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Even Notre Lame Played Clemson Tougher Than Saban!

And I’m not even making that up… Notre Freaking Lame played Clemson tougher than Saban’s Alabama squad did in the national championship game.

Fire Nick Saban



Tonight, Saban was the cause of Alabama’s biggest blowout defeat in over a decade!

Let that sink in.


Saban took a 16-14 lead and then was outscored 30-0 to end the game.

Thirty. To. Zero.

Time to fire this clown. Sign the petition now!

Can we get Dabo… Please!

Let’s break down the semi final action that we saw this year.

Bama gets the #1 seed, that’s great. So they play the #4 seed.

Clemson gets the #2 seed. So they play the #3 seed (should be a tougher matchup right?)

Let’s look at points against

34 > 3

34 > 3 x 2

34 > 3 x 3

34 > 3 x 4

34 > 3 x 5

34 > 3 x 6

34 > 3 x 7

34 > 3 x 8

34 > 3 x 9

34 > 3 x 10

34 > 3 x 11

Where do the numbers 34 and 3 come from?  They are the points allowed by Bama and Clemson respectively.  The SEC is supposed to be a hard nosed defensive powerhouse conference and Nick Saban just gave up more than 11 times as many points to the #4 seed as Dabo gave up to the #3 seed.  Something is wrong here and it is time for Nick to go!

Worth a listen

It’s not often that we link to external sources here at, but this guy is worth a link. Check out this video and be prepared to be blown away by the truth.