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Nick Saban: Not even the best coach in college football

ESPN poll: Who is the best coach in college football?

It’s official: Nick Saban is not even the best college football coach. What in the hell is he still doing at Alabama?

This is what a winner looks like:

Urban Meyer, real head coach

Hey, Nick: Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?

So Nick Saban is pissed off that people are disappointed that the Tide only beat lowly Arkansas, 14-13. This guy really grinds my gears. Continue reading

Nick Saban Loses Again

Not-so-fun fact: Nick Saban has now lost 3 of his last 5 games against Power 5 opponents.

Nick Saban gets run out of Oxford, MS

Nick Saban gets run out of Oxford, MS

Fire this guy already!

97 College Football Coaches Have Beaten an FBS Team More Recently Than Nick Saban

We are exactly one month away from the first Saturday of the college football season. No better time than to bring up a humbling fact: Nick Saban’s last victory over an FBS opponent came on November 16, 2013 against Mississippi State. Since then, he has beaten Chattanooga State and lost to Auburn and Oklahoma.

Since defeating the Bulldogs on that November evening last year, 97 other college football head coaches have won a game. Guys like T.J. Weist, Dan Enos, Mark Hudspeth, Rick Stockstill, Joey Jones, Jeff Monken, and Clay Helton. (If you’re thinking, “Who!?” you’re not alone.) And some coaches have won more than once since Saban’s last win. Heck, even George O’Leary has won four times since then! Continue reading

Nick Saban Might Hire… Lane Kiffin!?!?!?

According to Joe Schad, Lane Kiffin is being interviewed for Nick Saban’s offensive coordinator position today: Continue reading

Nick Saban Just Lost to This Guy

Bob Stoops


That’s two losses in a row for Saban, the most overrated coach in college football history. What more evidence do we need that the guy needs to get canned NOW!?

Under Saban’s “leadership”, the Tide got rolled by Oklahoma’s freshman quarterback Trevor Knight, who threw for 348 yards and four touchdowns. Never heard of him? You’re not alone. This was Knight’s fifth career start. Yet he was able to carve up the soft “defense” that Alabama fielded in New Orleans. In Saban’s last two games, his team has surrendered 79 points. That alone is grounds for firing the jerk!

It’s time to go, Nick.

The 25 Most Humiliating Defeats of Nick Saban’s Coaching Career (You Won’t Believe What’s #1)

UPDATED JANUARY 7, 2019 (See bottom of post)

Nick Saban has lost a lot of football games in his coaching career, dating back to his graduate assistant days at Kent State. Below, we count down Nick Saban’s 25 most humiliating losses.

(Did we forget a humiliating defeat or is our ranking out of whack? Let us know by posting a comment below!)

#25: Nick Saban Tastes Defeat for First Time

Louisville 34 – Kent State 0
September 16, 1972 · Cardinal Stadium · Louisville, KY

Although only a graduate assistant at the time, Nick Saban was certainly instrumental in this loss. Legend has it that he spilled his Gatorade-flavored wine cooler on head coach Don James’ playcard just prior to kickoff, effectively nullifying the entire week’s game-planning. The result? Not a single point scored by the Golden Flashes on that day. Continue reading