrat $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Rutherford, John – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Marshall, Roger – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Evans, Dwight – Democrat $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Gibbs, Bob – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Barr, Andy – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Williams, Roger – Republican $1,001 – $15,000 House

      Perdue, David – Republican $0 – $1,000 Senate

      Collins, Susan M – Republican $0 – $1,000 Senate

    80. My husband and I are both born and raised in NYC and plan to retire in 2022. We are starting our “Forever Home” search in DE this Spring to familiarize ourselves with the properties and neighborhood in Middletown.

      I have been in contact with a salesperson at the “Ponds at Bayberry” (Builder, Blenheim Homes) a 55+ community in Middletown. The Villas start at $300K, HOA is $100, property tax is between $2,600 – $3,600 depending on the size of the home, which all sounds too good to be true to us, coming from New York where the cost of living is extemely high…
      Is anyone familiar with the builder or the Ponds at Bayberry?

      Any thoughts, feedback, suggestions or personal experience regarding relocating to Middletown would be greatly appreciated, specifically in the area of Middletown on Vivaldi Drive. How close is the supermarket, pharmacy, shopping, healthcare, hospital, beach, restaurants, etc. to the Ponds at Bayberry?


    81. Anyone who willingly got the vaccine is a moron. I feel bad for those who were forced but as for the ones who wanted to force me? Suffer sheep!

      1. It was a money-laundering op generated by Crony Capitalism. Big Pharm promises a big pay-day for the DC politicians. FedGov, driven by said politicians, passes a legal regime providing a huge contract to the Big Pharm entity to provide a product in a delivery large enough for the whole country.

        Big Pharm entity gets a huge pay day from tax dollars. The politicians who engineered their half of the deal take their own pay day from the Big Pharm entity in a less detectable manner.

          1. All you need to know. $289 Million a Day on a fricking hoax vaccine that all levels of government and people have been advocating for a year

    82. First and foremost, crime has dropped significantly. NB in the ’90s had serious problems with crimes, to the point where there was a drive-by shooting in front of the city high school that left one student dead (my grandmother was one of the school secretaries who witnessed the whole thing, and a bullet went through the office window.) Second, the city demolished nearly all of the old, barrack-style housing projects and replaced them with modern, mixed-income townhouses. These old public housing structures were infamous breeding grounds for crime, on par with those in Hartford’s North End, and these are gone now. Most of the people in these buildings that gave it such a bad reputation are either dead, in jail, or have moved on. Third, the city is taking several of the old factory buildings and converting them into apartments. This will bring in residents and subsequently tax revenue. Lastly, even though much of the manufacturing base is long gone, they’ve proven an ability to bring in jobs. Costco opened several years ago, creating hundreds of jobs, so this is always good news. Elsewhere, long vacant storefronts are being filled. ALDI now occupies where Wal Mart used to be (though part of the building is still awaiting a tenant). The city still struggles with issues such as underperforming schools, poverty, and crime, but things have improved. The city isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s come a long way. If they can continue doing what they’ve been doing, I can see it continuing to improve.

    83. Spring Valley today and yesterday
      I am very sorry to hear of the negative comments about Spring Valley. I have been away for a very long time (since 1955). My family moved there in 1943, when I was 7 years old. It was a very small and lovely little town. There couldn’t have been more than 5000 permanent residents. In the summertime the bungalow colonies and the hotels would fill up and the town would become a small city. The schools were excellant and most of the kids went off to college. There were two public elementary schools, North Main and South Main. There was a large catholic parochial school, St. Josephs. There were two Yashivas for the Jewish community. There were also three “orphanages” (Lakeside, HappyValley, don’t remember the third). We lived in Hillcrest about a mile from downtown. I hardly ever had to walk all the way home; some neighbor would be passing and give me a lift. All of my memories are warm and fuzzy.

    84. One of my good friends lives there (he is 23 years old, no family). Half the time I enter a convenience store or whatever there I get offered to buy drugs.

      And this one time the guy working in the store was a pimp and told me that for $60 he could get me a girl….

      I would definitely avoid that town if you have kids or are buying a house there. If your just renting its probably not so bad cause I dont feel like its dangerous. Just a little shady and I wouldnt want my kids living there.

    85. Yes, spring is the time for newbies in more ways than one. IME two years seems to be the average amount of time it takes for lots of new arrivals to bail out. Longer term residents may not laugh at them or take bets, but they can be a little reserved about newcomers at first because they know those budding friendships can turn out to be pretty short lived. They’ve listened to all their hyperbole and dreams, knowing there may not be that much will behind it.

      For the first winter newbies don’t know exactly what to expect from themselves, they’re sort of in shock but they’re also sort of stuck financially or job-wise. Then spring/summer days arrive and they convince themselves they really can learn the ropes. Then the second winter arrives and that sounds their death knell. They make plans to get out. Either that, or they consider the lessons learned, settle down into a different mindset and decide to stay. If a family moves up here often only one of the adults really really wanted it. The other one figures they’ll give it a try, but their heart isn’t in it. That’s who eventually convinces everyone they’re either homesick for far off family, the lifestyle they left behind, they’re bored, depressed, etc.

      Sometimes there are fairly obvious hints that a newbie won’t make it. Their expectations, their unwillingness to learn or adjust to the place they’re at, simple anger, misery, on top of ignorance about ordinary things that happen. Others arrive with a much more flexible mindset. They are good at figuring out how to take care of their own needs, take surprises in stride and with a sense of humor. They let things sort of roll off their back, gather themselves up again, and keep going. Its a sort of humility rather than braggadocio. Little victories are enough and make them stronger and wiser. There’s a pride in “doing it with a bit of finesse”.

    86. Females lured to city by fraudulent job ads, and ruined by the repeat-abuser employers within 4 months, no unemployment paid by repeat-abuser employers, vehicle damaged in parking lot beyond feasible repair, sexual harassment/propositioned into ‘get married now’, burglarized by coworkers/drug addicts just because as fewer belongings easier to ‘move’, then forced to leave the area to your family WITH NOTHING. RUN to avoid being forced into housing a parasite who is a predator, drug addict, child molester, or wife beater. NO RESTRAINING ORDERS HERE, NO COPS THAT CARE, NO POLITICIANS THAT WILL FIX IT, ATTORNEYS WON’T EVEN HELP FEMALES who can pay…MOVE ON, NEXT!

      Sex assaults go crazy and mental care will ruin until lost job, homeless after long forced psych hold for complaining of trespass/stalking, need disability pay, forced mental care care, discredited and wealthy sex abuser rings who will harm for 30+ years IS NORMAL.



      1. Slightly longer than an extra point…you try to draw off sides…then if it does not work – call time out and send in Foster. Granted he sucked tonight but he hit four extra points…the ball was in the middle of the field. Next, a 56 yarder with an untried holder and kicker…at least it should have been AJ holding and call the fake…winning an improbable scenario is just that IMPROBABLE…go to Overtime – Gut check your team…at least lose like a man but not a dumb ass!

        1. This has got to be the stupidest website i have ever seen!!! The man has won three of the last four national championships and he makes one bad call this yr and all of a sudden hes gotta. Giv me a stinkin break saban is bama right now. You people need to grow up and quit ungrateful he not the highest paid coach in college football for no reason

          1. You’re a dumb ass you obviously dont know football hes the best coach out there and im a BAMA fan you dont know the sport so shut the fuck up pussy

    87. Candice isn’t bad. bytch look like a hammerhead shark
      Candice is not sharp. bytch is only sharp to dumb motherfukkers
      Y’all spend all day lambasting “bedwenches” yet y’all in here riding Candice’s clit
      She’s the worse thing Kanye’s ever introduced into the world (including Amber Rose)
      This BLM woman crying isn’t because Candice might’ve done something. It’s because Candice has now exposed where she lives so any right-wing loony can show up to her crib and do whatever.
      And at the end of the day, why does Candice even care about where the donated money to BLM goes? It’s not like she’s ever donated.
      The bytch works for and is funded by far right racist cacs and has shown time and time again that she holds contempt for black people and the black experience through her words and actions (remember what she said about George Floyd?) yet y’all in here cheering her on, praising her deplorable actions, calling the hoe a ‘necessary evil’

      Y’all are a fukking disgrace.

      “I could provide proof but what is the point? It would fall on deaf ears.”

      “I have no actual proof of anything, and none has ever actually been discovered or shared, but if I think REALLY HARD that is has it’s almost like the same thing”

      “People have been providing proof for a long time.”

      “People are always telling me….” “I hear all the time how….” “It’s really tremendous….” “I don’t know what the word ‘proof’ means…”

      “Besides that, I have spent a ton of time and working researching and learning what I have learned.”

      “I’ve watched some twitch streams and it all seems very legit.”

      “For instance, I would hardly call raising 791 million dollars in NFT sales a bad start. Not to mention Saban failed to report just a few weeks ago when Yuga Labs recieved $450 million in funding and NFT holders of the BAYC all got huge payouts from the deal. I only wish everything I did got off to such a bad start.”

      “Listen, I don’t really understand how economies work. Like, at all. And I’ve been very self-conscious about that my entire life. Suddenly, a group of people came along to let me know that I was actually a genius and I understand what literally everyone else doesn’t! And it made me feel real good and now I need to keep duping myself so my entire worldview doesn’t shatter into a million pieces”

    89. There’s a generation of socially maladjusted, terminally online people who grew up with 4Chan and online trolling boards who all learned, like the literal thousand monkeys banging on a typewriter, how to be the most obnoxious they can be online… and they never emotionally developed beyond that. They just repeat parrot like what they saw annoys people online, but they’re incapable of understanding there’s an objective, independent world there outside of their own narcissism.

      They honestly don’t get that Saban profits the more they generate clicks; that even if everything they say they truly believed, which they don’t because they don’t know how to be an actual person anymore, Kotaku has it’s own independent needs and you can’t troll a company that profits from your trolling. You’re already co-opted into the model they are willingly pursuing.

      Furthermore, if you’re acting like an obsessive, awful idiot against a issue… you can simply use that to reinforce the interpretations of that issue. My personal stalker for example never grasped that whilst he might be disgusting and appalling, every time he tried to claim my family would be assaulted and killed for criticising SotA, he was proving my point about how toxic the community defending it was. He ended up personally being responsible for killing its reputation, second only to the developers that abused the media themselves.

      There’s a reason Elon Musk, and tech-bro grifting in general like Crypto and NFTs are now so disliked, and it’s because the anti-social evangelists never learned how to actually talk to people like people. It was all Freeze Peach and Hate Frogs and ape like behaviour and now the only thing left is to imagine how powerful they are because by covering themselves in shit, look how they get you to turn up your nose!

