You Won’t Believe Some of the Shitbag Teams Nick Saban Has Lost To

I’ll admit that Nick Saban has won a lot of college football games. But he’s also lost a whole bunch of them over the years (more than 50 to be exact). And some of those losses are pretty damn embarrassing. Here’s a review of some of the teams Saban has lost to:

  • Central Michigan (as Toledo coach)
  • Navy (as Toledo coach)
  • Iowa (three times; twice at MSU, once at LSU)
  • Louisville (as MSU coach)
  • Northwestern (as MSU coach)
  • Minnesota (as MSU coach)
  • University of Alabama Birmingham (as LSU coach)
  • Ole Miss (as LSU coach)
  • Western Carolina (as Alabama coach)
  • Vanderbilt (as Alabama coach)
  • Houston (as Alabama coach)
  • Louisiana Monroe (as Alabama coach)
  • Utah (as Alabama coach)

Suddenly that record isn’t quite as impressive, is it?

5 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe Some of the Shitbag Teams Nick Saban Has Lost To

    1. He did lose 6 games in 2007 with Alabama. Before KIRBY SMART saved the program in 2008. And He did lose to LOUISIANA MONROE AT HOME IN TUSCALOOSA in 2007!!!!! He also lost to Ole Miss with Alabama. In fact I believe it was back to back seasons. But I might be mistaken on that fact. Still his worst loss to date other than Louisiana Monroe was this last season to AUBURN!!!!! Not because auburn was bad or anything like that. But rather simply because Alabama should have been the better team!!!!!!! The defense was just horrible. And he did get out coached by Gus!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.


  1. Satin
    Gets what he deserves i am sure multiple firings today and list of players who will have scholarship’s pulled.
    He is the only guy who spells team with an I in it.

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