Good Coaches Avoid Penalties, and Nick is Not a Good Coach!

I always say you can tell a good coach by looking at the amount of yellow laundry that his team leaves on the field.  When we evaluate the 2013 Crimson Tide and Coach Saban by this metric things don’t look very good.  Here are just a few of the teams that were less penalized than Bama this year: Indiana, Purdue, San Jose St., Middle Tennessee, Louisiana Tech, Wisconsin, Michigan, UTEP, Ball State, Tulsa…really, Tulsa had fewer penalties than Alabama!  If we keep it in the SEC it doesn’t get any prettier, even an Arkansas team that finished 0-8 in SEC play had fewer penalties than Saint Nick.

One may argue, just counting the number of penalties isn’t the right metric.  Let’s look instead at yards per penalty to get a sense for the severity of the penalties called on each team.  By this metric there are 8 other SEC teams that fare better than the Tide.  However you want to slice it the results of this analysis lead to one conclusion, Nick Saban coached teams show a lack of discipline that leads directly back to the head coach.

Roll Tide!  But let’s Roll with a coach that can instill some discipline in our squad!


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