      It’s all just so infantile and sad.

    90. And once the shock of his death goes away we need to discuss the phenomenon which was Kevin Samuels. As I said it is almost scripted.

      I stumbled upon him ages ago and thought nothing of him then about a year later I came back and he had over 1 million followers, 1 million youtube subscribers and was everywhere. I remember thinking the engagement must be fake but nope all real and suddenly this well dressed middle-aged black man became the consulting godfather.

      He single handedly began to create so many cultural and social debates and gained strong influence.

      It was very….odd. Extremely fast social and cultural ascension of this unlikely ‘father’ character who was being heralded and had women and men hanging on his every word. Who WAS this man ?! All we knew was he used to sell perfume…Who WAS he? Where did he come from? Who was he really?

      Why were so many people listening to this man? He was a single unmarried older male with no background which we knew of….BUT he was able to genuinely influence social discourse

      Then lockdown hit and he BLEW. Everyone hung on his word. Just a few months ago we were commenting on that growth and then..after speaking about health and obese women just like that he just…DIES.

      Really? Confirmed by a random screenshot by a random blogger.

      Just like that. Of a heart attack of ALL things? After how much he went on about black female obesity, heart disease and all?

      The total time frame of this ‘experiment’ was what? 2 years?

      He came mysteriously, his success was mysterious, his background is still not well known and just like that after he caused social disruption he mysteriously dies.

      Odd. Bizarre. Weird.

    91. This place went wrong…

      People moving here to work are being ruined. There is no unemployment, just numerous companies hiring every 6 months to replace someone the company ruined. Some of the women had to submit to sex with office monster just to keep a roof over head & end up bearing children that were taken away when Mother was declared crazy & locked up. Some of the white middle class men in Wichita brag this.

      Some of the churches have turned to extreme torture of unwanted people, stalking them, harassed at home or work and even having some of their folks try to find a way to screw them out of their job or get them sued for anything…It is SHOCKING how badly some of the big businesses in Wichita are run anyway with almost no regard for customers or workers….one cannot survive on the shockingly low pay for trained workers any longer either. If you try any of these wrong churches, their psycho members were hunting some people down 5+ years later & loudly & rudely verbally harass people who were out with business or coworkers.

      More than one car dealer has RUINED vehicles of anyone, especially new to town. Public transit in Wichita is barely usable for first shift and NEVER goes out to any of the suburbs. Victim has to finance a new car as full coverage insurance and car shop policy usually deny it for years after first trip to Wichita car dealer service department blows your engine off or transmission drops out. Many who decided to leave town, even if they had little children, had to leave on the greyhound bus.

      Cops and courts here just ruined the victims of the monsters & sex abusers. Whole state of Kansas covered Wichita & KC scams as all the police investigation records were sealed to cover 30+ year sex abuse scam in Wichita that claimed to kill a few people, hunt for children, sexually assault some at parties and harm old people in nursing homes. All the other monsters moved here to enjoy the offerings. Some of the wealthies who moved her brag about owning the black people and cops….Crimes happen when necessary is the claim of some of the wealthy church goers.

      I would skip Wichita for anything. Years and years ago kids from Wichita were warned that this area would eventually destroy everything that set foot in it and trapped it here as there is no way to run a city this dirty.

      Roll Tide roll

    92. I think my hamster is a homosexual. Before I start off, I just want to let it be known that I celebrate all of the various sexualities that exist throughout humanity and the animal kingdom. We all remember those gay penguins. Adorbz!!!<3 With that out of the way, I wanted to talk about my pet hamster. As some of you may know, I have a Syrian hamster, named Priscilla, that I purchased 1.5 years ago to keep me company during the lockdown. Over the past few months, however, I’ve been noticing some behavioral patterns that have me a bit…confused. Firstly, every time I come into my room, nude, after having taken a shower and dry off…Priscilla will run out of his igloo and gaze at me while I dry off. If you know anything about hamsters then you know that they are nocturnal…and so why is Priscilla up in the middle of the day staring at my beans and cornbread? Also, whenever I take Priscilla out of his cage, and pet him, I notice he starts humping my hand. Its very odd, and he doesn’t do it to my female masseuse’s hand when she comes over and pets him, after she’s done giving me my full body massage. Finally, its the way he drinks water out of his water bottle. So passionate. So deep in his throat. Its like an oral fixation. I’m concerned because hamsters only live for 2-3 years on average. I want Priscilla to know that he is loved, and that I accept him for who he is. I don’t want him to die in the closet. Does anyone here have a gay pet? Maybe a gay dog, or a gay cat? Were you able to make them feel at ease about their sexuality/identity? Please help me.

    93. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
      I do not blame you….
      this is my thing…
      you not words on a screen….
      you a real person as I am…
      real life…family….breathe air….
      so I ask you questions as I would a human being….
      you not some fake person person you real right?
      hence if you make little money etc and hate Kevin we can reason why…
      if wife fat or you will never achieve more etc….

      thats all this is….
      you a real person…
      I view dusty as a person in his house typing….
      and if I was around dusty talking to him it would be the same conversation…

      thats difficult to understand dusty?

      to answer the question…I am quoting you because I have questions….you HAVE NO INTENTION of really discussing Kevin…what you wanna do is hurl insults like a girlie….you a girlie?
      men are respectful to each other…..

    94. Why are “they” so obsessed with mentions of ‘FLAT EARTH’? Just a silly “CT”, right?

      (No, this subject is not going away…because NO Truth should die unopposed. Especially one this big that also exposes others)

      In the 3-minute + video, special leaders like John Kerry, President 0bama, and a “Miss” Downs from Google obsess on / make mentions of “Flat Earth.” Why??

      Presidents, senators, scientists, and Google reps (at Congressional Hearings no less) are compelled to go out of their way to mention “Flat Earth” constantly lately. It’s often forced and not even contextual (as you see in the vid.) Yes, we get it; they are mocking FE in a public setting.

      But… why the obsession? And so many mentions? Especially IF the subject of “Flat Earth” such a “silly, stupid” notion from a mere supposed “lunatic” fringe? If its so utterly absurd, why even bring it up? (Look at any YouTube search. There’s an army of rebuttals to FE Model — again, such “kooky” subject, right? That should make its mention unnecessary.)

      IS this about a continued conditioning and brainwashing in plain sight? Might this be a continued reinforcement of “Remember — our Earth is spinning, globe earth!! Please ignore the (strong) persistent rumors and ‘misinformation'” of those kooky lunatics *giggle-snicker* on “Flat Earth!”

      Are the mentions of “Flat Earth” by our dear leaders subconscious cues to ignore possible new information that upon closer examination actually happen to be make sense? (*while* casting doubt upon the whole ongoing “Spinning Globe Earth” thing?)

      Might tControllers be feeling the heat as a result of research of and scrutiny making the rounds since 2015 that NASA’s entire “Space / Moon / Mars projects (and “travel”) narrative might NOT be “The Science” after all? And then there’s Antarctica. And on and on…

      HERE SIMPLY IS WHAT IS MOST FEARED (and must not be challenged):

      TRUTH. Any and all truth leaking out. Of EVERYTHING they claim is “the way it all is and was”, “the only way it could only happen,” and of course, the pronouncements of new god “The Science”. Like a magic card trick, pick any subject…er…card.

      tPTB institutions and academe old condescending model of “DON’T DARE QUESTION THE NARRATIVE” has been taking an awful beating. They are getting exposed.

      We’ve been coached your whole life to NOT RESEARCH TRUE “HISTORY,” SCIENCE, COSMOLOGY, ARCHAEOLOGY. GEOLOGY. “Trust us!”

      You were supposed to just accept the globe and keep quiet. And help the institutional tPTB hammer the nails that happen to pop up (those who dare question the Narrative.)

      The proven lying, psychotic Overlords don’t want you QUESTIONING THEM. Ever. OR their Dark Plans. This is why their Prussian Education System prioritized “Obedience” over “Investigation” and critical thinking skills. Their rigged the default “Spinning Ball Earth” is in jeopardy.

      Related Truth on the other side of the Flat Earth issue that is necessarily contradictory. Only ONE of these two systems of “Truth” is possible (we are back to reasons for tPTB Prussian Education system of obedience with its built-in discouragement of curiosity and critical thinking and mental programming.)

      Frankly, NASA is their VERY weak link. Are we really expected to believe this entire intricate step by step NASA project to the Moon and back to Earth as told (1969-1972)? How can one watch what claimed in the film happened — and not have serious doubts?

      As a reminder, on 6 different occasions NASA was said to have landed on the Moon…and returned. Not only does the Periscope Films “Moon Mission” film that explains the process strain all credulity and critical thinking skills to the max, but then NASA never again returned ” to the Moon” in 50 years because they either “lost the telemetry” (and tech computations power of a TV Remote), OR, didn’t have the funding?

