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Would you trade a championship for eternal damnation?

As a parent I know that I want my daughter to grow up to lead a virtuous and moral life.  Unfortunately, those values don’t carry quite as much weight with the Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama.  As this recent article published by GQ magazine clearly demonstrates Nick Saban has  a reputation for being the devil. Continue reading

The 2009 Sugar Bowl

Getting back to some of the basic, raw facts of why Saban should be fired, let’s take a look at some past bowl games to illustrate the unflinching cowardliness demonstrated by The Sabe.


Starting with recent history, the cocky Tide roll into New Orleans on a cold January 2nd to face off against the undefeated Utah Utes. Talk about being over-favored and underwhelming, the Tide gave the Utes their very first win over an SEC team and held Alabama to a meager position the first half of the game. Continue reading

Video: Tosh.0 on Saban

It’s about time we reach outside the confines of FNS and look outwards to highlight those individuals that also see that Nick Saban is not cool.

The well-respected Daniel Tosh from Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 has shared more than a few times his disdain for the former Miami coach and his path from the NFL to college football. Take a look at Tosh’s statement on his show as he clearly understands why Nick should not only be fired but is far from being an honorable coach. Continue reading

Complete List of Teams Nick Saban Has Never Defeated

Nick Saban has won a few football games in his career. He’s beaten 60 Division I schools since he started coaching, from the Alabama Crimson Tide to the Wisconsin Badgers.

But there are even more teams he’s never beaten–64 of ’em to be exact. That’s right: Nick Saban has beaten less than half of all college football teams. Where I come from, a grade of less than 50% is considered failing.

Did you know Nick Saban has never beaten the Akron Zips, SMU Mustangs, or Wyoming Cowboys? The list goes on, but hopefully Saban’s career won’t. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Nick Saban Would be Great at Fairmont State

Here at, we believe in one thing: getting Nick Saban fired. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t go coach somewhere else. Sure, he has his fair share of weaknesses that would have any football program questioning his candidacy for future head coach, but if giving Nick a light at the end of the tunnel will make him being fired from Alabama any easier, then what better place to be than Fairmont State?

I couldn’t think of 5 better reasons to fire Nick and send him to Fairmont than: Continue reading

You Won’t Believe Some of the Shitbag Teams Nick Saban Has Lost To

I’ll admit that Nick Saban has won a lot of college football games. But he’s also lost a whole bunch of them over the years (more than 50 to be exact). And some of those losses are pretty damn embarrassing. Here’s a review of some of the teams Saban has lost to: Continue reading

Lie to Me Once, Shame on You…

There is no shame in being bald, we all know that it is a genetic trait passed down from your mother’s father. That is all of us except Nick Saban. We are breaking the story here that the reason Nick Saban is always seen with what appears to be perfect looking hair is because its not his! That’s right, the image below definitively proves that Nick Saban suffers from male pattern baldness and has been wearing a toupee and lying about it ever since he broke into the college ranks. Continue reading

Thank Christ Stony Brook Isn’t On the Schedule This Year

I know, I know: the Tide won yet another national championship last year. But it’s a good f*&%-in’ thing they played Notre Lame in the title game and not Stony Brook, or else things might have turned out very different.

Let me explain. Continue reading

Nick Saban Has Failed to Win the National Championship in 97.2% of All College Football Seasons

There have been 143 college football seasons. Nick Saban has only won the championship in four of them! That’s only 2.8% of the time. (Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then, am I right?) Here is a list of all of the college football seasons in which Nick Saban has not won the national championship: Continue reading

For the Love of Money

Now we all know that college football and money are like oil and water. Best served separately, behind closed doors, and preferably out of the way of the media. But when it comes to luring recruits to play football at Alabama, why hide the fact that by joining the school’s elite football program you will have access to contracts you wouldn’t have even imagined if you had gone to play for Azusa Pacific or Grand Valley State. After all, if 3 championships in the last 4 years and a slew of pot won’t help seal the deal, then the other leafy green surely will, right?

That’s the most recent tactic that Saban and the football administration down at Bama has taken, but oh so gracefully. Sure, they aren’t offering signing bonuses or fanciful cars, but just have a look at what they do offer: Continue reading