10 Unspeakable Atrocities Nick Saban Has Not Formally Denounced

Sure, Nick Saban has won a few football games over the years. He’s been moderately successful in January. But he’s displayed a sickening lack of character when it comes to speaking out against heinous acts taking place in the world today.

Below are 10 historical and current atrocities that Nick Saban that Saban is yet to formally condemn. Why the silence, Nick?

  1. Rwandan Genocide
  2. Rape of Belgium
  3. Holocaust
  4. Armenian Genocide
  5. Nanking Massacre
  6. Hegyeshalom Death March
  7. Diên Niên – Phước Bình massacre
  8. Black Saturday (Lebanese Civil War)
  9. Munich Massacre (1972 Olympics)
  10. Bear Bryant’s death

2 thoughts on “10 Unspeakable Atrocities Nick Saban Has Not Formally Denounced

  1. He also hasn’t condemned McDonald’s bloated menu which sometimes confuses employees and contributes to the delay in getting the food to the customers!

    He’s from WV but he’s never formally stated his opinion on whether WV was formed from VA legally during the Civil War.

    He’s never condemned Miley Cyrus’s twerking!

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