    95. Hey Nick, all you beautiful folks. I just felt compelled, and I’m beyond excited knowing I was given the pleasure of introducing you ladies too this stellar dogg. That’s dogg with 2 gs, not one. For as long as I can remember, colon moisten.. sorry, lil C.. sorry, crooked-I sorry sorry, L.C. aka Colin Moisan, has been a dog. That’s 2 gs. I wanted to warn each and everyone one of you ladies, and men too. I have seen this man do countless things that should not be excused. From 1. Video taping sex with multiple different females while theyre too drunk to notice him doing it. Sending them videos to all his buddies, attempting to sell them to people overseas. 2. Losing his mind on his stay at home gf or ex gf. She left him out the blue one day and gave him a taste of his own medicine after all the abuse she told me she had to endure, because she dont feel like he loves her or her kid anymore. Poor shelby. If she is reading this. Shelby, I’m sorry I never told you sooner. But good for you for leaving him. You deserve better. 3. I’ve seen “colon moisten” start fights with groups of people, only to pull out his boys. He don’t fight one on one, never has, never will. He screws and fuks with all his homies either current gfs, exs, or bbm. 4. I remember one time all his “boys” almost jumped him. They robbed him for his money and jewelry and made the dude do so much b1tch work just because colon didnt wanna fight begged them not to hurt him, all because he got caught sleeping with his Homies ex or bbm megan behind all their backs, amoungst other things. But, that’s not all ladies, hes also contracted some wap that gave him the drip, The burn, the sting. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 5. He once got this woman pregnant and paid her 350 bucks to get an abortion on the TWINS, she was pregnant with. This can’t be made up. And she did it. Let’s not forget to mention fuking his homies gfs. Jesse, yes. He was fuking that b1tch you dated behind your back. And laughed about it everyday. And so did Seona. 6. let’s also not forget he thinks hes a wicked rapper. Rides his buddy colin Rankin’s d1ck 25/8 , oops, 24/7, he really wouldn’t fool anyone into thinking he isn’t gay with how he holds alias nones d1ck like it’s a womans hand….everywhere he goes. It basically is, Colin Rankin a female himself, but this isn’t about crankin Rankin, I mean c0ckin Rankin. Whatever. I dont think I’ve ever met a sadder excuse of a person. Colin moisan, a.) you’re a fraud, you’ve committed sexual acts against women and treat them like fuking sh1t, and send videos they don’t know about to your friends, of them being fcked by your micro stank d1ck. I sincerely hope it was all worth it. To his buddies, the rat, the fat, the jacked, and the snack, by snack I mean steven ryan. This guy colin makes you all look very stupid. To his current whomever. Run far away. If you’ve slept with this man in the past 3 or 4 years, just like Amber, Kettisha, Hillary, Shelby, you 4 are just a few to name of the 10 or so all seen sent out on snapchat. People have seen all your pu55ies. Drunk and obnoxiously fuked and filmed by this creep. Edited by his mother retainer moisan. Who is also, a creep. Yes. Hes told a few of us the story on how his mother used to touch his wiener. Jk. But she should, he needs a newer sense of dominance towards him. All these other females just getting drugged and liquored up, can’t dominate a sober woman can ya colin. Ive heard stories from all his “boys” on how much of a clown he is. Cries to them, begs for their attention, does anything he can to be next to them. Ask Brad and steven. He was always trying to get them to have sex with other women, trying to convince them to cheat on their women with him and some slut he’d go pay for and fill up with liquor. That’s why they never liked to hang with him. Always on some gay sh1t. Always on the cheating game. Quick reminder , stop saying the n word all the time, you aren’t black, and stop eating your finger nails. I can’t believe any girl would let you, drunk or sober, put your crusty fingers in their c00chies. Nick, please shed this mans light. He’s been in the dark to long.

    96. Crypto may well have elements of a Ponzi scheme and it does appeal to criminals, but provides a real world benefit to non-criminals by reducing the need for financial intermediaries to carry out transactions. So it’s a real financial innovation.

      Once there were many different private bank notes used as currencies in this country (with lots of fraud, booms and busts). Then the federal government established the US dollar as the sole legal tender in the US. It’s unlikely that crypto will become a reliable, stable transactional instrument until some form of federal (and or international) regulation emerges to provide users with confidence that they won’t be scammed. Regulation will increase confidence and reduce volatility which will increase broader acceptance. It could take the form of a regulatory agency like the SEC or FDIC which would license and regulate crypto issuers and exchanges.

      It’ll probably take a market shaking meltdown before market participants agree on the need for regulation just as it took repeated crashes to prompt the creation of our current financial regulators.

      But I do think crypto, in some form, is here to stay.

    97. A rapper formerly from St Louis has co-partnered with a leader of some African community where only his/their cryptocurrency will be accepted in the tourist resort community they are turning it into…you have to exchange your dollars, euros, etc. in order to obtain it. Good luck exchanging it back without a hefty fee when you depart. We all know it is the ransom hacker’s currency of choice. In the New Yorker, some Brit lost his secret code to his life savings in Bitcoin, which caused a divorce, and he is still rummaging around in the dump looking for it. El Salvador’s leader tried to force the use of cryptocurrency on it’s populace. Is it to avoid US hegemony over what I presume is the country’s major industries: narco and gun trafficking. Why do they have so many gang murders? China has eliminated all cryptocurrencies except for it’s govt-issued one for even more surveillance and control over it’s populace.

    98. People are only reactionary instead of taking in the information
      People forget the whole Un Rivera shyt and how at the time that was pretty big
      But let’s say that happened today or let’s say he even smushed Solange like he did ol girl back in the day
      The court system would be chomping at the bit to get him
      Although Jay has made some moves that don’t align with his overall grown man message
      He has been doing good with paying for people’s bail during the protests
      Paying for funerals
      Brought awareness with the Kalief Browder documentary
      And other things the general public is not aware of
      Of course El Chapo is a huge fish that can’t be denied but there is some validity to brehs statment
      Especially when it comes to a black man actually doing good in life with a voice/platform
      Married to one of the biggest, most influential female artists of all time
      If they could get him on any kind of small/big charge
      You don’t think that would be huge for them folks
      Again strip what he is saying down from perceived fandom and look at the history of how black men have been treated with any notoriety in this country
      Martin Luther King had the FBI all on him
      Fred Hampton
      Folks stayed on Malcolm
      The list goes on and on
      And before you simple nikkas tag me
      No I’m not putting Jayz in the pantheon of our great black leaders and orators
      But he is a black man and the world wants nothing better than to strip you of all your worth and self being once you amass either
      A following of some sort
      You beat all the odds and amassed wealth they never thought or wanted you to have

      1. This the biggest problem with nikkaz, yall don’t wanna hear what you wanna hear and paint your own narratives outta ya hate for whatever it is you hating on

        What he said is correct

        He’s saying Jay-Z is on the feds radar, or he’s a bigger criminal than El Chapo

        he’s saying if they could get some shyt on Jay-Z they could get him yammed out, it would mean more to them than locking up El Chapo and that’s 100 percent facts

        Just like it’s plenty of murders far worst than OJ, but getting OJ Simpon was a priority for law enforcment by any means of all that shyt, it meant something it represents something to them

        Like how they tore Tiger Woods done, they wish Tiger could get into some shyt to get jammed up, that would’ve been the greatest day of their lives

        If Jay-Z would get caught in some scandal of any kind where he could get charges brought up on, bets believe they will be licking their jobs

        and you better believe THEY WORKING ON

        They don’t want Jay-Z to leave these Earth without a blemish and pass that wealth down, trust

    99. Regarding a claim from someone who said he actively pursued the guy’s fiancé and was instrumental in helping ruin the person’s life; Joey says the woman never mentioned being engaged or having a boyfriend when she came to Los Angeles.
      Regarding a fan who claimed Joey propositioned him to grab his penis, then grabbed the guy at the same time behind a merch table; Ryan claims this is untrue
      Regarding a claim that he assaulted a woman in a bathroom at a wedding; Joey claims they had been drinking and snuck to the bathroom to make out. He then claims she performed a consensual sex act on him. After this, Joey says she continually tried to go on dates with him and have threesomes with other parties which he showed evidence of. He believes that she wouldn’t have done this if she felt like he had assaulted her.
      Regarding a claim from from former With Spandex editor Danielle Matheson, alleging Ryan used his mental health issues to sexually abuse her in 2019; Joey claims he did confide in her and that they shared a hotel room in 2019. He also shows messages between them showing it was her idea, as well as a message showing she consented beforehand to “cuddling.” Joey additionally shares a retraction she had to make about Trent Seven in the Speaking Out movement to discredit her character.
      Regarding an anonymous claim which said he forced himself on a woman in a hotel room; Joey claims it was consensual and that he stopped when she got weirded out because they knew each other’s exes.
      Regarding another anonymous claim that he sexually assaulted a friend of his in a hotel room; he says it was consensual and that they both regretted it after because it changed their relationship. He was also friends with her significant other, so he felt bad.
      Regarding claims made by wrestler Elayna Black saying he was inappropriately direct messaging her; Joey denies all of her claims and shows evidence of their messages.
      Regarding a claim that he only booked a girl on one of his shows on her 18th birthday so she would touch his penis in the ring; Joey claims it was part of an ongoing storyline they had both been excited about. He also talks about how he offered to make out with her after she turned 18, but when she said no he respected it.
      Regarding claims made by wrestler Alex Gracia in which she said he surprised her by walking out of the bathroom naked while she was in his hotel room; Joey claims this was a case of him completing misreading signals. He says that because she was trying to talk and hang out often, he thought she wanted to hook up. Ryan also shares a slew of messages from her just showing she was being nice to him, not saying anything sexual at all. He goes on to say that his ego caused him to be impatient because he didn’t want to spend a lot of time courting her, as he felt the long conversations they had already shared together were enough. At the end of this part, he apologizes to her since she was just trying to be a good friend and he took it another way.
      Joey also mentions wrestler Allie Kat and says he believes it was irresponsible of her to lead people to believe he sexually assaulted her. He then claims they had a “very consensual” threesome with another female wrestler. “You also wrestled me at a later date and not only were agreeable to all of the penis-related offense, but also pitching ideas yourself and I feel like if you felt traumatized by me you wouldn’t be so eager to do this match,” he added.
      Regarding claims made by two women from the “Not Your Demo” podcast saying he was inappropriate with them in a hotel room; Joey claims they told him beforehand that it was a nude podcast interview and he attempted to call their bluff on it. When they said they didn’t want to do it though, he “immediately retracted” and apologized. One of the girls, however, allegedly hooked up with Joey in a hotel room after this incident.
      Regarding a claim from a woman who said he was inappropriate with her in a car while married; Joey says he didn’t remember this incident at all, but he later apologized and she accepted.
      Regarding a ring announcer from the UK who claimed he came on to her in a very strong manner during an afterparty; Joey claims he also doesn’t remember this incident but is still sorry if he made her feel uncomfortable.
      Regarding wrestler Vanessa Kraven claiming he tried to pressure her into sex on multiple occasions, as well as use his influence in wrestling for personal gain; Joey claims he believes the flirting between them was always mutual, as evidenced by her saying they kissed.
      Regarding wrestler Jetta claiming he tried to pressure her into having sex after shows; Ryan claims he drunkenly came on to her in a strong manner at an afterparty. When she said no, however, he respected her wishes. As far as a claim she made about him trying to get into her hotel room once, he says that didn’t happen and that he had sex with a local fan from France that night.
      Regarding a claim from a woman who said he was inappropriate with her at a bar while she was underage and intoxicated; Joey says he DID flirt with her at the bar, but freaked out when he learned she was only 16 and allowed to be in a bar.
      Regarding a claim from ex-girlfriend named Victoria who said he hurt her during sex; Joey claims she was an adult film star who requested he do rough things when they were intimate. “So, I wanted to be a considerate lover and attempt these things that I really am not into. And didn’t really know how to do. But I tried my best and I remember one time her complaining that I choked her too hard. But all of these theatrics that she cooked up afterwards never happened,” he said. Joey also says they had a bad breakup and that he believes she’s trying to hurt him because she still holds a grudge.

    100. A day and a night in Del Mar.

      As many in this forum already know, we’re new to Del Mar. My wife and I. I have to say, it’s been an adventure getting to know this town by the sea.

      I’ll dive right in…

      The day began, early yesterday morning. As per the usual, for California breakfast, I dusted off the remains of the previous day’s Roberto’s. You know, Roberto’s of the botched order variety — but still irresistible because, well, sauce IS the boss.

