7 Pictures of Nick Saban Looking Like a D-Bag

I felt like torturing myself today, so I just spend an hour looking at pictures of Nick Saban online. Man, I get so angry thinking that this guy is the coach of the Tide. Seriously, take a look at these pics and tell me Saban isn’s a huge d-bag:

Saban8Nice golf swing, asshole. You look like you’ve sat on a few too many putters in your life. How about you get off the golf course and figure out how you can not lose to Texas A&M this year?

Saban1Nick, if you insist on standing in this kid’s graduation photo, can you at least not look like a sex offender while you’re doing it?

Saban_KSJesus, this guy played college ball for Kent State? Get a haircut, hippie. Here’s what a real football player (and coach) looks like.

Saban3This about sums up Saban’s time in the NFL. I wish I didn’t have to look at the shit product you put on the field either, Nick.

Saban6 I’m calling bullshit on “sports’ most powerful coach.” Saban looks like a little girly man. I bet he can’t even bench his own weight, and he eats f*%$ing salad for dinner. It wouldn’t even surprise me if this guy does yoga and shops at Whole Foods. At least no one can doubt Mike Price’s manhood.


Uhh, Nick…we asked you about your plans for stopping Tom Brady this weekend, not an explanation of why you always shower with your team.


Whose idea was it to waste Gatorade on this Sally. Seriously Nick, get your shit together.





14 thoughts on “7 Pictures of Nick Saban Looking Like a D-Bag

    1. Willie, if it’s the article you don’t like, why the F@$# are you even reading it? Wait, I got it. You’re one of those types (as is most bamatards) that like to go around trolling anti-bama stuff, so you can whine and cry about it. Get a freaking LIFE! There’s more to it than scowering the net for pages that have a different opinion than you.
      In closing, first, let it be known that I CAN’T STAND Coach Stoops. Anyway how about that beat-down the Sooners handed out to your beloved tide?

      1. Tateabolic, please realize how idiotic you sound when, in an address of a comment that you don’t like, you question why the guy read something with which he didn’t initially agree. You’re welcome.

  1. Looks to me like you are the true D-Bag. You purposely picked the worst pictures of him. Only a D-Bag like you would do so ething like this. Get a dang life ….this is immaturity at its best of what you wrote. You know nothing about coach Saban so you must be a Auburn or LSU fan.

  2. Lol they really Love saban…..or else why would they be on his dićk….if you don’t like him stop typing and sayin his name you Internet Fags

  3. I hope more people come forward with their hatred of everything SEC! The SEC sucks the life out of college sports. Especially Alabama! Must be paying all of those kids with BITCOIN! SEC SUCKS!

  4. Garth……..Saban sucks but you do to!!!! All you crybabies that can’t keep up stop crying. Act like grownups and RESPECT THE NEW KING AND THE SEC!!!!!! King Kirby Smart is now on the thrown!!!!

    GEORGIA 65 & TCU 7, it could have been 90-7 or worse!!!!!


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