Even Notre Lame Played Clemson Tougher Than Saban!

And I’m not even making that up… Notre Freaking Lame played Clemson tougher than Saban’s Alabama squad did in the national championship game.

Fire Nick Saban



Tonight, Saban was the cause of Alabama’s biggest blowout defeat in over a decade!

Let that sink in.


Saban took a 16-14 lead and then was outscored 30-0 to end the game.

Thirty. To. Zero.

Time to fire this clown. Sign the petition now!

2 thoughts on “Even Notre Lame Played Clemson Tougher Than Saban!

  1. Notre Lame? You’re just an Anti-Catholic, Jimmy. Remember: ND has won 5 out of their last 8 meetings against the Tide! See you guys in 2028 and 2029! Oh yeah: thanks to NBC, we’ve been on the air more than the Nicktator has been on CBS! How about that?

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