Nick Saban Has Coronavirus

Nick Saban Contracted Coronavirus After Eating Bat Soup in China

Nick Saban has contracted SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes coronavirus disease (COVID-19), better known as the Chinese virus.

Saban tested positive for the virus after eating bat soup at a market in Wuhan, China last month while recruiting an assistant ball boy.

Thousands of University of Alabama students and staff are now under quarantine. Alabama football spring practice has been canceled.

It is likely that Saban will be directly responsible for dozens if not hundreds of deaths across the state of Alabama over the coming weeks. Stay safe out there. And stay away from Nick Saban.

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Where is his attention?

All of the top 8 ranked teams played last weekend. All of them also won, as they should have. Do you want to guess which team had the smallest margin of victory? It’s the team coached by this corporate shill.

You would think that we pay this guy enough to not have to take time away from the football team to hang out with the stupid AFLAC Duck.  Get him out of here and get someone in who cares about the Tide and our football program!

Even Notre Lame Played Clemson Tougher Than Saban!

And I’m not even making that up… Notre Freaking Lame played Clemson tougher than Saban’s Alabama squad did in the national championship game.

Fire Nick Saban



Tonight, Saban was the cause of Alabama’s biggest blowout defeat in over a decade!

Let that sink in.


Saban took a 16-14 lead and then was outscored 30-0 to end the game.

Thirty. To. Zero.

Time to fire this clown. Sign the petition now!

Can we get Dabo… Please!

Let’s break down the semi final action that we saw this year.

Bama gets the #1 seed, that’s great. So they play the #4 seed.

Clemson gets the #2 seed. So they play the #3 seed (should be a tougher matchup right?)

Let’s look at points against

34 > 3

34 > 3 x 2

34 > 3 x 3

34 > 3 x 4

34 > 3 x 5

34 > 3 x 6

34 > 3 x 7

34 > 3 x 8

34 > 3 x 9

34 > 3 x 10

34 > 3 x 11

Where do the numbers 34 and 3 come from?  They are the points allowed by Bama and Clemson respectively.  The SEC is supposed to be a hard nosed defensive powerhouse conference and Nick Saban just gave up more than 11 times as many points to the #4 seed as Dabo gave up to the #3 seed.  Something is wrong here and it is time for Nick to go!

We must act now!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, well then here are 2,000 words


For those of you that can’t read between the lines that’s “Fire” 1,000 times and “Saban” 1,000 times. The guy was tied with the Citadel at halftime and we have a once in a generation coach who is now suddenly available.

This is unacceptable!!!

Have you guys seen the latest projections from the ESPN experts on who will make the CFP this year? 29 of the 43 experts did not pick our Tide to win another title! 3 of them even picked them to miss the playoffs! Don’t believe me, see for yourself We can’t have that kind of mediocrity. It’s time we take a stand and get rid of the man at the head of this sinking ship. Fire Nick Saban right now!