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10 Unspeakable Atrocities Nick Saban Has Not Formally Denounced

Sure, Nick Saban has won a few football games over the years. He’s been moderately successful in January. But he’s displayed a sickening lack of character when it comes to speaking out against heinous acts taking place in the world today.

Below are 10 historical and current atrocities that Nick Saban that Saban is yet to formally condemn. Why the silence, Nick?

  1. Rwandan Genocide
  2. Rape of Belgium
  3. Holocaust
  4. Armenian Genocide
  5. Nanking Massacre
  6. Hegyeshalom Death March
  7. Diên Niên – Phước Bình massacre
  8. Black Saturday (Lebanese Civil War)
  9. Munich Massacre (1972 Olympics)
  10. Bear Bryant’s death

Nick Saban Has Been Outscored 20-0 In the Final Minute of His Last Two Games

That’s just a fact, Jack. For the season, Alabama was outscored 27-0 in the final minute of games. There is no possible explanation besides poor coaching.  Continue reading

Nick Saban Ruined ‘The Blind Side’ For Me

The movie The Blind Side came on TV the other day. Being both a huge sports fan and Sandra Bullock fan, I was naturally pretty damn excited. And I was thoroughly enjoying the movie for a solid 60 minutes or so. Continue reading

Complete List of Teams Nick Saban Has Never Defeated

Nick Saban has won a few football games in his career. He’s beaten 60 Division I schools since he started coaching, from the Alabama Crimson Tide to the Wisconsin Badgers.

But there are even more teams he’s never beaten–64 of ’em to be exact. That’s right: Nick Saban has beaten less than half of all college football teams. Where I come from, a grade of less than 50% is considered failing.

Did you know Nick Saban has never beaten the Akron Zips, SMU Mustangs, or Wyoming Cowboys? The list goes on, but hopefully Saban’s career won’t. Continue reading

You Won’t Believe Some of the Shitbag Teams Nick Saban Has Lost To

I’ll admit that Nick Saban has won a lot of college football games. But he’s also lost a whole bunch of them over the years (more than 50 to be exact). And some of those losses are pretty damn embarrassing. Here’s a review of some of the teams Saban has lost to: Continue reading

Thank Christ Stony Brook Isn’t On the Schedule This Year

I know, I know: the Tide won yet another national championship last year. But it’s a good f*&%-in’ thing they played Notre Lame in the title game and not Stony Brook, or else things might have turned out very different.

Let me explain. Continue reading

7 Pictures of Nick Saban Looking Like a D-Bag

I felt like torturing myself today, so I just spend an hour looking at pictures of Nick Saban online. Man, I get so angry thinking that this guy is the coach of the Tide. Seriously, take a look at these pics and tell me Saban isn’s a huge d-bag: Continue reading

Nick Saban Being a Jerk

In case you haven’t seen it, the good folks over at Midwest Sports Fans put together a compilation of Nick Saban stepping over things he has no business stepping over.

I must have missed the time he stepped over injured Rutgers player Eric LeGrand: Continue reading