      I reached in the fridge for the usual morning pickmeup, and — an empty carton. Which precipitated a store run. So I hopped on my horse.

      I might’ve seen it as a sign: it’s going to be a one thing after another kinda day.

      So I rode up the hill. Grabbed several cartons. Some juice. Some nectar. A few odder items.

      The blue above looked particularly heavenly this morning. I snapped a pic of some palm tops against the sky. It was so blue it looked fake.

      The day’s sun was chippier than usual. Or was it my mood? I just love this San Diego climate. Y’all know that. Warm yet cool, sunny yet I’m drawn toward it. Never rains in Southern California. After a while, it does its number on you. You’re changed.

      I felt the impulse to drive to the apex of Del Mar Heights to view the mountains. One ridge after the next disappearing into a brownish slate haze. That’s the desert, other side of that.

      So many geographies in proximity.

      I thought, this drive can’t end now. So I turned down Mango, idled through enjoying the view, and found my way to Portofino. Drove down it, marveling at the highways, trains, and lowland green area (*what’s this called?) in one fell portrait, and hung a right at Carmel Valley.

      And to the 101. Joyrode down to La Jolla Shores and then back up, where I eased into a curbside parking spot before the dog park bridge. (*What is the proper name of this bridge?)

      I called my wife and said you got to come join me. Let’s go beaching today.

      Some of you may recall from my previous post that my wife doesn’t do well outdoors here, for reasons of her chronically cold predisposition. But she was a trouper this morning. She threw on the requisite clothes and pulled up promptly.

      We kicked around the dog beaches, trails, ambled down the 101 / Camino Del Mar / Coast Hwy (*What is correct local parlance?)…

      We soon found ourselves at a beach by chance @ 25th St. Never need there. I pulled a towel from my backpack and we sat. Enjoyed the waves, the seagulls, the periodic train horns.

      My wife was getting terribly chilly. She decided to call a friend, one of whom lived in this part between the 101 and the beach. (*What is this section properly called?)

      My wife scampered off to the friend’s. I packed up and started walking farther down the coast. Got to the part where the cliffs start and my phone rang.

      It was the tall drink of water with dangerous curves and dangerous Cheshire countenance. My wife’s new friend from the shopping spree last week or so. My wife was comfy and warm at her place, enjoying Netflix and wants to stay in. But the friend wants to come out to the beach. And so do her neighbor friends. Sure, joyn me.

      So the four of us hiked around. Took photos of cool beach scenes. Dipped our toes in the water. Laid on the beach and laughed and let the wind and sun work its magic on us.

      It was long past lunch, so we wandered up a street to the 101. We ate and laughed some more. The dirty old men. The cougars. The beat guys. The beat gals. The dogwalkers. Cute families vacationing, or daytripping. One beachgoer wearing a pink hoodie with bunny ears and matching pink pants. A wondrous mix of Southern California stereotypes. All uniquely clad and all with California wonder in their eye. I’m sure they thought us the same.

      We ate at one spot, drank at another a block down. And another a couple more blocks down and around. We did this all the way to dinner. And so we skipped dinner.

      Somewhere along the way we found a game of beach frisbee, which I hadn’t done in years.

      Now we were scheming as to our sunset plan.

      Sunset is church in California. A service that starts promptly, on time. Every time. That time changes though. It gets a little later each day, until it starts a little earlier each day than the previous. I’m not sure where we are in that schedule now.

      All I know is I have this phone that has this app that tells me precisely when church starts today.

      8:01, I think it was.

      Whatever it was, we decided to climb into a nook in a notch in the cliff that was shrouded in bamboo. I tossed my towel in there and we settled in early.

      Thank goodness I keep provisions in the pack. We cracked open some of that and enjoyed the last throes of the day. The whistling winds. The tide riding steadily — jutting in abruptly with a huge wave or two now and again, scattering the folks sitting at what had been all day the sand’s edge.

      It’s lovely to watch people enjoying themselves. We watched the parade below of walkers, power walkers, moseyers… couples, families, lone wolves, surfers…

      We watched all this and laughed and told stories and got to know each other. In the most idyllic of conditions. You’re getting only the best of a person this way. So it’s not real. Kind of like in college when you met your dormmates beginning of freshman year. Everything’s new. Everyone’s excited for a new chapter. New places. New faces.

      But it’s fine. So what if it’s not real life?

      What if unreal life is actually just the better half of real life ? I’ll not judge. But I will philosophize.

      *By the way, what is this cliff called? The one at the foot of 4th Street, overlooking the Pacific.

      When the sun gets close to the horizon, things quiet, cool quick, and people turn their eyes toward the setting sun.

      Our talk lowered, in accordance with the sun, to almost whispers, as we stared ahead and mumbled a strange type of lyrical language. I can’t recall what was being said. It was just soundtrack for the show. But it was music.

      When the sun first dips it’s toe over the horizon, it won’t be long now: Going… going… gone.

      And the people below, and as we hear a smattering of them above and behind our ledge, return to activity. Some leave. Some stay.

      We stayed in the nook and talked, and talked.

      Honey, I said over the phone, you should come join us. Really.

      Breaking Bad is a great show! Oh my God! I can’t believe I never saw this! Riveting! Y’all enjoy, I love you.

      And so we, a new gang of four, sat and talked and laughed, and didn’t notice it had gotten dark. Until the brunette friend, the one with bangles, pointed out the lights of La Jolla to our left. The only light.

      So we huddled against the cold and sunk ourselves into Pacific evening.

      The ocean smells different at night. The train sounds more mysterious and melodious even. Like a train song in it itself.

      This is California magic.

      The sand cools in a hurry. It feels soft to the touch and it soothes. But it is pretty chilly.

      We draw closer.

      I have a survival blanket in my pack that rolls up the size of a toilet paper roll. I pulled that bad boy out and unfurled it.

      Quite impressed with how much it could cover. Four adults under one blanket. That’s outdoorsmanship, there.

      Soon we weren’t talking, just feeling the wind challenging our huddle, feeling the warmth growing inside… surrendering, losing ourselves to enchantment of Night by the Sea.

      Del Mar Del Norte.

      We watched the stars twinkle out the corner of our eyes,
      Lost in each other and this endless sky;

      And then these golden stars fell into our hearts,
      Yes please,
      Exploding their light;


      Yes, yes, this is the land of yes

      The night moving the sea
      The night moving the earth




      Is this what it means to be one with the universe?

      All the stars fell and we fell asleep.

      Awoke to the sound of thunder and fell back asleep through a pouring rain.

      Cosmic spoons. The Big Dipper. Chopstix.

      The night is for night things, and it doesn’t always tell the day that which it sees.

      The next sound I heard was friend #1:
      Good morning, beautiful… just checking on you. Can you let the dog out for me please?… Yes, next time you have to join us. We can find a way to keep you warm…

      California morning has a certain smell to it. Eucalyptus, salt water, skunk… a holy host of other things I can’t put my finger on. It’s the smell of possibility. Of sex. Of the end of the earth. Of the beginning of your life — today.

      And so we enjoyed that morning moment. Happiness is nothing if not shared. Sharing times four is four happiness.

      Souls stirring at the edge of the continent.

      Where the fault lines run long and deep.

      Relishing salty kisses, we finally got up and hiked on out.

      It was 6:30 am. The same time I had woke up the previous day.

      24 hours in Del Mar.

      What will today bring? Well, I’ve started it with a recounting of yesterday. Not very California of me to live in the past. Better get on my horse.


      Tonight: In n Out.

    101. My 20+ years of living in the projects and the majority of the girls that look exactly like her are a dime a dozen, they all do the same stupid trends trying to look like City Girls and thots and chase the same dumb hood dudes who never amount to anything but it’s good to flash the hood dudes looks, money or status..

      Is not even about sleeping with the wrong guy, is that it’s was solely her decision as she was in control every step of the way to put him out of her life permanently but she chose not to multiple times.

      1. She allowed him access to sex. She could have sad no and be done with him.
      2. She allowed him to have unprotected sex. She could have said no condom no sex
      3. She could have used birth control.
      4. She could have used plan B over the counter pill.
      5. Either pro life or pro choice she could have terminated the pregnancy to cut all possible strings with the guy but she chose to give birth.

      Then she tried to hide from him with the child like she’s the sole parent and he’s not supposed to have access to the child. That’s a control move to have power over him.

      That guy didn’t guy wake up one day and decide to be a bad guy and shoot her. His behavior pattern was infront of her face the entire time and that’s what she wanted. Many females today all chase the thugs first because the 9-5 guy is boring and predictable, they want that basketball wives, real house wives of Atlanta struggle love.

      Women need to choose their partners better and leave these thugs alone. Sad all around because now there’s a child with no mother or father.

    102. If you think people are concerned now, just wait. Oh ya just wait until traces of those contraceptives start turning up in State Water samples. Just who approved this type of reckless nonsense? We need to create a new law banning the use of animal contraceptives for any reason on the islands. This is so obscene and out of control I do not even know where to begin. What do the fundamentalists think about this anyways, I am sure they are against it. Obviously genuine environmentalists would never support such an effort. Perhaps it is time to have a closer look at these agricultural supply houses and the brands they push. If Monsanto cannot get your money one way, they will find a way to push a product that ends up contaminating your food. Make no mistake this is just the first of many efforts to undermine food independence on the island. This is not something that anyone has asked for, not a problem which was addressed. Instead these animal contraceptives are being pushed on the public, without any long term studies or a shred of documentation like hard drugs. These “agricultural distributors” are selling poison to harm your children, and they know it.

    103. Master theory on mRNA/Gene/Vaccine Technology, Iraq War, Mark of the Beast, Transhumanism

      Perhaps this has already been postulated here before, but the common denominator in the aforementioned topics is one that involves human DNA and its alteration/fusion thereof with foreign (alien/demonic DNA) and tech.

      Indulge me for just a little bit here. For those already following my line of reasoning, we all know that the Covid pandemic was another mass study on gene therapy/technology and a litmus test in a series of more waves of subsequent pandemics in the near future to gauge the population’s compliance.

      The Iraq War had nothing do with WMDs or even oil for that matter, it has been theorized that what the US was really after were artefacts of the ancient Babylonian empire, namely King Gilgamesh and/or Nimrod – perhaps DNA.

