Nick Saban Just Lost to a Team That Lost to Pitt!

Seriously… PITT!!!!

Nick Saban couldn’t beat a Clemson team that lost to Pitt earlier this season.

That’s right: he just lost to a lowly one-loss ACC team.


#FireSaban NOW!!!

Saban denies players essential experiences!

The young men that suit up every Saturday and put their heart and soul into representing the Crimson Tide are just not being put to the test and the fault lies entirely with Nick Saban! One of the highest compliments an athlete, and really any individual, can receive is that they perform at their best when they are under pressure. How can we expect our players to perform under pressure if we never actually put them under any real pressure? I mean we have had ONE regular season game decided by single digits in the last 13 months. That is just unacceptable. We need to get Saban outta here and find someone who is going to allow our players to experience what it’s like to be under some real pressure so that when they move on to the next level they are less likely to crack under pressure.

Fire Nick Saban!

Preparing Our Players for What?

If Nick Saban is really the great coach and recruiter that so many people claim that he is then I have one simple question: How many quarterbacks have come out of Alabama during Saban’s tenure have won at least a single measly game in their entire NFL careers?

The answer: Zero. Zip. Ziltch. Nada. Not a single one!!!

The last Crimson Tide QB to get an NFL win…Jeff Rutledge…drafted in 1979.  That is unacceptable.

How are we keeping this guy around who can’t even get a single win out of the quarterback position at the next level. It won’t be long before players start to realize that he does not prepare them well for the NFL and our recruiting takes a hit.

Bama Falls to Ole Miss 43-37 in Crushing Early Season Loss

The Tide lost a heartbreaking early season drama to SEC rival Ole Miss. The battle rested on the shoulders of Saban who provided insight during his halftime interview into the whole debacle: TURNOVERS.



The Tide gave us 5 turnovers, 3 being interceptions based on poor pass reads and multiple missed blocks. Bama hopes of making the playoffs is now heavily tarnished and given how both the Tide and Ole Miss perform the rest of the season, could be hopelessly out of reach!


Coker’s 4th quarter interception to Tony Bridges…





bamafanexitJPEGBama fans made a quick exit out of Bryant-Denny, undoubtedly ashamed and tired of the mediocrity we’ve had to endure under Saban’s declining prowess.



The strength of our program took a kick in the junk tonight and we need to send a message to the University of Alabama: FIRE NICK SABAN NOW!!!!!!


Daniel Tosh At It Again: Rifles Through Saban’s Bio

Recently one of our favorite comedians, Daniel Tosh, had the chance to sit down with a bunch of Auburn fans (5 year olds) and enlighten them with the biography of one of America’s most infamous founding fathers. George Washington? Thomas Jefferson? Benjamin Franklin, say ye? Neh. The biography twas none other than Nick Saban’s to which Tosh made some very compelling points on why we need to fire Saban. In particular, 3 points which we’ll let you see for yourself: Check out the video on Comedy Central.

Let’s Fire Nick!!! #RollTide


The NFL Doesn’t Like Nick Saban

Earlier this week former NFL superstar, Plaxico Burress, commented on Nick’s greed and lack of commitment.  This startling outburst from the articulate gun-toting ex-criminal is an enlightening and refreshing perspective on what Saban’s coaching style and motivation is rooted in: get money and lie trying.

Who can deny Nick’s flighty behavior and hypocritical moves as he continually stresses that football is not about the money. Whatever you say, Nick.


Nick Saban: Not even the best coach in college football

ESPN poll: Who is the best coach in college football?

It’s official: Nick Saban is not even the best college football coach. What in the hell is he still doing at Alabama?

This is what a winner looks like:

Urban Meyer, real head coach

Losing to a Big Ten Team – A New Low in the Saban Era

jacksonfailIf you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t sleep well last night. Our beloved Tide lost ANOTHER Sugar Bowl, and to make things worse…this time it was to a team from the lowly Big Ten. I know, I struggle to believe it myself.

This wasn’t a loss to Utah, or getting rocked by Stoops’ Oklahoma squad… was a team from the Rust Belt. A team with inferior athletes. This loss was 150% Saban’s fault, and further proof that he must be fired. I’ll explain why…

Let’s start with three facts:

  1. Players from Ohio (and the midwest in general) are slower than players from SEC country – If you were to do a study, I guarantee that any football player in Alabama can run faster than any football player in Ohio. We don’t need to do a study though because it’s just undeniable fact. It’s because of a lot of things: spring ball, hours spent running outside in the beautiful Alabama sun, superior high school coaching, and of course generations of superior athleticism (genetics).
  2. Any Team from the Big Ten would at best win 2 SEC games – I don’t care if it’s Ohio State, or Michigan State, or Wisconsin…..if they had to face the gauntlet of the SEC each year, I know they’d be lucky to beat Kentucky and Vanderbilt. They’d lose to everyone else. If you put that Ohio State team through an SEC West schedule they’d struggle in every game and wouldn’t be anywhere near the playoff.
  3. Any Team from the SEC would win the Big Ten most years – We know Bama would of course (heck we could do it with 3rd stringers), but so would any other team from the SEC. They just don’t play good football in the Big Ten and teams from the best conference in College Football would run through that weak Big Ten schedule like it was nothing. Big Ten teams aren’t used to murderer’s row, SEC teams are hardened by the difficulty of their schedules each and every year.

In spite of all these undeniable facts, Saban somehow coached a losing game against the champion of the Big Ten. Don’t blame the players, don’t question if “SEC Speed” is a myth like so many naysayers would have you believe. The fault is coaching, and coaching alone..

Here’s an example:

On this play you see Devin Smith (from Masslon, Ohio) seemingly outrunning a defender and scoring a touchdown. Look closer though…

#20 Jarrick Williams (from Mobile, Alabama) and #4 Eddie Jackson (from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida) are clearly faster than that Rust Belt wide receiver. You can see it. If Williams had been in a better position, he would have caught up to him easily. Jackson did fall over, probably because he was simply running TOO fast, but again that wasn’t really his fault.

Coaching is to blame here.

  • Put our boys in the right spots on the field and slow Big Ten players would never be able to out run them. Bad schemes, bad results.
  • Run footwork drills to help our boys learn how to control their overwhelming speed. The raw talent and superior athleticism is there..…but coaching is required to help them manage it.

Ohio State shouldn’t be playing in the National Title game, Alabama should be. Top to bottom we have more talent, but if that talent isn’t coached well, it’s wasted.

Fire Nick Saban. RTR.