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What the Tide has become under Saban…

As I tend to do on a somewhat regular basis I logged on to the internet this morning to see what was new with our beloved Tide. I typed “Tide” into the search engine as usual and what do I see? The first several stories that pop up on the results page are about how people are eating laundry detergent.

I want to see this                                                not this


Nick Saban has brought our program so far out of the national limelight that when you google the nickname of our beloved school you see stories about kids eating laundry detergent instead of meaningful information about the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’ll tell you one thing, this definitely never happened under Bear Bryant!

The NFL Doesn’t Like Nick Saban

Earlier this week former NFL superstar, Plaxico Burress, commented on Nick’s greed and lack of commitment.  This startling outburst from the articulate gun-toting ex-criminal is an enlightening and refreshing perspective on what Saban’s coaching style and motivation is rooted in: get money and lie trying.

Who can deny Nick’s flighty behavior and hypocritical moves as he continually stresses that football is not about the money. Whatever you say, Nick.