      Revelations 13 speaks to the Mark of the Beast whereby one’s acceptance of it is an irrevocable declaration of their allegiance to the anti-Christ. But what if this entails a physiologically irreversible nature – i.e. DNA alteration? I would go as far as to say that it is reasonable to assume that it would be a fusion of the Anti-Christ’s own recombinant DNA, i.e. a descendant of Nimrod or Gilgamesh, who were classified as Nephilim; such that anyone would would receive this mark would in essence, become an “offspring” of the Anti-Christ by consensually partaking of this unholy Eucharist.

      And this Mark of the Beast (chip or injection), would be deceptively peddled to the world as a “cure-all” for some global fatal disease, i.e. the first Apocalyptic Horseman of Pestilence.

    104. You can apply a religious interpretation to it all to help you make sense, but here’s the reality. The US govt allowed this to go on because they needed to introduce a market for CRISPR Cas-9, gene editing technology, and make sure it was controlled because in 2018 a Chinese doctor edited two Chinese twins DNA using CRISPR. It freaked out the entire genomics & medical field, including all the right people in the deep state (Fauci, Collins, Baric, etc). Then the financial market started melting down, thus enter the bioweapon.

      Europe had been cool with this because they thought they’d be the center of the New World Order, Klaus & his crew co-opted plenty of people in the Bush/Clinton cartel plus used all their dupes (neocons on one side & the BLM/Antifa “democratic” socialists on the other) to help accelerate their agenda which involved destroying the US. However the other side of the deep state, which includes the US military, and the Federal Reserve & all those private equity interests propping up this machine, they weren’t selling the United States out to a bunch of Euro commies in Switzerland, they were just running their own game, but it benefits them to scapegoat the Europeans & everyone who clearly sold out the country so that is what will happen in time, but don’t expect the deep state actors to face up to their part in all this.

      The European side failed though, because they dont understand the United States & they’re being run by a bunch of weird looking retarded inbreds at the top, just like every other last European aristocratic family was back in the day. Plus the Russians outplayed them on the other side. They went all in on destroying Russia & dragging the United States in to fight its war. Its like the movie the Sum of all Fears, Tom Clancy was a CIA author. Lot of predictive programming in his writing, but the German guy in the Sum of all Fears was Klaus Schwab.

  1. Slightly longer than an extra point…you try to draw off sides…then if it does not work – call time out and send in Foster. Granted he sucked tonight but he hit four extra points…the ball was in the middle of the field. Next, a 56 yarder with an untried holder and kicker…at least it should have been AJ holding and call the fake…winning an improbable scenario is just that IMPROBABLE…go to Overtime – Gut check your team…at least lose like a man but not a dumb ass!

    1. This has got to be the stupidest website i have ever seen!!! The man has won three of the last four national championships and he makes one bad call this yr and all of a sudden hes gotta. Giv me a stinkin break saban is bama right now. You people need to grow up and quit ungrateful he not the highest paid coach in college football for no reason

        1. Well, in that case. You more ignorant than I thought. 2 straight NC’s and on the way to a 3rd? That was the scenario months ago when you decided you wanted Nick to be fired. This website has got to be a sick joke by fans from another school. Real Bama fans are smarter than this.

        2. You’re a dumb ass you obviously dont know football hes the best coach out there and im a Texas fan you dont know the sport so shut the fuck up pussy

        3. Hay why don’t you leave nick saran alone he has given us 3 n c and.going for another you guys can’t do any better so back off of nick you red neck trouble maker

          1. saran, ha who are you calling a dumb redneck, go look in the mirror you stupid nonspellin duck. Learn to to use spell check it’s not that hard, you dumb alabama fagit.

          2. 900K is certainly a lot of money but after agents taxes etc. you probaly wind up with MAYBE $500K and you’re spending some of that…. Current conventional wisdom from any financial planner who isn’t a scam artist will tell you that you can draw 2-2.5% per year from your nest egg. If you need $100K a year to be comfortable you would need $4-5M saved. I don’t think too many 20-something year old athletes think in these terms, which is why very very very few of them leave the game “set for life”… if I were their advisor there is no way on gods green earth I would tell them to grab every dollar they can while they can and save for when the ride stops (which in almost all cases is way earlier than they think). When’s the last time you saw a team say “well…. Jimbo has lost a step and he’s hitting our cap pretty hard but he’s a great guy so we’ll keep him and let this better younger faster cheaper guy go”….. NEVER…. Yeah they find jobs for a few guys after football in the organization but there’s just nowhere near enough seats on the lifeboat. This is business people… always has been… Lombardi sent people packing ALL the time… he kept the guys he felt gave the team the best chance of winning.
            If you’re only getting a 2-3% ROI, you’re not using your money properly to be honest. If you have millions, that’s fine, because the total available is high at that figure.

            With $5 mill, I can guarantee you that I would be pulling down over 10% without batting an eye. It’s all in where you put the money to work. To me, owning rental property is a good deal at this point. Buy low, renovate, rent high, and after it’s showing huge profitability, sell for an arm and a leg, and watch how you made over 25% a year on the investment. The trick is to not become too attached to those nice rental payments, because they can end with a down swing.

            With $1 mill, I can buy an old warehouse with good bones, and turn it into a yuppeeville paradise, and walk away doubling that money in just a short period of time.

      1. I keep asking myself why people never thought of Dan Marino, with Miami, as a loser because he didn’t win a championship. Then there’s Jim Kelly, in Buffalo. Never got the big one either. How about Fran Tarkenton, with the Vikings? He never won one. He and Kelly 4 time losers? There are a lot more. It doesn’t invalidate who they were as players, and it doesn’t prove they weren’t capable of winning it. It just means their team didn’t win it when they played. Nothing has been lessened by it. They were winners.

        By the way. All of the above are in the Hall of Fame. The following players have been the team’s QBs when they won a Super Bowl, and are not in the HOF. In most cases, it’s very understandable. They weren’t that good, so their winning it doesn’t validate their “greatness” any more than not winning it wouldn’t.

        Jim Plunkett won two Lombardis. Yet, he’s not in the HOF. Some argue he should be because of this, but in the end, the total package isn’t there. He will eventually get in. But, Mark Rypien, and Dilfer, Foles, etc…. All won the big one, and not in the HOF.

        Personally, I don’t think the number of Lombardis your team has won tells us too much about how good of a QB you really have been.

      2. The best Players get the most money. Unless you hit on a rookie who develops fast or a one year wonder like Douglas or Campbell you are going to be faced with paying top players top money. No doubt you have to have balance but that means you have to have some blue chippers too. I’m sure the team would love to have tier one talent playing at tier two prices but the players aren’t going to go along with that.

        So who is to blame. The teams for wanting the highest paid players (assuming that this means the best players which admittedly is not a given) or the players who want the most money. Or maybe its the fans who want the best team which means the FO has to sign the highest paid guys who want the most money because they are the best.

        Some people point to the Smith contract’s and say they are one of the reasons we are in cap hell. I would say perhaps but in their first year year here I would not be too afraid to say that they were a huge part of the reason we made it to the NFCC game. Not them alone of course but they played a critical part. People will say that we didn’t need to pay Aaron Jones all that money when we had Dillon. I’d say Aaron Jones was a very big part of why we won 13 games this year. People say we are getting nothing in return for all the money we gave David Bakhtiari and while that may be true because of the injury you have to pay guys like that. Even those complaining about it admit that. So what are they complaining about. That our GM couldn’t foresee injuries or that he didn’t know a guy he drafted would be so good that maybe we wouldn’t have needed to spend all that money to to keep David.

        Are we in cap hell? Most definitely but why? Some would have us believe that we are in cap hell because the FO has their heads up their ***** and ran around willy nilly handing out blank checks to ****** players. In some cases that may be true but I prefer to think that we are in cap hell because the FO identified players, both from the outside and from our own who could help us win and they decided to sign or keep these players. Some of these guys were at the top of their positions and needed to be paid top money to gain or retain their services. When you need to pay top dollar to that many players it adds up quickly and when you only have so much to spend you are going to run short eventually. In a way I think its a good situation to be in. Personally I would rather be in a situation where I have so many really good players that I want to keep, even if it means paying them a lot of money, that I know it won’t be possible to keep them all than to be in a position where I have a **** ton of money and nobody I want to give it to. Heck, if nothing else it means our opponents will have to spend more of their cap money to sign them away

      3. I’ve always asked myself how much money I’d need to earn for 4 to 5 years, to guarantee I wouldn’t have to dig ditches for a living, after those years are over.

        If I made $900k a year for 5 years, I’m quite certain I could set enough of it aside to set myself up in a money generating business that I could enjoy running without busting my balls. The biggest question, where I’m on board with exactly what you’re saying, is guys who end up on the practice squads, and/or are camp fodder. Guys whose services might be needed, but aren’t guaranteed, and don’t carry with it the health insurance for after football, etc. These are the majority, and those who are left behind.

        Life isn’t fair. But, if they were diligent, they have a college degree that’s already there, or within their grasp, so they should be able to do something productive. Then there’s the fame, which lends itself to side money for personal appearances, signing sessions, etc. Side gigs that make them money.

        I know one guy pretty well, who has made ten times as much money every year for speaking at events, signing gear, etc, then he ever made playing football, and he had nearly a decade in the NFL. It’s all they have from the game, because the players of today don’t give a rip about them, and do so little to insure there’s anything from that big player pot going in their direction.

        If there’s one thing I’d say about “today’s players,” as a generalization, they’re an “all about me” society.

        1. No ****. I mean give me 250K I’d quit my job tomorrow and set myself up in a business in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds (from my perspective) and I’d be happy.

          AKCheese said:
          Ummmmm you do realize this is what they do for a living? So if your boss says Go Go, we need you to take 2/3 of what you should be paid so we can spread more around to your less skilled co-workers you’d be good with that?

          Its an unrealistic comparison.

          First of all I find it very difficult to believe that anyone could not survive just as well on 10 million dollars a year as they could on 15 or 20. On the other hand it is not inconceivable that the your in your scenario needs every penny to survive. In that situation the “your” would be placed in an extremely difficult position if he were to be asked to take less money.

          Then you have to look at why you are doing that job in the first place. If its for the money then yeah the players should be honest and take every dime. If he says its because he wants to win a championship he should know that if he is paid 20 % of all the team has to spend there is less money to get better, albeit lesser than him, talent to try to help insure that this happens. When you Boss asks you to take less just to give it to other people what is the advantage to you? If it helps get better people around you, even though they are less skilled than you are, and that helps the company grow so you can make more money then maybe you would take less. If its just so the boss can make more money then probably not. If its just so others can have more then probably not. It all depends on if there is a benefit to you or what is important.

          If you ask me personally I would say no because I know that even if they took money from me and gave it to other people there would be no benefit for me. That and I can barely survive on what I make the way it is.

