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14 More Pictures of Nick Saban Looking Like a D-Bag

Seems that Parkway High School in Bossier City, Louisiana has a NO D-BAG rule, and Nick Saban is in clear violation of that rule. Good for them!

And now… back by popular demand (following up on our earlier article from 2013), here are 14 more pictures of Nick Saban looking like a d-bag…

Nick, how about a trigger warning next time you put on a penis hat?

‘muff said.

Nick is trying to figure out if this qualifies as a date or not.

Nick on Bourbon Street after getting escorted out of Rick’s Cabaret at 2 a.m.

Grandpa called. He wants his glasses back.

Grandma called. She wants her glasses back.

Gangsta, Nick. Total gangsta.

Corporate shill.

Nick actually thinks he’s the Fonz.

Maybe put a little more gel in your hair next time, Nick.

D-bag meets Super D-bag.

Wink once if you think Nick is a d-bag.

Nick practicing his favorite “between-the-sheets” act.

This week at Cotillion by Nick: Proper sitting form for young women.

Saban’s Wins are Expensive!

There is no doubt that Saban has racked up W’s for Alabama. That’s a hard fact. What we here at FNS look to dig deeper into are the facts behind the facts. In a college football atmosphere full of competition, even head coaches need to live up to the standards set by those around them, including in the salary marketplace. Taking a look at the top 10 highest paid coaches in 2013, we can begin to see that Nick’s wins definitely come at a price. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Nick Saban Would be Great at Fairmont State

Here at, we believe in one thing: getting Nick Saban fired. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t go coach somewhere else. Sure, he has his fair share of weaknesses that would have any football program questioning his candidacy for future head coach, but if giving Nick a light at the end of the tunnel will make him being fired from Alabama any easier, then what better place to be than Fairmont State?

I couldn’t think of 5 better reasons to fire Nick and send him to Fairmont than: Continue reading