3 thoughts on “Nick Saban Loses Again

  1. Been a Bama fan for 29 years now, and an alum for 6. We looked awful against Ole Miss this past weekend. Sure, this isn’t the “old” Ole Miss, but they’re still not a great team. It’s pretty obvious, so those refusing to acknowledge this decline we’re on are apparently just holding onto hope and past accomplishments. We play uninspired. We play with poor fundamentals. And I can’t remember the last time we “made his ass quit.” Saban still kills on the recruiting trail, which honestly may be his downfall. There are no excuses for losing 3 straight games against ranked opponents when you’re reeling in the top class every single year. Lack of motivation. Lack of forethought/ingenuity. Lack of discipline. Whatever it is, we’re falling fast (not quite as fast as LSU, but still). We were always the team everyone dreaded playing. Hell, we would even push the boundaries of playing “dirty.” You know what? College football is a grown man’s game, and playing with an edge is good. It demoralizes opponents. Tired of this soft, pansy ass brand of football we’re putting on the field. We need new leadership.

    1. The more I think about it, the more clear it [the required course of action for UofA] becomes. Fire Saban. He’s done. Finebaum even hinted that had we won a title last year, CNS probably would have retired. The guy was a hell of a coach, but you can see it in his face that he’s over it. So, to continue our time honored tradition of sticking it to everything Tennessee, go and throw a huge wad of cash at Butch Jones. He’s going to be a good one. He has fire, is up with the times of CFB, and can recruit well. Plus, it would completely destroy UT…akin to offering a helping hand as they dangle from the cliff, and then planting your boot directly in their face just as they breath their sigh of relief. Fire Saban. Hire Jones. Do it.

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