          Now if I were making 10 times what I am and the boss came to me and said if you only took 2/3 of what you are making we would be able to hire some people that would allow us to do this or that with the company and the result would be something that was important to me who knows I might consider it.

          AKCheese said:
          For the top guys yes, for guys who knock around for 3 or 4 years as a journeyman type guy it’s good money but not “set you up for life” money, then you have guys bouncing in and out and from PS to PS… not to mention the ones trying to make it but never quite catch on anywhere

          I have no sympathy money wise for any person with enough talent to even be considered for an NFL practice squad. It may not be set you up for life but I only know 1 person personally who I know makes more than the lowest PS player.

          that 4 year journeyman if he starts his career in 2022 and plays 4 years at league minimum he will have been paid at least 3.66 million in those 4 years.

          I know taxes and stuff like that but we all pay those. They will still take home more in their playing days than the vast majority of people will over that same period. No, they won’t be set for life but neither are most people who work for 4 years. We might also realistically assume that most of them got a free education that they could presumably fall back on. Perhaps they might be able to use some of the money they did receive to set themselves up in a business or career that will support them.

          Some get injured and may have difficulty for the rest of their lives. Those I do have sympathy for. I’m sure there are some that fall victim to a variety of schemes or addictions or what have you that prevent them from utilizing their assets to their fullest but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have the opportunity. Then there are probably those who are just to stupid to survive on their own.

          All in all if a person has the talent to be placed on an NFL practice squad for the most part that person has more advantages financially than most people have and I won’t be shedding a tear for them.

          1. 900K is certainly a lot of money but after agents taxes etc. you probaly wind up with MAYBE $500K and you’re spending some of that…. Current conventional wisdom from any financial planner who isn’t a scam artist will tell you that you can draw 2-2.5% per year from your nest egg. If you need $100K a year to be comfortable you would need $4-5M saved. I don’t think too many 20-something year old athletes think in these terms, which is why very very very few of them leave the game “set for life”… if I were their advisor there is no way on gods green earth I would tell them to grab every dollar they can while they can and save for when the ride stops (which in almost all cases is way earlier than they think). When’s the last time you saw a team say “well…. Jimbo has lost a step and he’s hitting our cap pretty hard but he’s a great guy so we’ll keep him and let this better younger faster cheaper guy go”….. NEVER…. Yeah they find jobs for a few guys after football in the organization but there’s just nowhere near enough seats on the lifeboat. This is business people… always has been… Lombardi sent people packing ALL the time… he kept the guys he felt gave the team the best chance of winning.

    2. Whats the Age of the Oldest Woman You’ve Ever Had Sex With?

      For me it would be this 80 year old woman I met at Wal-Mart. She worked at the entrance, and she would put a smiley face sticker on your hand as you walked in. Anyway, I sashayed in and she hit me with the … I was shocked! She took me to the back, took her teeth out and gave me head with the passion and intensity of 8 decades of life!! She then took off her granny panties, and pissed on my face (warm)! Hunty, she rode me until all her grey pubes fell off. Those piss flaps were smacking up against the sides of my thighs while I was inside. Shit was flames!!

    3. Guys with minds like Rodgers think about things, it’s how they’re wired. He probably has more indepth conversations about the world in his own mind while he eats breakfast than most people have had in their entire lifetimes. I know people like Rodgers and saying “he’s a complicated fella” is spot on. They think about everything, always. It’s actually one of the things that makes him great on the field.

      There are examples after examples after examples going back to the start where someone drops one, and Rodgers immediately goes back to them. I know why he didn’t for some of these others, because they probably don’t prove themselves in practice and they haven’t earned that in a game either. Adams used to drop a pass early on and Rodgers would toss him 4 more until he caught one. he’s done that with everyone, the guys that work. He doesn’t quit throwing you the ball because you dropped one. It’s for other reasons, right or wrong, but Saturday? I didn’t see guys open that he was ignoring because they dropped one.

      1. A Masonic funeral incorporates traditions that go back to the building of King Solomon’s temple to God. The one that held the Ark of the Covenant. That’s likely why you didn’t recognize some of it. It’s Old Testament. Does anyone balk at the reading of the 23rd Psalms? The history behind the ritual predates the council of Nicaea – the meeting where the Roman Emperor’s delegates decided what was scripture and what wasn’t.

        One of the main reasons the Freemasons don’t recruit is because you have to come to a favorable opinion of the order on your own first. Since Freemasons don’t yell “look at me! I did XYZ for charity!” at the Blue Lodge level, you would have to come about that opinion likely by the works and reputation of Masons that you know. Fruits of their labor, as it were. If someone thinks Freemasonry is evil or satanic or whatever else, that’s on them. They are not a fit for the order. I can guarantee that the investigation that goes on before the petition for membership is entertained would flush a lot of ordained ministers, priests and deacons. So, in that sense, I’m very comfortable sitting in the Lodge with those around me.

        1. The first 3 degrees or “Blue Lodge” are based on God the Father, by whatever name you call Him – think Old Testament God. In the US, that’s 99% Christian. In the York Rite and Scottish Rites (4 through 32), there are appendant bodies (like the Knights Templar) that require devotion to Jesus Christ, specifically. So, they are a subset of the Blue Lodge.

          There is no “higher” degree than the 3rd or Master Mason Degree. It is there that all Masons meet “on the level.” The 33rd degree is extremely rare and can only be bestowed the Council of the 33rd. I don’t know what exactly is required but you aren’t getting there without decades of service.

          1. I know quite a few Catholic Masons, not nearly as rare as they once were.

            I have been a Mason for nearly 20 years, as was my father, grandfather, and countless uncles.

            I would advise you to contact and visit a Lodge near your home and see if it is for you. Freemasonry is the largest and oldest Fraternity in the world and strives to make good men better. Never has it conflicted with my religious beliefs as a Christian. It isn’t for everyone but I haven’t regretted a single day of my membership in the Craft.

            My father was a Mason. Turns out so were his brothers, who were serious Baptists and My grandmother on my mother’s side was “Eastern Star”.

            None were rich but they had some serious stroke when I needed it, specifically with a problem I had getting my security clearance. Sorry, not going into that.

            From what I understand, you have to believe in “GOD”, as in any religion. Atheist need not apply.

            He died several years ago and my mother passed a couple months ago at age 92.

            That is when I got all this stuff. Aprons, pins and especially books. OLD books, published in 1912.

            So, I thought WTH, I can take a picture, or two to help with understanding.

            First is the Hebrew Bible and it comes with instructions as to which chapter/verse to read. In a different order than normal. My Dad was an interesting guy. Tall, very dark with flaming blue eyes and a rare blood type. Rh negative and he was a Master Seargent in the newly created Air Force. He spent his time in Saudi Arabia and all he ever told me about was it was hot.

            So, I don’t know if any of that matters, but it is just something I wanted to share. Yea, I know you may ask why I shared that? I don’t know myself.

            Now I will try to upload a couple pictures from a couple of these, very thick and OLD Books, that might clear up some stuff. Especially what they say they are about and this pentagram stuff.

    4. I’m a mason since 1990.My dad was a mason. My grandpa was a Mason.

      All of us made a profession of faith= saved. Christians.

      My Uncle held high positions Within the craft. He was a deacon in his local Baptist church.

      Nothing I have ever seen was worshiping satan. Quite the opposite.

      Masonery is NOT a religion BUT you MUST believe in God to belong. God is at the center and the Holy Bible is displayed at ALL meetings.

      No religious teachings takes place but every person in my lodge was a Christian except for one. He was a Jew.

      So you can put the idea that worshiping lucifer takes place. NO WORSHIP services takes place BUT God is identified.

      If satan was to be worshipped we did a piss poor job of it. In fact I can’t remember his name coming up.

      1. You can find different variations of just who The Great Architect refers to.

        In meetings it is openly stated that God is who we refer to.

        Even then He is not worshipped there. Again, it’s not a church.

        God is recognized as the great deity. Our daily living is directed by what The Holy Bible tells us.

        Consider it again after reading the following statement:

        The Great Architect = Lucifer (aka Satan)
        So consider all you want to but you will never know until you are one.

        I am. You ain’t and satan ain’t.

        I wonder about people that capitalize the l and s in lucifer and satan.

        1. Fact #1 there are Catholic Masons.

          Fact #2 it is the Pope that doesn’t want Catholics to join the Masons.

          It would be closer for you to say Catholics are anti-Mason.

          1. Catholics used to be masons until 1738. it is the Catholic church that banned members from joining fraternal and secrete societies.

            Major concern at the time is that masons treated members as equals regardless of their Christian affiliation in this instance.

            Higher ups in the church had major concerns that Catholics mingling with Protestants within the walls of the lodge was dangerous, what with several power struggles happening in France, England and Scotland.

            The papal bull of 1738 speaks to threats to their Catholic beliefs, but it had more to do with the thrown of England at the time.

            Since then Catholics and Protestants alike have petitioned the Holy See to change its mind and to halt the excommunication of Catholics who join the masons.

            Many Catholics left the church after the bull of 1738 and more recently Catholics have joined regardless of the church’s stance, but their numbers a few – most are also KOF members as well. I personally know 2.

          2. . I have actually read from this book and it is a gathering of ancient teachings and sciences as they were known in the ancient world. one has to remember that the Pythagorean theory was considers “magic”.

            Magic does not always mean Hogwarts and Lord of the rings. The the ancient minds of antiquity it was a type of science, theory, recording of the natural world. When only one percent or less of the population could read and write it was seen as higher power to the masses. Line graphs, symbols and shapes were used to identify and help teach and remember this knowledge. Ancients may have called it magic, 5th graders call it geometry.

            This book you cite looks at the sciences of astrology, geometry etc. that would inspire the great minds of Greece, Roam and the renaissance and beyond. So when the use magic as a term they are using it as it would have been used by those who were the first to study the cosmos and the theories of mathematics and it honors and revers their intellect. What it is not, is some book of spells and this section is maybe on half of a percent of the volume of information.

          3. So the re-enactment of the death and false resurrection of Hiram Abbiff is what? Pro-Christian?

            Are you denying Mason lead the fight against parochial schools?

            Are you denying Masons confiscated all church property during the French third republic?

            Are you also going to deny Masons persecuted and slaughtered Catholics after the Mexican revolution?

            All of these are well documented historical facts of who the Masons are and how they act toward the Catholic Church.

          4. If you want to open up that can of worms I’ll bring up the history of the Catholic church.

            In fact the Pope is sitting on piles of gold at this very moment. Since the rich cannot get into heaven where does that leave you and your church in a day and time when Masons, K of C and so many others are trying to help our fellow man?

            I’m denying that the Masonic Lodge at this time has anything against Catholics. I’m married to one and the lodge knows it.

            Now let’s look at your #1. H.B. is not raised from the dead. Try joining them if you want to understand it correctly. A second and more important point is that is merely part of the ritual of the lodge which is not a church nor religion. We believe in God. H.B. could not be pulled from the grave. He could not be raised by man. That was the end of H.B.

            So continue to stew in your hate and ignorance. I’m very happy with my life as a Baptist (not a protestant), my lodge, my Catholic family and many friends, and Catholic Brother Masons.

          5. everyone who has ever sung “Lilly of the Valley,” in worship no less, is worshiping Satan, in a church? *gasp*

            Lilly of the Valley

            I have found a friend in Jesus….

            ….He’s the lily of the valley, the bright and Morning Star
            He’s the fairest of ten thousand to my soul

  2. Fuck nick. Fire him. Fire him. He got schooled. Let him go to Texas. Loser got schooled. Also need to investigate kicker….seems he might have been in mob/Vegas pockets. Seriously.

    1. The bible conjures up Satan and Jesus with images of the morning star. It likely refers to having a power greater than normal in the same sense as both rulers are also referred to as lions 1 Peter 5:8 (Satan) and Revelation 5:5 (Jesus).

      Isaiah 14:12-15 – Lucifer used with imagery of the morning star
      Revelation 22:16 – Jesus used with imagery of the morning star

      Even though both are rulers, they are not equal rulers, as Jesus disarmed powers and principalities when He died on the cross (Col 2:14-15) and Jesus will triumph over Satan again (Rev 20:7).

      The morning star imagery is also seen when Jesus gives “power of the nations” and the morning star to overcomers of the church of Thyatira, Revelation 2:26-28

      Stars are sometimes used as symbols for divine beings that existing before man in the old testament and possibly saints in the new testament. Angels over the 7 churches are also referred to as stars in Revelation 1:20.

      Jesus came as man and died sinless on the cross, symbolic of the unblemished sacrificial lamb, and He defeated death, it changed everything going forward allowing the restoration of man’s entry into God’s abode and the barrier was removed that was set in motion back in the garden.

      Some of this is hidden in the Old Testament
      Gen 1:16 Greater Light rules the days, Lesser Light rules the night)
      Gen 15:5 Abraham told that his descendants of the promise will be as the stars (also Gen 22:17, 26:4, 32:13 Jesus was that promise, the Seed, believers in faith are the seeds (Gal 3) is analogous to those that come to put faith in Jesus will be brought back into restoration with God as the stars in heaven.

      When the foundations of the earth were laid (which was before man was created), job 38:4-7 refers to the son’s of God sang referring to imagery of the divine beings as stars. The son’s of God referred here were around before the foundation of the earth were laid, so likely before Gen 1:9 which was before man.

      1. Likewise I will never say that the Masons are perfect. I WILL say that current day Masons of Louisiana are completely accepting of Catholics and the Catholic religion. I have never heard a negative comment about the church or it’s people. I am married to one and those that vetted me didn’t care. They specifically asked her for her opinion of me becoming a Mason.

        The only negatives I have ever heard is a few mild negative statements from Catholics about Masons.

        The only bitter words have come from this site with most of them coming from hatred and ignorance.

        I’ll tell you where all the negatives started from – the “secrets”. One of the Popes couldn’t handle that. Well we have been given permission to talk a little more openly. It’s all on the internet anyway although If a person isn’t one they won’t know what it correct and what is not.

        The secrets? Nothing more than a complicated system that we may know who is and who isn’t.

        What goes on in a meeting? Well first we gut a live goat and t…… No, it’s nothing more than a business meeting, a closed business meeting but boring just the same. Previous meeting minutes, treasury report, report on health, talk about the next jambalaya for the Special Olympics, where the next blood drive will be, etc.
        the Catholic Church has done more and continues to do more for society than any other organization.
        While I can neither confirm or deny the extent I know they have done and still are a cause for good. My one gripe about that comes from Catholics, 2 of which has been to Rome. While The Catholic Church is a force for good it seems as though the Pope is sitting on a lot of gold that could be used to help even more.

        I’ve often heard about the rich man getting into heaven about like a camel getting through the eye of a needle. I wonder how it will be judged when that time comes.

        1. The book is a dictionary and offers in the definition “The Science of Magic”.

          I offer this from his Masonic Bible. It might help some who confuse the good with the bad in the ordinary lodge member.


          There is one God, the father of ALL men.
          The Holy Bible is the Great Light in Masonry and the Rule and Guide for faith and practice.
          Man is immortal.
          Character determines destiny.
          Love of man is, next to love of God, man’s first duty.
          Prayer, communion of man with God, is helpful.
          Recognizing the impossibility of confining the teaching of Masonry to any fixed forms of expression, yet acknowledge the value of authoritative statements of fundamental principles, the following is proclaimed as


          Masonry teaches man to practice charity and benevolence, to protect chastity, to respect the ties of blood and friendship, to adopt the principles and revere the ordinances of religion, to assist the downtrodden, shelter the orphan, guard the altar, support the Government, inculcate morality, promote learning, love of man, fear God, implore His mercy and hope for happiness.

          This won’t settle any arguments here or clarify any of the “nefarious” conspiracies connected to it.

          But maybe it can help “illuminate” some to to the core tenants the good members adhere to.

          1. When a Christian takes the oath of Freemasonry, he is swearing to the following doctrines that God has pronounced false and sinful:

            1. That salvation can be gained by man’s good works.
            2. That Jesus is just one of many equally revered prophets.
            3. That they will remain silent in the Lodge and not talk of Christ.
            4. That they are approaching the Lodge in spiritual darkness and ignorance, when the Bible says Christians are already in the light, children of the light, and are indwelt by the Light of the World—Jesus Christ.
            5. By demanding that Christians take the Masonic oath, Masonry leads Christians into blasphemy and taking the name of the Lord in vain.
            6. Masonry teaches that its G.A.O.T.U. [Great Architect of the Universe], whom Masonry believes is the true God of the universe, is representative of all gods in all religions.
            7. Masonry makes Christians take a universalist approach in their prayers, demanding a “generic” name be used so as not to offend non-believers who are Masonic “brothers”.
            8. By swearing the Masonic oath and participating in the doctrines of the Lodge, Christians are perpetuating a false gospel to other Lodge members, who look only to Masonry’s plan of salvation to get to heaven. By their very membership in such a syncretistic type organization, they have severely compromised their witnessing as Christians.
            9. By taking the Masonic obligation, the Christian is agreeing to allow the pollution of his mind, spirit, and body by those who serve false gods and believe false doctrines.

    1. Mission Statement of Got Questions Ministries:

      “Got Questions Ministries seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence.”

      GotQuestions.org is a ministry of dedicated and trained servants who have a desire to assist others in their understanding of God, Scripture, salvation, and other spiritual topics. We are Christian, Protestant, evangelical, theologically conservative, and non-denominational. We view ourselves as a para-church ministry, coming alongside the church to help people find answers to their spiritually related questions.

      We will do our best to prayerfully and thoroughly research your question and answer it in a biblically based manner. It is not our purpose to make you agree with us, but rather to point you to what the Bible says concerning your question. You can be assured that your question will be answered by a trained and dedicated Christian who loves the Lord and desires to assist you in your walk with Him. Our writing staff includes pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, biblical counselors, Bible/Christian college students, seminary students, and lay students of God’s Word.

      All of our answers are reviewed for biblical and theological accuracy by our staff. Our CEO, S. Michael Houdmann, is ultimately accountable for our content, and therefore maintains an active role in the review process. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Calvary University, a Master’s degree in Christian Theology from Calvary Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Please go here for more information on our expertise.

      I’m going to guess they don’t have any Masons in their think tank, since they are declaring it eeeevil. I’ll say it again for you, since I may not have been talking to you before. The one Mason that I know was an unequivocally brilliant man, and an unequivocally devout, Godly Christian, who loved Jesus. Nobody hoodwinked him into some anti-Christian cult, and if any one of your points were true, he not only would not have been one, he would have had the lodge and its members ran out of our little town on a rail.

      1. A few observations:

        What is the Bible and Word of God without the Gospel? (no mention)

        “Great Light” = “Illuminated” in Knowledge

        On that topic:

        Genesis 2:17:

        “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

        DOES “Character” really determine “destiny”? If one truly believes in the Gospel, this (ambiguous) statement is false.

        “Man is Immortal” — True statement, technically; But after this Mortal Coil, then onto ‘Judgement’. The God of Abraham (“I AM”) will open The Book and decide whether that eternal “Immortality” is spent either WITH God or WITHOUT Him.

        So from the above “BELIEFS”, it does appear Masonry is its own Religion.

        There IS great conflict between claiming to be both a Freemason AND true Christian.

        1. Right out of the gate the movie opens with a mysterious and brief ceremonial initiation into a fictional “Secret Society” (called, “The Brotherhood of the Bell”). The main “perk” of the Bell was said to be a system and membership that “assisted” in helping create successful careers, wealth, and status. BUT with a rather large catch; it demanded absolute and utter loyalty.

          Ford’s role is as an important, established University Professor living the life with beautiful wife and home.

          The story is top-notch and suspenseful with unexpected, frantic twists & turns (plus checking out the era’s cars were cool). A HIGHLY recommended and entertaining watch, especially given the subject thread.

      2. The following pair of bullet points in particular should be troubling to anyone who considers himself/herself to be a true “Christian”:

        7. Masonry makes Christians take a universalist approach in their prayers, demanding a “generic” name be used so as not to offend non-believers who are Masonic “brothers”.

        8. By swearing the Masonic oath and participating in the doctrines of the Lodge, Christians are perpetuating a false gospel to other Lodge members, who look only to Masonry’s plan of salvation to get to heaven. By their very membership in such a syncretistic type organization, they have severely compromised their witnessing as Christians.

        Again — for those who may not be Christians, the above and following doesn’t matter. However, if there are those who DO consider themselves “Christian”, please beware; On Judgement Day the Lord Himself warns that He will NOT be so understanding of compromising on their Faith and in His Word; Understand what is at stake (your Eternal-“Immortal” soul):

        “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16).

  3. How can this @$&%^## not recruit a halfway decent kicker? We have 19 5-star recruits on the line but no one who can make a damn chip shot field goal?

  4. You are all spoiled idiots. Fire Nick saban and get who? Your dumb. Granted play calling at times was questionable, what coach has not had that. By the way, the 99 yard td pass was better any other call. I can’t believe this site exists. Your idiots and probably either Texas, lsu, or auburn fans.

      1. So you plan on replacing a coach who has won a total of four national championships with Auburns head coach for footballs and girls not as not as our fans. Give me a legit answer, who will be better? Your idiots if you think firing him after a one loss season is a good idea. Call me an idiot, thats fine, you have the right to do that. But tell me a better coach on the market. Let me quote from the 60 minutes episode “Nick Saban is the best investment the university of Alabama has ever made.” No coach develops players as well as he does. No team in the country, or coach, has done what he has. Tell me a legit replacement and I will get on board. Until you can do that(with a legit answer) JaeGATOR and Johnny, are you actual Alabama fans?

      1. My bad. You’re right. Thanks for the lesson. Do you have a Texas or Florida flag in your classroom? Don’t forget to put spaces between your quotation marks and your next sentence. From: your dumbass.

  5. For the maybe 1 legit Bama fan that posted here: this is a TROLL site, a fake created by some rival fan. More than likely a barner. Just look at the “News” section. So much fail there.

    As for the trolls posing as Bama fans here: your stench is familiar.

    1. F$%Ker lost the game on purpose so he could leave. He was too chicken say anything himself, so like a little punk ass, he sent is wife to do his dirty work.

  6. You fools talking about the same Nick Saban that has won 4 national championships? This site was created on 8/8/2013, so someone has been holding it to use at the right time. Most likely some Auburn dirtbag.

  7. I am sick of Nick and his failure to recruit kickers. It has cost us a chance of 5 straight national championships in 5 years. What he has done has been good, but not great for Bama standards.

    Don’t get me wrong, he shouldn’t be fired but hot seat yes. He must recruit kickers who can make simple kicks unlike Cade. Are there any more Tiffins? lol

    1. you alerbama people are so fricking funny, Saban purposely let that goal be missed cuz ya’ll bama frickers are soooooo ungreatful spoiled children . This was his going away gift to all you toothless gumps on his way out . Saban & Terri got better things going on they can’t be bothered with you low class frickers no more.

  8. We are Alabama. We don’t deserve this crap. Let’s spend the money and go get a real coach that runs the spread. I’m tired of seeing us play this boring brand of football.

  9. This is the most delusional site on the web. Half of you commenting need to seek some serious therapy. Without Coach Saban , Alabama doesn’t even sniff a bowl game. He has helped bring in 3 BCS Titles , Alabama’s first Heisman Trophy winner and numerous #1 Recruiting classes. You negative asswipes should be ashamed of yourselves. You aren’t real fans and I hope one day that you can somehow dig your heads out of your miserable asses and see how lucky we are to have Coach Saban and the young men who put their bodies and careers on the line week in and week out so we can share in the success that they’ve had.

  10. By God I got to much Bama in me to watch this man run my Crimson Tide into the ground like this. Something got to change. I won’t just stand by and let auburn take whats ours

  11. you alerbama people are so fricking funny, Saban purposely let that goal be missed cuz ya’ll bama frickers are soooooo ungreatful spoiled children . This was his going away gift to all you toothless gumps on his way out . Saban & Terri got better things going on they can’t be bothered with you low class frickers no more.

  12. Never thought I’d say this but I agree with Billy. We are Bama and we don’t deserve to lose ONE SINGLE GAME! The Bear is probably turning in his glorious grave at the way this program has fallen. Losing to the Cow People!!! I’m so sad. I haven’t eaten since the game!

  13. I am prepared to give Malzahn the crown of best coach ever as he was able to beat us with a %$%^& Mickey Mouse offense. *&*&%&^%* )*(*&(&_))&^$#@%^%*

    *&&^%% Saban looked pretty good as his sidekick Goofy. &^&%%$&*%(*)^&%%#$$#@*(

    Saban and Ms You fans don’t appreciate %$#@ can kiss my %$#. She can kiss me on my big long thumper. Mickey Mouse offense just ran it deep as if we were the star deep throat. *&%#%^*

  14. You all realize this is a “troll” website to get reactions, right? Hellllooooo…. anyone home?

    Odds of this site being developed by:

    LSU fan 1:4
    Auburn fan 2:1
    Tennessee fan 3:1
    Bama fan 1000000:1

    1. Dolphins Fan: 1:1,000,000

      The site is registered to a pathetic Dolphins fan in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

      Please just have sympathy for this sad individual who has to deal with Joe Philbin as a head coach!

    2. Dolphins Fan: 1:1,000,000

      The site is registered to a pathetic Dolphins fan in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

      Please have sympathy for this sad individual as he must put up with Joe Philbin as his head coach.

      Philbin’s leadership skills are so strong that his talking points to the media make him sound like a guy that just got yelled at by Stephen Ross.



    1. I agree 100%, we cannot allow for this man to dilute the Alabama brand any further. Sure it is nice and all that he has got us back to where we belong but why should we have to watch him take us back down.

      I refuse to stand by and watch as our program reverts to winning 9-10 games a year. Hell, if I wanted that I would start following LSU. This also brings me to my next point, if we keep Saban we will decline in a similar fashion as those vodoo practicin swamp rats. Look at gow far they have fallen in just 2 years.


  16. nah…….i think we’ll keep him.you can’t win them all and i sure do enjoy looking at those 3 crystal balls he won for us.i know his site was created by an obsessed auburn fan so thanks fpr playintg.

  17. Say what you will but Nick was distant in that game. Hell…… Even my 10 year old daughter mentioned it during the game. I do think he has lost the joy of coaching here but he realized he was on the cusp of making history… which was really important to him and his legacy. Now that the opportunity for the 3peat has been pissed away I think that he is going to become less driven to continue the “process”. I hope everybody enjoyed the ride…… because it’s over. Powershift in the west.

    Frick Auburn

    1. You’re an idiot. Bama will win the next 4 Championships! The hole nation is crapping there britches in fear of what is coming from the Bama Nation! Roll Tide Roll

    2. Gee, after seeing all this, I can’t imagine how anyone could “lose the joy” of coaching at Alabama. You seem like such well-grounded appreciative fans.

  18. This is completely ridiculous. The man only won you guys three national championships smdh. What more do you want? How about you all get lives outside of making the coaches of your team miserable and maybe you wouldn’t be so emotional and irrational because something FINALLY didn’t go your way. I hope you clowns are successful in running him off though so he can come start a dynasty down here at UF haha

  19. All y’all bama fans are a bunch of fucks. You do realize you guys were shit until Saban became coach and you want him fired? Go ahead let another team get him so they can have the #1 recruiting class and win championships. He’s won 3 of the last 4 you guys should be bowing down to him. Bunch of fake ass fans, y’all lost one game, get the fuck over it you fake ass bitches

  20. I was a huge Saban fan for a minute until I found out , that he is a great recruiter and that’s it. Plus he is a die hard Catholic that attends mass before every game. Surprised they let people that are part of big-time child sex abuse religions even close to minors!!!

  21. Fire Saban!?!? That Is the most delusional and ludicrous thought you coud possibly have In sports!! It’s almost blasphemous! Where was the Alabama football program before Saban arrived In 07? Completely and utterly Irrelevant for years! and you all know It. Three Championships In four years speaks for Itself. It’s okay If you’re just venting some heat of the moment frustration from the Auburn loss.

    It’s completely fair to question trying such a long field goal, and not being prepared to cover for the potential return guy, If the field goal was short. He had to have seen the guy waiting back there for the opportunity, but you know where that kick came down was perfect for the returner, a shorter kick and he can’t get at full speed, and a farther kick and he makes the attempt. It set up just a like a kick return for Auburn. Sometimes crazy shit happens! how many times do you think you will see a play like that In you’re lifetime? maybe 3 or 4 times? You Bama fans chill the f out already.

    1. You really believe that? If so you must because your a Sooners fan, seriously look at the numbers and it’s simple math. Bama will win and will probably win big but this is CFB and most anything can happen, just look at Auburn. Outside of a fluke, the Sooners will end their season 10-3 and Bama will be 12-1.

      1. Why would it be a fluke if the Sooners win? Besides losing to Auburn, what other 10-win teams has Nick Saban coached against this year?

        If anything, given he is 0-1 against teams with 10+ wins this year I would say the numbers show beating Oklahoma would be a fluke at this point.

  22. This must have been created by an auburn fan to make Bama fans look stupid
    No true Bama fan would even think of creating such a stupid website
    Every team is gonna lose sometimes
    Honesty idiots that want saban gone are the rivals of alabama


  24. As completely made-up, fictitious websites go, this one is on top of the dung heap. Not sure which Auburn alum started it, but it sure as hell wasn’t Alabama fans or graduates.

    1. Most Alabama fans AREN’T graduates, never attended the University of Alabama, and likely didn’t finish elementary school. But they did go to WalMart to buy a t-shirt.

    1. After years of substandard football. He plays Alabama football. Defense wins National Championships period. You should be proud to have a Coach that teaches team and responsibility for the players. Alabama fans have gotten out of control, lets try to stay classy Bama fans and not give the rest of the nation a reason to ridicule us. Those fans that truly believe he should be fired go find another team not Auburn because they don’t deserve shit fans like yall either.

  25. Wow, get a life. This is the dumbest website I’ve ever seen. You must have a lot of free time on your hands. Why don’t you spend it doing something useful rather than writing this pathetic nonsense?

  26. This has got to be the gayest website ive ever wasted my time on looking at… Go ahead and waste your time on talking shit about my post but there is only one reason why Nick Saban is the highest paid coach. Hes the best in the business. All im sayin is 4 Bowl games in only 5 years being there.. ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  27. Go ahead and waste your time on talking shit about my post but there is only one reason why Nick Saban is the highest paid coach. Hes the best in the business. All im sayin is 4 Bowl games in only 5 years being there.. ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  28. Wow ive seen this website in the past and thought it was dumb till i found something out.Nick Saban is the worst thing thats ever happened to bama.I loved him till i found something out alot of bama fans dont know this but theres an ongoing ivestigation into the bama football program from the beggining od Sabans tenure till now guess what Sabans a cheating piece of crap turnd out they been giving cash and all kinds of illegal benefits for recruits yo play there its looking like all those wins and championships are going to be forfeited.get tid of that cheatin p.o.s. before he makes matters worse

  29. I’m assuming this website was made by jealous Auburn barner fans. No way real Alabama fans would want to fire a man who constantly keeps us in contention and has won 3 championships.

  30. Nick Saban is not a coach. He is a recruiter / PR guy. If the field was even, like in the NFL, with drafts and salary caps that guarantee parity, he would not be able to hack it as evidenced by his miserable stint in Miami. If he was coaching a D2 school, he’d continue to dwell in mediocrity.

  31. THE FUCK U WANT MOTHERFUCKING ASSWIPE CUNT !!!!! btw i came here because your mom will be damned to our family in heaven !